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  1. Looking at what everyone is talking about, the singing did seem to highlight some issues. First off, it was a random scene with the head nurse and Hyung where they sang together about flowers. That was an unnecessary scene. But what’s interesting is, this PD doesn’t use unnecessary scenes. Every scene in this drama has been addressed and criticized thoroughly. So the random singing and the head nurse being good to Hyung would probably be used as a hint while all arrows are pointing at Ok Ran as MY’s mom. I’m pretty sure now that I’ve read your thoughts, that Ok Ran is just a mysterious character who’s curious about the novels. Maybe she used to be a journalist. Meanwhile the head nurse is obviously getting more and more sketchy. I need to watch all eight episodes again to prove my points: that the head nurse is intact linked thoroughly to MY, rather than hyung. What alarmed me was when her dad randomly said that MY’s mom is pretty and the head nurse seemed very interested in it. Something about ST brushing off the head nurse’s hand when she tries to draw made me think. I would say that she was approaching him as a nurse but ST isn’t a patient. Yes the director did say that his prescription for hyung is to draw the mural. But why is she speaking to him like he’s a patient?
  2. It is obvious that while Moon Young always narrates her stories in the Literature class at OK, the chapter of the series, always circles back to the characters living through it. It is vaguely obvious that the beauty and the beast is Moon Young and Kang Tae. Moon Young is depicted as the beast because of the lack of empathy she possess, but also it could mean that her mother is the beast too. She cut off her hair, showing that she cut off what tied her to her mother, but by doing that, Moon Young’s father is obviously suffering the consequences. Kang Tae is obviously the beauty here. And as depicted in many shots, he tried running away from the “monster” or the “beast” that Moon Young is. But by the end of the day, he ran back to Moon Young just like how Belle ran back to the beast. But what baffles me is that Belle ran back to the beast at his most vulnerable time, when he was about to die. Moon Young is obviously stable and content. You could look at her eyes and it shows how much happiness those eyes contain when Kang Tae tells her that nothing is stopping him from losing control with her now. Also once I commented that the head nurse could be Moon Young’s mom. But it seems like she’s rather interested in Sang Tae rather than Moon Young. So the black haired lady who looked over at Moon Young was obviously Ok ran, the gangster-like patient who speaks in code.
  3. Well it could also be because she had plastic surgery. We weren’t shown as such but the issue on plastic surgery was touched in the latest episode.
  4. Also a subject everyone touches: the way Juri said that if she wasn’t her mom she would staple her lips, that was a very aggressive comment. Someone with real anger management deficiency would say. When i first saw that moment I was so scared at the possibilities and the fact that she would actually do that. Juri obviously has anger management issues. The way she reacts aggressively to everything related to MY shows that she’s hiding some deep seated issues. The fact that even mom is scared of her is- OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED THAT JURI’S MOM COULD BE MY’S MOM TOO. Except she’s not neurotic like her daughter. Maybe once again plastic surgery happened. And brain lobotomy... this is getting weird. What if Juri’s mom IS MY’s mom; then that would mean that they will be sisters. Imagine living with a psychotic sister, but maybe Juri can be nice?
  5. About the head nurse. What he said brought many things to light. We weren’t shown the mother’s face at all. Here are some instances where it could be possible that she could be MY’s mom. As someone pointed earlier, we saw a person peeking from the window and watching MY from afar. And she had her black hair tied in a bun much like the nurses of the hospital. And all the nurses with tied up hair has brownish hair except for the head nurse. 1. When the director spoke with MY’s dad, he didn’t answer. But when the head nurse came around he started to say that “she’s beautiful”. Even if not shown directly, seeing the nurse triggered his memory and he spoke. 2. In that choking scene, if a nurse was with the patient it won’t be much of a problem. So maybe MY’s dad saw the nurse as a ghost. 3. When MY’s dad tried to choke MY, the head nurse was with them. Once again maybe a trigger. 4. When Juri was pissed that MY won’t come to get the signature, the head nurse pressed to go and get her signature. 5. The issue on plastic surgery was touched. Could be a hint. 6. The actress playing the head nurse is a famous actress. Just to play a head nurse you don’t put famous actresses. I have yet to see her in a villainous role. Maybe this could be the start. We weren’t shown a direct match at the head nurse being the mom but there’s a 50% possibility because of the above. I could be wrong and reading more into the situation. Maybe she’s just a head nurse bringing out rough comedy and much needed ground to the show.
