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ROUND 1: Soompiers in Paradise: Shippers' Contest


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Hi Soompiers!

Welcome to Round One!

Round 1: Introduction and Smash Poetry
Entry Period: 2/19-2/24 (End of Day KST)
Voting Period (News Site Only): 2/25-2/29 (End of Day KST)


[Part 1] Briefly introduce your couple with their names, their first encounter, and their fandom name (if applicable), and up to three quotes that describes them and their relationship. The quotes can range from a section of song lyrics, lines from a poem, taken directly from the couple themselves, etc, but do not include entire songs or poems. Part 1 in its entirety should not exceed three paragraphs.


[Part 2] Compose a keyboard smash poem about your couple from one of the provided pre-generated smash letter set below.  Each letter set contains 15 letters, derived from actually “smashing” (but not hulk smashing!) your hands, fingers, palms, and/or fist across your keyboard. Select the letter set of your choice and compose your poem using the letters in the order they are given. Do not add words. Do not delete words.


You are free to title your poem. It will not count towards the 15 letters of the set provided.













Examples of keyboard smash poem:










In typical Soompi fashion, we’re going to start off with a bang!


Members will compile their entries on the forums, but we will open voting on our news site. This means that we will not be counting votes on the forums for Round 1. The entries will be posted as an article, and everyone will be allowed to vote in Round 1, even non-Soompiers!





- Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

- Jang Woo Young & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

- Park Bo Gum & Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

- Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

- Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

- Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun (JungSeol Couple)

Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

- Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye (Darling Couple)

- Oh Min Suk & Kang Ye Won (OhYeah Couple)

- Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)

- Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)


Only the ships/couples listed above are eligible to participate. Please post ONLY your entries in this thread. All questions should be posted in the discussion thread here.


For this round, there WILL be an elimination! With that being said, turn your creative juices on and show us what you've got!

* A N N O U N C E M E N T *

All participants are allowed a two sentence maximum explanation of your smash poem in Round One.

Additionally, repetitive use of your smash letter set to create extra stanzas in your poem is also allowed; however, please limit your poem to no more than three stanzas.


May the best couple win!

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Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon met on a fateful day in August 2015, as a new couple on the fourth season of MBC’s variety show We Got Married. Their initial meeting began with the expected amount of awkwardness for a couple who had never met before, much less who were to become a virtual husband and wife to each other. Both are actors: So Yeon is a reputable actress with over 20 years experience, in contrast to Si Yang’s two years in the field. She’s also around 7 years older that he is. Other differences surfaced, such as the baseball teams they cheer for and the fact that they have very opposite levels of comfort in the kitchen, but these opposing views have come to serve as areas of growth for the two, and combined with the many things they have in common, have strengthened their bond as who we have affectionately come to know as Siso couple. Although being COMFORTABLE with each other is something that the couple had difficulty with at first, it is no longer an issue. They show their comfortable feelings through their conversations that cover a wide variety of topics and often extend off-camera.  It can be seen as they express themselves freely when they share differences of opinion toward certain things they like, or when they argue due to jealousy or someone’s careless acts. Neither bothers to sweeten their words, and they bicker expressively until they finally make up and become sweet again.  It is even obvious at mealtime, as they seem to have no problem occasionally helping themselves to each other’s food.  In more than one way, AFFECTION goes hand-in-hand with being comfortable with each other. Their expressions of affection towards each other can be seen in their famous hand-holding style with interlocking fingers, natural and sometimes intense eye-contact, warm hugs and kisses when the situation permits, their actions and words of support that shows sincere care towards each other, and they even share their daily schedules ahead of times to each other. They are just so adorable, it gets to our hearts. Finally, the INFLUENCE they have on each other shines through with each and every episode. For example, Si Yang drinks latte now because it’s one of So Yeon’s favorite drinks.  So Yeon has become a better cook because of her desire to prepare proper meals for Si Yang, and she also learned how to knit Si Yang a scarf for his birthday.  Si Yang stopped smoking at Kim So Yeon’s request. On more than one occasion, Si Yang has expressed how he wants to be a better person so he can stay with So Yeon for a long time.  So Yeon has also said that because of him, she wants to become a better person.




