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After watching the last episode all I can say is, it's going to be pretty hard for another couple to top these two for me. It's difficult enough to find a couple that balances both the fun and emotional appeal of watching WGM, and watching them makes me appreciate the acumen of the PD who paired them up. 

Also, on a minor note:


I wonder how many times they've held hands off cam. I'm not convinced that it's only 3 instances. (Restaurant, Desert, and Fountain) :rolleyes: The way Eric reaches for her and how Solar automatically offers her hand is too natural. :P


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@cinnaminskies read your comment make me sad too...this dubai trip must be meaningfull for solar it's her first time (i guess) travel abroad with a guy she said she's worry about the trip but thanks to eric she can enjoy it...eric caring personality make her comfortable and confidence at the whole time she spend in dubai

about the song... maybe solar get more feeling to eric in this trip and realize the relationship only works in wgm it will be hard to make it real both of them have career to chase...now i have to listen that song too when you post it i only read the lyrics

about the sales girl do you think it's really yong hee...i don't see this guessing in mamamoo fan acc

@Le_Sanguinea i'm glad bomi not pairing with idol so taeun case won't happen again (i hope)

@NitePanda please don't be lurker...

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Hello (or As-salamu alaykum tee-hee),

I start observing this forum two weeks ago, and I love to read your thoughts about the show. Since English is not my 1st language, and my reading skills are way better than my writing ones I kept hid in the shadows (inserts a mysterious tune here). But after this episode I had to make an account to say that I was just like this while watching it:



Fun fact: the prince name is Eric.



Have a nice weekend! I really enjoy reading y'all!


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This took... a lot less time than I thought it would. Big shout out to @enko20 for helping me out with the facts! So, without further ado, here we go (Long post warning ahead):

I Wish You Love: A Lyrical Analysis

Goodbye, No use leading with our chins / This is where our story ends / Never lovers, ever friends.

“We’re close friends now,” a question says, in a Yongkong/Byulkong V-App from July of this year, "but even if we start dating, if we break up, we will be awkward. So I’m hiding my feelings to myself and suffering alone. Should I say something?”

“Ah,” Solar sighs, only a second in the video after Moonbyul finishes reading the question. She nods like she knows the feeling. “Friend zone.”

For two girls whose agency lets them date whoever they want, you’d think they’d be a little more optimistic about this MooMoo’s situation. After all, for them, practically the only thing standing in their way would be their own fears, but both agree that the answer to the question is “No.”

Solar’s explanation of why is as follows: “Alright, so! Pretend you guys dated and are happy together as lovers. You start to see the faults in the other person, and get into arguments. Or when you realize your personalities are different and see sides of the person you were not aware of…”

She then goes into detail about how staying friends would be different, better even: “Friends, when I do something, they’ll say “why not~ we’re friends~. But for lovers, since you become special to one another…” She ends it there, but the meaning is clear. The fallout would be worse (and, from Moonbyul’s perspective, possibly inevitable). For the two of them, it seems clear as day: it’s just the better option.

If you’ve listened to Solar talk about love ever, she mostly sounds like this. There’s this deep undercurrent to it all that makes it sound like she’s been hurt before (either from something unrequited or a failed relationship).

Like @enko20 said in “The Enigmatic Yeba,” Solar’s very much a loner. She prefers doing things her own way, and constantly doubts herself when she’s compared to/put with other people. It’s easy to see why she wouldn’t have that much faith in herself when it comes to love confessions. If she ever were to be in a relationship with someone and they started to see faults in the other person, she’s not sure the relationship would be able to survive.

So, no confession would occur. Never lovers, ever friends.


Goodbye, Let our hearts call it a day / But before you walk away / I sincerely want to say:

So, it’s the last day of their vacation together, their run is reaching the average length for a normal WGM couple (which Solar would know, since, as she admitted on Radio Star, she enjoyed watching the show long before she was casted in it), and Eric asks if she has any song recommendations.

“Just one!” Solar says cheerfully, and proceeds to play an incredibly sad song about letting go of someone you love. She then lip-synchs it to him until the end. And, one month later, she’s still listening to it.

Of Endless Love, she’d explained: it “was originally a good song, but it became more meaningful.” Eric added onto that explanation in his BRI, saying “Since I’m a singer, I relate music to memories. Listening to those songs made me feel strange. Each song reminded me of many things.”

For the two of them, songs are powerful. They’re not only both of their careers, but their artistic mediums, their ways of expressing themselves. Neither of them would be where they are today if they couldn’t connect on an emotional level with music, so it’s no surprise that Eric took “I’m In Love” off his wedding set lists after Solar serenaded him with it. It’s also no surprise that this song is still stuck in her head a month later. I think it would be impossible to not connect the lyrics to each other now that they’ve lip-synced it together.

Although, I’d argue this song had meaning to Solar before she played it on the boat, even that it’s meaning was the reason she played it. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

“I thought of the trip so much after we came back,” Solar admitted to Eric (and really all of us) when they were looking through the photos today. “Like the fountain…”

Ahh yes, the fountain. The fountain where the two of them almost cried because they could taste the upcoming “goodbye” (and hear it, too, since it was being sung in the background the whole time). The fountain where they finally, tearfully, called it a day and began the flight home.

“I thought of a lot of things.”

How many of you want to bet this song was the background to her thoughts?


I wish you bluebirds in the Spring / To give your heart a song to sing / And then a kiss, but more than this I wish you love.

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Solar and Eric began filming together in April, to the… disappointment (shall we say?) of both of their fandoms. Still, Eric had wanted to do it for a while, and Solar obviously must have as well, since, as the PD of WGM says when describing her qualifications for casting, “you must have an intention to appear (on WGM)” before anything else.

They were awkward and she was shy and it was all an adorable mess that pulled all of us in. They walked along trees filled with pink flowers and had a picnic by the Han River.

Spring’s a pretty perfect opportunity for love to arise. Everything is beautiful and blooming, the sky is blue, and there’s an overwhelming feeling of hope in the air now that the winter has passed. Or, as Eric put it in his song Spring Love, “the sweet cherry blossom colors the clear sky.” It’s sweet and simple and innocent.

Unfortunately, they’re probably not going to still be filming together next April. I hate to be the reminder of bad news (although, really you all should blame Solar, since she’s the one with her mind on these sad things).

So, the wish is an honest one. Bluebirds in the spring is a genuinely good thing to wish upon someone. With context, it’s a little bit heartbreaking, sure, but their situation is, too. Solar, like always, is putting the happiness of others before her own.

And then a kiss.


I’ve been thinking a lot (and by a lot I mean every other thought since I saw the preview) about why Solar would want to kiss Eric on the cheek in the photobooth. Sure, he did wish for more surprise affection, but I think she more than fulfilled that wish with her 200 day event. Eric knows her boundaries. He, along with all of us, recognizes that Solar needs time (whether or not they have very much left), and that it’s always going to mean more when she does things of her own volition. My guess is this could be why he didn’t kiss her at the fountain like I.. I mean…like the panelists wanted: sure, it would have been sweet for a moment, but it would be even better if he knew she wanted it too.

So there’s no wish requiring it. Nothing other than Solar’s own mind and choices and maybe a little influence from things around her. After all, she said, when preparing her 200 day event, that she’d been inspired by a movie. And, she’s been listening to this song for at least a month now.

Now, this is just a guess. None of you are obligated to believe my slightly (okay maybe a little more than slightly) delusional logic, but I’m going to state my interpretation anyways. (And, who knows, I could be proved wrong in a week and this could be a bet/punishment/reward). I think it’s a preemptive goodbye.

