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  1. This is his mom, he posted this on Instagram before he went to enlist, this was at Japan IIRC. Joon is very close with his mom and remember he was caught having Chuseok date with his mom before.
  2. Just bringing this back here. Actually I have noticed this person who use this name אפרת יהודה is actually somin's fan but pretend to hate her so that the other somin's fans can protect her, maybe she just want attention for somin, she's very weird. When I watch old YouTube vids of Somin playful kiss I noticed her comments from 7/6 years ago, it seems like she's a long time somin's fan. Idk why somin has such weird fan like her. She now also pretend to like Joon and said somin doesn't deserve him bla bla, very weird. During FIS she commented that somin's nape is ugly and she mades somin's fans hate joon's fans because somin's fans thought she's a joon's fan.
  3. When you said to us "please be more mature" but why did you mentioned lee joon name to an obvious shipping account of sig and jsm? That's totally childish. I can forget about it if you said sorry and won't do that same mistake again but sigh you only said sorry because you want to be a silent reader. Dear sorry but I still remember you said you think LMK suits her more, and Joon is too childish for her. I have the screenshot of it and I can post it here anytime. Maybe it's already the past for you. Anyone can say they're fans of JSM and LJ but some of us are original fan of one of them at first, so of course we have our own bias and I fully aware who your bias, so me saying that is not fully wrong. Anyway I appreciate you said you are their shipper. I agree we have to be more mature, for me I don't care anymore, we don't have any news of them. This thread will be archived if no one updates. Shippers come and go. Some of us only appear to police the members, telling them not to do this and that but never discussed why, sometimes I find that annoying too. It's okay to police us, but be ready if members of this forum found there's too many rules and afraid to express their thoughts.
  4. Most of them are just KHJ fans, they want their oppa to stay relevant by shipping him with somin after his 0% rating drama flop hard
  5. Shippers exist everywhere from i-fans. They will ship everyone with good visuals. This made me remember that Joon is shipped with Lee Seyoung, Kim Jiwon, from Vampire detective and gap dong although their character never hint any romance at all. I-fans keep making MV of them and it's all over YouTube.
  6. It's because you suddenly mention Lee Joon in a seo inguk and somin shipping account causing a lot of shippers to mock him and laughing at him. So the other joon min shippers become angry is valid because all of us keep quiet and never want to pick a fight with other shippers of actor because we know they will insult Lee Joon who not doing anything right now for 2 years. The feeling is totally different, a fan of Somin must don't understand why we are sad, if only Joon is also active I'm sure the reactions from shippers will be different, but we have no news of him and his relationship with somin for 2 years and some people were so cruel telling them to break up. Telling us we are paranoid is a bit reaching from someone who mentioned lee joon to a shipping account of Somin with sig. Our feeling are valid, we only let it out here but never attack the other person's fan account. However I agree we must keep calm. And it's good you're telling us this. But it feels like you're mad by telling us paranoia. Yes we're paranoid because LJ has been bullied by the other shippers before, they insult him and his sickness. I agree that they're just doing their job, seunggi did that because the rating of little forest dropped double than the first premiere. It's sad if the show doesn't have second season, we'll miss the kids.
  7. I'm ready for those shippers of little forest to start saying "if only she breaks up with Lee joon and marry lee seunggi" or "why she's not break up yet?"
