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  1. @eyjooniesh i have been busy with real life stuff lately and because there is no news about this couple , make me forget to visit this thread. But , after i saw Mr. Yeo posted that picture on his instagram, i feel very happy . Don't worry , i will active here even after Joon discharge. So, we can talk about his new drama, movie or cf because we can't do that when Joon had hiatus for 2 years. I dont think i can talk about it in Lee Joon's Soompi thread . That is because I feel comfortable with this thread . Thanks to you too for being active on Instagram and Twitter. At least , we never forget about him . I can't wait to see how he look now or is he gaining weight . But, one thing i worried about K-netz reaction once he comeback. Can they accept him back to the dramaland? Or they will talk about his transfer to public service over and over. I still remember when he said about pursuing other career paths after MS, but i hope not he will not do that. I know he loves acting so much. https://www.soompi.com/article/1035395wpp/lee-joon-shares-open-pursuing-career-paths-completing-military-service Example like Siwon, i read comment about his drama, all about dog and some people said not watching My Fellow Citizen because of him.
  2. Good luck for your new movie , Gibang Bachelor. I can't wait to see chemistry between Junho and Somin.
  3. Yes, i still believe they are still together. When Somin sent a congratulatory plant to Joon's Ceo, i think many Joonmin shippers feel happy, its a indicator that their relationship is still strong . I was surprised , actually, i was really surprised. As far as i know, she never work with Mr. Yeo and have not meet him yet (or maybe she already met him, but who knows?). So , why she gave that plant to him? And Mr. Yeo is close to Joon. Maybe Mr. Yeo invited Somin to come over to his store, Strol through Joon?? He is Somin's nephew . If she has a child, i think it's a big news in Korea because Joon is still doing a military services and people will talk about it. Credit: cutefairy2017 IG
  4. Somin sent a congratulatory plant to Mr. Ceo for the opening of his new store, Strol . She is so sweet. Credit : @cutefairy2017 Mr. Yeo , when can we hear Joon's casting news . Its D-60 now . ( Ok, if there is no news until 1st July, so i will start countdown from D-85 @ 23rd September)
  5. This IG account(lee_joon_lyf) change the countdown for Lee Joon from 1st July to September 25th yesterday, because someone comment on her post claimed she/he understand Korean, but at least please tell us where did he/she read that article . @eyjooniesh Like you said, except from Soompi , so far there is no Korean news sites said he will be disharged on 25th September.
  6. I want to reply this last week but my Soompi account got problem , but luckily i can log in today by changing my password (Why this problem always happening to me). Ok, when i first read about this , im so happy when its confirm that he will be discharged on 1st July and he got more projects. But , when you said upcoming wedding with Jung So Min, i feel weird. I forgot its April Fool . But , I dont mind if its true .
  7. His bestfriends already discharged. Kwang Hee already busy with variety shows and Siwan confirmed to star in the drama (Strangers from Hell) 3 months to go .
  8. So , the countdown is double digit now . Its D-99 (I really hope its still D-99 , but im still okay if his discharge date is one week late, but not in October or worst December ) . So, i hope we can hear Lee Joon casting news for his new drama or movie (Kang Ha Neul already received offer for his new drama and he will be discharge in May). And when you have nothing to update about them, but still want to update this thread, so here is the picture.... Somin fans send her food truck and she gave the cards to her fans . This is on her birthday if im not mistaken. And the smiley still there (so sad ) Congrats Auntie Somin. Somin nephew is so cute. Nayeon, Lee Joon niece , I think she is 3 years old now. @jjadx gfg I think they are still together . I know we dont have hints about them but i have strong feeling about that. She is a DJ now so sometime her song selection is remind me about Joon ( La La Land Song, Arianda Grande -if you watch her broadcast show on 14/2 Valentine's Day, she play this songs ) . And one of her favourite song is this one , Its' Strange , With You (Credit : Cutefairy2017). So if you read the lyrics , its like its song for people who is in love with someone . Like i said before, i will support this couple until their agency said they are break up. So, if that happened , i will move on and "retire" from this thread (i know who cares about that , right?) . And maybe i will not active here if Joon comeback from MS. I will just come here if there is news about them only. I still cannot believe that i stayed in this thread for 1 year and 3 months.
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