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  1. So none of the Cuba thing/event happened in the finale except for the note that was written in the cafe. No wedding ceremony was shown, but at least we got our happy ending.
  2. I Haven't seen tonight's episode yet. but base on the comments here ,SH will go to Cuba JH might follow her and might reconcile. Seeing how determine he is on the ending of tonight's episode ( I just refer to the pictures posted here tonight). He will probably not going to stop pursuing SH ( we all know how determined/stubborn he is). the ending might be: 1. They will reconcile in Cuba- meet at the cafe again where in the previous episode we saw that JH left a note asking if SH has a boyfriend. 2. SH will leave a note in the same cafe again on her last day in Cuba and then JH will arrived but too late so he will run to the airport and see SH there. ( or there might be time lapse- they will meet in Airport in Korea like the previous episode JH will see SH outside the airport walking with sec.Jang- this time he will go after her not just watch her leave like in the other episode). I don't know, just these crazy ideas are running in my head right now. Maybe I was thinking too much on what the ending will be. PS. Pardon me for writing this. Like what I have said, I haven't seen the episode yet. I don't know, just these crazy ideas are running in my head right now. Maybe I was thinking too much on what the ending will be. Maybe all rooting for a happy ending.
  3. Sometimes drama has an open-ended ending wherein you have to think of what will happen next to the characters. There are also times that it's a sad ending , but there are times, I think that it depends on the viewers/ ratings.
  4. WS feelings for CSH might be true and didn't want her to be miserable while married to him, so initiated the divorce. He might be contented with seeing and having conversation with her from time to time and maybe hoping that someday she realized that she can return his feelings. What he didn't expect is that, CSH fall for someone else. I hope he totally free her from his family's shadow, which is what she's trying to do. The kissing scene is a little disappointing but very understandable considering the fact that it's their first.. Hope to have more in the coming episode ( am I being greedy?)
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