Solar is, by her own admittance, not amazing with words. Mamamoo backs that up in Solar and Eric’s 12th episode, where Wheein explained their presence on the show: “Since Solar isn’t the most expressive type, we decided to give them a little push.” If you’ve noticed, Eric’s always the one saying things like “I want to stay like this forever” and, most recently “Thank you for marrying me.” Solar is a little better with action.

I’d point you to her “Wish List” song, where, instead of just outrightly saying “You always look great in jeans,” or “I like how we like the same foods” or “Thank you for laughing at all my stories even when they’re boring” etc. she changed the lyrics to a song and planned to sing it for him at some unknown point (big shoutout to Moonbyul here for forcing her to sing it to him). Even the 200th day event was all cake and roses and singing without any real talking on her part. For Solar, I’d say the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” explains it all.

And then a kiss, but more than this, I wish you love.

So it’s a goodbye then. I think she’s feeling what we’re all feeling, despite the unpleasantness of it all. It’s her equivalent of “Thank you for marrying me.” And I have a sneaking suspicion she was inspired by this song.


And in July, a lemonade / To cool you in some leafy glade / I wish you health and more than wealth, I wish you love.

So then, summer approaches. The two of them get to know each other, and Eric proposes to her using a glass of hallabong-ade. Solar will say later that she can’t drink it without thinking of the proposal. I can’t blame her; it was quite an unforgettable proposal.

Lemonade’s not quite the same thing, is it? But it’s close enough for her to hear it in between the lines, the way she heard things between the lines of Wish List.

They’re not going to be together next summer, either. Summer though, I would argue, is the season where they blossomed the most, with it all coming to a peak at the Chuseok rally.

Once again, it’s the last part of this set of lyrics that interests me the most, though. “More than wealth, I wish you love.” I’m going to relate it to what Eric said when asked by Mamamoo if he prefers Solar or Yongsun: “Solar is fantastic on the stage. She is awesome. But I feel closer to Yongsun as a person… She feels like mine.”

Sure, the two of them are musicians, but Eric and Solar have hardly seen each other onstage since they started filming WGM together. The two of them want each other to be successful, but, even more than that, they want each other to be happy.

I think this lyric also reflects a bit of a priority list for Solar. She herself doesn’t put her health before her career (see: when she threw out her back from working too hard during the Ahh Oop! era), but I’d say she’s the opposite when it comes to Eric. Remember how she took him to the river to relax when he was exhausted and promoting Can’t Help Myself? There’s also another reason she might be more partial to the idea of him finding love/happiness than him becoming even more financially successful, though...


My breaking heart and I agree / That you and I could never be / So with my best, my very best, I set you free.

Let’s go back to Solar’s V-APP answer, for a second, where she seemed to think that, if something is destined to fall apart, it isn’t worth pursuing. So, if she was feeling something for Eric (and I’m dealing in hypotheticals here because I’m trying to keep this small boat of an analysis from sinking too deeply into the waters of delusion), what about them would make it so they were destined to fall apart?

Some of you may have seen the recent videos where Eric talked about wanting to make it in America. It’s his home country, and he’s very passionate about promoting Asian-American artists (hence why his Into You music video was the way it was). That’s also why he’s currently over there producing music with KOLAJ and meeting CL and, by the looks of his Instagram activity, making connections in the American music industry - he’s followed so many people in the past few days that it’s made me think he’s been doing some networking over there).

Now, let’s do a complete 180 and look at one of Solar’s Emotions (and by that I mean her series of lovely covers, not her actual emotions, since I can only guess at those). Only Longing Grows is, fittingly I think, Winter-themed. It tells the story of a lost love, of missing someone and wondering if they’ve already forgotten you.

Solar released this series of covers to share songs that were close to her heart with her fans. She said she didn’t care if they charted or not. It was something she did for herself and for the MooMoos, not for anyone else. Because of this, we’ve been given a pretty clear insight into her mind. Now, this was officially released in December of 2015 (long before WGM even began), so I’m not putting this here to make any wild assumptions, just to take my song-analysis into an even deeper level by looking at a few lyrics she connected with in Only Longing Grows:

Ah, is separation so easy for you? / Just because time passed, you forget me / And you leave far far away. / Ah, I didn’t know that your heart would change / I really didn’t know.

It’s like I suspected when I first watched that V-APP; Solar’s been through the experience of watching a relationship fall apart. The guy’s heart, as she sings, changed. I can’t help thinking of her story from earlier, her warning about how much more fallout hurts when you’re in a relationship with someone than when you’re friends.

It was a long time ago, though. The only real trace I could find of this mystery guy who broke her heart is from an old MWave interview from when they were promoting Mr. Ambiguous. When Mamamoo was asked if they had any experiences with Ambiguous guys, Solar said “I actually had someone like that a long time ago, but since he was being ambiguous, it wasn’t this or that… I think someone who’s honest about his feelings is best.”

To me, it sounds like Solar learned the hard way what it’s like to love someone who couldn’t reciprocate fully, someone who left “far far away” afterwards, who separation was “so easy” for.

And, now, she’s virtually married to the Nation’s Boyfriend, who’s jetting over to America every other week to try and build a career there. Can you understand why she’d think it could never happen? Can you understand why she’d be scared?

“If my love for you gets any deeper,” the lyrics of I’m In Love go, “it will only hurt me more. My mind is full of fear, it’s true.”

So, with my best, my very best, I set you free. A mind full of fear, a heart broken by a Mr. Ambiguous, and a seemingly impossible love… you can see why she might want to do just that.


I wish you shelter from the storm / A cozy fire to keep you warm / But most of all, when snowflakes fall / I wish you love.

And now, in our course of events, we get to what happens after the Chuseok rally at the climax of summer. They’re close now, closer than either of them probably intended to be. It’s growing colder outside, Solar has a comeback tomorrow, and the end of their run is approaching.

We know from Only Longing Grows that Solar, on some level, equates Winter with heartbreak (which is why I’m practically on the point of begging MBC to let them last past December so she doesn’t have to have a repeat of a past experience).

Once again, in these lyrics, we find a connection to a thing they’ve done together. When snowflakes fall. What I remember most about their date immediately after the Chuseok rally was that Solar did something of her own initiative. She pulled him close for the eskimo kiss, not the other way around.

They felt so free and light together on that date, like little kids. Everything felt like something had shifted, didn’t it?

The lyrics go beyond this, though. A storm doesn’t have to be something in the weather, after all. It can relate to a schedule, or the media, or even a storm of feelings.

Because, really, in the end, they’re both going to be upset. That much is clear from today’s episode. And, in the end, this song is a song about wishing for the person you love to find love after you let them go.

She wants him to be happy. I think they both want each other to be happy. If they end around January (which is when I believe they’ll probably get traded out for a new couple since I don’t think there’s any way MBC would forego them performing at the awards), it looks like the rest of the winter is going to be very cold and lonely. And, here she is, wishing to be the only one in the cold. It’s bittersweet and very self-sacrificial (although, I’d argue self-sacrifice is Solar’s middle name), but it’s not too much to ask.

So, when Solar plays this, it’s part of the not-so simple process of letting go. Find someone else, she’s telling him, be happy. I’ll be okay.




“Your heart might not listen, though,” Moonbyul warns Solar, before they move onto the next question, “if you really like being with them.”

“That’s true,” she agrees.