The fandom name for Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang is BERRIES and it stems from their first encounter where Si Yang asked So Yeon to make him a blueberry smoothie in the morning. Unfortunately, no blueberries were to be found when they went shopping because they were not in season, but by their next meeting, So Yeon personally brought blueberries and searched how to make the smoothie on the internet in order to fulfill his wish. Ever since that episode, Siso couple’s fans chose to called themselves as ‘BERRIES’.




There are multiple quotes that one could use to describe Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon’s relationship. “Not only is her face, but her overall self is charming”. This is the words of praise from Si Yang for So Yeon. During his recent interviews, Si Yang mentioned several times on how he is amazed by the kindness of Kim So Yeon that’s like an angel, and how it affects him to be a better person. He also mentioned that his ideal type is a woman with a charming smile. “All the happy memories we made are flashing through my head, and you will definitely be the man I never forget”. This is So Yeon’s words for Si Yang when they both had to decide their future decision for WGM. When they finally decided to go on, So Yeon showed her determination to be a woman he will find it difficult to forget too. She expressed it in many occasions after their wedding, such as the sweet kiss during their stage performance on MBC Entertainment Awards, or a special birthday surprise she held for Si Yang that came with another kiss. The final quote is probably the most important thus far, and that is “Walk beside me.” The quote itself is engraved on the couple bracelets that Si Yang and So Yeon wear. The bracelets were exchanged in episode 302 to signify the end of the 100 day contract that they were bound to and represents the promise of an untold future without any boundaries. One can only understand LOVE when it is experienced with someone special. The joy felt by just linking arms as one listens to each other’s past fears and future expectations while enjoying the blissful present. Walk Beside Me is a promise to take their first step together on a not so smooth forever, by holding each other’s hand along the way..













 Poem set : t l b d s f w h i g h s w k u


Explanation of poem : A beautiful journey with positive influence filled with sweet terms of endearment like kitty & honey; favorite indulgence of latte & blueberry yogurt  & loving gestures of entwined fingers, kisses & hugs.




Tasteful latte brings delight,


Sweet frolicking with hands;


Igniting genuine hope,


Sealed with kisses unsurpassed.


Tender love beautiful dates,

Sensuous feel with happiness,

Influencing gracious hearts,

Sweetness with kitty undefined.


Twosome longing blueberry dessert,

Saccharin fingers with honey,

Inviting gorgeous hugs,

Splendid walks, kissing unceasingly.



Note : This entry is made possibly by the efforts of our Berries contributors : @thesuitelife547 @ChuMills DejaVu @alou @khairunni @kappy @jl08 @SamaraP. @larus and @seesaw_love.

Our warm hugs and thanks for them. :) 



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It was a fine morning when two beautiful souls finally had their first formal encounter in a popular variety show in 2009: Family Outing. Initially, the shy ballad singer, Kim Jong kook, seemed reserved in front of the quirky but adorable actress Song Ji hyo, but he couldn't hide his happiness when friend and nation's MC, Yoo Jae-suk picked both of them together in the same team. The actress adapted quickly to the variety format and the ever eager MC was determined to create a Hot Issue of introducing his singer dongsaeng to a third loveline- which at that time was all done in good humor. Little did the viewers know at that time, that exactly a year later, the fates of these two would be entwined again in one of the most successful variety shows of the Hallyu Wave: Running Man

"The tiger and lion fight each other at first but they end up falling in love- Haha on the famous Jong-kook(Tiger) and Ji-hyo(Lion) alliance, ep 95


Spartace  in ep 103

As time passed by and the show started gaining popularity, they grew from a senior-junior, to an Oppa-Dongsaeng to very close friends and something more. On the show itself, they are a formidable duo : The Spartan Commander and the Ace, which led to the couple being named SPARTACE COUPLE by their loyal fans since episode 21. Their excellent teamwork on the show seemed to have transcended from the games to their small interactions. The fans were quick to notice this, how both of them seemed reticent in the beginning, to Ji-hyo's fangirl-level excitement whenever a Turbo song was played and how they became so comfortable with each other that at times there seems to be no concept of personal space between them. She soon became the only cast member the commander bowed down to and we fans understood the meaning of a Lion only bowing down to his Lioness.

