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  1. Good evening to all! Hope everybody is doing amazing Hope we will find out soon about the new project of our Prince. Pray!
  2. Hello, hello! Finally once again here. Hope everybody is okay, healthy, happy. Thank you for all the updates!! He was always like this. Private When he doesn't have project we see him so rare. But I imagine him in his fishing world ( he loves to go fishing). Thank you, @willenette!! You bring always so many good news.
  3. Hello! Hope everybody is fine!! Thank you so much, @willenette! Glad to see that the project is so well received. Fighting!!
  4. Thank you, @willenette! Nice to read all those nice articles about the new project. Fighting! Great evening to all!
  5. Hello!! Thank you, @willenette!! I see that the serial has great ratings for the first episod. Happy! I found the episode, and I will watch it soon. Did you see it? Fighting!
  6. Hello! I like the fact that is not to long. Also not to short. They have time to tell us what is important without becoming boring . I guess. Also maybe is a first season and we will have another. We will see. But for me, minidramas are the best. Are like a long movie. Time to show the story with more details, but not like a 40+ episodes series, when in the end I loose all my interest and maybe even I am not able to finish watch it. Yeah, i know... I'm not a patience person.interesting, because I am able to wait a new Prince project for years and years and... Fighting!
  7. Thank you, @willenette! Lot of promotion for this drama. I like it. Can't wait to see Prince in his new character. I'm sure he did a great job. Few more days. Fighting! Somehow I love the fact that it only has 12 episodes ( at least this is what I read). Also I'm curious if will be a second season. Great day!
  8. Nice! Seams like he has so much desire to work. Also... Hope he will also be in that new project. We will be really spoiled this year.
  9. Hello!! Thank you @willenette!! Indeed they look amazing in those pictures. amazing!! Can't wait. Seams like we will be tired looking at this. Is like he runs, runs, runs... I miss soooo much Our Prince. And now he's finally here. Fighting!!
  10. Hello, hello! Thank you @willenette!! Indeed seams a new challenge for him. Love the pictures He seams so powerfull but also lost.
  11. Wow... Those teasers look better and better. Thank you @willenette!! You are always so hardworking. Can't wait. Seams like I'm gonna enjoy this new character. A lot!! Fighting! Always interesting to know why his memory is lost. Seams a big deal.
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