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Hello everyone, I'm a very very VERY late fan of the couple, and i was just wondering if it's too late to join the twt gc?? I would really love to join and get updates about the couple since there's not much sources i could find, i have been so attached by these two crackheads. If it's not too late though i must say beforehand that i might not gonna be too active in the gc since I'm very shy >< I'm so sorry, but if it's alright (again, if it's not too late) could i join you all in supporting these two amazing singers?


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Your ultimate source for all things Ddongi-couple related.  DISCLAIMER: Thread still under construction. More information and sections to follow! We also have a Kakaotalk thread for those wh

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been a silent shipper of Donggie since I’ve known their tandem a little late. I find them really cute and natural on WGM and I can’t help but watch them over and over even if it’s already 4 years since they left the show. It’s just sad that they seem to be very cautious around each other because of the hate that they will receive with some people. I think they could be really good friends if people will just let them. 

Anyway, I will keep on following this thread for updates. ❤️

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Hello guys! I've been following ddongi since 2016 but due to quarantine I started watching them again. It brings back all the memories.


Recently came across this song and someone made a FMV and I thought about sharing it in this forum.


Let me know if you guys got teary eyed cos the lyrics especially  feel so heartwrenching! 


I kinda feel that this song somehow reminds me of ddongie couple :sad1:



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