“It’s tough. Feelings can be difficult. It might not go as you planned.”

“That’s right.”

They read the next question.


When they were going to leave the fountain, Solar couldn’t stop swinging the camera around, not wanting to finish their shot. “She must be sad,” the panelists noted. “She can’t seem to leave.”

Some things are harder to let go of than others.

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@cinnaminskies - At first I thought it was a fic, but then as I read through it, it turned into.. something else. :sweatingbullets:

I'm confused, how should I label this on the front page? :w00t:

- - - - -

On a more serious note, such a melancholic point. I agree that such a song choice, no matter how nonchalant it may seem, often holds a deeper meaning that only the subjective listener can identify with. I'm not quite that ready to agree with your point though. Not just yet. :(


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@Le_Sanguinea I'm calling it a song analysis, although I kind of tried to do it in an article/essay/memoir style (I got inspired for the format by the CL video that was put in the thread earlier). So just... label it as that.

And no worries no one has to agree with anything I'm saying. I got kind of sad there, but I'm kind of a pessimist so I'm bound to do that.

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@NitePanda aniyah don't go back to lurking, I didn't mean to scare you away chinguah! I mean we had a good discussion and I'm glad you brought it up now I am aware of the situation as well probably many others. If you have anything more to add, please do but I think we are starting to go in circles in all. I think what we've reached now is what can we do about it? Maybe if they were more aware of the damage they are doing it might help them realise and chill out more.

@Le_Sanguinea ahhh I completely forgot about the pool scene, I really want to know what happened there too. I mean it would have been perfect to promote. the setting was gorgeous the big pool and that mansion there, silly MBC. they didn't even have to put close ups in all I wanted was to know what they were talking about. I wonder how many times too, I think it's more natural for them to do so in Dubai as well, cause people have a watchful eye in Seoul. Don't forget on the yacht, it's hard to spot cause most of it is cut off but when they're comically lipsyncing to one another you only see it when Yong pulls her hand away.

@Ira Ajja same, I'm glad Bomi wasn't partnered with an idol. they get so much hate, it's so sad. 

@mnemosine hello! welcome! your english looks perfectly fine! please join our discussion I love hearing new perspectives!

@cinnaminskies why?! why you beautiful face you why?! I love and hate you for writing this analysis. I had to stop what I was doing and finish reading it. it was beautiful and I agree with most of it. I don't think there is any other song on this earth that could be more fitting for Eric and Yong right now. I think the reason why Eric didn't kiss Yong that night is because of the aftermath, sure if would have been sweet and beautiful but it might complicate things for them outside of wgm- outside of Dubai- outside of their perfect bubble away from Korea. The moment was perfect, mind you I don't believe in perfect moments because you could be forever waiting for it and time doesn't stop for no one. Sometimes you can lose those close to you if you keep holding back and waiting, waiting for that perfect moment when you could have just made it perfect. I feel like this show may just be perfect for Eric's dating style. He really has gotten to know her and it has been sometime as well. They've become close and have become friends. Yong has already said he already knows 'everything' about her but I don't believe that there is always something new to discover in a person but he definitely knows a big part of her. You did a great job! bravo! bravado! I didn't think it was too delusional, it's quite realistic given the circumstances of both parties. 

Chingus I haven't even watched the subbed episode yet! 

It is so bittersweet, Eric holding back and considering the consequences. He was lost in the moment, he let himself go for just a moment to look at her and take her in. It is clear how he feels, and I can't help but think of what he said in a past interview 'the decisions and actions I did in the past was what was best for me in that moment' he decided then and there it would be best for them to remain where they were. If Mamamoo, or Yongsun or anyone watching this could see the way Eric looked and Yong and still deny his feelings and admiration for her in that moment is in a delusion. He has made it clear to Yong, if and when she sees this how he feels but to be honest she already knows. They're both in a tricky part of their careers I only hope for them to remain close. 

As much as this brings me feels, I can't also help feeling a little sad when there is less activity here and all you chingus where will we be when all this is over? 

OKAY any ehem... so Yong's prank. I have no idea if that's Yonghee or not but I think she's already back in England by that time. I also don't think that Yong looks that angry, or is it just me? I agree also when Yong wants to act ACT she can definitely act, just like when she wants to model she can model. when she has her heart set on something she gets it done no matter the outcome. 



I couldn't help analysing her cooking skills, she's so cute! either the rice had too much water or she stirred it too much it all broke and was attached to each other. best rice to make fried rice is one day old rice that has been refrigerated in my humble opinion.


I'm just going to put I wish you love on and sit very still for a while

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Thank you for such a warm welcome everybodyyyy :blush:

@cinnaminskies Ahhh, can I just say that I lovelovelove your thoughts about 'I Wish You Love' coming from Solar's perspective. Prior to watching Eric and Solar on WGM, I have only been admiring MAMAMOO for their mind-blowing talent - but now I'm so much more appreciative of each and every one of them as who they really are (in fact, just like Eric, I am slowly beginning to discover more sides to dear Yong Sun, and I admire her as a person so much now.)

My emotions are really in a mess right now (reading your thoughts on the song while listening to it on repeat - probably not the best thing to do as it is now stuck in my head together with all of my feels ;___; ). No other WGM couple has made me so invested feelings-wise, and like @Le_Sanguinea said, it would be very very hard to find another couple to top Ddongi couple for me.

I could really feel the sincerity when Eric mentioned that listening to those songs brings up many different memories for him - and it's a wierd feeling. As singers, they use music to help express themselves when words fail them, or even to find comfort and consolation sometimes. That made me recall Eric's (almost equally heartbreaking) cover of 'Run Away With Me' which I think was posted on his soundcloud the day that Ddongi had the pool heart-to-heart talk (correct me if I am wrong)? Listening to it again made me a gazillion times sadder because I can't help but think that those words were sort of directed at his current state of all Yong Sun makes him feel and wishing just what if her could run away with Yong Sun.

I'm at a risk of sounding like a delusional pessimist, but I can't look away from how much yearning is emanating from his cover of the song. For Eric, I think this song isn't of expressing a literal wish of "let's run away and risk it all together in the name of love". But more of an escape and running away from reality. Being the level-headed and grounded person that he is, Eric is full aware of the many consequences of any wrong action. Instead, he is using this song to just wish if they could have one moment of impulsiveness to just run away from it all with Yong Sun.


One note about the fountain scene which I believe is extremely important to take note of was the little shoulder tapping initiated by Solar before the fountain show started. I personally teared up and got washed away with emotion watching Solar do that because that moment and feeling was something that I have experienced before in the past. This is absolutely 1000% something you cannot pretend and I can vouch from Solar's shy smiles that it was definitely a gesture of intimacy, a shy, heart-fluttering hint of just saying that she really is very happy to be close to Eric and share this beautiful moment with him. And their little banter at the end is just giving my poor heart such a workout today with all the happy and sad rollercoaster of emotions.

Eric: Do you have a problem with me? (ahaha he is probably just flustered XD)

Solar: *shy smile* Not really.....

At this rate, I would need a crazy long post to organize and express all my feelings about this episode :sweatingbullets:

-- Edit --

44 minutes ago, papaxmoo said:

It is so bittersweet, Eric holding back and considering the consequences. He was lost in the moment, he let himself go for just a moment to look at her and take her in. It is clear how he feels, and I can't help but think of what he said in a past interview 'the decisions and actions I did in the past was what was best for me in that moment' he decided then and there it would be best for them to remain where they were. If Mamamoo, or Yongsun or anyone watching this could see the way Eric looked and Yong and still deny his feelings and admiration for her in that moment is in a delusion. He has made it clear to Yong, if and when she sees this how he feels but to be honest she already knows. They're both in a tricky part of their careers I only hope for them to remain close. 

