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  1. It's joon and his mom and it's quite an old pic but whatsoever it was adorable
  2. We all know he unfollowed i even know the exact date when he unfollowed its not like he unfollowed only somin he unfollowed 14 other igs that day why i think because it's content might not be of his interest he follows igs of people whom he personally know mostly related to his work and actors related to prain i don't think somin is anywhere related to him except from the fact that she is joonie's gf she gave a congratulatory pot and after that he followed her its called good gesture is it a requirement of a agency's ceo to follow their artist's partner i don't think so its his ig not joon's lastly i want to say that just leave all the speculation when joonie will return he himself will convey things related to him (Initially i also thought oh man he unfollowed but when u think logically what's the big deal)
  3. What wrong did i said whatever i have to say i say it here it'sreally better to leave the forum(i m saying this for myself not to u so don't misunderstand) I have defended both somin and joon so many times whenever i found someone badmouth them on other sm platforms
  4. Shipping is not a problem but when they talk ill about joonie it definitely will hurt his fans they talk nonsense about him and his mental health issues i saw a comment on naver speaking ill about lj but it felt good when i saw some k netz defending him
  5. Oh i watched that yoga clip so min is totally into the kids and lsg tries to be in every frame why he has to be everywhere i like park nare more (and ya shippers will be activated with that yoga more and will say bla bla bla...) I will only listen to lee joon now no one else i feel sorry for some fans who r waiting for his discharge and they believe it's tomorrow
  6. Somin is friendly and shippers take it differently but on the contrary i think she has a good friendship with jun ho more than any other actor
  7. I sometimes feel it was right decision for him to deactivate his account those shippers wouldn't have left him alone as well (though i hope if he comes backs to industry he opens a new ig account)
  8. Joon plz come back atleast hearing things from him will make my heart at peace doesn't matter if it is about relationship or not as i earlier told this cycle of shipping will continue forever (to be honest i don't feel good about it but what to do) This one and half year was torture
  9. I basically clicked this article because i found joonmin on the thumbnail https://www.koreaboo.com/article/mblaq-mir-reveals-everything-knows-hottest-idols-go-date-youtube/
  10. I too want to know about her team & who is her new manager???? Btw i noticed so min unfollowed some accounts
  11. I don't know about new one but i guess it's old one as she left a comment there also her old manager posted blur pics few days earlier
  12. No seo in guk sm's smile that left your eyes costar those shippers r also one of a kind they claim various things which is highly disrespectful so let it be.....
  13. Again this sig and sm shippers i sometimes thinks why does it come in my timeline they r claiming sm hangs out with sig way too much after the show ended pointing out as kwon soo hyun tagged all of them in his ig post i have blocked so many people but still they appear gonna say goodbye to social media for the time being
  14. It's one of the most common excuses which often happens with korean celebs when the guy is serving they often break up and the comment that claims they postpone that have happened with a korean celebrity couple earlier and right now it's very easier for people to say all this as nobody knows anything about them people guessing because sm doesn't mentions lj in her ig posts anywhere can i ask did she mentioned about lj after his enlistment but they were dating right even after their dating news was confirmed she didn't ever mentioned about lj earlier this june vogue korea mentioned them among celebrity couples who acted and fell in love vogue is a known as one of leading magazines around world whatever it is i m so done people saying that this and that about lj and so min
  15. May be the person is having personal contact with lj this international fans living far away claim such things and they r so confident i hope they get a shock btw it's one of the most common guess when the guy is in military earlier also celebs having broken up that way that's why such claim btw where is this comment
  16. Yes it's not forbidden i guess after that controversy he wants to complete his ms in peace without getting mentioned anywhere (can also be his agency recommendation) and somewhere it's good for his health also i m quite sure this two years of drought in fandom will be finished after his discharge
  17. We can only ignore now ( i even blocked some) if u guys r on Twitter or ig just leave some positive post in his hashtag that's all and regarding little forest mostly giving stuffs together to lsg and sm u can understand if u know marketing strategy they very well know people's mind its all about ratings
  18. This cycle will continue whatsoever i ranted so much on Twitter earlier because i was annoyed as they were continuously mentioning lee joon i don't even feel much friendship b/w lsg and sm i don't know what shippers see in them they have normal convos well i think this will also die once lsg new drama starts telecasting
  19. How many episodes of little forest have been completed? I heard so min was going to do a cameo what happened to that????
  20. If i m not wrong lj left a comment on his fan cafe which later he deleted saying D-**, Not-*** maybe he is trying to say now days left is in two digits not three (may be mid of December) Damn it's been two long years i literally yearn to listen about him and ya no pics nothing it's not like he locked himself for 2 years it's just that he doesn't want to be noticed
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