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Lee Joon x Jung So Min Couple (Actor x Assistant) - Official Couple (1/1/18)


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Lee Joon and Jung So Min are mentioned in the 13 November article regarding Jeong Jinwoon of 2AM And Kyungri of Nine Muses Confirmed To Be Dating.

연예계 대표 곰신 커플로는 이준(32)과 정소민(31)이 있다. 2017년 방영된 KBS2 ‘아버지가 이상해’에서 톱스타와 소속사 직원 사이이자 커플로 출연했던 두 사람은 드라마 종영 후부터 연인 사이로 발전한 것으로 알려졌다. 특히 이준이 2017년 10월 군입대한 이후에도 휴가를 나와 정소민과 데이트를 즐기는 장면이 포착되기도 하며 달달한 ‘곰신 커플’로 응원을 받고 있다.


Translated Paragraph:

Among the most popular couples in the entertainment industry are Lee Joon, 32, and Jung So-min, 31. The two, who starred as top star /agency employee who became a couple in KBS2's "My Father Is Strange," which aired in 2017, are known to have developed into lovers since the end of the drama. In particular, Lee Joon was seen on vacation after joining the military in October 2017 and enjoying a date with Jung So-min. The pair is receiving support as a sweet "gomshin couple."

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Translated article (13 November 2019) from Naver using Papago Naver Translate

"I feel like I'm going to get married without any strings attached." The real reason why the Wannabe couple in the entertainment industry met.

Usually, there are two reactions when a star's romantic relationship is revealed. It's a case of denial, or quick acceptance. Although the former response is largely due to the attention of fans and the nature of the beloved job, some star couples admit their love affair at high speed.
As soon as the rumors of Lee Joon and Jung So Min relationship were released on January 1 of last year, the couple admitted to dating within two hours. The public learned about the first encounter and love story between the couple, who are currently wearing "military boots and rubber shoes".


In korea, there is a word for military girlfriends: “고무신/곰신” (go-mu-shin/gom-shin), which literally means “wearing rubber shoes,” but comes from the expression “고무신 거꾸로 신다,” (go-mu-shin goh-gguro shin-da), or “wearing rubber shoes the wrong way.” There’s also a term for military girlfriends whose boyfriends have finally returned: “꽃신” (ggot-shin), literally “wearing flowers.”

It was the actions of the two of them in the past that made the conversation even more interesting. In particular, Lee Joon is considered one of the most famous celebrities whom Dispatch had given up on. The media outlet followed Lee Joon to cover his personal life, but his daily stop was at a snack bar and he ate only kimchi fried rice. Internet users responded by saying, "It's great" and "I think I'll have to give up dating at this point."

Jung So-min has continued her smooth career in the entertainment industry. She worked with handsome actors such as Kim Young-kwang, Kim Woo-bin, and Sung Joon, but she worked hard by showing stable acting skills without any special scandals. When asked about her ideal type in an interview, she also revealed her healthy attitude towards love, saying, "I prefer a man with a respectable personality to a handsome appearance."

KBS <Father Is Strange>
The couple met as opposite actors in the drama <Father Is Strange>. In the first 2 or 3 shooting , as they were both not the forthcoming type so they did not get close at first.  As shooting progressed, deep conversation about acting made them closer. Besides meeting through a drama, there was a reason why the couple fell in love. It is because  they have a lot of things in common. Lee Joon and Jung So-min are high school graduates in Bundang. They did not know each other until they realised Jung So-min was the junior of Lee Joon's friends. They lived a very close distance from each other.

Jung So-Min majored in Korean dance when in college and in school. She entered the acting department of the Korean National University of Arts by maintaining top grades while dancing, and Lee Joon entered the same school's dance department. However, he had dropped out of university for his acting project. Both of them became the talk of the town on the air, unveiling their outstanding dance skills.

Ultra-high speed recognition in 2 hours
Lee Joon and Jung So-min started dating after growing in favour of each other through the drama. On January 1 of last year, it was revealed through a media outlet that the two were the main characters of the romantic relationship and they released official statements through their agencies and recognised the relationship at a super high speed two hours after the coverage. Lee Joon, who joined the military after the drama ended, was seen on his first military vacation dating Jung So-min. Everyone sent messages of congratulation and support to the couple who were captured showing love to each other with Lee Joon stroking his lover's hair and holding her hands.

Lee Joon joined the army as an active member, but his panic disorder, which he had suffered even before his enlistment, made headlines for his inclusion in the supplementary role. Jung So-min recently appeared on the entertainment show "Little Forest" and received positive reviews for her sensitive and warm appearance. The couple are still in love with the military boots and rubber shoes. 

Mblaq GO got married in September.  I am looking forward to the wedding of Lee Joon and Jung So Min too.  Lee Joon is still serving out his military duty and Jung So Min is in talks to act in the medical drama <Soul Repairer> . Let us quietly cheer for the love of the beautiful couple. 

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9 hours ago, luffie said:
2 hours ago, luffie said:

@Joonminshipper thank you for the clarification. Does this mean he has been discharged? I am a bit confused... 


@luffie, I am not sure of exact discharge dates, it seems some fans said it is 2nd week of Dec, some 3rd week of Dec so the speculated dates are Dec 10 or Dec 19 but there is no official announcement from his agency. 

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Because we have not see him for 1 year, 9 months and 22 days, of course i have to make a gifs  :D 



I have mixed feelings when i saw this pictures . First, I'm so happy because actually i lost hope to see his new picture before he will be discharged.  And I never expected this to happen. Its like a teaser of new drama, this is a teaser where we can see glimpse of him before his comeback.  Second, why 3 of 4 pictures, he looks so sad:tears:? I think he looks different here (more mature?).  Hopefully, we can see him next week (or month but not year). Can't wait to see you again.  


Joon last pictures dated 1/2/2018. Then and now, he is so handsome:blush:








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