@papaxmoo Ahhhhh, what you said right here hit me right in the feels, chingu. Bittersweet would never be enough to describe every single thing that was happening in that moment. I sort of wished that we could perhaps get a response from Eric about what he felt about that moment (maybe he did, or chose not to give a respose, we will never know). And I also wished slightly that we could get a raw, unedited cut of that moment alone just without the gushes from the panel (not hating, the panel was every one of us out there :P, I just wished for some quieter footage of them alone just soaking in that moment together). It pains me a little watching Eric hold back from just kissing her and expressing what he felt at that very moment, but I got to say that it would be impossible for Solar (or anyone) to get the heart flutters after watching the way Eric looks at her in the broadcast :wub:)

Edited by joeyyyyy
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@joeyyyyy Ahh yes I brought up the Run Away With Me cover a few weeks ago! I would say there's even more to analyze in that song than in I Wish You Love, but I'm reluctant to dive too far into it since we don't know for sure that it has any connection with WGM. I'm trying very hard to keep myself from slipping into delusions and the two of them and their music choices aren't helping.

I also made a video to it. You can find that here.


Edit: I just listened to the full song again, and I'd forgotten how intense it gets after the first verse. The guitar becomes a lot more powerful during the second chorus. All the words feel very punchy (if that makes any sense) from there on out. Maybe you're onto something here with the yearning part...

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Hey, chingus! Finally the luxurious Dubai trip ends. As much as I like their Dubai trip because they can be more carefree in other country, somehow I miss their house haha. I'm satisfied with their holiday though, it's short and tiring, but meaningful for them. So, here's my thoughts!

  • Omo, ASTRO's MJ was a panelist. He's the lucky one who witnessed Eric-Solar's forehead kiss :D I remember he's being playful, so Eric had to kiss Solar's forehead again :lol:
  • Solar held Eric's arm when they're walking to the yacht! :lol: Hope she would do it more oftenn!


  • Solar's "Amazing~" and their failed harmony got me cracked up :lol: But again, they're so compatible. After Eric said they should do Titanic pose, they're going to the position right away :D 
  • Solar was so adorable when she's at the front part of the yacht. She's so excited when she said "Assalamualaikum" like a child, even Eric and the yacht driver(?) laughed at her cuteness! :lol:


  • Caption: "Perfect background, perfect subject"


  • Their selcasssss! :wub: Could MBC just release their photobook? :')
  • Guess that Solar really likes Eric's singing. She asked him to sing when they're at the front part of the yacht :) It's the second time after Jeju if I'm not wrong? 
  • The pillow arm! :wub: I mean, they did it SO naturally! :o


  • And can I say that I love it when Solar asked Eric if he doesn't know the song that she sang, and then she stopped singing it. Like she didn't want to have fun alone, she wanted him to also have fun with her ^_^
  • Solar was cute, she's amazed at everything. Looking at the sky, the under part of the bridges, buildings... How could she be a 25-year-old? :sweatingbullets:
  • Hahaha Eric's little jealousy there because Solar said "the best" to everyone :lol: I'm happy that MBC didn't cut this short but cute part.
  • When Eric lay beside Solar on the bed, he's like laying his head on her hand, so Solar moved her hand to his arm. Can I say that both of them look tired at this time? Hahaha. And then suddenly Eric moved closer to her and Solar couldn't see him in the eyes, she's like glancing to him. As much as I like when they're so comfortable with each other now, I like that there's still some shyness between them. It feels like they're still aware with each other's presence and there are still "heart-racing" moments between them :wub:


  • Eric wanted to get his revenge, he's trying to be noisy when Solar cooked, but failed :lol:
  • HAHAHAHA Eric's expression! Now it's meme-Nam :lol:
  • What is that yacht crew doing? Hahaha.



  • I think Solar looks kinda nervous when they're getting ready to eat. She might be worried that the taste wasn't good :sweatingbullets: She's so wary of Eric's response, she kept looking at him while eating (somehow I like when she stares at him when he doesn't know it). It's a relief that the taste is good! Finally, Solar successfully made a dish by herself! Congrats! B) Hope that she gets the confidence to cook again next time.



  • Yeah, Solar played the "I Wish You Love" when she said that she liked to hear it nowadays. I don't know if they know the song or not, but for sure Solar stared at Eric when he played the song at the beginning. And he's just staring at her, smiling at whatever she did :wub: I don't know if it's true, but I think Solar likes emotional ballad songs generally? Like her "Solar's Emotion" series, those are the songs that she likes, right? Btw, I'm happy that I made a decision to share that Solar's fancafe reply about "I Wish I Love You". I almost didn't share it, just because I thought that there would be too many updates about MAMAMOO in this thread, and I know there are Eric's fans too here :sweatingbullets:
  • Is it just me, or Solar's playful behavior is slowly getting bolder to Eric? She touched his chin like several times and pulled his collar, no wonder Eric is triggered to respond with bolder moves too (we know how bold he can be) ;) And the part when she slapped him with her hair :lol: Well, the hair slap sometimes happens when she's with MAMAMOO too.

    THIS IS CUTE! Look at them being cute to each other! :lol:



  • I love their shoulder tapping/bumping! <3 I think Solar didn't mean to play at first, but look, even if Eric didn't tap her back, Solar already leaned her shoulder to him though? Like she wanted to stick her shoulder to him? :wub: Although I can't hear what Eric said (:(), but look at Solar, she's just smiling without saying anything. Even she's the one who bumped her shoulder harder to him at the end ^_^ Both of them were exhausted, but I'm happy to see them enjoying themselves even without their usual energetic behavior.



  • I think we feel the same about Eric's stare :rolleyes: Be careful Eric, Solar might melt if you stared at him like that for a long time :lol: It's like a drama when the male protagonist stares at the female protagonist, but she doesn't realise it.
  • Solar was so amazed with the fountain show, like she even froze and ignored Eric :sweatingbullets: She's too cute!
  • Eyyy, I think MBC did something like cutting their conversation part after the fountain show. Like when Solar just nodded at the first time (18:57) is actually the response for Eric's saying at 20:10. And I love Eric's smile here! I wonder what Solar felt when Eric smiled and stared at her like that :o I would be dead!



  • I kinda feel the translation is inaccurate this time. Solar actually said like, "I feel (we're) more affectionate."
  • They really didn't want to leave :( Even they said "goodbye" more than 3 times :sweatingbullets: It's short, but thank you Dubai for giving many good memories to our precious Ddongi couple. I'll wish that both of you could come together again, although it's kinda impossible :sweatingbullets: And MBC, please let them have a longer holiday next time!
  • I don't know if they walked hand-in-hand or not when they left, but it's good to see :wub:
  • Good to see them back at their home! And they wore their couple stripes shirt again :D It must be so comfortable in it haha.
  • Eric is so senseful, he knows everything that changes from Solar even her eye color :o He would be a rare man that can answer to woman's scary question "Do you see something different with me?" Even Solar was surprised and hit him :lol: He pays that much attention to you, Solar unnie! :D 
  • Caption: "Autumn Yongseon-ssi". Btw, she's SOOOO pretty with her new hair B)


  • HAHAHAHA I LOL-ed when Solar was that shy with her photos, while Eric liked it even wanted to put it in front of their house :lol: Did he just make an altar for pretty Solar Princess? :lol:
  • Looking at the photos, I think the preview photos are there too? And look at those unaired photo, Eric in a car ride and Solar drinking a cup of something when they had breakfast last week.




