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  1. Jung So Min and her nephew Kim Yoo Ahn (Yeol Moo) will appear in SBS new show called Little Forest with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin in August. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin will be volunteering to take care of Somin's nephew. Credit : cutefairy2017 Can't wait . Baby Yeol Moo is so cute. I think this show is like Hello Baby.
  2. Me too. I don't know what to do if he not back on this date. Why he not say something about his discharge on his fancafe . Or maybe he want to surprise to his fan
  3. VIP Premiere for Homme Fatale will be held on 9th July 2019. Maybe Lee Mi Do, Min Ji Woong and Lee Yuri will attend to her movie premiere . But, if Lee Joon is discharged before 9th July, i hope he will attend together with them to support her movie.
  4. OMG, One week left, right?? I can't wait to see him If he discharge on 1st July 2019, it's same date with Kim Soo Hyun . Of course , there will be a lot of articles about KSH (he is Hallyu star, and everyone anticipated for his comeback) . And , i prepare myself with no article about Joon . But, from good side, it better for him because for sure K-netz will compare them
  5. Father Is Strange Scene I know Joonmin not playing badminton like in the animation but it's look similar, right?
  6. Joonmin Couple - Vogue Korea 17th June 2019 http://www.vogue.co.kr/2019/06/17/한-작품에-출연한-뒤-실제-연인이-된-스타들/
  7. I want to make gif about this animation and Joonmin but i always forgot . I agree with @eyjooniesh, the cartoons resemble to them and also their scene in FIS . In this animation, that girl has a cat , but Somin has a dog.
  8. Dear All, Can we ignore this person (jjadxgfg)? I think he/she is the same person that came to this thread before (soft1234 ) and i think she also has other name but i can't remember . Maybe she also is the person that comment in the youtube. She use this name אפרת יהודה . I notice the way she write is same , she hates somin and always talk bad thing about her. She just a troll. Please leave this thread , if not i will report you to the moderator.
  9. We know no news about Joon yet until his discharge , but what about Somin? She said she want to take one more work this year, maybe after Gibang Bachelor promotion, she will take one more drama . So, director nim or producer nim, please cast her with Joon
  10. Well, I dont think they live together like his Mblaq member , G.O and his girlfriend Yeseul . They got negative reaction from Knetz. G.O has no agency and he is Youtuber now , and its not affect his job . But , Lee Joon want to make comeback this year , so he need to be extra careful. Dispatch are everywhere. @eyjooniesh what is supplementary station actually means? And from this news , he was waiting for draft notice from MMA at his house. I dont know how many days or weeks or months he had to wait.
  11. hi @edlan17 , welcome to this thread. Joon posted the left photo on his instagram . And yes, its from his house. I think they have similar taste in house decoration. Somin's nephew IG He is so adorable.
  12. @eyjooniesh i have been busy with real life stuff lately and because there is no news about this couple , make me forget to visit this thread. But , after i saw Mr. Yeo posted that picture on his instagram, i feel very happy . Don't worry , i will active here even after Joon discharge. So, we can talk about his new drama, movie or cf because we can't do that when Joon had hiatus for 2 years. I dont think i can talk about it in Lee Joon's Soompi thread . That is because I feel comfortable with this thread . Thanks to you too for being active on Instagram and Twitter. At least , we never forget about him . I can't wait to see how he look now or is he gaining weight . But, one thing i worried about K-netz reaction once he comeback. Can they accept him back to the dramaland? Or they will talk about his transfer to public service over and over. I still remember when he said about pursuing other career paths after MS, but i hope not he will not do that. I know he loves acting so much. https://www.soompi.com/article/1035395wpp/lee-joon-shares-open-pursuing-career-paths-completing-military-service Example like Siwon, i read comment about his drama, all about dog and some people said not watching My Fellow Citizen because of him.
  13. Good luck for your new movie , Gibang Bachelor. I can't wait to see chemistry between Junho and Somin.
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