"We looked at each other a little too long to be 'just friends'"


Spartace during a fanmeet

For the past 5 years and counting, this relationship between Jong-kook and Ji-hyo has come a long way. They have their own body language which only they understand. Like any couple, they bicker a lot, but they are also quick to forgive each other mostly in the form of short hugs. Jong-kook seems very protective of Ji-hyo and is always there for her whenever the action-packed game requires the cast to go above and beyond. To Ji-hyo, he is the Oppa she can trust and fall back on no matter what and they only betray each other when their roles in the episode demand so. To Jong-kook she is the one for whom he doesn't have to maintain his Commander image, the yin to his yang. She is worried for him and his injuries and is the first one to be there for him when he is in physical distress. Despite Ji-hyo's other popular lovelines and Jong-kook's romantic boy image, now, they seem to have reached a level of understanding and show their support to each other in subtle ways. The discerning eyes of Spartacers in this regard have helped identify all their interactions from behind the scenes, or even when they are unaware that the cameras are rolling. Like a normal couple, however, they do suffer from little bouts of jealousy whenever each parties gives or receives attention to/from the opposite gender that sometimes can't be hidden. Further words and actions from the rest of the members only serve to cement our belief that they are a couple.

"When a heart is true, there's no need for words cause even in silence, love can be heard" 


Spartace behind the scenes in Australia


Running in Love


Tranquil, Calm, Forever, 
Everyday We Cloaked, 
Buried, Withheld Secrets!
Kookie n Mong
Magic, Passion, Wonder!

Explanation: It is how we perceive them as they are restricted by their popular lovelines and yet never fail to look out for each other. Kookie is Jong Kook's nickname and Mong is how Ji hyo is referred to i.e. Mong Ji on the show.


Many thanks to @izzahayu,  @sa_ligercouple, @karinkirana, @realcouple_sa, @merada9,  @d_n0112 from IG for all their contributions to the Introduction and the Poems and the pics.

Many thanks to @athoughtcloud1@WanZ,  @Nina Negru@aschae for their contributions and poems.


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Jang Wooyoung   Park Seyoung



People who are meant to be in each other’s lives will always gravitate back towards the other, no matter how far they wander. And this couldn’t be truer for Jang Wooyoung (Idol; 2pm) and Park Seyoung (Actress; School 2013, My Daughter Geum Sa Wol). Although they had previously crossed paths in a Coca Cola CF in 2012 and on the stage of Music Bank repeatedly in 2013, it wasn’t until a year later when they gravitated in each other’s orbits again where they were partnered together for ‘We Got Married’. Their fateful first meeting took place on the 2nd of January 2014, in a chocolate café over iced drinks and nervous conversations. Seyoung had all the characteristics of the ideal girl Wooyoung had since he was young while Wooyoung fit the ‘cool guy with satoori-accent’ image that Seyoung liked. Together, they fell in an unconventional, whirlwind romance witnessed by shippers worldwide who called themselves, YY Nation.

No relationships come without challenges and YY Couple’s biggest obstacle in the beginning of their relationship was probably their inability to hold hands. However, the progress in their relationship was evident in the song that Wooyoung had written for them to sing together; “With our two hands intertwined, step by step, we matched our footsteps. Your eyes are telling me, I like you, I like you like crazy.” Perhaps that was the reason Seyoung began to avoid his eyes as their relationship developed.  She started the show by looking at his eyes directly but as the show progressed, she avoided it more and more. And she confirmed this by confessing; “If I look at him in the eye, it’s like the feelings that I couldn’t bear to express is being found out. So those feelings got accumulated and at some point it already exceeded the limit but I kept pretending like I don’t like him.”

It was her brave confession and Wooyoung’s heartfelt message that he wrote on their love bench; “I have no pride in front of the person I love. That person is you, without change,” which convinced us, shippers that what initially started as a virtual relationship between these two beautiful souls had translated into something more. People who are meant to be in each other’s lives will always find their way back to each other. And YY Couple is a perfect example of if it’s meant to be, it will.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Their love began,

developing steadily.


with his ideal girl,

her sensitive Wooyoung.

Kisses, unavoidable.


The lines blurred,

Deeply Seyoung falls,

with him,

Ignoring gravity.

