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I read a news article this week about an Australian family that found a hidden letter in the caravan that they bought second-hand.  It was written by a little girl called Poppy.  Now, usually, I would read an article like that and I'd be amused for a moment.....then I'd forget all about it.  This time, I didn't.  I have thought and thought and thought about one thing that little Poppy wrote in her letter.  I liked what she said so much that I printed out the quote and posted it on my desk where I will see it every day.  I liked it so much that I have shared it with others, and now I want to share it here.  Please take Poppy's words into your heart.  They are so very important in this day and age when we all judge others too harshly.


  if you have the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind


Poppy's hidden letter



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Phewweeeet.... "come with me... to my world..."



On 8/28/2020 at 8:54 PM, H0ney said:

“A woman will find her way to bring you trouble. Even when she does not know she is doing it.” 


O.m.geee... u ... u....



Talking about yourself ahh???

Heh heh heh~~


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On 9/8/2020 at 10:23 AM, H0ney said:

"There is no need for virtue between a man and woman. Affection is far more important."

(Princess MinHwa, The moon that embraces the sun Ep 6)



dear @H0ney 

thk u for inviting me to catch the Moon and the Sun. So sorray - I started seeing stars and fell zzzz while reading your that long long ... longing post.





(Psst! I think I have this weird disease of falling zzzz when I watch historical dramas....wawawaaaa~~)


Nevertheless, I hope u'll recover from your 'lovesick disease' soon...


♡  from the Star ...ops typed too fast... erhm... ♡ from Supergal99


[Oh btw how can the Moon embrace the Sun?? Different timezone ya? Wae? Wae?]

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O.m.geeee @H0ney 

12 hours ago, H0ney said:

Who is from the star? alien? 




12 hours ago, H0ney said:

oh ya I found this on pinterest and I like it! 

Oooi!!! No kissing here ahhh... pls behave yrself coz... your baby son might be lurking ...hahahaaa....



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On 9/16/2020 at 8:35 AM, H0ney said:

But I always fall in love everyday to my oppas so I think expiration date is not valid with me HAHAHAHA


teng teng teng!!




On 9/16/2020 at 8:35 AM, H0ney said:

tsk tsk.. @supergal99 this quote from MTES fits you.


'My longing has manifested into an entity that is bewitching me." (The King, Ep 7)


Tsk...tsk...Your King is very very sick ya?!?!  Excuse me let me bewitch him... ops typed too fast again ... i mean check his heartbeat...



[original gif cto - i juz added the 'ouch!!'...heee]


On 9/16/2020 at 8:35 AM, H0ney said:

I.am.Honey.Lee. btw whose baby are you talking about? 

5767426ff7d853166e94f68dac2bd0f8_76.jpg (ahhh..ahhh... naughty ya you -- see ! yr baby angry ...hahaha)


On 9/16/2020 at 8:35 AM, H0ney said:

btw again, I just like that quotes and I am not kissing anyone in real you know. My dream is to be a nun :relieved:








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Poke @H0ney o...kay... i know why u like this drama. 

Coz there are historical scenes hahahahah



Lee Yeon “If I had one moment to change in my past, I’d make sure that girl never found me”.



Ep. 2 of Tale of the Nine Tailed




**psst*** Btw the latest pic u posted above --- ouchhh... very difficult to read the words.... >>> piu~~~

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Cleared big Blank Space
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Oh, these two quotes are adorable.

"And how delightful other people's emotions were!—much more delightful than their ideas."

Oscar Wilde. The Picture of Dorian Gray


"Fear. It's the most basic, the most human emotion. As kids, we're afraid of everything. The dark... the boogeyman under the bed... And we pray for morning. For the monsters to go away. Though they never do. Not really."



Source: https://quoters.info/

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