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  1. Please please let there be Season 3! Both seasons 1 and 2 are awesome! I am so thankful that our last few scenes are all happy ones: Yeo Jin's smile after being told by her new Director that Choi Bit has spoken well of her (so reassuring to know that her capabilities and character are recognised) CP Kang making the right decision to resign, at peace, taking time(fishing) and reflecting on what he had done wrong Seo Dong Jae, acknowledging his wife who drove him to the station, before enjoying the limelight Shi Mok's genuine smile after meeting/teasing his past investi
  2. Thank you all for the intense and captivating comments. I need them to calm down from episode 14! It was excellently done. I am happy that Dong Jae is alive. Shi Mok and Yeo Jin were outstanding in tracking and capturing the culprit and locating Dong Jae. My respect for writer-nim! How dare Woo Ta Ha threaten our Yeo Jin!
  3. I learnt more about the show after reading all the excellent analyses, observations and comments from this forum. Thank you! I wonder whether Hwang Shi Mok (HSM) managed to keep up with the morning appointment with Chief Prosecutor Kang regarding Park Kwang Su after he found out that they were both from the 25th training batch the night before. At Kim Sa Hyun's office, HSM paused and looked at something in a basket before getting out. I wonder if there is anything significant about that. I am still in cloud 9 with all the lovely HSM/Han Yeo Jin scenes that
  4. Finally! So very happy to see them drinking/eating together, talking informally. I am glad that Yeo Jin left the council meeting to help Shi Mok as she saw that he seemed unwell. Shi Mok finally has the chance to show the beautiful smile that Yeo Jin (in season 1) has asked him to practise, haha.
  5. I am still in the fog, unclear of so many things even though I have learnt so many things already. I wish the Police could speed up on their investigation and find Seo Dong Jae alive. But in reality, it is a lot of work and efforts by the Police to find and piece clues together to solve a case. Many cases do go unsolved. I am glad Hwang Shi Mok is now working on Park Gwang Su's case. It must be really big for Woo Tae Ha to be in such a panic and Choi Bit to run for her life to her office to retrieve the file on the Dong Jae's call log that Choi Bit stole from Yeo Jin.
  6. So many things happened in episodes 7 and 8 that I must re-watch them to look out for all the details alerted from this forum! Not a dull moment and each episode finished so quickly.
  7. There are so many things I love in episodes 5 and 6 and reading the comments from friends here help clarify and make me understand the episodes better! It was great to see Yoon Se won again! I feel so sorry for him. Of course he must be punished for his crimes but the reason he had to commit them was so sad and so wrong. I love Yeo Jin for stopping and talking to him. I hope to get to know who actually sent him the parcel. The interactions of Shi Mok and Dong Jae are priceless! I understand his motivations better on why he is so keen to join the Supreme Prosecutor Div
  8. @Gummi Thank you for your welcome. She is happier at Yongsan. The HQ high brow attitude does not suit her at all. Still, despite that environment, she could not hide her creative need to draw, although not as freely. The terrace scene! Yes, I am looking forward to watching that! They look so serious!
  9. Hello Friends! I love season 1 so much. And, I am enjoying the first 4 episodes of Season 2 very much. I am also finding the comments, views and analysis on this thread so interesting. I am sure Shi Mok and Yeo Jin will continue to be best partners in solving the cases. Hopefully we see Yeo Jin returning to Yong san station by end of this season.
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