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  1. This writer is unpredictable. They made many predictable cliches twist. So maybe there’s hope after all. Btw my heart broke when Jun’s mom cried outside his room and when his dad hugged him. Those warm moments made me cry. Who knew daddy was a softie?
  2. For some reason I didn’t like DS this episode. He was so annoying when in DM’s house with halmoni and JP, like he was trying to say that he belongs there more than JP when everyone (minus DM) knows that it’s actually JP who belongs there. When DS tried to send him away was really really annoying. Don’t take me wrong, I love Nam Joo Hyuk but DS is not my type of hero. I know they’re trying to cover their mistake of making the second lead more amazing than the first lead by making him naive and stuff but I really don’t like DS. This episode cemented that. JP is still WINNING. Jesus,
  3. OH MY GOD GUYS I COULDN'T TELL YALL!! I HAD A DREAM WHERE KIM MIN JAE WAS ASKING ME OUT. HE HELD MY HAND AND SMILED AT ME TOO. I THINK BEFORE I WOKE UP I FAINTED AS WELL.. it’s a bit embarrassing now.. thinking about it.. but thing is.. I’m a byeontae why didn’t I imagine something more.. 18+? What’s wrong with me?
  4. I agree with you. Jun is obviously planning to run away again. You have to tie up that boy if you want to keep him lol. He might stage an accident or faint or something and because his mom is so naive he might actually succeed in fooling her. I feel like his mom is super protective. But she might become a TWD ahjumma for sure.
  5. Jesus Christ. That episode was filled to the brim ! Okay first off, even if the last bit of the episode happened, I like Jun’s mom. She’s loud and embarrassing, no wonder Jun wanted to run away from her. I enjoyed her scenes so much. The difference between her character here and in Start Up is so distinct. It’s really hard to believe that they’re the same person. Lol. But I like her and I hope she would divorce her husband and marry the gangster. He’s hilarious. And obviously before the end of this drama he’ll learn piano for sure. And Jun’s mom will join the Ahjummas one day. Lol
  7. I ship them. They’re so adorable and there are so many moments where it looks like Dae Young and Da Jung in the old days.
  8. Agree with what you say ! But, at first it was Grandma and Ji Pyeong both who was in the whole scam, but then Grandma stopped caring because whatever Ji Pyeong was writing was making Dal Mi happy. And she was content with that. So she didn’t continue to help him with the letter writing because he obviously started to take initiative and make progress with Dal Mi. It was his thoughts, his birthday wishes and his ideas that made Dal Mi fall in love. Strictly speaking, you don’t necessarily have to fall in love with your pen pal, but, Dal Mi fell for him because of his words which rea
  9. Okay I know how much the writers want us to root for the underdog Do San but I just can’t. There’s something lacking in him, maybe the emotional maturity or the lack of initiatives he takes. Just like Ji Pyeong said, he doesn’t have it in him which makes him a CEO. He’s adorable and sometimes I just want to give him a hug but that doesn’t mean that I want him to end up with the girl. Suzy isn’t really selling her character here either. I want to root for her but I can’t. In fact I’m more interested in In Jae than Dal Mi and that speaks volumes. Ji Pyeong is my favorite character ri
  10. What A Twist !! That was definitely not what I expected when a male lead is mysterious. My God it’s gonna be a noona romance. And I was so happy that they were gonna speak comfortably because they were the same age. But a noona romance is way way way way better !! Lee Jae Wook’s soulful eyes. ‘Nuff said. Is it wrong that I kinda like Dr. Cha’s wife? She seems like she’s gonna be a hilarious cockblocker. Lmao. Also puppy love between Ha Young and Seung Gi. Cute. But the only puppy I’m concerned about is Jun-ah and/or Mimi.
  11. Here’s a sneak peek from “Restless”: “It was the last day of filming and I kept putting off Cordi Noona’s attempts to give me makeup. I wasn’t anyway a makeup guy but that’s not what was on my mind. It has been exactly four days since I last saw her. And I was waiting and waiting and the wait seemed endless because she didn’t seem to be coming at all. We had the final scene today, and the white shirt I was wearing was making it hard to breathe right now. I unbuttoned the top button amidst Cordi Noona’s complaints. “Min Jae-sshi, it’s almost time—“ I cut her off. Listeni
  12. @Jillia unnie, I consider Kim Min Jae immensely hot for some reason. Well actually because his voice is goddamm sexy. I have a thing for deep voices (a.k.a always gets turned on by deep voices) so when he opened his mouth for the first time in Persevere Goo Haera i fell in love. And he was the bad guy there. And ever since I’ve kept my eyes open for him. He’s super sexy in my eyes. And that gif you posted of him loosening his tie just gave me immense 21+ ideas. But then seeing him act with Park Eun Bin, I just realized how complete he is with her. Their chemistry is overf
  13. Okay but that proposal kiss was so cute !! Unlike that passionate rip-your-clothes kiss they shared post make up, this was adorable. Gahhhh this couple just set the highest standards in Kdramas ever.
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