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Your ultimate source for all things Ddongi-couple related. 

DISCLAIMER: Thread still under construction. More information and sections to follow!

We also have a Kakaotalk thread for those who want to join in on the fun in real time. Ask the friendly guys in the thread for details! 

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Real Name: Eric Nam

Korean Name: Nam Yoon Do (no one calls him this)

Birthday: November 17, 1988

Height: 175cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Nam Nation - fans are called Nam Pyeon

Contestant on Birth of a Great Star

BFFs with f(x)'s Amber, UKISS's Kevin, Royal Pirates, Ailee, BTOB's Peniel, Busker Busker's Brad





Stage name: Solar (솔라)

Real name: Kim Yong-Sun (김용선)

Birthday: 1991.02.21

Height: 163cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Leader, Main Vocal

Fandom Name: MooMoo

Debut: 2014



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banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900  COUPLE INFO  banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900


What happens when the gentleman dubbed as the "Nation's boyfriend" meets the cute and adorable leader of a rising girl group? A match made in heaven!

Eric Nam, dubbed as the Nation's boyfriend because of his impeccable manners, boyish good looks, and heavenly voice (not to mention a budding chef's palate), finally got his wish to feature on We Got Married after serving as a panelist for a good part of Season 4's segment. His partner? Kim Yong-sun, also known as Solar of the talented girl group MAMAMOO. Loved by fans because of her adorable and quirky personality (as well her penchant to always be on the receiving end of jokes from her members, hence her nickname "Yeba", slang for Pretty Idiot), she proved to be the perfect partner for Eric with her easygoing nature and bright smile. Shy and awkward around each other at first, they quickly grew comfortable with each other as time passed by, learning to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses with lots of laughs and sincere conversations, with an occasional dash of sloppily cooked food courtesy of the well-meaning wife. 

From romantic night walks around the neighborhood, to hilarious English to Korean tutorials, to powerful vocal performances onstage, you'll never tire of watching these two ham it up on TV with their enjoyable and easygoing outlook to married life. 







photocredits c/o MBC entertainment, imbc.com and its affiliates


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clock-48.png TIMELINE clock-48.png



MAMAMOO Afterschool Club Episode LINK (Solar's Sexy Gaze cut)


 credits to Thread detectives Farfalle, morethanacityname and gureentea









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list-48.png  EPISODE LIST list-48.png

Click the links for the English-subbed episodes!


EPISODE 1: Eric thrown in jail. Can he solve the locked room to get to his bride?

EPISODE 2: Eric solves the locked room and meets his new wife.

EPISODE 3: First date at the Scooter cafe / Tteokbokki shop

EPISODE 4: Cherry Blossom Street date

EPISODE 5: Picnic at Han River Park/Heath Spa

EPISODE 6: English and Korean language lessons

EPISODE 7: House hunting / Eric walks Solar home at night

EPISODE 8: Moving day / Cleaning the new house /Grocery shopping

EPISODE 9: / Solar's first cooking / Eric's Proposal

EPISODE 10: Wedding day!

EPISODE 11: Historical Drama at the Folk village

EPISODE 12: Eric meets the Sister-in-laws

EPISODE 13: Part 1 Jejudo Vacation - Solar's secretly a fishing expert?

EPISODE 14: Part 2 Jejudo Vacation - Yoga mishaps and a romantic poolside date

EPISODE 15: Mukbang tour at Itaewon

EPISODE 16: Errands at the bank and Furnishing the backyard bar

EPISODE 17: Solar's promotional tour for Eric's new song - The Wife's help

EPISODE 18: WGM panel house visit

EPISODE 19: Eric's secret mission / Noon Hope Radio guesting

EPISODE 20: Birth of a Family (Ddong couple version)

EPISODE 21: Tough love at the Jjimjilbang / Making kimchi for Solar's sister

EPISODE 22: Kimchi making Part 2 / Eric's support package for MAMAMOO's concert

EPISODE 23: Chuseok Couple Special Part 1

EPISODE 24: Chuseok Couple Special Part 2

EPISODE 25: Christmas Theme Park date

EPISODE 26: DIY cafe date / Confession diary at the bar pool

EPISODE 27: Chestnut picking / Solar attempts chestnut pancakes

EPISODE 28:  Part 1 Dubai trip - Burj Khalifa, The Market, and Lunch!

