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  1. Omo tks @hola2jin for the clip - 'kamchagiya!' for one moment i thot is another version of {lets eat} ... at baseball stadium **whisper super softly** ahhh see... now i have difficulties stopping the clip hahahaa... tsk... gona have panda eyes after this...(sigh)
  2. @hola2jin *whisper* my YT keep feeding me with our queen's tvN drama clips .. itz hard not to rewatch our cute queen in action hahaha.... Okok i have to hand it to tvN -- they are doing a good job by uploading new edited clips of our queen's dramas (some even with subs!) - and judging by the comments they are really good at attracting new viewers: Juz saw these clip: 14 sep 2020: LEWMF plus Let's Eat 2 + making (meshed up) Yumyum! *Mukbang version of AOHY* Title: "Get ready to eat with both hands before clicking!!" R
  3. @hola2jin u noticed my cutie angmoh oppa ?? Haahahaa... (cough~~): Oh wow... tks for digging out another secret admirer of our queen - mmm.. not sure who is this guy. I googled him and his last drama was in Backstreet rookie -- oh i didnt catch this drama haha. But One thing caught my eye in wikipedia : he won a Fashionista Award in 2015 10th Asia Model Awards Haha~~ suits your 'taste' heee... ok ok joking ya! airport fashion!! Awww... pity our queen who always travel after her drama ends ...sigh~~ this year no airport fashion for us fans to catch too...
  4. Juz sharing not sure if this issue is still valid: 1. On ipad - what i see is a blank space (presumably the size of the gif) 2. On computer/mobile phone - a broken link (note the source is copied from a https url) I have no problems reading the forums using Firefox. Maybe u should try to access the forums via other browsers ? (Google chrome being the most common) I am using Samsung Internet browser on my mobile to access this forums as it is the only browser that is able to enable me to view Soompi forums in 'Dark mode' theme (*phewww~~)
  5. ahh o..kayyy... more orenjis for u ! Hahahha~~ our queen happily shopping for more O---RENG---JI----ji...ji....ji....! (Omo... seo sweet ...err...opsss... sour hahahha) Aww... hope to see her appear in variety shows again ! I am following this SBS 'Sixth Sense' and this guest (erhmmm... ) reminded me of our queen hahahaa: Oh yap @LifesLikeThat @inspiredbyshjgood thing the ban on IG embedding directly on the forum is lifted ! We can post Soop IG updates here again Seeing this pic in IG juz makes me feel super itch to fly *wawawaa
  6. Poke @H0ney o...kay... i know why u like this drama. Coz there are historical scenes hahahahah Cto **psst*** Btw the latest pic u posted above --- ouchhh... very difficult to read the words.... >>> piu~~~
  7. super addictive~~ "Seasons change and our love went coldFeed the flame 'cause we can't let goRun away, but we're running in circlesRun away, run awayI dare you to do somethingI'm waiting on you againSo I don't take the blameRun away, but we're running in circlesRun away, run away, run away' ** song: Circles **
  8. opsss pardon me - this poll reminds me of Produce 101 ~~ pick me ... ehh ehhh~~ Ok ok juz flying in coz curious about the results heee....
  9. sharing the link to a bts clip and pics shared on weibo: https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?containerid=1008083f8d4285b24d685052b47f444f80800a&extparam=厌烦恋爱但也讨厌孤独&luicode=10000011&lfid=231522type%3D1%26t%3D10%26q%3D%23金素恩%23#&video His workout sessions for the scene hahaha This is such a short and sweet romcom (plus the music and OSTs are really good!) >>> the cheesiness reminds me of why I had started kdramas heee...
  10. luving the latest Making/BTS for the 'cherry blossoms' scene Pardon me I juz had to fly in n declare he is my new ultimate Oppa (2020 heee...) Compilation Cr weibo dramapage/KHN fans: Original pics from jtbc: [Episode 7] Sweet Cherry Blossom Date with Da-jung and Ji-hoon♥ 2020-10-14 PM 4:32:40 Views 109 http://mtv.jtbc.joins.com/photo/pr10011223/pm10060337/detail/17627
  11. getting goosebumps to see that tvN had recently uploaded a bunch of videos (54 clips) on LEWMF in Sept. I mean me n @inspiredbyshj were talking about it in Aug. SEO cute -- Our queen in Eng:"How much...???... Just a moment pls!" >>> one of the comments left 2 weeks ago: 'I'm French and I just looked at their receipt, and I can confirm that they went to a pricey restaurant and in a rich area. 5,50€ for a bottle of water...that hurts' Btw i think we can probably hear our queen speaking in English in her next role: recap (The character Kang Da Ju
  12. Wooooohhhh...new look ... erhmmmm for Soompi forumheeeee... Juz discovered a clip in chi subs about 1 minute plus in What's Hub FB - Will post the full trans (based on chi subs) later at twitter Add: ok the link - https://mobile.twitter.com/RedSkirt99/status/1316002056486830083
  13. her fashionista actually distracted me from the plot... ops...hahaha Oh that AAA - duno much about it but errr..... i'm not very sure if it's something our queen or Soop is 'interested' after seeing the comments in Soompi News https://www.soompi.com/article/1429911wpp/asia-artist-awards-announces-date-for-this-years-ceremony Extract one comment: Ooooiyoooo anyway u guys made me do these gifs hahahahah>>> ya talk about Music Award!! our queen's been practising hard for this prank heee... "Do u all like my prank?" (O
  14. Oh gosh u caught me! I'm juz so used to google everything hahaha... and oh Jimmy Choo!! Hahahaaa - TBI's famous cinderella scene pops up in my mind!<<< **i feel like this 'turning around bear' is the mascot for TBI ** Yap >>> I juz googled for Jimmy Choo -- found this site offers a little different way of recapping the TBI episodes .. nice! Can read while waiting for mystery oppa(s) opsss...: K-Drama Fashion: The Beauty Inside Episode 118-JAN-2019Seo Hyun-Jin https://m.codipop.com/celebrity/520-KDrama-Fashion-The-Beauty-Inside-Episode-1
  15. ahhh.. first things first - apologies for the wrong 'olengi' spelling: 오렌지 (orenji) is the Korean word for orange poke saem @SweetLullaby oooiyooo wae u didnt correct me ? Next time muz 'hit' me >> on my head ok? Hahahaa... Ok ok anyway tks @hola2jin for reporting the good (data) news !! SOOP should capitalise on the hype and get a new CF for our queen !! (Ok i will order one each for u guys as part of my apology hahahaa >> pls lookout for Jung Hae-in lookalike courier guy ) Oh @inspiredbyshj ops i forgot u are afrai
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