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  1. I agree with your words about Choi Tae Joon. When I first started this honestly I didn’t like CTJ’s acting. I’ve seen him do better and I was confused because he has so much acting credits and here he was, he looked so green. But for some reason, I can’t see anyone else act as Who Joon other than him. I’m loving his portrayal of Who Joon, the celebrity who fell for his anti fan. And the kissing. Whooooo. But I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Chanyeol’s acting. I mean he is a real life celebrity and there are real fans around him. But for some reason he sounde
  2. That kiss on the bench was full of passion and greed but for me the kiss that made everything alright was the car seat kiss. It just showed how greedy our boy is for kisses. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her. I love love love love their chemistry. So much.
  3. Mmhm. Vincenzo is hitting me in all the right places. After loving SJK in Nice Guy as the antihero, I’m absolutely loving him here as VC. There’s something about his playing of a dark horse that gets me. Good. He gets me good. I’m typing this after chugging some wine and I might not make sense, but I cannot wait to see how they will develop the romance that is bound to happen. Or will they give a hopeful glance and part ways, like a true romcom? Questions. Everyone keeps saying that Taec is good but I don’t feel it. His acting has always been so subpar and n
  4. I do have to agree with the fact that JWon’s reason to stay back at the hospital is not because GW asked him to. In fact he had already decided that he was gonna stay back. The confession was what made the wet cement dry, imo. He had already decided to stay but when GW confessed, he’s like “okay now I’m really gonna stay”. That’s how I feel about it. That scene was only for the confession and kiss. Not the changing decisions trajectory. Also unlike many people who says otherwise, I feel like the kiss scene was done well. GW didn’t kiss back, true, but that’s because she must’ve been the most s
  5. Next season I want GW and JWon to sneak around in the hospital cuz how cute would that be? Just imagine, making out in the stairwell, kissing inside broom closets, eyeing each other every time they meet even if they greet each other “Professor” and “Gyeo Wool”. Heh.
  6. Am I the only one wanting SH with CH? No hate please. But I would love it if SH and IJ continued to be best friends. If they broke up that means the five of them will be awkward when they’re together. I don’t want that happening. I’m speaking from experience. I dated my best friend and when we broke up, even our friends were weird with us. The entire gang broke up and we’re no longer in contact. He dated someone else and I dated someone else but we never saw eye to eye ever since. We were best friends since our childhood so to think of it, it’s weird. So I guess I’m the only one who
  7. I love the small Prison Playbook reference. Heh. The most hated Warden has a prison guard girlfriend. When the Prison Playbook theme song played I jumped up to fangirl. He is hot tho. The lawyer. I love the fact that we have to play “Where’s Waldo” with all the Prison Playbook characters. There’s Jun Wan, Chi Hong, Jae Hak, Prof. Cheon and now the divorce lawyer.
  8. To be honest, if she’s going to choose Capt Ahn I wouldn’t be upset. There is something between them that could be developed into something more than a mentor-mentee relationship. Capt Ahn is a very nice guy. He cares, he had a traumatic past that he doesn’t let effect his current status and he likes Song Hwa a lot. First the shoes and now the umbrella. But don’t you think that Shin Won Ho is already giving us hints? Ik Jun was going to give Song Hwa a gift, but the timing wasn’t right and he missed his chance. And now that he knows Capt Ahn likes her, it’s his chance to not repeat h
  9. I have been following Shin Won Ho’s every drama starting from Reply 1997 and have been on soompi ever since. In fact my name, heartoppaya is because I heart oppaya (Reply 1994). I have been in the Sherlock Holmes squad here on soompi and have tried to find out who the husband is in every Reply drama. Shin Won Ho is very smart. He knows that we will be participating in his game of finding who the husband is and he leaves small hints and clues for us to find out. So in that sense, he has already given us clues about who ends up with whom, but we haven’t found them out yet. I also lik
  10. I have been a fan of Jung Kyung Ho since Heartless City and I immediately fell in love with him. So hard. So like, I’ve been in love with him for seven years
  11. I realized something. There is certain talk about Season 2, right? So that means, if it’s gonna be a hospital setting, Jeong Won will not be a priest. Of course his entire family is committed to God, and not that it’s a bad thing. But it’s unnecessary to the family and the source of income doesn’t come in. I’m not saying that Jeong Won has to be a sole breadwinner or anything. Of course they’re already pretty packed. Mom wants to see him married, right? So that’s what he ought to do. Not to make his mom happy, but to make us happy. Lol I also have a theory. Normally acc
  12. oh god oh god oh god. where do i start? i don’t want to rain on your parade but i don’t think song hwa went to meet chilbongie- i mean chil hongie. you can see the difference in the door colors and the windows behind chil hong. is it me or does anyone have a crush on seok min? he’s kinda cute. also i just saw this. jung kyung ho oppa with long hair is always such a killer. oh also, what i predicted is true!! i feel so happy now. jeong won does like gyeo-wool. I KNEW IT !! i feel so bloody happy now!! i also feel bad f
  13. You know, I was with Min-ah today when she cried when Seok Hyeong said that the baby is alive and that she did a good job. It was so heartbreakingly beautiful that she was able to save not only one life but two. Min-ah moved me this episode, and I loved it. Don't worry guys, winter garden is happening. It’s just taking it’s merry time. Also for some reason I don’t see IS-JWon surviving or IJ-SHwa happening.
  14. For some reason, the IS-Jwon couple isn’t doing anything for me. I agree, JKH is what brought me into the show. And from the first episode onwards I was shipping Jwon with Shwa. But then Captain Ahn happened and i was so onboard with him and Shwa. And ever since Jwon showed that he was interested in IS I felt like something was missing between them. Maybe it’s because it happened too soon between them and we didn’t see them all flustered around each other in the start. So maybe that’s why I’m not that interested in their story. The couple that’s capturing my heart and soul
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