EPISODE 29: Part 2 Dubai trip - Sand Dunes, Attack of Solar's Konglish and Dinner at the Camp

EPISODE 30: Part 3 Dubai trip - Heart-to-heart talks and Trip to the amusement park

EPISODE 31: Part 4 Dubai trip - 

EPISODE 32: Autumn date, Solar's Hidden Camera



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icon_stats_heart.png  COUPLE HIGHLIGHTS icon_stats_heart.png

Featured below are some of the shippers' favorite scenes from the thread, made into gif format! The scenes are not arranged in any particular order. More to follow!



Solar's Surprise Event for their 200th day - Episode 28.




Playing around in Winter Wonderland - Episode 25



Their blazing hot performance for Baek Ji-Young's My Ear's Candy - Episode 24.



Solar's surprise forehead kiss after their Chuseok Performance - Episode 24.



Confessions and a romantic poolside acapella - Episode 14.



Having fun in Autumn - Unaired Clip


Cheeky stuff in a photobooth in Hongdae - Episode 32



Goodbye Ddongi Couple !~

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video_Icon_50px.jpg VIDEO CLIPS video_Icon_50px.jpg

Disclaimer: Some videos are embedded as links because of copyright protections. Click on the hyperlink to be redirected to the video.



Thank you hivii17, whoever you are.





Eric's LUCKY performance at their wedding 



Solar's LOVE ME TENDER performance at their wedding


Endless love full cut (Wedding duet) - Episode 10


English subbed Clip of their Noon Hope guest host appearance. cr. Mamamoo Trans for subtitles. - Episode 19


My Ear's Candy (Eric and Solar's Version) by Baek Ji Young - Episode 24


희망사항 (Solar's cover for Eric) - Episode 11


[Unaired Clip] - Chocolate Ad 


[Unaired Clip] - Rose of Sharon game


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left-arrow-icon-red-36152.png OUTSIDE WGM left-arrow-icon-red-36152.png



Radio Star Feisty Women Special - Solar and WGM Alumni Episode


At KCON New York 2016 - Ailee is a Ddongi Shipper?


Same concept shot - Eric and Solar endorsing the same brand of clothes


[11/07/2-16] Eric's Instagram Support for MAMAMOO's Memory Release - Fighting Yong Seon!


 [11/20/2016] - Eric's thank you post for all the supporters of Ddongie Couple 


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file.php?avatar=807894_1467511975.gif BACKGROUND MUSIC COMPILATION file.php?avatar=807894_1467511975.gif

Ongoing compilation. Feel free to contribute!


RAW DATABASE FOR BGM LIST compiled by trowabarton99 (best viewed with excel)



Episode 33

Eric Nam Shower [Rom/Eng] Lyrics Uncontrollably Fond OST - While they were flipping through Eric's album gift to Solar

투개월 Number 1 (Twogeworl- number 1) - Last song for the BRI



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easel.png MEDIA GALLERIES easel.png



1) Enko20's GIF gallery

2) Farfalle's GIF Gallery

3) onlybeagles's GIF gallery

4) Giann_Kim's FMV page


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50px-Question_book-new.svg.png ONLINE ARTICLES/ ARTICLE TRANSLATIONS 50px-Question_book-new.svg.png

- Special thanks to our resident translator Farfalle - 


Farfalle's translation of three-part WGM PD interview 

  [Pop Interview 1]  'WGM' PD about Cao-Cao · Ddongi · Sam-Sam Couple's Appeal

[Pop Interview 2] 'WGM' PD "Couple which is dating for real? Only them would know"

