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  1. Looks interesting!!! But I was just wondering…is this drama pre-produced? Because the filming of Kingdom will start in February?! Surely Ju Ji Hoon won't jump from one set to another right?
  2. OH DAYUM I SERIOUSLY WAITED 2 YEARS for this drama to come out and I wasn't disappointed. Except for the fact that there are almost no relevant female characters but that's nothing new in sausagefest-filles asian drama land…but that aside…I am soooo happy that we got an asian high production-zombie-eries with an awesome plot in a crazy setting. I mean, we've seen Zombies like mostly in the present time, sometimes in ww1 or ww2....and often the theme is zombies, war and romance?.... but here we got zombies, history and politics (perhaps potential for romance without overdoing it?)! IMO they really managed to give this old genre a fresh new twist. If they keep up the quality I really don't mind waiting a whole year for a 6 episode season. I'd just want like 5 seasons to really have the time flesh out the overall story! SEASON TWO, I NEED U!!!
  3. @molaihawaii yeah that was definitely a disappointment.... I expected more from CEW. But perhaps he tried to be considerate to his other productions and also he didn't want ISH to get more hate from his diehard fans? Who knows... I just hope to see more of them together in general because I miss them so much!!!
  4. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/11/astros-cha-eun-woo-opens-up-about-my-id-is-kangnam-beauty-and-fated-love The ASTRO member continued, "If it is a style that Kyung Suk does, then it's a style that I will abide by. If a woman I'm fated to love pursues me, I'll ask her out. However, I've never done that before." ISY what are you waiting for GUUUURRRLLLL!!!!! XD
  5. OMG to ISY at the AAA Now we can just all hope that Eun Woo will taker her as his date
  6. OMG lucky youuuuuuu!!!! I just wanted to drop by and show my support for uri dorae couple I was really shocked that she actually liked a photo of eunwoo and herself! Kinda bold but it makes my shipper heart so happy! I really want to see them together at an award show, I want the drama to be recognised as one of a kind for it's quality and not star power…but let's see…
  7. I'm so excited to see more of them together and now they are even sitting next to each other on the plane? I think it was just for the pic but regardless I'm so happy sooo happyyy (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
  8. It's so lovely to see them together again so soon I really hope they'll take taxi to the airport and the flight to Cebu together too!
  9. "When he cried, it’s as if he’s shedding gems from his eyes. I envied him.” - THEORY CONFIRMED Cha Eun Woo is a merman like in The Legend Of the Blue Sea hahaha ISH is a gem too. She is one of the few people who sees him as more than a pretty face and acknowledges his efforts *cough* she's perfect for Eun Woo *cough* A well depicted female gaze is so rare. Often is just ogeling the male body in a fan fetish way ... and like you said, I love how she still has some self respect and didn't fall for him straightaway just because he was handsome. She got to know him better and saw his true self... which is just as beautiful!
  10. OMO "I thought it was winter. But I was really into the moment during filming." …I guess we all would hehehe („ಡωಡ„)
  11. Awww she is just as much in love with this drama than we are! I know it's a translation from korean but in my oppinion you can really hear that she is mature and rather on the intellectual side *cough* perfect for Eun Woo *cough*. This drama is definitely a special one in her career but it's hopefully also the start some kind of change in kdramaland regarding equality and self respect (not implying that the west is better in that regard!) .... I really want a second season so bad!!! But at the same time I'm scared that it will loose its essence ... edit holidays with the whole cast? Eun woo nominated??? I hope we'll see a lot of new interactions of uri fav couple hihi
  12. Omg you made me remember when we were like "please jbtc, at least just a little peck, or no kiss if the other option is a dead-pan kiss" and then Jtbc was like and we all died I would've missed the live broadcast it it wasn't for you guys so thank you again! ISY and CEW have a very interesting friendship. But it definitely just a friendship. I'm still looking forward to their interactions during the holiday in the Philippines! And let's all not forget to vote for the AAA!!!
  13. Interessting... people seem to be split in half about the relationship between WR and EW. I actually think that it could be possible. It's just that EW always avoids eye contact with SY (which is in my oppinion the first indicator of possible feelings developing) as if he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea, yet he still wants a noona-donsaeng relationship. Well perhaps I'm too much of a pessimist. Anyway it makes me very happy too now this thread is still alive!
  14. URGH why are they so cute tho???? They really seem to be good friends. I really hope they will keep in touch (๑˘ ︶ ˘๑) ps. I saw EW touch up the hair of an other girl when he was hosting a show with her, so I guess he is always obsessed with hair…not just ISY unfortunately ( ̄ヘ ̄) BUT LADIES AND GENTS we are still so overwhelmed and happy about how perfect the ending was, that we totally forgot that they didn't show the rain scene!!!!!! We'll actually, if it had been either the rain scene or one of the kiss scenes, then I think we can all be thankful to PDnim that he choose wisely hahaha Anyway there are SO MANY THINGS I LOVED about the last two episode but one of the things I wanted to highlight is Yoo Eun reaching out to Soo Ah. It's so refreshing to see somebody actually reaching out to a another person –who's mental state clearly isn't normal– before it's to late (specially in a kdrama). I'm glad that this show refused to go the same old "richard simmons shaming and then realise it's bad but the damage is already done"- route (a bit like 13 reasons why). This drama tackled very serious and important subjects that could've been portrayed in a very dark and depressing way, yet this show (and first of all the manhwa) put it's emphasis on personal growth and friendship in a truly empowering way which makes it so wonderful and enjoyable to watch despite it's heavy themes! For me it's a masterpiece in kdramaland and I'm moved to tears (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ*) Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever get a second season, but if then (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ I hope the story would revolve around KS and how he wants to be recognised for what he is capable of and not only for his out-of-this-world-like face (a bit like EW (≧▽≦)). Also I'd like to see how KS's family situation with his dad would unfold and I'd love to see how MR battles sexism at the workplace (★ω★) and perhaps a pregnancy scare? OMOOOOO I'm going to far now („ಡωಡ„) Also I remember EW and MR saying that they were fans of the manhwa before they were casted and that they'd been discussing the script and quite involved in fleshing out of their characters for the small screen (so like the song-song couple, they've been in touch way before the filming started? hmmm okey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'd LOVE to have them make a director cut commentary of each episode a bit like Dots. From a psychological point of view there is probably more talk about in this drama which would make it even more interesting (that's of course my personal oppinion)!