My thoughts about next week episode!

  • Can I say I'm excited for next week? I think I'm going to love it. It's like the snow theme park episode, where they're just playing around and look so happy, forgetting their busy life for a moment. Look, they look like a normal couple in these shots that I want to cry :tears: (especially love the 1st pic!)






  • And woah, I think they would do things just like what normal couples did. They would be walking in the crowd, shopping together, even taking photos at a photobox (and the potential cheek kiss from Solar? :rolleyes:).
  • I've said my prediction about the hidden camera prank. Other reasons beside Solar's wish to see Eric's other side is because Solar is so kind that I think it would be so hard for her to be angry, especially in front of camera. And also, she couldn't see him right in the eyes when he calmed her down, maybe because she lied (or Eric was too close if I follow my shipper mind) ^_^


Random thoughts:


I don't doubt that they're much closer now, even sometimes I'm afraid if they're too comfortable with each other that they don't feel the heart-racing moment anymore. Also I remember that Solar said in one of her V app with Byul that she chooses not to confess to her male friend although she likes him. So I'm relieved to see Solar's shyness whenever Eric gets "too close" to her. Like she can't look at him properly in the eyes. I'm happy with this because that means that she's still wary at his presence, especially when he's so near to her. Not because she's uncomfortable, but she might feel the flutter? :P


@enko20 Talking about birthday gift makes me curious what will Solar do for Eric's birthday. She's going to be so busy with her comeback, so it's going to be harder to prepare something properly.

@papaxmoo Agree with you, the fountain scenes are too much, I also want to see our couple than the sceneries! But they have to promote Dubai since they're sponsored :') And yeah, the editor replayed the scene when Eric moved closer to Solar on the bed so many times. He/she might be a shipper? :P And like I said before, I can see that the translator pays attention to our couple's conversation even when it's covered by the panelists' talk. It's still translated :)

2 hours ago, papaxmoo said:

As much as this brings me feels, I can't also help feeling a little sad when there is less activity here and all you chingus where will we be when all this is over?

I'm thinking about this lately. Since it's the first shipper thread that I follow, I don't know what to do after they leave (which I hope it's not in the near time).


@pinkglaze @mnemosine Hello! It's good to see another lurker shows up! :D Please don't hesitate to write your thoughts here :)

@coolbrattyro I also miss their house! Although they're going to go somewhere next week, I'm happy to see the scenes in their house after a while ^_^

9 hours ago, Le_Sanguinea said:

Part of being a healthy ship is the ability to tackle topics like that (ship wars, negative criticism etc) with an open mind.

@Le_Sanguinea Ugh, I agree with many of your points, but THIS, speak my mind a lot!

@NitePanda Chingu, I think your opinion is still okay, though? There can be differences in opinions, but I think that's normal and that's why there's a forum like this to discuss many things :) 

@cinnaminskies Like @Le_Sanguinea, I thought your post is a fanfic at first :sweatingbullets: But woah, you even made like an analysis there with some sources :o And yeah, reading your analysis make me feel sad? It kinda ruin my preparation for their ending in the future haha. Yeah, the V app when Solar said she prefers to not confess her feelings to her male friend, I still remember that. I kinda thought like, "Omo, how about Eric?" But no, I would remind myself that their friendship is the important thing now. I don't know if either one of them has fallen for the other, but for the sake of my heart I'll just think that for sure they enjoy each other's presence now.


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@Le_Sanguinea Thanks for your explanation about PD's editing decisions. It makes more sense to me now that you put it that way. I think that, even though they actually do an adequate job of balancing the elements, Ddongie couple themselves play a huge part in making that happen too, don't you think? Eric-Solar themselves are so, so good at having a perfect mix of comedy and sweet romance that no matter how much MBC mess around with their "story line", it doesn't take away that magic charm that they naturally produce episode-by-episode. :)

I share the same sentiment with you regarding their decision to match Eric and Solar together. In my history of watching WGM, I have never watched a pairing before where I literally go "Oh my god, the person who get these two together is a freaking genius". I honestly didn't even think that at first either, but watching them now, I really, really don't know if WGM could ever top what they've achieve here, and I'm not even exaggerating. I still love the old couples like Adam, Yongseo etc. and my first ship SoLim, but this couple... this couple is the end of me hahaha :lol: (for the lack of better words to describe them).


Thanks to the early sub, I managed to find time to put together my thoughts for everything. I plan on doing a recap for their entire trip and not just this ep, so it took me way longer than expected, but here we go:

Dubai Part 4 Review

  • Right from the start, I noticed that Solar was holding Eric's arm as they walked to the yacht. Look at how natural and at ease she was doing that, and to think when Seo In Young told her to do this on Radio Star, she was having goosebumps and all. The difference a month makes :)


  • Solar with her Konglish again, interview-style B) Eric: "How was it?" Solar "It's so UH-MAH-ZING! Wonderful!" hahaha :lol: (also this reminded me so much of Eric's interview he did in his "CHMS" MV)
  • I was expecting some serious harmonies from this couple again as soon as "My Heart Will Go On" music kicked in, but instead my ears started bleeding from the dissonance LOL I'm so done with these two and their antics. Were they trying to make a parody of Jack&Rose or something? :w00t:
  • Look at Eric just grabbed his phone at lightning speed the moment he saw beautiful Solar making poses with a beautiful scenery behind her. This man is simply a born-photographer (and a certified anae babo)


  • Even the yacht driver received a "Best Driver" certificate from Solar. Congratulations, dude! And look at Eric complaining that she doesn't give him one. You mad Eric?
  • When they lie down together on the deck to look at the sky, that was so cute yet heart-fluttering to me. Eric must have been so happy inside that Solar just rested on his arm so naturally without a fuss haha. To borrow Misun words, it's not much, but yet it was so sweet. And then they did that whole "Yoondong-ah~", "Yongseon-ah~" thing again. Honestly, I lowkey wished Solar would just blurt out "Saranghae~" to Eric to make it full circle, but I think Eric would fell off the ship if she did that. :lol:
  • They came down to the bed and lied down again. Look at Solar swinging her hand to hold Eric's arm unconsciously. She isn't just comfortable doing skinship with him, but now she's actually seeking for it. It happened so suddenly that the cameraman didn't even expect it and had to adjust the camera lol, that's when you know how natural it is.


  • So it wasn't Solar's wish after all, but just her fulfilling Eric's wish for "upgraded ketchup fried rice". I was lol'ing so hard when Eric imitated Solar by nagging her throughout the cooking process hahaha :lol: "Now you know how I felt when you kept pestering me, Yongseon!"
  • Eric's face when Solar was having trouble taking out the ham LOL. This is literally Yoon-meme material *saved for future usage*


  • I liked that he actually made sincere comments about how much Solar has improved with her recipe instead of just saying "Oh, it's good". Like he told Solar in the chestnut farm episode, he will be very blunt and honest about her cooking from now on. Eric was glad that Solar really put in an effort to improve her cooking. Good job Yongsun!
  • Song request... "I Wish You Love" !!!! OMG, did that really just happened? I thought we were delulu-ing when Solar posted on her fancafe saying she's been listening to this song for a while (a month to be exact), and now we realize it's actually a memory of her and Eric together on that yacht. How sweet is that? The fact that she's been putting this song on replay tells me that it's been a month, and still, she hasn't gotten over her time in Dubai with Eric yet. That's how unforgettable it really was for her!
  • It's funny and sad at the same time to me that these two wonderful singers have to settle for lip-syncing their wedding song lol, but I understand. What's amazing to me was the different in the atmosphere between this moment and back when they sung it together first time at the busking wedding. Back then, they were very shy and serious, and now, they even threw cheesy, playful gestures around while singing romantic words to each other. Such a stark contrast.


