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  1. Hi @irisariadne don't worry people will accept joon back. He's loved by many for his talent and good nature. I'm sure of that. About his look now, maybe still the same, I hope he keeps improving and show his big talent to everyone in the future. He deserves success. And happy 9th anniversary to jsm too today
  2. Hye @irisariadnehappy to see you active on here again. I thought you're gone for real, no longer active you're the one who always keep this forum up to date, all JoonMin supporters must thanking you for all the updates you have posted here I can't wait for Lee Joon to discharge, I want to see his handsome face after 1 and almost 2 years not seeing him, wonder if his face changes or become even more handsome? he's not in active duty so it won't be harsh for his skin and body also mental health especially, he must looking healthy now and glowing just like his girlfriend I guess. To silent lurkers, hopefully you guys are not ashamed to share your thoughts here about this beautiful couple. I'm waiting
  3. yes soompi is the reason we are all confused now. Where did they get the info LJ will be discharged on sept 25?? Every korean news still stick to July. Even the korean news source provided by soompi when they reported about star's discharge date stated he will discharge in July. Soompi news editor, if you're reading this, please help answer where did you get the info he will be discharged on sept 25. If it's proven untrue, I can't trust the credibility of your news site translation anymore. I'm sorry. I always think you guys are biased anyway with your news reporting.
  4. News translation from cutefairy ig story http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/04/09/2019040980235.html
  5. https://vimeo.com/329290415 Remember their seat belt scene. song is sing by paul kim, iu's song. ending scene.
  6. Happy April First everyone. I just got some news that lee joon will really be discharged on 1st July 2019 so we only have 3 months left!!!! Wow I can't wait for it. And also heard rumor that he already received so many acting offers from drama and movie producers and director, Lee Joon is currently viewing which projects he wants to appear in as his comeback project. Our actor is hot stuff now he's out from the militaryyeay and he will announce his upcoming wedding with Jung somin this year too Okay.. April fool everyone haha. But I really hope those wishes will come true eventually
  7. I hope joon will invite them to his wedding haha. The YouTube news always misleading and fake, don't trust it
  8. This is not related to this forum, but I want to share the joy Im siwan is discharging today. 100 fans gathered there celebrating his return.
  9. I think I've been in this thread for 2 years already lol. We've gone through so much ups and downs. So many new ships come and go. The one only stays is joonmin, hopefully. I'm tired of people asking whether they're still together or not. The news are everywhere for you to find and go search for their break up news yourself. If you can't find it it means they're still together. They are not in this showbiz for their relationship, they're in this showbiz for their career. When they don't show it mean the relationship is not for entertainment. It's their personal. That's why they don't show it off. I can totally understand. No news doesn't mean they have broke up.
  10. Yes the last time he commented is since his birthday where he said "thanks for the birthday wishes and see you this year" Maybe he's excited too for his girlfriend's first FM!!!! I can imagine how his face when watching Somin dancing to TT she's so cute as always! I'm praying for their long lasting relationship!!!
  11. Marriage announcement hopefully. I'm confident 100% they're still going strong. No news means good news right Congrats joonmin couple and all joonmin shippers who have voted for them
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