He spirals,

without knowing,



Explanation: In a nutshell, ‘down the rabbit hole’ which is a metaphor used in Alice in Wonderland represents ‘embarking on a new adventure’. This poem describes the growing love between Wooyoung and Seyoung until that feeling can no longer be controlled or ignored so they let go of whatever was holding them back and take the plunge into the unknown.


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Gaeddeok Couple

Kim Jung Hwan - Sung Deok Sun


Part 1 - Introduction


Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) and Sung Deok Sun (Hye Ri) are characters from tvN’s hit drama, Reply 1988. Their couple name is Gaeddeok, derived from Deok Sun’s nickname for Jung Hwan, Gae (Dog) and Deok from Sung Deok Sun. Gaeddeok is also a type of sticky rice cake which described their relationship as best friends for almost all their life. They stuck together, even if they bickered a lot. They called each other names they didn’t really mean to, but it showed how comfortable they are with each other, because love is the oldest recipe where smells and tastes combine to meet each other as existences.

Jung Hwan and Deok Sun, a great combination. They might be at ease with each other, but their relationship was far from boring. The chemistry and sexual tension between them was so strong, we were left breathless every time they were close together. How could we forget the time they were stuck in a narrow alley or when Jung Hwan accidentally laid down beside Deok Sun on his bed. His love for her might seem like it started as sexual confusion, an adolescent crush, but his feeling ran deep, far longer that any of us would have expected. It started as an admiration in their childhood and developed into a mature love. From a girl he admired for standing up to a boy in their childhood, Deok Sun became someone Jung Hwan thought about a dozen times a day. The mere sight of her made him happy, even grumbling in the facade, Jung Hwan never failed to notice what Deok Sun's wishes and needs and he tried his best to give them to her. He protected her when she got thrown around in the crowded bus, worried about her when she stayed out late, gave her the pink gloves she wanted to have, bought her a concert ticket she wanted to go before she even asked him to go together.

Deok Sun was aware of him and everything he did for her. We all watched how she was confused at first, then embarrassed and excited to the point her heart would burst. She wanted to let Jung Hwan know so badly, joking around with his dad to make him laugh, handpicked his birthday present, insisting to go to a concert with him even after he said no many times. They could have and should have had something wonderful, until friendship got between them and ceased what might have been a passionate and everlasting love. Jung Hwan and Deok Sun’s story was a bittersweet one, an exciting first love, hindered by hesitation, ended by an ultimate culmination of heartfelt confession and a bitter goodbye to a love unsaid. We all laughed and cried with them as we witnessed their journey together and that what made their story beautiful. It will stay with us forever even without a happy ending, because we would never forget our first love, the one who got away, the one you almost had. Your almost lover.




Part 2 - Poem




Goodbye, My First Love

Heartfelt proposal

Painful gaze,

Savouring sweet youth,

I confessed,

Everything was captivating, I cared passionately.


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YeolGum Couple

Ryu Junyeol & Park Bogum


Part One: Who is YeolGum and what is a YeolGummie?

One fine day in the summer of 2015, two strangers met for the first time. Both had been cast in the highly anticipated Korean drama, Answer Me 1988. Upon the first script reading session, the young ensemble cast gathered and awkwardly exchanged greetings. Gentle-mannered and tenderhearted, Park Bogum was moved to tears by the heartwarming script. Seated next to him, attentive and thoughtful Ryu Junyeol passed him a tissue to wipe his tears. As pure as the precious tissue that fateful day, thus the YeolGum ship innocently set sail.

Over the course of filming for AM1988, what began as a simple heart-fluttering bonding moment blossomed into mutual hyung-dongsaeng adoration. When the weather was cold while filming an outdoor scene, Junyeol readily provided Bogum with a hot pack to keep warm. Behind the scenes of a particularly touching moment shared by their drama characters Junghwan and Taek, both actors hugged each other in a gesture of comfort and support. Their chemistry proved so strong that even their co-actor Ra Mi-ran commented to them, “What if we find out later [that] you both abandon Deoksun, then you both will date each other?” Indeed, touched by the loyal friendship between Taek and Junghwan, many fans eagerly boarded the TaekHwan ship. The similarly caring and trusting dynamic reflected in Junyeol and Bogum's real life friendship attracted even more fans to the YeolGum pairing, whose fans call ourselves the YeolGummies, the best type of gummy bear that is made of one part Junyeol + one part Bogum + a cupful of love + a sprinkling of bromance. Sing with us: “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze! It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free YeolGum pairing, Hakuna Matata!”

