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  1. @pad-hari Thanks for that fun article you posted about 15 interesting things about HSALF. Loved it.
  2. I really liked your insightful post and agree with what you said about Xu Feng. And I will try my best to answer your questions.
  3. @UnniSarah I'm so happy it made sense to you and I'm so glad to be of help. And I know how you feel I think my heart was broken a million times while they were going through their love trials. But they are so adorable together you can't help but to root for them until the very end come hell or high water. I wish you were able to watch it while it was still active here. You would have had a lot of fun. The ppl here we always posting upcoming spoilers, pix and vids with translations. But you can always go back and read the last 10 pages or so if you really like spoilers. I really liked this drama even with it's shortcomings. I'd say it probably my fav drama this year so far. I hope you will like the ending and have fun Chingu.
  4. I'm not 100% sure what he meant but my opinion is he said Run Yu was his good son because he had what it takes to be a heavenly emperor. As you know Tai Wei (Xu Feng's dad) was shady and he did bad things to get to the top. I took it as he thinks Run Yu is a good son because he can be calculating, ruthless and also be able to deal with the politics that go on with the job. Basically, it takes a certain type of person to fill that position. The reason he called out Xu Feng is because he was the king's favorite son. And it was like he was letting him know he was coming to save him (when he destroyed his own dragon essence to revive his son). Oh my I don't even know if that even made sense but that's exactly how I took it. Maybe someone else would be able to elaborate that scene better than me. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the drama.
  5. @Nudafu I'm sorry I think I misunderstood your 2nd to last post. I thought you meant he was just thinking those words in his head haha. And our little birdy did miss a good opportunity to tell her the how he truly felt (sighs). I was sad when Jin Mi said she apologized for disrupting his wedding. I felt so bad for her she went through so much for him and couldn't say one word about it to him. Had it not been for the Fox Immortal's heartbreaking speech God knows he probably would have never known of her sacrifices. There is no other drama that best describes a character as having a bird brain then Xu Feng. Still, even with his flaw I still love and support him all the way. I cannot wait for their happy ending. But, it's bittersweet for me because after their happy ending the drama will be over. Then I won't be able to get my daily fix of my grape/crow moments anymore hahaha.
  6. @willenette Haha the audience is so funny I love it!! Also, thanks for posting Rain's recent pics. He was my first korean crush so no matter what I will always be a fan.
  7. To everyone on this thread thanks so much for all the great comments, links to things about the drama, translations, pix and vids. It was a fun journey and I'm glad that we all got along till the very end. Makes me happy that even though we all had different opinions everyone was still respectful towards each other. I can't tell you how many times I've been on a thread where there was so much drama (because everyone had a different opinions). That even if I enjoyed the drama I really dreaded going back to that thread to read further comments. Because it had negative vibes. Thanks for making this journey of watching this drama very enjoyable for me. From day one I really looked forward to really everyone's post about this drama. I'm grateful to everyone that took out time to share things here. I hope we will all love the ending and everyone has good memories of this novel and the amazing actors. @lostintranslation The chapter about his grape obsession is one of my favorite chapters of the entire book. I think it would be amazing if they added the part about him liking grapes,about the paintings, her assuming he is ugly, & his confession of why he said Sui He's name. That chapter made me cry and laugh the most. Xu Feng's passage was very touching . I'm grateful to the writers for adding the humor because it balances out the angst. My fav characters after the leads would be the Fox Immortal & the Snake Immortal. I always looked forward to seeing them. Just looking at them brought me so much happiness.
  8. @Nudafu Actually in ep 60 @ 30:59 he does say those words out loud and not in his head.
