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  1. Hi all, I just had to add my 2 cents (ok, more than 2 cents) about how I enjoyed this drama. I can't remember just what drew me to it, though it probably was the actress, as I have seen her in a couple dramas and have liked her in them. Oh, and the plot seemed different from what I'd been watching lately. Romance, not super melodramatic, some action...a good recipe for an enjoyable watch, I thought. The opening: Oh my goodness, it couldn't get much more action-packed than that! I had to remind myself I wasn't watching a movie. Sure, there was some unreal-ish parts in that whole army vs. gangsters scenes, but through all the chaos, I like the toughness of the girl and the tenderness of the guy. Her being a petite female didn't make her helpless and weak, and his being a highly-trained, ultra skilled soldier didn't leave him without feeling, either. Even though it was he who rescued her, you could tell they'd make a great team. I thought the development of their love story was natural, not exaggerated, very romantic, and just beautiful. The drama didn't drag us through hours of resistance, playing hard-to-get, I-hate-you..no...I-love-you back and forth-ing, lies, or noble idiocy. There was honesty, especially refreshing in the revelation of feelings (how novel!). In fact, I think I read that Li Zhicheng, our main guy, means strictly honest. He is such a manly man, in all aspects, that I just fell in love with his character. Physically strong and agile, skilled in fighting and military strategies, brave, very take control, very decisive, fiercely loyal, full of integrity, kind, caring, thoughtful, smart, law abiding, admits when he's wrong...Now have I covered everything? Oh, and can be very romantic without being mushy, if you know what I mean. *sigh* I think I need a poster of him on my wall. Make that, all of my walls. So you know my thoughts on this fairly new actor....Love Him! Great job! The main female character, Qian, is wonderful. Honest, non-judgmental, brave, a fighter, doesn't jump to conclusions, loving, knows fashion, highly principled..oh, and very pretty. Love Her, too! The scenes of these two are wonderful. Gave me fluttery feelings watching their sweet scenes, and we are blessed with quite a few of them! Their mature handling of their relationship was so refreshing. Like I said, they skipped the noble idiocy stuff, thank goodness! I will continue to watch their scenes when I'm in the mood for sweetness (which is often). I learned a LOT about the fashion industry. Seriously, they feed you with so much info, from details on fabrics to the intensity found in competition between fashion companies. I like when I actually learn stuff from dramas that I might be able to use in my life. And I'm not even in the fashion industry. I could say more, but I've probably said too much already. Though not without flaws, the good in this drama way exceeded whatever flaws it may have had. I will miss this drama and our couple!
  2. @mushroomsoupie - (sorry to cut your post) Thanks for posting this lovely song's translation. It indeed is such a beautiful song, melody and lyrics-wise. And, of course, she sings it perfectly. I think your interpretation of who's talking to who matches well. Moon with a low voice? Dong Hoon, of course! And I laughed when you said Dong Hoon rhymes with Moon because I thought the same thing! He is up there, a beacon in the night, a celestial being that's far off and seemingly unattainable, and a fellow loner.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Stuff gets lost in translation, yes (though I, in no way, am saying I don't wholeheartedly appreciate and venerate the translator). For the first comment, I guess my feelings against others' hang-up about the age disparity can't help but resurface every time I see this point brought up. Re: the second, I understand a bit better her point. It just seemed almost funny to see it worded as it is: too much empathy and excessive behavior. Would he have acted the way he did if it were someone else with the exact same crud going on in her life? Someone less pretty, perhaps? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not? The bond between DH and JA is undeniable, and as much I'd like to believe that he wouldn't have done the same for anyone else, I can't. Though flawed, he's more than a decent man, and because of what was going on with her, he couldn't stand idly by. I know it seems I'm simplifying their relationship and that it was much more than that. Hmm, I think I'm digressing. Am I? I'm thinking too deeply. No, not deep enough. lol! See what this drama has done to us?