Since the finale of AM1988, the adventures of YeolGum have continued across the continents! Whisked away to Namibia for the popular Korean variety show Youth Over Flowers, there the duo added more layers to their friendship even as they shed underwear in the name of self-discovery. Surprising even himself, a normally shy Bogum followed his spontaneous hyung and took off his panty while in the pool. Inspired by his unceasingly kind dongsaeng who often said “thank you” and “sorry” during the trip, Junyeol broke out into expressions of gratitude throughout their journey. As strongly as we could feel the love tonight in The Lion King, we can vividly perceive the love tonight with each new episode of YOF. “You earn brotherhood – the purest friendship, trust, love, whatever you want to call it – moment by moment through how you treat others,” said author Doug Cooper. Let's embrace their brotherhood into our circle of life. 


Part Two: YeolGum-inspired Poetry


In our loveable scrumptious minds

picturing marvelous brotherhood.

Don't let various obstacles

yanking laughter unceremoniously.

**Based on the letter set: iolsmpmbdlvoylu


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      “...I told him a story of two people. Two people who shouldn't have met, and who didn't like each other much when they did, but who found they were the only two people in the world who could possibly have understood each other.” ― Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

Like a journey straight out of Austen, Hong Seol and Yoo Jung first met that fateful night at a gathering of department friends. Both were full of pride and prejudice that would rival Lizzy and Darcy. Accidentally spilled beer, or was it done on purpose? A smirk, held gazes, a frantic break in eye contact  and in these moments in a bar full of friends and enemies alike, the trap was laid for our mouse and cheese.




Meet Hong Seol, a red-headed third-year Business major. She is a responsible and hard-working girl whose top priorities are: grades, tuition, family, and her loyal friends Bora and "Lackey" Eun Taek.  With so much on her plate, Seol has no time for boys. There are tests to pass, projects with annoying classmates to complete, and scholarships to earn. But life never goes as planned....




Enter Yoo Jung, the seemingly perfect university sunbae who has everything going for him: wealth, looks, grades and reputation. Every guy wants to be him. Every girl on campus wants to date him.  It’s hard staying on top, but Yoo Jung does it perfectly well and it seemed like he would coast  by university like that...until, this one time in a bar. A red-headed hoobae he met for the first time took one look at him and caught his true self, which simultaneously flipped a switch within him. Trap ―loaded and engaged! One that brought their fates together until they believed in the truth of these words: "Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you... Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough... Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Your only hope and security is in knowing that they are a part of your life.”  * 




There are 2 sides to everything. Prejudice and misunderstandings, heartfelt communication can overcome these pains.


Words  (tcfewcbwsknmmpw)

They cut.
For every word carelessly bestowed
Wields scars,
Keenly nips,
Makes memories poisoned waters.  


They cure.
For every word confessed
Bridges woeful silence,
Kindly nurtures,
Melts misunderstandings, paves ways.






Quote by Bob Marley, pics' original source from tvn/dramafever



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Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (Changmin couple)

Part 1: Introduction

(Him "How come I never knew about this actress? She really is pouring everything she's got into her acting, from her appearance she looks like a GIRL from HEAVEN but has a really easy-going side to her; she is so pretty, she was so lovely, cute and beautiful in acting out her character, which made me feel happy during filming" Her "His acting is superb, I wanted to applaud for him. It really feels great to work with JCW . I'm really thankful. he has really expressive eyes and he's so charismatic. he really matches me as a co-star, it really feels great to meet such a partner" )


Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-Young are called the Healing couple among many of Healer fans, and they did admit in their recent interviews that the healing love in the show has really affected them as well. Our couple first met after they accepted the roles of Healer/ Seo Jung-Hoo/ Park Bong-Soo (Ji Chang-Wook) and Chae Young-Shin (Park Min-Young) in Aug 2014, in the drama that was well loved and received by international fans, the drama started shooting early Oct 2014 despite the Dec 2014 broadcasting date, which made it inevitable for our couple to grow closer together. Ji Chang-Wook was mesmerized by his pretty co-star and was shy at the beginning, as he is with strangers, but grew closer to his vibrant bright and cheerful leading lady, and became naturally intimate as he described their relationship on set recently. Park Min-Young on the other hand thought he might be boring at first and that she will have a hard time getting close to her co-star, but towards the end of shooting she admitted that they were so close that she would reply to him immediately on Kakaotalk (their way of communication on SNS), a thing she doesn't even do with her own mother as per her own words.

