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Love is not a thing one is able or not able to do based on some magic, some chemistry. That is for plays.

Love is determination, love is a choice one makes.

You take someone in marriage and you choose to love them. You do not give yourself any other option, because marriage is difficult. Full of pains.

So you grab someone and you hang on.

You love, and you love hard. Because if you do not, you are lost.”


(Queen Charlotte, Bridgertone)


Haha. Finally someone can define what’s in my POV about love and marriage.  :approves:  So true. Marriage is difficult. If you don’t love hard, you are lost. No other option <3


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Your presence makes me more meaningful  


by: my friend



That quote above inspired by my chat with my director today. So I will be have an event on the next Thursday. My head office in here asked me to invite our director to open the event via zoom. 
so I chat him before I sent my official letter and I texted him with formal words and language, and he texted me back with.. “do I still being needed?.. we are busy in here..” 

So oke we forget about he is being busy because we all are busy. BUT why must he texted me with “do I still being needed?” <~~~ HAHAHAHA :Megalol:


I mean.. hallo sir.. you are a director. 
and my friend said, he wants you to need him. Say it! Say it to him! Say it that you need him! 
and I said NO THANKS :Megalol:


This is my director talent you know. Change every formal situation into a drama scene lol.

and last my other friend came and talked to me and said “tell him that your presence makes me more meaningful.” 
and I be like .. LOL :tenor:

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