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  1. Prain tpc didn't reveal he has bipolar disorder which is the main reason why he suffered from panic attack as well. Many people with bipolar disorder will suffer from at least one anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. The good news is that the disorders are treatable separately and together. LJ is a strong man he has been living with this illness for almost a decade now but he always seems to be doing fine when on TV. He is a strong-willed man and has great endurance. It's just that army life is not for someone like him, but he could still endure it for 6 months which is more than great. I believe he will do well and take care of himself well just like before. He has great and strong mindset to fight the illness. He wants to keep it private. Please respects his decision.
  2. If knetz ever compare them I'll be mad as hell, Kim soohyun does not have panic disorder like him, so he can finish his service calmly without disruption. I think for sure there will be article because he has his agency and he's still promoting with them. Maybe no picture, just his discharge news. Hopefully he will ignore all the haters comments and move on with his acting career. I think it's about 300k something. He gained 200k followers after acting in mfis. He just opened his Instagram in late or early 2016.
  3. I think she got it from the old news, soompi. I don't trust that date. Actually Korean news has never reported that he will be released on 25th Sept. It was soompi, a English site,they source from korean news. When you click their source, no where it's reported that joon will discharge on 25th September. I don't know where they get that info from. But we'll see later, if it's it's true or not. I'm actually not sure either but I don't want people to confuse him for not finishing his service when he's really back on this first July. When I asked Korean fans why they thought he will be back on 24th Sept, they said it's because he is a public service worker, he needs to enlist 23 months. But as you all know, TOP big bang didn't have to. It's already confirmed he will be back on this July too. TOP only serve for 20 months despite being transferred to public service. He was caught with marijuana scandal so he had to attend trials and waiting for court decisions which lasted for 8 months. Hence that's why he was a bit late than usual, but he didn't have to serve for 23 months. He just have to start public service quite late. For joon's case, I don't think he has to wait for 8 months to start his public service. He can just start his service as soon as he was transferred last year. That's why I still thought he will be back this July. Hopefully the public will receive him well and cheer for his mental health and we'll being.
  4. Yes I would love them to promote their new song in jung somin young street radio must be great to see that 10 days left hopefully it's true
  5. Hi welcome to this thread I heard from Thunder that there's possibility MBLAQ will reunite but I don't know if Lee Joon will join them or not because he might be busy with other things at that time. If they reunite probably they will release music together (hope so) because that' might be the only chance if we want to see him release music again. Or maybe he could sing his own version of his drama ost (just like SEO inguk and Jung somin in TSHLYE) his voice is unique and angelic, I love his singing when he sing for Jungle Fish 2 OST, Feeling Sad duet with Hong Jonghyun. HJH actually just singing a bit in the middle and as back singer, his singing voice is different from joon, a bit course and deeper. Lee joon's voice is soulful and sweet.
  6. Yup, strong love signal from Jung somin. If it's true lee joon will discharge on 1 July.. then it's just in 12 days he'll be released. Hopefully he already secured projects under his belt.
  7. OMG @irisariadne so many more similarities! The post I made was long time ago but thanks for making the gif. I now remember more and more why I said the cartoon reminded me of them.
  8. Notice the sentence at last paragraph, they reported that Jung somin helped Lee joon when he was having panic attack. If that wasn't real love I don't know what it is. thanks Jung somin for willing to cherish lee joon.
  9. I have noticed this from the start. But I applaud her for her loyalty towards this ship XD she's a genuine fan of Somin. She just want some attention.
  10. Just leave them if you want to. They don't need you either I don't understand this type of fan. You have so much clues already that they're still together. The similar house decorations, too many things similar to say it's just a coincidence. What do you want more? They don't date for your sake, they date for their own happiness. We should respect their privacy. Not invading them. Or spreading their privacy.
  11. I think it's also a good thing when they're to be paired with other actor or actresses, people won't be distracted by this pairing. For example songsong, I don't think their fans are happy when either of the pair were shipped with someone else and they end up putting hate comments. I hope it won't happen to JoonMin The same goes with Park Park couple, park minyoung and Kim jaewook have solid chemistry in Her Private Life, which end up making ParkPark couple fans triggered, and cropped out KJW from the photo. There's also some fanwars that happened there. So I think Joonmin being not as popular as the other couple is a good thing in disguise too
  12. I think only shippers want this. Her fans most likely won't want it to happen. Well I think the same too, she should be paired with popular hallyu actor to boost her popularity more. Lee joon is just idol actor I hope both of them can be paired with popular actors in the future and the drama become popular Hopefully both are doing well (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Though I was sad this ship was not as popular as others, but hey they're real! And that's what matters
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