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Okay Patients it's exactly 30 minutes before we see what happens to our dear Soo Chul (Jisoo)! Gear up and open your links early  @Kasmic @jeonghyang @bebebisous33 @maplekist @drmjs @inshara

Anyone in need of a CHARMING, EFFICIENT, PROTECTIVE, SMART, THOUGHTFUL, & WITTY Doctor with LTE-like Speed skills in Dating? Kindly raise your hand/s, feet, or whatever you can manage ヾ(。>

(Borrowed picture from @MAROSA_JIN's post.) (The sweet/cute/adorable one with KRW and PSH) (Warning: Really long, but totally worth it.)   Translation: Caption: 1. Arcade date

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Guest ktiminie

:w00t: Kim Min Suk is so cute in Descendants of the Sun that I can't wait to see him pursuing Shin Hye in Doctors.

Here is a gif set of his "puppy face" :lol:

YjzUUX.gif  bfOpXX.gif

zzvoJ9.gif  SVDNRr.gif

c4cNAw.gif  rhyXwA.gif


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Did Lee Sung Kyung accept her role yet?

So far the cast looks so amazing!!

And so far the Characters' description sounds so interesting!! I'm really loving Kim MIn Seok's and Park Shin Hye's characters so far. Both of them sounds so interesting and very different from their past roles.

I hope that this drama goes well and that I can't wait to see more amazing people getting casted for this drama :D

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Descendants of the Sun’s Kim Min Suk confirmed for a role on Park Shin Hye’s new drama


The rising cute actor from the ongoing drama “Descendants of the Sun” Kim Min Suk landed a new project with Park Shin Hye’s upcoming drama “Doctors”.

Kim Min Suk has been confirmed to play a role with main leads Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won in the new upcoming SBS drama. Kim Min Suk will be changing his career role from being a dependable military man to a doctor who practices neurosurgeon.

He will play the role of Choi Kang Soo who has deep feelings with the main female lead Yoo Hye Jung that will be acted by Park Shin Hye.

“Doctors” will begin airing this coming June right after the drama “Jackpot”.




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Don't have me for saying this but "Why?"

Why are all the latest casting all involved either a guy having a crush on Hye Jung or first love.  Can We Please have A drama where first dont exist and what's up With all the flower boys. 

Enough about crush and love interest I want read news about more castings that are actually related to neurosurgeons or Hye Jung gangster like past life without somebody having a crush on her or love interest

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Ji Soo is also confirmed??!?!? THIS CAST IS SO AMAZING!!!

It kinda reminds me of The Heir's cast. So many well known and good actors/actresses.

Hopefully this drama doesn't end up like The Heirs. The Heir's plot wasn't good...

And Ji Soo's character is Park Shin Hye's first love?

I don't blame Park Shin Hye falling for Ji Soo, he's amazing XD

There's a lot of crushes and love interests in this drama lol xD

I'm finding it very cute :3

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@JohariN I agree with you OK it the 1st one is enough to make interesting charter admire the jung hye  herself but adding Jisoo ( I don't  have a problem  with his acting ) but I don't  understand the writer's mind 1st I want to know the direction of is drama is about seriousness or what ??? 2nd the age of the actor is younger than her to believe that her 1st crush .......I don't mind romance but I don't  love the writer's intention  right now it gives me feeling that she will talk about another story .....:confused:

Sorry guys the actor isn't  the problem  I am afraid of the way that writer  think ......

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Actor Kim Ji-soo cast as Park Shin-hye’s first love

Updated : April 06 2016


Actor Kim Ji-soo is likely to show chemistry with Korean top actress Park Shin-hye in an upcoming SBS TV series “Doctors,” a news outlet Sport Chosun reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The 23-year-old budding actor takes on the role of Soo-chul, who Hye-jung, develops a crush on. Hye-jung, played by Park, is a gangster who becomes a doctor with the help of neurosurgeon Ji-hong, played by actor Kim Rae-won.

Kim Ji-soo made his film debut in the movie “Han Gong-ju” (2014). He also costarred in “One Way Trip” with EXO member Suho and actor Ryu Jun-yeol. He currently appears in KBS 2TV’s drama special “Page Turner,” alongside actress Kim So-hyun.

The new drama will start airing on June 20, preceded by the network's periodic series "Daebak."

