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  1. we can't wait !! the waiting will be over ...and we will end up in a big dream drama world . REALLY MISS THOSE TIMES ...and hope for a new ''enjoy the moment ... will not gonna last forever '' mood .
  2. ha ha ha Omg , seams that the history will repeat ... oh , some time ago ...seams in a different life . How i miss those times !!! But seams that we can have a new chance . And we will take advantage of this in a big way FIGHTING !! still waiting to know more about this new drama . i'm sure little by little the big picture will be clear .
  3. ha ha ha yeah ... maybe is time to talk once again about all that . those .... ha ha ha i believe they will accept ... i don't believe they will have this news if they don't know for sure that those are the actors for the project . my opinion . i'm sure we will find more soon . anyway ... WAS TIME !! ta-ra-ra-raaaaaaaaa !!!
  4. finally ...something . THANK YOU !! https://www.soompi.com/article/1379956wpp/lee-da-hee-and-kim-rae-won-in-talks-to-star-in-new-darwin-inspired-sci-fi-drama?fbclid=IwAR0rfhrO_UNj4V1Y6uW9x7GvzCZCToWvNrwh-w7anbjNfGDEPKg9mca5M6Q
  5. great day to all !! and hope that we will gonna have news very soon . pray amazing news
  6. Hello , hello !! I was thinking the same : what he;s doing ?? ha ha ha hope he's charging his battery for his best role to come . yeah , time for a drama . after all this time ... now is the moment . i really miss him . and with a drama we will see him more ...for a long period of time . hope he enjoy all his free time .
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