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*cough~~* excuse me are u also a ... 'player'? (point to sejabini and her post above hahaahaa)

Oh i mean playing 2 characters:glasses: 


Another actor's quote:


(Oh i like robots)

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:glasses:  erhmm .. quote for quote




Hahaha... ok i will respond to yr post at the games thread over here. 

Coz seriously itz my last post there...hahahaaaa.. eh...why u dont me take me seriously?? Tsk... :grimace:


Ok chill.. tks for 'liking my spunk' er..  *cough* ..oh gosh... u making me super busy -- dat cdrama 30 ep.s ...ahhhh!!!





**ouch** wawawawaaa...

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:glasses: my last quote for this thread.

"All it takes is one joke to be taken out of context and quoted on Twitter or Facebook, and a comic can expect a storm of invective from people who are either outraged or pretending to be. "


BBC.com - Have we lost our sense of humour?

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