  8. Actually his previous agency also give concern to his image https://www.soompi.com/article/383271wpp/mblaqs-lee-joons-variety-show-appearance-concerns-his-agency MBLAQ’s Lee Joon’s Variety Show Appearance Concerns His Agency Apr 15, 2012 by jes1107 MBLAQ’s Lee Joon said his image of “yeneungdol” (an idol who makes appearances on variety shows and is good at making the show entertaining) is a little burdensome. He started by asking, “Is being who I am that bad?” and added why he chose it as his concern, “I think I’m suffering a loss because I’m being too honest.” He further explained, “I want to be myself, but my agency tells me to think about my image. Even fans say that they waver whether to be my fan or not, after looking at how I am on TV. Whenever I hear people say that, I wonder if it’s that bad to be honest and be myself.” What he said is true, he has lost fans because he's too honest with what he shows on TV, even female celebrities who's smitten by him said they lost interest when they know the real lee joon is different from what they imagine him to be (maybe a handsome guy who always cool type) I think what he meant by this is when they perform on the stage, if you see his performance when he's in MBLAQ, he is really impactful, just his gaze is enough to give impact, maybe that's why he can become a really good actor because he act with just his eyes. He never said he would not date idol? Joon said he has dated a celebrity in the past (not sure idol or actress) if I'm not mistaken somin also has dated in the past too right, fans think it's an actor I don't think the job whether idol or actress matters to him. Idol or actress, both are just human. What's importance is the inside. Joon is an ex idol, he has lots of idol friends, no human being was less than others.
  9. When I said I'm annoyed with shippers I don't mean you, I am sorry I don't remember your username is joonminshipper, I don't find it annoying if it's you. I'm just annoyed at the other actors shippers, *sig and lsg and lmk shippers.
  10. These days I find it hard to believe speculations of this thing (from somin) did by Joon anymore. I believe they're still dating. But most of the times our speculations will be untrue (I've experienced this many times) that's why I'm not excited anymore. I've stopped hoping or believing that anything was from or related to Joon anymore since the discharge date of 1st July, the day before which somin update her Instagram after so long saying "see you tomorrow", but she was actually saying to fans she will meet on flea market. I felt tricked because everyone thought it was for joon since his discharge date originally supposed to be that day. I've learned it hard way that somin will NEVER gave any hint or posting anything related to joon to her Instagram. I'm sure she has her own personal sns to post that or why would she share it, maybe she just keep it to herself to treasure it with Joon. So JM supporters (I don't want to call you shippers because shippers are annoying) we don't have to find any hint or speculate anything anymore unless it's very true, for example:- the congratulatory pot somin gave to CEO, CEO even tagged her on that post. It's because we respect them and we don't want to meddle in their private lives just like those annoying shippers. They have their lives on their own, and it's their right to share to us or not.
  11. He's like Yoo Jaesuk, but for (LSG) acting, I don't find him that great because you still can find him acting like himself most of the time. Yup Joon has shown his vulnerabilities at times such as being fool or slow learner, which is why I'm so smitten by him, at first it's more like a sympathy feeling but he grew on me XD (I know you on this forum will misunderstood my words but I don't have time to find better words to explain this sorry) all in all I just want to say that, you can't hate him no matter what when you saw his real self. Maybe that's why I'm so mad when the other shippers talk bad about him. But in infinity challenge with yong hwa dujun kwanghee, he's changed, he's more reserved, I think prain has adviced him to take care of his actor image, so maybe that's why.
  12. I watch some of the episodes of little forest too and I noticed yihan and Lee seunggi always got the maximum airtimes lol (it's no wonder because lsg is master at variety show, he is similar with Lee joon a bit. While yihan is interesting kid). Is this is a red flag for somin because the editing team edit her out too much? But she was the reasons international viewers watch this show so maybe it's not that bad as I imagine. I think there will be second season of this show, but I don't know if they will stick to the same casts or change the whole casts including the kids. When I realized actor Lim joohwan is from Blossom, I really shock because I thought he's from a small agency because he rarely got lead roles though he has been a lead role actor before. But the good thing is he always got works and drama casting, I always saw him in dramas. Variety show appearance or become a fix cast is consider as good, lately there's many actors choose to appear in variety show and some of them ended up become much more popular because public loves their personalities. Somin needs to showcase her variety talent so that her airtime won't be edit out but I hope she doesn't try too much. I remember Lee joon during his early debut becomes too stress because of variety show, mblaq members said he even talks in his sleep, he said "I don't have talent" - because variety show always demand him to show what talent he has but it's actually very sad too when think about it.
  13. I'm curious who's in charge to take her pic on normal days like this? The guy manager? She doesn't work with the old manager anymore? What about the stylist? Is everything change?
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