  6. I feel like, the moment MY says “I don’t need you, I want you” or if KT starts to need her instead of otherwise, KT will break down the walls and fall into her embrace.
  7. I just noticed something. In this picture below, MY looks at KT through an open window. Apart from it referencing the Romeo-Juliet tragedy, I feel like it also screams “open feelings”. MY is an open book when it comes to romance. She shows KT that she likes him, desperately wants him and he’s HERS !! While KT looks at her like she’s nuts...
  8. I look at KMY’s tiny waist and give myself the butterfly hug and tell myself “it’s okay to not be okay”
  9. Oh my god the chemistry is freakin’ amazing. I’m still so amazed by how compatible they’re together. If they won’t win best couple.. oh also, our lead actress really knows how to kiss, unlike the fish kisses. So... But for real, they’re.. they’re like tied together. One can’t be complete without the other. I didn’t feel this compatibility between the king and the girl from the other universe in the Monarch. Even if that drama is super hyped. But here... Jesus Christ. Also I officially love the CEO. He’s HILARIOUS. I can’t wait to see how he falls for his assistant. That’s gotta be amazing.
  10. I can’t get over the fact that hyung’s t-shirt says “you’re too close” when the boys are sharing the bed. It’s hilarious cuz MKT stares at hyung when he tells the story. Lol.
  11. I don’t think that matchmaker patient is KMY’s mom. KMY came to the hospital and had a “literary” session with the patients. If anything she should’ve noticed her own mother. We might get a cameo by some actress as her daughter. About hyung’s violent streak: it’s true we don’t see every side of his persona. But as an autistic man, I don’t think he would go into that extremes (killing someone a.k.a mom) even if he has an episode. You can’t judge a book by its cover for sure, but it seems like he’s more afraid of how his brother reacts rather than how anyone else reacts. I really feel sorry for MKT. You could see how much he’s suffering when he has to take care of his brother right after his mom died. We weren’t told about his dad, were we? Is he really dead or is he “dead” like KMY’s mom? KMY is a breath of fresh air for MKT (and us, tbh, we haven’t had a female lead that daring since.. forever?). I can see that he wants to just jump in head-first into her crazy world but his hyung is what’s stopping him. I want him to do that. To be all “to hell with everything, I’m gonna accept that challenge” because I think the difference would be astounding. But I seriously feel bad for him. He’s such a traumatized person. His mom didn’t really show that she loved her, even if she did. She legit told him that she gave birth to him to take care of his brother. That sounds so sick to hear from your own mother when you were that young. This boy is so strong there are no other words. I know I said I want him to give in to KMY but I also want him to do it on his own, not because he’s attracted to this crazy lady. Of course the romance is a must. But he shouldn’t choose between his brother and KMY. And even if he has to, I say he should choose KMY. He deserves a moment away from his brother who he took care of his entire life. Plus hyung beats him during his episodes. Even after taking care of him, something a younger brother doesn’t really do, he still takes the beatings, smiles because then hyung thinks he’s happy. All I want to do is wrap my arms around MKT and hug him tight and let him relax and tell him that everything is going to be okay. He needs someone to take care of him. And I want to do that even if I’m way younger than him. Please, he needs space to breathe. Someone ship him off to Hawaii with the crazy lady, please. Or without. Either way she’ll follow him, I’m sure. Heh.
  12. I’m also shipping the hilarious CEO with his assistant (sorry, art director). They seem like the comedic couple.
  13. 1) The chemistry between the leads are unbelievable. I’m in so much awe when they’re sharing a scene together. Initially I thought that they’d have chemistry only when they shared scenes together. But in today’s episode it proved that not only when they’re together but when they’re far away from each other and are thinking of each other still they have chemistry. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been telling myself that I’ve seen better chemistry but they’re just.. something about even looking at each other. The eye-banging is so intense. I feel all hot and bothered when they share scenes together. It’s like they only have eyes for each other. They see nobody but each other. It’s that intense. I’m also positive that when he started thinking of KMY that he’s a goner too. Juri has no chance. Absolutely no chance. I can’t stand her anyway. As KMY said, she is RickRoll'D and two-faced. It’s obvious. 2) I think we can say surely now that KMY’s mom is alive. The ghost is her and I’m pretty sure that even if no one is mentioning her, she’s the person who made KMY’s life so mysterious and dark. Making sure that her daughter stayed by her side and never moved an inch. There’s something dark and disturbing about her mom. I hope we can explore it more.
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