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)
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I admitted that I became more interested with this drama after Jisoo's casting come out today. However, I like Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won (and I watched PSH's Pinocchio last year, I loved her as In Ha). I agree with all your concern about writing/story (and tbvh I didn't like writer's past dramas, like High Society). I read somewhere on twitter that probably Jisoo's character (Soo Chul) is part of Hye Jung dark past, one of reason she will become a doctor?. Based on some articles I have read..this is MY conclusion and assumption about the story:


it seems that the story will start in Hye Jung's childhood part (they mentioned about childhood injuries) and probably high-school part (?) (I think KMS's character is Hye Jung's friend? KRW character also a high school teacher (look at dramafever article on Page 6) and I assume that Jisoo's character, Soo Chul also her high-school friend?) and then when she become a doctor? (this is only my conclusion and assumption after I read some articles)

Actually, before i read the news more detail, I thought, wow, Jisoo will act as a doctor? I was thinking it's quite unbelievable, because Jisoo's age and I know that he is not ready yet to accept an adult role (he said that he love takes a role related with youth for now).

So, I hope this drama will turn-out be a well-written drama (I hope I'm not too optimistic lol). I believe with KRW and PSH's choice of drama.

Fighting Doctors!!

Edited by fleurofjasmine
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@fleurofjasmine.Agreed...I think Jisoo will be on the Childhood stories...and Kim Min Suk will play a comedic love interest to Hye Jungs.

Still Im giving my faith on this drama. Since This script won an awards..

I see a good tandem betweeen PSH and KRW. Doctors Fighting... ^_^


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Sorry guys if I write something that make anyone sad or worry what matter I will support the drama and I will wait the final product to judge it sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry to everyone here :blush: 

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Competing Neuro-medical Dramas: Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk and Lee Hee Joon Up Against Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

SBS is already doing neurosurgeons drama in Doctors and that’s also airing on Mon-Tues this June making for a double dose of competing brain docs on the small screen. Doctors sounds more like hospital setting character driven dramas like Golden Time or Surgeon Dong Dal Hae, wheres BM has a thriller investigative element to it. I was looking forward to Doctors since it’s been awhile that a medical drama lured me in, but having two medical dramas on deck may be one too many. I might end up going for the one with the more gripping story and in this case Beautiful Mind will be penned by the screenwriter of Sungkyunkwan Scandal while Doctors is written by the writer of One Warm Word, High Society, and Can We Get Married.
the article cr: to koala playground

the pic cr: by me  

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Ji-soo joins Doctors as Park Shin-hye’s first love

by girlfriday | April 6, 2016 


Aw, but who would ever get over her first love if it were Ji-soo (Page Turner)? The up-and-comer has been cast in the new SBS medical drama Doctors, where he’ll play a childhood friend with a one-sided love for our sassy heroine Park Shin-hye (which I guess technically makes her his first love). Puppy crush is pretty much Ji-soo’s specialty, since he broke out in Angry Mom as the puppy with a crush on Kim Hee-sun, and then played the puppy with a crush on Jung Eun-ji in Sassy, Go Go, and is scheduled to play the puppy with a crush on IU in Scarlet Heart: Goryeo later this year.


Doctors is about a cynical wayward heroine with a gangster past, who learns to open up to other people and eventually become a good doctor. Park Shin-hye plays the prickly neurosurgeon who carries scars from her youth (ack, does something bad happen to Ji-soo?), and the drama will be about her growth and transformation as she meets a mentor.

Her mentor will be played by Kim Rae-won (Punch), a neurosurgeon and professor who’s warm and kind and loved by all. Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap) is up to play the heroine’s rival since their school days; Yoon Kyun-sang (Six Flying Dragons) is considering a role as a chaebol heir who becomes a doctor as an act of rebellion and falls for Park Shin-hye; and Kim Min-seok (Descended From the Sun) will play another neurosurgeon who also has a crush on her. I’m seeing a pattern here.

All we’re told about Ji-soo’s character is that he’ll have a one-sided love for Park Shin-hye in their youth, and he’ll leave a big impact on her. Aieeee, that makes me nervous already. Why does dramaland always insist on breaking this poor boy’s heart?

Doctors follows Jackpot on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning in June.