[Pop Interview 3] 8-years long-lived program 'WGM' PD's worry


Farfalle's translation of an article about Eric Nam on WGM, hosted on edaily

['WGM' Male Charm Exploration] Eric Nam, PD mind with ideas factory


3 more WGM PD interviews translated by Farfalle

'WGM' PD talk about Jo Se-ho ♥ Cao Lu, Jota ♥ Kim Jin-kyung (Interview part 1)

'WGM' PD "Eric Nam-Solar, take care of staffs well... There's autenthicity/sincerity" (Interview part 2)

'WGM' PD "Couple premonition? If all of the three couples were dating" (Interview part 3)


 Farfalle's Translation of Solar's Interview about the end of their couple segment

MAMAMOO Solar "Overwhelmed with emotion at 'WGM' last filming with Eric Nam, will keep in contact and get along in the future" 


[11/17/16] Soompi“We Got Married” PD Speaks Nostalgically Of Eric Nam And Solar’s Last Episode

The two of them worked faithfully and sincerely. And so we wanted to say goodbye to them in a beautiful way.

Although they left ‘We Got Married,’ since they are both colleagues in the music industry, I think they’ll continue to cheer each other on. We will encourage and support them.”


[11/19/16] Soompi - Eric Nam and Solar say goodbye to "We Got Married" in The Language of Flowers



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Click the link to be redirected to the thread post. :) 


 Eric Nam – Beyond the Image of a Perfect Gentleman by enko20

Solar - The Enigmatic Yeba by enko20

Cinnaminskie's Lyrical Analysis of I WISH YOU LOVE

Part 1: Confessions of a WGM Journeyman  by Le_Sanguinea

Part 2: Asking the Important Questions by Le_Sanguinea

Part 3: Of Swan Songs and Ever Afters by Le_Sanguinea

Eric/Solar Stage 1: Virtual Spouses (The Tower - Jeju Island) by cinnaminskies

Stage 2: The Concept of Friendship (Jeju Island - Chuseok) by cinnaminskies

What Kind of Couple Should We Be?: Navigating Their Way Through Others’ WGM Concepts by enko20

Are You on My Side? – A Test of Trust, Wit and Temper by enko20

Stage 2: The Concept of Friendship (Jeju Island - Chuseok) Another version by enko20

Stage 3: The Honeymoon (Chuseok - Dubai) by cinnaminskies

Stage 4 - My Aching Heart and I agree - by cinnaminskies

Prelude: Rescue Princess Solar from Hongdae Tower- The Symbolism by enko20

Hongdae Tower Rescue Mission - Echoing the past, Foreshadowing the Future by enko 20

Finale: Ddongi Couple - A Match Made in Heaven by enko20


Maybe We'll Take The Long Way Home by cinnaminskies

Dance of December by cinnaminskies


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50px-Question_book-new.svg.png OTHER SHIPPER CONTENT 50px-Question_book-new.svg.png

1) Farfalle's Translation of Couple ID card






(Either Korean food or Western food) Regardless the type of food, we promise to always be a couple that eats them together.

Even when there are any language barriers, we promise to explain kindly to each other and talk it out.

Without bluff, we promise to express love honestly.

We promise to live like the song lyrics of 'Good for You' and 'You're the Best'.



2) Pictures of the Why I Love You book from Episode 27 - credits to DC gallery for the Korean version screencap





3) papaxmoo's compilation of Solar's Konglish




4) Eric's handwritten to Yong Seon in his album gift


Dear Yongddongi Kim Yong-seon! 
Hello. It's me. Yoonddongi! Eum... It's my first time to write a letter like this, I don't know how to start. We have been married already for 8 months. At first, we're very awkward and we didn't know what to do with each other, remember that time? ㅋㅋㅋ However, it was good that without knowing we play and become a comfortable couple ^__^ I should have done better, taken care of you more, and been a good husband... Eum... I feel regretful. ㅋㅋ Thank you for not only being a good wife, but also a good friend during that time! Thank you!

