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  1. Youre welcome. I wished they would have had Le Bo reincarnate too. He was absolutely one of my fav characters.
  2. I like reading comments about this drama too. I even go here & Douban a lot to read comments. Although, I have to use google translate and a lot is lost in translation. Still I love reading the comments because everyone still really loves this drama and so do I so its perfect.
  3. She died and reincarnated. Then Jiu Chen said to Si Ming to write Hua Yan mortal fate. Si Ming had to make her a queen and make her husband "the king" love and be devoted only to her. He wanted her to live a good life. Si Ming said to Shi San that Jiu Chen might as well take his life (because usually king's have many wives).
  4. Hello Love <3. Awws, Im so happy to hear from you and grateful one of the reason you joined was because of me. You made my day . The reason I left for a bit was because I went to visit kdrama land. I couldn't get Chang Chen out of my head so I tried to go look for something else to watch. I watched Justice (2019) (7.5/10) a few weeks ago and a few days ago I finished Tunnel (2017) (7/10) because I heard they finally caught the Hwaseong killer after 30 years. But even though I was watching other kdrama's I always came back to re watched a few eps of L&D. I'm glad you're still here and that you still like L&D on Viki. Are you re watching it on Viki too?
  5. @Vals Stor I'm so happy you and everyone here is still keeping this thread alive. I still havent moved on from this drama. I'm so happy it has a 8.2 rating yay!! Anyways, I found this vid today of AvenueX playing the qin for the ost of Love and Destiny. Its sound very relaxing. So I thought I'd share it with you guys.
  6. Thanks for subbing this song. I was wondering if you could please translate Love and Destiny Ost - Lu Hu - The Fool On The Clouds. I really love this song but cant find the end translation of it. If you cant its no worries. I will add the song's lyrics in spoiler if youre up to it or if anyone would like to translate it. Thanks so much. Love and Destiny Ost - Lu Hu - The Fool On The Clouds
  7. Same here I really love their chemistry. Chang Chen wife is so lucky. I'm so jelly of her.
  8. I found this today it has some of the best scenes and dialogue from the drama. Love and Destiny Ost - Zhang Bichen ft Yunlong - Water From the Heaven (with some of the best dialogues)
  9. Welcome to the club. I hope you'll love the drama as much as we do.
  10. Here's a vid of Jiu Chen and his child rehearsing lines and being cute together. Jiu Chen and his child BTS (Press the volume button to hear them taking) Actually, this is my fav scene in the entire drama. The part where she asks who he was and he said he was her father and kinda laughed. That part was so touching to me because his voice sounded so warm. (Spoiler Warning!!) Love & Destiny Ending EP 60 (my fav part) Cheng Chan CF Hands He looks so nice in this CF.
  11. @blueclueblue I'm forever grateful for that translation you're the best. Hugs xoxo. Chang Chen Interview Show Lo
  12. Here's a FMV video of it has some of my fav OTP scenes. Love and Destiny Ost - Shuang Sheng - The Sound of Forest Birds FMV *OTP Scenes*
  13. Please translate the video I would really appreciate it. Also, I'm dying to know what they said in that one interview Chang Chen Article (Chinese) so whenever you post it please let me know. To be honest Zhang Ziyi is just average to me. I only really thought she was good in the Geisha and Hidden dragon movie.
  14. A few of some wallpapers I made for anyone who's interested.
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