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  1. Hello!! Hope everybody is fine. Omg!!! He really looks amazing like a feminine version.
  2. Thank you, @willenette!! The plot sounds interesting."On the origins of species", Darwin... Can't wait!! Fighting!!
  3. Thank you so much, @willenette!! I was about to say that our Prince is not in his 40's
  4. Okay, I understand that " Luca" will be aired in August.... ??? Great day to all!!
  5. Great day !! Hope soon we will have something new about Prince and his new project.
  6. Hello!! Why is the page black? Hope everybody is okay. And I have no idea what we can post... And what not. So imagine that is a picture with our Prince. Great day to all!! Fighting!!
  7. Thanks!! You are always here to save the situation. Hope we will have news soon. I really miss Prince.
  8. Hello! Thank you @willenette! I feel and hope the same. Just a temporary situation. Hope everybody is fine. And our Prince will be with us soon. Fighting!! Omg... I put that happy, smiling, running duck ( I guess) and I don't know how. Or why. Was a mistake and I can't delete it. Well.. Let's say is a happy accident. Just like the duck.
  9. Okay, so we can't post Instagram pictures here anymore? I don't really know what " embedded" means for sure.
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