(Him "It was really awkward filming with PMY at first. Although I liked it, but I would be very careful for her when shooting the romantic scenes and the script had many, nevertheless since we spent so much time together, eventually we became really intimate while conversing naturally, and so the love scenes came out beautiful" Her "I had a really hard time filming because me and JCW were really unfamiliar at first, but both of us tried our hardest to get close to each other, and we did get close fast, there were so many love scenes, JCW would ask if I'm ok, even with difficulties he guided me and I just followed without any burden, I enjoyed acting romantic scenes in Healer since my last kiss in a drama was in 2011"


Both Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-Young said this was their first show to have as many love scenes, which they both enjoyed filming. Healer fans across the globe agree on the many lovely intimate scenes, which made all of us more crazy for this couple, because of how naturally real it looked, and how comfortable and intimate the couple were on/off screen. Their natural closeness and intimate relationship showed one of the best chemistries we have all witnessed and one which is hard to surpass for the show's fans.

(Him "I hope my girlfriend is a high achiever and someone who loves to laugh, Someone who matches my character and we can communicate well, also cute, pleasant, Bright and funny" Her "He should look sharp in appearance, stay modest and reliable, it will be best if he is humorous"

There are many reasons that made us believe that this couple should go from reel to REAL, that is if they weren't real already, like how infatuated Ji Chang-Wook looked at Park Min-Young from the first script reading and how it developed to be tender and lovable stares between the two, the way they treated each other as the filming progressed specially behind the scenes and the cheesy lines he used at first (making Ramyun with his heart!!!) to the playfulness they shared together later, and how perfectly they fitted together, physically, emotionally and mentally; She was the YING to his Yang as he was the YANG to her YING. When asked about their ideal types, Ji Chang-Wook is consistent in what he wants, which all points to Park Min-Young , a cheerful, cute and bright girl who can communicate well with him, he went far as describing some physical traits that matched her, he even chose Chae Young-Shin a number of times, which is basically an extreme version of Park Min-Young, as best matched his ideal type. Park Min-Young doesn't elaborate as much as Ji Chang-Wook while talking about what she wants in her man, but it seems from her body language, her post show interviews and actions, that she found the kind of love she used to talk about.


Part 2: Smash Poem


First Kiss of Snow

The sweetest and most tender kiss in kdramaland, the snow kiss is one of the most memorable Healer scenes according to JCW and PMY. The poem clamors for cynical JungHoo’s healing from a painful past and with the right moment and with the right person he experiences the warmth of a kiss and the fuzzy fluttery feeling of love in the midst of winter’s first snow.




The lullabies birds do sing ...

Fervently wishing heavens Ignite gentle healing ...

Synergy warms knowingly … undoubtedly


Today, love brings dawn’s sweet fragrance with happiness

Inundating giving hearts ...

Snow’s winter kiss … unforgettable!


Credit: @cmoirae2 @ReemKanabta

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OHYE! OHYEAH! OHYE couple (OH min suk - kang YE won couple) is a couple on we got married season 4. Both are actor/actress with several production under their belts. Oh Min Suk was born on 22 April 1980 while Kang Ye Won was born on 15 March 1980, which makes them a same-age couple. They first met on WGM on June 4th 2015 at Jeju Island without knowing who their partner would be, thrown immediately into a sudden honeymoon. They were nervous and thrilled at the same time, wondering who their partner would be, and whether they would like each other or not. Soon they found out that they have met once before from a drama and had some similarities even the same religious view. That put a bit at ease especially for Yewon who had "selfproclaimed" social phobia; she even went as far as saying that it is fate and Minsuk is a gift from god. But they're not without any differences cause they are indeed two different individual. Yewon has a spontaneous and often random personality, she also has a tendency to ignore things when she gets overly excited. This often caught Minsuk, who is a bit shy but detailed and attentive, off guard. But those differences what makes them so compatible with each other. Through up and down, talks and arguments, give and take, love and understanding, OHYE Couple has grown strong as a couple over time and have such a lovely relationship.