  • I thought it was so cute when Solar started cracking up by Eric's sudden eye opening haha. He caught me off guard too Solar! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  • And then they revisited that blazing hot "My Ear's Candy" performance, OMG. Dubai-edition? Just as fiery as Chuseok-edition. It would take me like forever to gifs this one, because there were like 518098524 moments to spazz. Simply put, they were going all out, this time just with the two of them. No more game excuse, this time it's straight up them going at each other without reserve. Get in there, you two! B)
  • Here comes the fountain scene! First, I just found the way Eric held Solar's shoulder throughout so sweet. It just felt like they were cuddling with each other under the night sky. :wub:


  • Then, Eric started doing the shoulder-to-shoulder touching with Solar, and surprisingly, Solar loved it! Woah, she really, really liked it, so much that even after Eric stopped, she kept on doing it with him. It felt slightly childish, but at the same time, it felt like Solar was showing her affection for Eric with that.You like his shoulder that much, Solar? :P


(Look at Solar's face too, she enjoyed doing this with Eric too much)

  • Yah, I get it MBC. I get it fam, that fountain show was "so uh-mah-zing" *read in Solar's voice*, BUT PLEASE SHOW ME MY DDONGIE! Okay, I'm not that angry, but this was their sweet, final moments together in Dubai. Could you be more considerate please MBC? Thank you. 
  • The moment the fountain show ended, all the feels really started to come in... Solar just turned so quiet and sad. Eric tried to cheer her up, I could tell, but she was already in her melancholic mood. It was so, so sad :( 
  • The reality finally hit her. Solar realized that her beautiful dream was over, and it's time to get back to reality. When she turned around and looked at Eric, she let out a faint smile, but her eyes looked like she was going to burst out crying at any moment. She always laugh off everything, but this time, she couldn't even do it, and that really hit me.


(Also, if I'm not mistaken, Eric also looked like he was welling up ever so slightly as well...)

  • Honestly, I agree with the panelist. If there weren't cameras around, and if they were not doing this for WGM, I really think Eric would have kissed her right there. That moment was it, the climax of this whole Dubai trip. Everything was set up for their first kiss, and Eric knew it. A warm first kiss would have been a perfect ending to everything, but Eric knew it wasn't possible, so he held back. I'm glad that he's smart about it, but at the same time, I'm truly sad. Don't lose hope Eric! Perhaps one day, you will get to do it with her for real. Fighting!
  • Eric: "What did you like the most?" 
    Solar: "That is, I came to Dubai with you"
    Eric: "I'm honored to have been here with you. I really enjoyed it"

    That said it all. Going to Dubai made her happy, driving on the desert made her scream in excitement, but being with Eric triumphed over all of that. Eric made her feel so elated, so safe, and so confident that, she knew nothing else she did would have been as good as the simple fact that Eric was by her side. Such a touching and powerful confession from Solar. I'm happy for her that she was able to experienced that feeling. No matter what happen after all of this, Solar will take this away as a positive, perhaps even a life-changing experience for her.

    For Eric, the fact that he got to travel to Dubai once again must also felt great. Through their time together here, he realized how honored and blessed he was to have Solar by his side, and through the joy he saw from Solar, he himself found happiness, just like the word he told her in their bedroom talk. It wasn't just Eric who made Solar lived the dream, but Solar also did the same for him. A perfect display of an equal give-and-take relationship, and a great bonding experience that will surely bring them closer to each other than ever before.


In Dubai...

General Thoughts on Ddongie's Adventure in Dubai 


To me, the absolute most wonderful feeling I have from this entire trip was seeing how much Eric and especially Solar enjoyed their time together in Dubai. Even though their entire trip of 3 days (2 days in Dubai + time spent at airport and on plane) was only captured on camera in ~1 hour of footage, they both made serious progress together in their relationship through this experience they shared. :D


  • The first thing that struck me the most before they even began their journey to Dubai was how much preparation Solar put in for this trip. Beginning from the surprise event she made for Eric, to all the traveling needs she prepared in advance, it really showed how much she cares about Eric, and how much she was looking forward to the wonderful time that they would eventually spent together.
  • This is just my speculation, but, seeing how Eric has been contributing a lot of his ideas with the PD throughout his time on WGM, I believe that he (and even Solar) also played a huge part in the whole planning process of what to do in Dubai. I also believe that he had a lot of ideas in mind due to the fact that he's been to Dubai before, but this time, he had Solar there with him instead, and it made him more excited than usual (Eric told Solar that, so I'm not delulu-ing here, ok? :P)
  • I would have loved to see more of their airport/plane/villa interactions, but considering how much energy they spent on activities that were squeezed in two whole days, it's only understandable that they needed those times for rest instead.


Day 1 

  • Like I said before, it's fairly obvious how excited Solar was being in Dubai. This was her living the dream, no matter how short it was. Her yelling through the glass panel on the insanely high Burj Khalifa building was like her telling "OMG I'm finally here, I can't believe it!".
  • Do you notice how frequently Solar spoke  Arabic and English even though they were just basic phrases and expressions? This is a sign of how much confidence she has gained with Eric. Being in Dubai would have already been such a nervous experience for her without Eric around. Imagine her run around saying "Hi" to strangers and yelling stuffs like "I love Dubai!", that's not the kind of thing she would be able to casually do on her own. Eric just made her experience in Dubai that much more comfortable and exciting.
  • I just can't get over "Thank you for marrying me", seriously. It's so touching, the fact that Eric is grateful that he gets to experience all of this with Solar, and the more time passes by, the more it becomes evident to him how lucky he has been. The person who picked Solar, whoever you are, you really gave Eric a girl more than he could ever asked for.
  • Not to mention we still have no idea what happened in the pool and the rose scene. I just hope there was no important development happened during those sequences.


Day 2

  • Today I learned that Solar likes speed (not really)
  • All the natural skinship they did on Day 2 was a continuation of Day 1. I love how the frequency of them holding each other increased steadily. The trip made them felt closer to each other not only emotionally, but physically as well.
  • The yacht and fountain show really was a perfect set-up to finished out that trip, and it defined Ddongie's relationship well. They can be funny and hyper like a young couple, but when it's time for romance, their stories will melt your heart like a mature couple in love.



  • All the photos that they took together, what can I say? They just looked so good together. In Solar's words, photo is the only thing that will remain once their time in Dubai past. I'm so incredibly happy with the amount of photo-taking and vlogging they did throughout the trip. These are things that they can keep on watching over and over again as they go back to their respective lives so that their memories being together "in Dubai~" will not fade away.:)
  • Love their little scenes at the end at home, though this was recorded some time after. Eric even noticed that her eyes color changed? For real? How much does this guy pay attention to her, seriously?
  • Look at how embarrassed Solar got with her hijab picture ahahah :lol: Why Solar? You really are pretty! Just let Eric hang that picture of you proudly :wub:


Next week preview



Wonder what they are doing here haha. Is Eric back hugging her?

