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  1. Agree! And it richard simmons me off when they say "sorry Lee Joon" However, we should patiently wait till this show ends, maybe afterwards those people will calm down. I think things will get better as soon as Joonie comes back.
  2. Unfortunately, I think there is no way for him to enter the top 10 to get to the next round of voting. He has too little votes. However, I vote for him everyday using 8 accounts. Hope, his position gets better. It's strange that Somin wasn't nominated. I didn't find her name in pre-vote.
  3. I think so too. Looks like Joon's close people are forbidden to mention him. Nobody talks about him like he doesn't exist at all. Perhaps this is the position of his agency so he could peacefully finish his MS. But still I wonder, how is this possible, that it's been almost 2 years and there is not a single photo of LJ. OK. Maybe Joon and Somin see each other at home. But doesn't he go to public places at all? Are public service worker allowed to go home sometimes or do they live in a special place? Fans say Joon comes back around December, and afterwards we'll get news about Joonmin I think. Let's wish them all the best The lyrics is really beautiful!
  4. Let's support Joonie! He's №39 now There are 6 votes per day, and you can create several accounts. Vote for him please! https://aaavietnam2019.com.vn/pre-vote/korea?type=actor
  5. There's no news about Joon, and Somin and Seunggi shippers are almost everywhere... I search for tag #leejoon and here they are They know she has a boyfriend, and wish her to break up with him. So annoying. Nevertheless, I have a strange feeling, that Joonie's coming back soon. Or maybe it's only my wish
  6. Agree. They are adults and are able to decide what's best for them. So I don't see a reason to scream in comments "Get married!" or "Don't get married!" Joon's serious about marriage too. In August, 2017 he said: “I don’t think I’ve ever truly been in love before. Marriage seems like a very vague thing to me. I’ve always thought that I would marry someone that I would take a bullet for but I have yet to feel that, which is why I’m trying to cultivate those kinds of emotions.” I was smiling like a fool at this moment
  7. Honestly, I doubt we'll ever be able to see Joon and Somin on screen again. Unfortunately. So I just want a new drama for him with good partners, whether it's gonna be males or females. But it's after comeback. Everytime I wake up I pray for news from him or for a photo. I wonder, how does he look now...
  8. That's great! Although I have no doubt they're together, however every hint makes waiting easier This is strange... About a couple weeks ago all JoonMin videos were still there. It's a pity, they were beautiful
  9. OMG!!! Is it even possible?? I mean, not a word from his agency, if it's true...
  10. New video about our lovely couple Absolutely don't understand, what they say, but it's good, that JoonMin isn't forgotten.
  11. Fully agree! We shouldn't be a part of fanwars and provoke haters to mention Joon's name one more time. Let's leave them alone in their delusional world. We better spread positive like our cuties Joonie and Somin, and keep patiently waiting for good news from them.
  12. Wow! I didn't realize it at first about the dates of their fanmeetings: 2017.09.30. - Joon's, 2019.03.09. - Somin's one. What a beautiful numbers game! It's like Destiny!
  13. I wonder if kfans know an actual discharge date... It's very difficult to find some information in English. So, the next probable date is 25 of Spt. Keep waiting.
  14. I wonder, why there are so many people think, that Joonie and Somin broke up. Imo, it's clear, why they keep silent. LG 's doing his PS now, and after that negative wave, which he faced last year, it's better to let people calm down and stay away from public for a while. JSM supports him. As for her not liking comments about LG, it's her vlog, it's about herself, but not about her relationships with Joon. If she put "likes", this might encourage people to comment more about LG and their relationships. Perhaps, she's ambitious, and wants to be famous with her acting skills, but not relations with other celebrity. But if they broke up, why the agencies keep silent. What could be a reason? What LG or JSM could possibly gain from relationships that no longer exist? Moreover, this fake status could become an obstacle to a new relationship and love. There are clues, that they are still together, and we shouldn't worry. I mean, they stated they are a couple, anything else is their private life just for both of them. For example, another favourite celebrity couple of mine also doesn't post joint photos, doesn't mention each other during the interviews, or hardly ever is caught by paparazzi together. They are married and have a child, but if one of them suddenly appeared without the wedding ring, I'm pretty sure their fans would be worried very much and started spreading rumors about their quarrel or even upcoming divorce. That's because this couple leads such sheltered lives. So, let's put aside all doubts and wish Joonie and Somin stay strong. Also it's very pleasant, that there are so many positive comments here.
  15. Of course, we'll wait for Joonie and support him no matter what. Well, at least he's gonna be dischared this year.
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