  15. My heart is already cracking right now seeing them at the wrap up party (╥ω╥). Any plans how to get over a heartbreak? Our lovebirds looked so good in school uniforms, so my wish is for them to reunite for the drama versions of the webtoon "Lookism" with PDnim of course. How awesome would that be?
  16. GURRRLLL SAAAAAMMEEEE it totally left a bitter taste on my tongue (>m<) I know they are just actors but stiilll
  17. OMG GUYS I'm in Paris, at the Louvre and I almost cried out loud!!! I fist thought it was just a dead fish stare kiss but when they startet making out I almost cried out loud I was grining like a creep the whole time anyway so I would not have been surprised if the security would've come and take me away hahaha
  18. Thank you for the bts pics! It's helping me accept that I have to part with this wonderful drama… I hope EW and ISY will stay friends after this. I rewatched the two interviews they had bevor the drama started and they really seemed to be on a same wave length intellectually. They repeatedly mentioned how they have been discussing different aspects of the manhwa and drama script together and imo you could definitely see how we'll those two understood their characters while watching the drama. I love them so much together!
  19. I actually strongly believe that ISY has a crush on sexy Dong‑yeon if you look at her body language…guess EW got friendzoned hahaha (I think Eun Woo will end up with a noona in real life because despite his innocent cute face he seems quite mature for him) Ok sorry enough gossip lol I believe the last hoodie scene will be the ending of our beloved drama. It will show them as a normal college couple enjoying college life … so bitter sweet for us!
  20. OMOOOO thank you! Now let's nope that we'll actually get to see the scene and not have it lost in bts limbo. The way that they look at each other but I know just good acting unfortunately From the BTS I just get the feeling that they are good friends (with a little sexual tension tho haha). On the other hand I watched the Law of the Jungle episode with Eun Woo and he really has a huge crush on Yuri (perhaps they even dated?)!!!! He followed her like a puppy and listened to her every word, not to mention the way he looks at her. Anyway, I would love to see ISY and CEW as a real life couple and break boundaries in the korean entertainment industry, but we all know how it could turn our right? *cough* Hyuna and E'Dawn fiasco *cough*…
  21. OMG GUUURRRLLL unfortunately I think you are right!!!!!! let's hope they will kiss on the balcony from the bts and this time it will be a success! But I think we'll get to see it only at the end of episode 16 tho…
  22. OMG yes the shirts! Those were sooo good. I wonder if it was ISY that chose them because I heard that it's the actress that chooses the outfits sometimes? Well done girl! Also Hye Sung's character was bomb. Yes, I saw that one too! It's difficult to say if the camera is lingering on the pill box so that the viewer can realise those are dieting pills for for storyline purposes or for product placement reasons…The makers of this show made a lot of good choices so I really hope it's more the reason you said! OMOOO a kiss!!! If it's clickbait i swear then ୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨ It seems that they have new clothes on, so he'll end up at her place again kkkk and let's hope that we'll get to see the rain seen for real now!!!!
  23. I'll join you guys on the –can't wait for Friday but at the same time I don't want it to end– train (don't know if I should laugh of cry now) Did you guys notice that KS almost literally climbs up the latter (stairs) to MRs heart? During the course of this drama there are multiple times where KS accompanies MR home. At first it's just to the bus station, then it's at the bottom of the stairs. After that he gradually accompanies her further up the stairs in each episode, up to the point where he's actually at her place. She finally let's him in… into her heart.… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) (let's forget the drunk episode hahaha) Kdrama often tries to portray strong female characters yet they are rarely strong and barely characters but this drama is different. Imo it manages to bring the two leads together, furthering their personal growth, but without having them loose their agency and diminishing their individuality. This drama talks about outer beauty, yet the twist is that our main lead falls in love because they see each others inner beauty. It makes total sense that they fall in love after what we've seen them go through! This drama has already earned a place on my all times favourite list. The main reason is how it's putting emphasis on gender equality through subtle yet efficient details! I heard once someone say that we don't really remember the lyrics of a song but we remember the images, that's why the framing of women in film is very important and this drama excels in it imo. For example I love how KS's mom has a lot of women work for her, like her female driver. I specially noticed that in one scene KS's mom was sitting at the meeting table with 6 other people, half of them women, men didn't do the talking and we only saw her male secretary smile and nod lol. Also MR's mom is taller than her dad, so cute! What we also often see in kdrama is female characters being physically abused or mentally humiliated and it's all frames as "well society is like that / life is hard". Yet in this drama, even tho we know that MR was badly bullied, we never really (and repeatedly) see MR being abused or humiliated. Imo it's good story telling when the viewer knows the situation is bad without actually having to see it. Also KS's dad hitting his mother happens almost out of frame. This drama shows how MR stands up for herself –without violence but with words– whilst her man is backing her up but not totally taking over the situation. That is a total rarity in kdrama AND I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!
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