KS0vG6a.png vHsMYLc.png

Han River date throwback. Again, the stark contrast between now and then...


Can't complete my preview without the popo now.

And of course, that camera prank. Well I already gave my guess for what's going to happen, so let's see how it will play out, yeah? :)


@cinnaminskies THAT ANALYSIS! Hahaha, I didn't think you would take some tiny info I have and make into THAT, wow. I don't know how to feel though, it's beautifully done, yet so depressing at the same time. Gah, I need time to process all of that in, for real. I will post my reaction to it soon.

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@joeyyyyy yes chingu, there's so much to mention I think we're all drowning in feels right now. I feel exactly the same, I had that experience when you don't need words just being beside someone you like. 


here is my review:

before I forget again I want to point out some things I noticed, I don't know if it has been mentioned before but I haven't read anything on this since I joined.

We all know Yongsun finds it hard to express herself verbally right? When she does so she tries not to make eye contact or she's looking away/past from Eric. Example of this is the end of the fountain show and she's expressing her thanks to Eric. Yongsun is also not very good with skinship as well whether it be lovey-dovey or not, what I noticed is when she does make contact she is rough and I think this stems from her embarrassment. She makes contact very comically and it's like 'tough love' the way she grabbed his collar and pulled him towards her, even when you go back to the performance you can see she is really digging her fingers into Eric's hair and pulling him down to her. If you go back further than that when she helps Eric with putting things on she is quite 'rough' when she does so like the complete opposite of Eric. To me it seems like she doesn't want it to be awkward so she goes overboard and if all else fails she can laugh and joke about it if it went wrong because she was being so 'rough' and 'playful'. Example of this is when she first fixed his hair, just the way she raked through his hair and her swift wrist movement. You know what I mean?

Remember when Eric said, the first thing he seeks in someone is their vibe, then personality and then appearance comes last? Whenever Eric compliments Yong on her appearance I feel like she has ticked off his other boxes because appearance is really the last thing he thinks about. Especially when he said his highlight was Yongsun in the hijab that night, he has said so many times that they're compatible but noticing him complimenting Yongsun on her looks just makes me think he is past all that and now he is able to be smitten by Yongsun's appearance.  

Chingus, stop for a moment and really feel all those emotions circling within us right now. Happy, sad, melancholy, bittersweet... and remember that we're just watching only a snippet, a tiny tiny speck of their time together in Dubai and imagine just how much FEELS Eric and Yongsun must have felt.



I'm just going to touch on some points with screencaps and little notes. 


I loved seeing them in the streets like this, a crowded street in Hongdae. It makes them so normal but then you remember they could never just walk the streets like this and your heart clenches. One can dream can't they?


look at hoe close they are in this photo in the desert. Eric's head touching Yong's(I think)


Did Yong do the 'catch me if you can'??? thing to Eric again??? but of course it got cut. LMAO those are definitely not Eric's or Yong's hands right there.


this sad smile, his pained face. I don't think the panelists fully knew the meaning of the song either.


they were holding hands here but you just can't see cause it's cut off, silly MBC.


only when she lets go do we see that they were holding hands.


bittersweet, so very bittersweet.



@ 18.04 did you notice Yongsun blinking rapidly? could she be blinking back her tears? 



We've all probably said this before but I love how open they are to each other now. They're able to express their thanks, gratitude and love to one another verbally without the BRI. 

The answers they have for their highlights weren't the places they went or the things they did but it was each other. Because they went to Dubai together, even if it was for 'work'. I think for Yongsun so many of her dreams were fulfilled, travelling overseas, being able to navigate and communicate(enough to be confident), being able to really enjoy where she was and who she was with without the worries that came with travelling in the past(what I mean is schedule, eg. Mamamoo performs in Busan gets in a car and travels back without being able to enjoy the food or place). Eric made her feel confident in her ability to communicate and be assertive, that in itself speaks millions... I'll stop myself before I ramble on even more.

What a beautiful touching ending that's will resonate with me for a long time. 


Forgot to mention that Yongsun is more accepting to Eric's advances like his greasiness or when he stroked her hair, instead of putting her hand up and pushing him away like she did during chuseok performance. 

Chingus notice how TINY Yongsun is compared to Eric when they're shoulder bumping? I just noticed and was like WOAH Yongsun is so SMOL :joy:

@Farfalle it would be so great if they released a photobook!!!

Next week:

I think Yongsun is going to sing to Eric again. Did chingus hear a snippet of her singing? They're really close in that photobooth. How close is Eric when trying to calm Yong down too? He's pretty much got her pinned up against the clothes rack so she won't escape and cause trouble hehehe

A thought just occurred to me, I think picnics are the best for this couple because this means there doesn't need to be additional lighting (so less crew) and the cameramen can sit quite far away so it's more like they're on a real date rather than filming. 


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this week ddongi's cut on wgm channel has the most views out of 3 couples on naver yay:glasses: even the last time i checked (1pm kst)  the vid still managed to be in 12th place of all program (it's kinda rare bcs some times have passed since the broadcast time)


i agree with most of you regarding the "I wish you love" song. Maybe solar just enjoying the rhytm and melody while eric actually focused on the lyrics... he gave her a very awkward(?) smile, gesture when they listened to it..





and if solar was listening to nancy wilson's version of "I wish you love" , i think the lyrics is kinda different.. it doesn't have the "Goodbye, no use leading with our chins" part, but the song starts with the "I wish you bluebirds..." like that. yea we shouldn't be too immersed by a song lyrics but we can't help it bcs sometimes it's so relatable right? :grin: and even eric said he relates song's lyrics so much to his life hehe


anyway i found this


wgm is on 14th place for november variety show reputation rankings (this is only for MBC, KBS, and SBS i think). and idk if it's the same with ratings or not, bcs i read somewhere (but forgot whereT_T) WGM is in 8th place based on variety's ratings rank (included other tv channel such as JTBC)

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More than the I wish you love song, which I don't know, I laughed when I heard The Weekend's Can't Feel My Face while they were on the yacht. Especially the words "all these things don't matter when we're deep in love". I thought those words were very fitting for that moment.

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@gureentea thanks for the naver info

@rushie5 i'm not good in music so i appreciate every chingu's here who can share the bgm

after read all you're review here i need to watch the last ep again

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@cinnaminskies Ok, so now that I've read this thoroughly. You brought up good points that I didn't even think/know about before, so I would like to add my own thought (Sorry this will be very, very long):

For once, I actually didn't really make that "Winter" connection that you talked about with "Only Longing Grows". It really caught my attention when she candidly revealed during her "Frozen" date with Eric that the word "Christmas" doesn't bring many happy memories for her. I was very unsure of relating those not-so-happy memories to her love relationship at first, because it could be related to so many other things, for example, her music career at one point. However, now I think there's a basis for this case. Since we are on this boat of relating lyrics to her life, I will go out on a whim and say that this tragic breakup happened to her on one of those winter days in the past. So in a way, when she was playing with Eric in the snow, it felt to her like she's in a better place now, and her heart that was once broken by the nightmare of Christmas is now slowly being healed.

And that would also explain why they did the Winter-theme episode during Autumn season. It's because when the actual Winter season comes, the days they spend together won't be as happy as it would during their joyful days post-Chuseok. At that point, it would feel to her like an imminent separation is incoming, and that would bring her back to her past experience once again.