Via Star News

Cr: Dramabeans

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hi everyone...

really really really cant wait to see this drama...my monday and tuesday slot time drama already reserved by this drama doctors...what a short title but yeah i hope it will make a big meaning drama. Actually i was already here since this thread was opened but here i am just comment when heard that jisoo joins this drama..hahahahahaha...such a good noona to jisoo am i??? i enjoyed reading all the comments in this thread..nice to meet you all btw,,

i think i have many reason to watch this drama..

1. park shin hye....i dont know which state am i to her...am i her fans???am i like her???am i loved her???but for sure i never miss any of her project since i know her in this kdrama land. yes, i always watch her drama since i know her in 2009 at YAB drama (though actually i realized later that i watched her too in stairway too heaven). so far i love her acting and love how she portrays all her characters in all her dramas. and really i never frustrated over her characters in her dramas. It a rare case for an actress for me. i think i will love to see the gangster shinhye in this drama...sound interesting already

2. Kim Raewon .....hmmmmmm i think i am late to love this ahjusshi...and i am really late to watch his last drama punch..hahahahaha..just finished watch punch last month..mianhae for being late..and i am really really happy that i dont need wait that longer to see him back in small screen trough doctors..cant wait he changed from hot prosecutor to hot doctor...ah ahjusshi i really really love your acting...jjang!!!!

3. the supporting actors...okay we got the list from yoon kyun sang, Kim min suk, and jisoo...Ah yoon kyunsang....jaemyung meet inha again...where is hamyung????lol.....moohyul....i am happy that you already accept this offered role, so yeah i will watch you soon then...though i still in withdrawal with your last drama sfd TT.TT. Kim minsuk...wah meet you again in this drama...after being such a cute soldier now you become a cute doctor???hmmmmmm...lets see...and jisoo....wow you really have many projects this year...i am happy you join this drama too...yeah yeah yeah...

yeah that 3 is my first reason to decided watch this drama. Mostly i watch the drama because the actors and actress..and the scriptwriter and director is just become my next reason. i think i share the same worries with most of you about the script writer...But it really dont kill my exictment to watch this drama. I dont watch the high society but i watched one warm word...yeah one warm word is a bit frustrated but i still enjoyed it too back then. (my love to park seojoon is just too strong that makes me finished to watch that drama..hahahaha) and about director...okay lets give a try...i try to trust both of them too. From the description, it seems interesting and yeah another medical drama that sound refreshing to me. I think medical drama becomes one of my favorite drama genre..hahahahahaha...i think i never missed any single medical drama that have a bundle of hot doctors...hahahahaha.and what makes this drama more interesting to me.....the script is prize-winning script won a contest held by the Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation...  and thats sounds so promising...

one question, this kind of contest means that the script already finished right???or they just make contest over two episode drama script right???ah whatever....

Even if this drama turned out to be not a very good drama with not very good scenario and director's work ...
Even if this drama dont achieve high ratings ... i think i still look forward this drama...and will stay tuned from the beginning to the end..yeah i am just loyal to this kind of line-up characters and actors..so far i think the power of them can makes a strong hold for me to survive and brace myself to watch this dram till the end..because the actors really my first reason to watch a drama....



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Best news ever!!! well. Ji Soo with another drama!

For those who know.... or who doesn't know. You gotta go to the js thread to know how much I love the boy!

Ahhh. Ji Soo....what's jongski w/o Ji Sooo... hahaha

You better be good, writer!!!! high quality drama .. this is it. what I'm waiting for.. for Ji Soo.

Okay. I'm calmed down..

OMG! OMG! OMG!...OMG OMG OMG!... whew!

 I'm okay..  :D

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! My maknae love! omg!

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I've calmed myself. Just reading what Ji Soo's role will be. Oh. one sided love. Childhood love of PSH and the one that will leave a big impact on her.  I've been wishing for a lead role already for Ji Soo (soon, I hope)but it's good he's staring in drama will show again his acting skills.. The writing better be good. I said back then......

On 1/15/2016 at 8:24 PM, jongski said:

but I can appreciate a drama with good writing acting and directing.

I hope we'll get all  in this drama and with Ji Soo as part of the cast, I'll stick around.

Thanks for the news everyone.  Excuse my fangirling moment with the previous post. #cantbehelp :)

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