OHYE's fans called themselves in a few names, but most called it OHYEYERS. We feel like the most fortunate fans as both Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won had been really generous with their fans. Both update their Instagram account regularly, not only with their time in WGM but also with their offscreen interactions. They even went as far as replying to fans to explain things or simply thanking us. With so little source on non-idol entertainer in K-Ent. industry, it sure is a big relief, especially for international fans. We love them for many reasons, it could be Yewon's unique personality, or Minsuk's comedic gag, or their natural interaction, or their sincere affection, or their cares towards each other, or their endless gifts to each other, or their constant tease on skinship (gosh they good with words but always failed when it came to action), not to mention their adorbs daughters Romi and Yomi. In the end, all OHYEYERS agreed that their time onscreen (and offscreen) is so enjoyable to watch and follow. We laughed, we cried, we laughed till we cried, being frustrated waiting each week, debating between OHYEYERS, consoling each other. It became a whole experience for us.

OHYE's Quotes:
"You help me balanced my life" - Kang Ye Won to Oh Min Suk
"I'm happy that I met a wife who is my friend and lover at the same time. I'm truly grateful" - Oh Min Suk about Kang Ye Won
"I've felt that I've received so much from him/her" - Both Oh Min Suk and Kang Ye Won about each other



A Tale Of OHYE Couple

Troubles Lurk Between Doubtful Spouses, For Weddings Held In Great Hurry.
Self Worries Kept Until The Love Builds Deeper.
Sincere Feelings Within Harnessed Into Great Harmony.
Sukkie, Wonna, Keep United.



Poem's explanations:
When they first met, a lot of problems arose because they suddenly became a couple. They both holding backs and also had different personalities. But as they keep growing as a couple they start to trust and understand each other. Their sincere feelings start to come out and evolve into something more and they became such a great couple. And OHYEYERS hope they'd stay together.


Credits: @t4ol33 @heartoppaya @afrinaalwi @colourgrae @miri13 @susantie09_stv and all OHYEYERS at OHYE's Thread.

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Theirs is a story rooted in a friendship spanning the seasons of their youth, a love built from simple comforts and a lifetime of smiles. They are children when they first meet in the autumn of 1978. Deoksun is the often forgotten middle child, and Taek the new kid on the block. A baduk prodigy-turned-national treasure, Taek’s genius is both a blessing and a curse. It's only with Deoksun that he can be someone outside of his achievements, defined by more than his rank. To her, he just is. She lauds his victories and comforts him in his losses, but she doesn’t measure him by them. Before her, he's an open book; she offers him a place for the emotions he isn’t allowed to show in his professional life, and in return, he adores her openly and freely.


As they grow, their lives taking different turns, Deoksun and Taek remain inseparable. He cheers her on in his quiet way, taking pride in her success, just as she does with his. Taek becomes so important to her that the idea of losing him is unthinkable. She weaves him into her life in a way that makes his presence permanent.




Deoksun's journey is one of growth, of letting go of society's expectations and learning to love herself. So when Taek finally asks for her heart in the autumn of 1994, she can give it to him readily — it had already been his. It’d only needed asking, so it could be answered. Together, their names form suntaek: the Korean word for "choice." They are the product of decades spent choosing each other. And every time Taek holds his hand out to Deoksun, they choose each other all over again.





Concept: Deoksun always looked for the answer to her heart, unsure of who was already in it; fate had Taek show her that she has always been loved. This poem builds on the iconic title of the Answer Me/Reply franchise that has had everyone calling back to the nostalgia of their youth.


Answer Me, Taek // Your Reply, Deoksun.

“I’ve one love. See?

Mr. Pabo, Mr. Baduk.

Does love vowed over youth

Lapse unrequited?”


“I’ve only loved sincerely 

Minus pleasantries, minus baduk.


Love valued over yesteryears

Lasts unwavering.”


Letters: IOLS MPMB DLVOY LU used twice.



Special thanks to: @gerimisore, @ladyfriday, and the rest of #TheChosenOnes. 

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