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  1. It was a surprise but such a lovely surprise. Yeongjo was opening up to her about his fear and how scared he was that as King, he would be called upon to judge and make decisions to punish or even kill people. What if he made a wrong decision, how could he avoid that? He questioned his qualification to be King. It was a scary responsibility to decide on the life and death of a human being. Yeo Ji sensed his pain and was touched by his sincere openness to her about his fear and doubt. Hence, she reassured him that by his self-reflection on his decisions, he definitely qualified to be King and that she trusted and respected him and loved him. I also wish that the hug could be tighter..haha. And the reassurance and admittance of love from a loved one worked very well indeed. Didn't we see a highly energetic, smiling King who had slept less than 2 hours all ready to do his day work the next morning?
  2. I was so worried and then so relieved that Yeo Ji did not die despite the `misleading' trailer showing her throwing herself in front of King Jeongjo when Prince Mil Poong was running toward the king with a sword. The writer, director, cast and crew did an excellent job in making this most enjoyable drama for me. I like it that the characters are layered. I am especially touched by the final scene between Min Jin Heon and the King. Min was at peace and he finally acknowledged the sincerity and competency of the King. It was the highest praise when he told that King that if it was the King, he believed that the King will succeed. King Jeongjo too was motivated and reminded himself that he must try not to be exhausted and disappointed in the long path of reforms to bring down abuse of power and dirty politics, and to bring peace and prosperity for his kingdom. He knew that he was blessed with like-minded friends to support him. The kiss was beautifully done. Yeo Ji did respond slightly (which I think is appropriate since it must be her first time) and her hands did twist her waist belt. I did not expect a kiss so it was a bonus. What I love most was her confession of her love for Yi Geum the man and her firm belief that whatever decisions he make, right or wrong, he will always take careful consideration and reflect on them. Holding hands amidst the cherry blossoms was just lovely!
  3. @lightbringer06 I share the same view that it is pointless to let YJ die. Their love is already heartbreaking enough. Let's have the fictional YJ remains in the palace to be his moral and emotional support as he must overcome many more obstacles and problems during his reign. I have enjoyed Haechi so much and love the many touching moments of the king with his various officials, friends and people. It is heartwarming to find that his determination and humanity won over Minister Min and Chief Justice Jo. On a personal basis, I just love his scenes with YJ. I am glad that he hugged her and pleaded with her not to go to war but to stay by this side. His happy moment when she helped him with his robe. And, his love confession to her! Yes!! I have enjoyed reading the some many varied views and lovely photos/clips in this thread. Thank you friends.
  4. I managed to catch up till episode 28 and it is so thrilling! That moment where Kang Gon used 2 items to freeze the room so that he could grab all the items and the bracelet directly from THE Villain's hand! Yay! I love it too how Jae In was saved after she fell from the rooftop. Runaway Prisoner is my favourite now...his cheerfulness lightens the tensed situation. And we get the sad backstory of the lady Prosecutor. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Da In will be saved. Please, please.
  5. Hello friends, I would just like to share that I am enjoying this drama even though I am still puzzling over the items and agonising over how the villain is having the upper hand all the time! I am currently at episode 14. That scene of Prosecutor Kang 's reaction of anguish, utter sadness and tenderness toward his niece, Da In who lied dead in the hospital bed was just so awesome. JJH has grown to become a real fine actor! At the end of this drama, I just want Da In to be alive and there will be a happy scene of uncle and niece having fun time together!
  6. Woo Kyung asked Green Dress, Who Are You? I also want to know. I also think that she was abused by her biological mother and dad tried to erase her bad memories by replacing them with other memories, hence all her past young photos and mum's photos were destroyed. All the theories and guesses shared by fellow friends are interesting and possible. Most of all, please keep Ha Na safe.
  7. Hello to friends on this thread. Finally an engaging drama to look forward to each week! I started because of KSA and she never fails to deliver.
  8. Like @pompyavi said, `it was a wonderful experience'. What a lovely ending with the Ye brothers happily bonding by the sea and a relaxed, smiling Goo walking side by side with No-eul. There are so many things to love in this final episode. Director Oh met Prez Goo in his office where he handed over the care of the custodial housing to Oh and asked her to ensure the job was done. It was so poignant and so stoic and I could not help tearing. Team Manager Kang and Driver's concern and protectiveness for their boss was so heart-warming. They were spot on about what he had gained most from coming to the hospital. No-eul's confession to Goo outside the hospital entrance on Goo's last day was so touching - she had Jin Woo's blessings when he urged her to go, as he could see how emotional she was after Goo's farewell speech to the doctors in the conference room. I wonder whether Goo really accepted the Global Plant job. Hwajeong would not have made the public announcement if he had not accepted right? I guess Team Manager Kang will be his super competent and protective Manager again. Like @ilovenico mentioned, I too would like to know what happens to Glutton after he has his days of slacking. It seems such a shame if he is not with Worker Ant in some capacity or other. A big thank you to writer-nim, director, excellent cast and crew and lovely osts. A super thank you to friends on this thread for the insightful comments, analyses and interesting clips. Goodbye President Goo and looking forward to seeing Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok soon.
  9. l am so sad that we have reached the finale but I also can't wait to see how Chairman Cho will be dealt with. It was so good to see a strong and determined Dr Oh in action! I have a few fav `couples' . Prez Goo and Team Manager, Prez Goo and Seon Woo, and Reporter and Jin Woo. The sumptuous meal shared by the top 3 hospital management was so well written and shot. Love it! @Ha Tinh Nhi, I agree. It is such a pleasure to see Goo in contemplation. Haha.
  10. I am enjoying the last 2 episodes as much as reading all the contributions on this thread. It was lovely to listen to JSW singing 'What kind of fool am I'. How appropriate. Thank you! My heart ached for Prez Gu when after a long, tough day, he came home to his lonely room but at least there was faithful Nighty who accepted him as he was. I love the quiet ways the Ye brothers showed their love for each other. My next fav character after Prez Gu is Ms Kang and her conversation/justification with her boss after her supposedly drunk phone call the previous night was priceless. Haha. I can't wait to see how Prez Gu, Director Oh and Dr Joo collaborate to bring down the powerful Chairman Cho!
  11. I love the last 2 episodes so much. It is just so captivating. I am glad that Drs Joo and Ye managed to get the autopsy done and the truth of the cause of death revealed. However, now they have to face the consequences of going against the conglomerates. I hope Dr Oh is unharmed. It is so scary to be pursued right up to her door step by masked `ninjas'. I am so sorry for President Goo when he has to 'kowtow' to Chairman Cho. Thankfully he still has his loyal manager and buddy Glutton. We are in for more excitement as Dr Ye fights to kick out President Goo. I am waiting for Joo, Ye and Goo to unite and fight against the real enemy. But how are they going to do so against the strong and powerful Hwajeong? And if Chairman Cho orders Goo's death then we need Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok to investigate and arrest Cho! Please do not kill President Goo!
  12. Hello to friends on LOM's thread. I am enjoying this excellent drama so much and would like to thank you for the videos, stills, information and comments. Cheers!
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