I think I was thankful and happy to be married with a person called Solar, who's energetic on the stage, and Kim Yong-seon, who has pretty laugh appearance. Today's end isn't eternal end, so I don't want to part sadly. In the future, even when we can't see (each other) often, I'll always watch over and support you! Thank you for marrying me. Saranghae. I 

 From Yoonddongi 




4) Cinnaminskies' video post MBC 2016 Best Couple Award - Countdown



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banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900          banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900          banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900          banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900banana-141107-1.jpg?1460449900         

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Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar Confirmed as New “We Got Married” Couple

MBC’s “We Got Married” has confirmed reports of Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’sSolar being the next virtual couple to join the show.

On April 2, a representative from the show spoke with various news outlets and revealed that the new couple started filming for the show today.

The representative also stated, “Their meeting will be revealed through a broadcast soon. Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon will leave with Eric Nam and Solar appearing after that. Please continue to give great interest and love to the new couple joining as well as to Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon who have been with us thus far.”

How do you feel about these changes?

Source (1)


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I'm really happy that i can see both of them in one program since they are my favs, they have great voices and personnalities so I'm sure they are gonna be fun to watch ... they are the harmony couple for me :P 

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Who's going to be the next MC-turned-show-participant? First it was Hong Jin Young, now Eric. :lol: Secretly hoping for ChoA.

Anyhow, this is an interesting couple. I found myself re-watching MAMAMOO's After School Club episode and suddenly this moment stood out. Solar was asked what she would do to get a handsome guy's attention.


She was looking at U-KISS's Kevin when she was explaining, but then her eyes noticeably went to the left afterwards, where Eric was sitting. Eric even half-jokingly went, "She's looking at me! She's seducing me, guys!" A few seconds later, they asked her to make that kind of eye contact with the camera, and after she did it, Kevin went (in Korean), "Wow, Eric-hyung really liked that." To which Eric awkwardly responded (in English), "HA, HA, HA! Let's move on..." kekekekekeke

Watch it here at 2:44: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdWda5wAp-0

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I am very much ready for this episode already. I love these two people. I feel I'm gonna be stuck in a new ship for a long time again :phew:

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I was secretly hoping for his virtual bride to be Choa, but Solar looks cute too. I can't wait for uri Snowglobe Couple (I'm calling them this because they look cute enough to put in a snowglobe) to show us their cuteness.

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i am shipping this couple already, despite their 1st episode not aired yet.  Maybe with this couple, I can watch the show on a weekly basis now.  

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Yay !

I can't wait for the first episode. I really like those two individually, I'm really curious to see how they will interact with each other.

I liked when Eric was part of WGM panel. I remember his comments about JJongah couple, he seemed to be envious of their dates. He said he liked bubbly, bright girls : with Solar, he has found his match !

I'm happy to join the Solric ship (or whatever name it is).

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Eric: Waifu, you're voice cracked, are you okay?

Mamamoo bully-line: *looks at Solar then laughs*



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Hey everyone

As someone who likes Eric Nam and watches WGM very diligently (lol) I wanted to say "Hey ! " I enjoyed watching a lot of couples, a few became my favourite and the news of these two becoming a couple made my day/week. 

I can see myself rooting for Eric and Solar,  even without seeing their 1st meeting as a couple. 

Thank you @lavelyshai for opening the thread. You are the best :)


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Thanks@lavelyshai for opening the thread.  It is nice to see you here @ruken.  I miss my OhYeah couple, but I am looking forward to this couple.  This couple may bring me back to WGM.  anyone know when their first episode is?

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2 minutes ago, miri13 said:

Nevermind.  I find out the answer to my question via this story on soompi.  ha ha, I guess WGM gets on the escape from jail/room craze and locks him up as his first mission.  I like it already.



Hahaha I was just about to post this. They're putting Eric through a lot to get Solar. 

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@miri13 its good to see you too :)  and thanks for posting the news.

 Hope that more of our friends join us here to a new journey with a new couple.

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That was hilarious. Poor Eric , he went through a lot and i enjoyed every bit of it :P 

Still it would be better if we could see Solar more. 




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