  9. After yesterdays epic battle I thought I'd post something funny to cheer you guys up. They are making fun of Deng Lun saying after what happened last night........ saying that he lost everything including his single eyelids (his single eyelids turned into double eyelids in that pix haha). On weibo he became #1 trending on search and Yang Zi made #3. Yang Zi made #3 I also found a really beautiful pix of Xu Feng reaching for Jim MI in the river of forgetfulness. Cries Credit: Weibo
  10. @Mau_Cherry Actually I liked Demon Princess and Mu Ci characters too. I felt they could have told the story effectively with fewer eps and used the rest of the time to give to the leads. I didn't like how it seems to me almost 50-60% of a bunch of eps was about their story and like 10-15 mins of the ep went to the main leads. I feel so sad for Xu Feng /Jin Mi's character I felt they didn't give them the enough screen time to tell their story. They didn't really get into how he dealt with his scheming mom & dad's death & how he feels about his brother hating him so much. How he feels about losing his identity (his brother erasing him from heavenly realm).They only show how he wants to get back at Jin Mi etc etc. They had those eps of how Night was dealing with his moms death. And they eps where Night reminisces about his and Xu Feng's memories when they grew up together. I'm sad they can't do the same for the Xu Feng. I don't understand why they wont let the main lead also be able share his struggles and his feelings. They only want to show us how he has his love/hate thing going on with Jin Mi. I mean does he have any feeling for his own battles/struggles in life aside from Jin Mi. We will never know because the writers didn't care to develop his character. I really love the OTP and felt they got robbed of screen time that could have been used to further develop their characters.
  11. @Mau_Cherry I completely agree with you on everything you said. I haven't really said that much about Night as I know he has lot of fans and I don't want ppl to attack me. But since you said something about him I want to share how I feel about him too. First of all let me say that I really loved his character at the beginning when he was a sweet untainted person. I had a three way ship going on for a while in the beginning of this drama. But things really changed for me when he started being manipulative. The point of no return for me was when he repaired the unfeeling pill. By doing that he, just like her mother he has denied her the ability to be in love with whom she chooses. A rational person wouldn't be like....... hmmmm I see that someone has cursed Jin Mi. And now it seems as if the curse is fading/cracking and she's falling in love with someone else. So since she doesn't love me let me repair the pill to continue the curse. So she can't ever love anyone at all. What kind of loving sane person would do this??!!!?? Basically it's a if I can't have her no one can. How cruel is that ..........so it's okay for him to love her and be obsessed with her. But it's not okay for her to have feelings of love and happiness for herself. How would he feel if someone took away his ability to love Jin Mi? I know that because his character started out as such a sweet, handsome and kind person and ppl gravitated to him. And ppl started to sympathize with him as I did as well. But there has to be a time where what is wrong is wrong. No matter how sad your arc was it's not okay to imprison others and manipulate them. But it boggles my mind that ppl don't find it strange that he like literally traps/locks her up inside the heavenly realm/palace. No amount of handsome, gentleness & sob story can make me accept this. Also, it was gross when he kissed her without her knowledge. Eww I would be devastated if someone I didn't like took advantage of me while I was asleep. I think those screenwriters really screwed up when they tried to make his character into a antagonist/tragic hero .That and the draggy demon princess love story is the only thing I really dislike about this drama. If they didn't add the cr@p I think this could have been a classic cdrama. One that ppl would go back and watch it time and time again. Oh well it is what it is I will still stay for the OTP and side character that I feel in love with. Plus the drama isn't that bad only the middle to last part of the drama is draggy because of the fillers. Really sorry for my long rant.
  12. I can't remember him doing that in the novel. And ughh I hated that part where he gave half of his life force too ....... like why did they have to add him into Jim Mi's redemption arc. I was super mad that the writers added him in that segment. They should had left the entire redemption story to only Jim Mi. I am so annoyed at the writers for adding in a bunch of Cr@p into this drama (it could have been perfect if they didn't stray so much from the novel). I understand the need for filler but at least don't use it in crucial parts of the story.
  13. @litopanda Hello Chingu, So happy you posted those pix I really love them I especially like the ones in the snow. As for her birthday on Wikipedia it says 1990 DOB Zhang Tian'ai. And I think there's not that many post because as you said she is kinda new so ppl maybe don't know much about her. I think she's a good actress and she so gorgeous. I'm hoping she will have legions of universal fans soon.
  14. My eng translation for the trailer of Eps 58 & 59. Please bare with me I'm not a good translator but I'll try my best sorry if I made any mistakes. Plz enjoy.
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