Another thing  I want to touch upon is your talk about them wishing each other happiness. I really like the way you used Solar's selfless character to support those assertions you made, and I have to agree. From the very beginning, I have already stated that I wish for Eric-Solar to have a relationship where they can support each other's dreams and aspirations, and to this day, I still believe that is what they are aiming for (via Eric's interview where he said he wants to call each other in good and bad times with Solar). That was what they set out to achieve from the very first meeting they had when they exchanged resumes. However, as time passed by, both of them were shocked to realize that they matched each other so well, and their relationship, slowly but surely, started to evolve to the point where saying "Let's just become friends and support each other after this" has become... not so easy.

I think this is the yearning thing that you talked about, @joeyyyyy. When I watched them at the fountain scene, seeing Eric holding himself back like that, and seeing Solar fell into deep thoughts, I suddenly realized that, perhaps at that moment, both of them felt somewhere deep down, that they want something more than friends... that they want each other, but they understood the reality that they can't just toss everything else away. It's like the feeling that came from Eric's "Run Away With Me" cover. Sometimes he wishes he could just throw away his awareness of reality to pour out his feelings for her in that moment, but as he looked into her eyes, he thought: "I can't do this... What will happen to me? What will happen to her? I can't be selfish." So he repressed himself, so she could be clean, and walk away from WGM free of scandals instead.

II's the same feeling with Solar when she was leaning in and keep touching Eric's shoulder over and over. She also carries that selfless desire to respect Eric and his career. She's by nature already bad at skinship, and now that she's found a man she could be comfortable with skinship-wise, she also has to repress herself in fear of receiving backlash. She'd been living a dream with Eric in Dubai, doing many fun and romantic things together, up until the fountain show. I felt that her shoulder touching gesture was really affectionate, and it was like her telling him "I really like you, you know that?". However, when that fountain show was over, she realized that reality has come back. The dream bubble she lived in where she could express her feelings and do whatever she want with Eric with no fear of being watched or judged was gone. Now she has to suppress herself again, and just settle for being friendly with Eric, so that she wouldn't hurt him and his career with her rash choices anymore.

Even though she wanted and yearned for more, she knows that him and her can't possibly make it happens. So, she could only fulfill her duty as the girl of this partnership, to set him free, to pray for his happiness, to help him stay away from the "storm" , and to wish him love when it's time for them to part way.


Remember, this is my response to the lyric analysis. Everything I said here could turn out to be dead wrong or just some delulu fanfic scenarios, but in a sense, it does somewhat fit into the context of everything that's been going on between Eric-Solar, so I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. :)

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@enko20 Ohhh gosh, your response to the lyrics analysis is really everything that I wanted to express but didn't know how to :). Throwback to Eric's wish for them to remain just like how they are now, this also shows how happy both of them are in their dream bubble and he just wishes that time could just stop right then.

As bittersweet or melancholic as it sounds, sometimes I wonder if either Eric or Solar has ever brought about this topic during any of their little quiet talks together, only for it to be edited out because it is quite a heavy topic to talk about - therefore losing their 'fun couple' image portrayal, or the PD deemed it a little too early to be bringing up matters of them ending for the sake of keeping viewers from losing interest in them?

@Farfalle A photobook would be amazinggg :) I'm not too familiar with previous WGM couples to know if every couple does a photoshoot, but our Ddongi couple has yet to do one and I would LOVE it if they did one just for memories' sake. Since now both Eric and Solar have opened up much more and are much more affectionate towards each other (imagine if the PD had forced them to do one earlier - I think our poor Yong Sun would have squealed so much out of embarrassment that I fear for Eric's ears :sweatingbullets:)


5 hours ago, cinnaminskies said:

Edit: I just listened to the full song again, and I'd forgotten how intense it gets after the first verse. The guitar becomes a lot more powerful during the second chorus. All the words feel very punchy (if that makes any sense) from there on out. Maybe you're onto something here with the yearning part...

Yesyesyes I totally get you on the powerful guitar and punchy singing style from Eric - really feels like he is singing his entire heart and soul out in the second chorus. And I can't believe I missed out on watching your amazing video! I love how you matched the scenes with the lyrics and overall feeling of the song, please never stop making these videos :wub:

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For killing time until decalcomanie mv release...

I'm wondering why solar don't give the popo in dubai (she already grant 2 of eric wish) and to be honest a kiss in honeymoon will make it perfect right...and i get remember that decalcomanie mv will have kiss scene so maybe that the reason for her to hold the popo...she wants highlight the kiss for mamamoo cb first~~~ the timing for wgm preview and mv release only part 1 day (curious if she calculate/plan it) 

and my other thought maybe solar get learn/practice the kissing while making the mv so she get more courage to do it after that (need check the time filming)

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@papaxmoo I know, righttt? But it will be just my wish haha. Oh, you're right about Solar's 'rough' approach in skinship. I realise this too, but I'm so bad with words :sweatingbullets: Her approach is kinda 'rough', but it shows that she tries to give more affectionate gesture to Eric, although she's so shy. Just thinking that she has that thought makes me realise that she indeed thinks about him and feels his affection to her too. 

And yes, I thought the same. Their date next week is so common, like every couples can do it, but their status as celebrities don't allow them to do that freely :( Their previous dates are common too, but I don't know why the next week preview hits me. I remember that Eric wanted to do this usual things when he's a WGM cast. I'm happy that Eric can do these things with Solar, and also Solar can do these with Eric. It would be another good memory again, since they can't do these things normally. Btw, I didn't realise Solar's singing voice. Her live singing voice is so good :D 

@gureentea Good to know that! Guess that Korean netizens also enjoy watching them? :D 

@joeyyyyy Or if it's not a photobook, I wouldn't mind if they just release it online in HD hahaha. Not every couple got to do photoshooting together, but of course if there's one for Ddongi couple I'd be excited! Both Eric & Solar look good on camera B) Even if Solar was still shy now, but you know, they're kinda unpredictable with skinship and once they do it we're shook by their boldness :lol:


Eric's update! (from various sources)




And less than 2 hours till MAMAMOO's "Decalcomanie" MV is released!

Don't forget to vote for Eric & MAMAMOO on 2016 MAMA, chingus!

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@joeyyyyy @Farfalle a photoshoot would be fun but really the photos that they take on their phones is really enough for me to be honest. I think it's a little more intimate that way too, no?

@enko20 I wouldn't go as far as assuming she broke up in the winter though but I think it would have been more of her trainee days, training, practicing through the Christmas time and not really enjoying it so much because well there's the special stages and things right? Yongsun being a trainee at the time probably dreamed of being on the stage but seeing other artists singing and dancing on stage year after year would have been hard on any aspiring artist. It's also during award season too right? Maybe even financially it might have been a toll on her parents ect and there's something about the cold that brings certain kind of feelings too. I don't know how big Christmas is over there, or if they do the exchanging gift thing but it might have been financially hard for her too. Example on Moonbyul's birthday Yongsun didn't have enough money to buy her a gift. Hence why she might not have the best memories during winter time, again just poking in the dark here.


slightly off topic but I'm going to just throw this out there for anyone know might know but I've always wondered about their clothes. So they have stylists and such right? When they go to certain events the clothes that aren't outfits to perform in so their everyday type clothes, do they pay for that? do they own them? or is it like a one time thing and they just give it back to the company? or is it sponsored? not sure if Adidas or Nike sponsor korean entertainment agencies tho...


if I'm not too lazy I might just make a Papaxmoo cut of the Dubai episodes without all the Dubai in it haha 

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