  4. @chickfactor Thank you for translating that article. As others have expressed their thoughts on this article (and so well), I'd like to add my 2 cents. Um, more like 1 cent, because I'm tackling only part of the article. - "Adult man and a young woman" Me: How about "adult man and adult woman"? She's younger, it is true, but she's also an adult already. - "...many pitiful situations...but DH treats only Ji An with too much deep empathy and his behavior (towards her) is excessive. Me: Too much empathy? Well, the more pitiable the situation, the more empathy it deserves, I think. And what exactly was this "excessive behavior"? - "Glamorization of violence and crime" Me: I don't think the true depiction of families and friends gathering to protect others should be construed as glamorizing violence and crime. These are family members - through blood, through beloved neighborhood associations, etc. - family members that "got your back" in times of need. They are not going around in packs terrorizing people for no reason. - "Glamorization of Ji An's phone-tapping" Me: Again, the misuse of the word "glamorization." The phone-tapping was clearly wrong, and she knew it, but after the purpose for which she did it expired, it came to be a life-line for her, one that caused her to have an even deeper bond with him, one that strengthened her, one that she couldn't easily let go of because it was almost as if he was always there with her. Sure, it's still an invasion of privacy, but the writer of the article made it seem like it was the evil of all evils. - Yoon Hee, the "perfect criminal" Me: Not quite perfect enough for me. I've seen dramas where the adulteress is downright evil, with all kinds of scheming going on against the hubby and his love interest. I had room in my heart for some sympathy for her because, despite the effort she put forth to fit in, it just wasn't happening. She and hubby were drifting further and further apart. I didn't hate her, and neither could DH, I think, but like DH, I wouldn't stick around. She done blew it! More later...hopefully.
  5. I want to share my thoughts on what I've read on the last few pages here but I need to gather them first. So, in the meanwhile, I thought I might include the first words we hear in My Ahjussi at Saman E&C and contrast them with what we hear in the last episode at Dong Hoon's Structures Company. I think I see some hints the PDnim's trying to throw at us, because we all know that nothing is wasted with him (or the writer). What I'm hearing in epi 1 is unsurety, lack of sufficient manpower and reinforcing materials, etc. What I hear at DH's company is certainty (because of expertise) and a firm plan to provide in the case of an emergency - an escape route, because the current blueprint will not cut it. Notice that while DH talks of an escape route, the camera pans over the pics on his desk. Might that allude to his escape from an unhappy marriage and life with the help of Ji An? Could the "current blueprint" mean that marriage? Am I reading too much into this? You be the judge! Episode 1 - At Saman E&C... Well, we don’t know about that yet. Can’t we use something else? We don’t have enough manpower, so that’s… I don’t think you will be able to reassign it now. Yes.. We’re a bit short on concrete. So I think we’ll need another way to reinforce it. Yes. Have the initial plans been submitted yet? So how many people are using concrete? How many people would it take, then? Alright, so after creating the blueprint for this… Did you get a call from them yet? No, not yet. Oh, this one. Huh? 100 x 22 millimeters? I told you, there are only 10 on site. I don’t think 10 will be enough. The issue there is the fire escape door here. Let me look at the screen for a second. What do we do? Let me look at the screen for a second. We’ll have to reinforce it through any means necessary. But how, without cement? Is it a newly built building? That one is, and the other one isn’t. What did you decide to do about that? Did you decide to paint the wall, or… Since it’s a new building, I think that we’ll need to be careful since they might decide to put molding on the wall. The fastest that we could… (YELL because of flying bug) -------------------- Episode 16 - At Dong Hoon Structures… At first, we thought that the SG2 here was the problem but it turned out that the pillar here wasn’t connected well. CEO, you have a call from Yeonwoo Structures. I’ll forward it to you. Hello, you’ve been transferred. Yes, yes, I checked it. But we need to consider a possible emergency. In order to evacuate 4000 people in 20 minutes we will need another escape route (panning desktop pics of family) Yes, it won’t be possible with the current blueprint we have.
  6. This is so beautifully put. You took the words right out of my mouth...or thoughts right out of my mind. You know what I mean. Anyway, thank you for sharing this. @tiger457_stv - Thanks for your thoughts as well. You said: It took courage for your parents to get together.... If their marriage had failed, there would be naysayers coming out of the woodwork "See, I told you so... you shouldn't, couldn't...etc....). Fortunately it works out, so @kappy is able to write to us today! THUMPS UP! Yes...It worked out and I am a product of that successful pairing! Wish we could see an epilogue of My Ahjussi and see them with their "products."
  7. @nhara - I am like you and most everyone here...finding difficulty in moving on. My Ahjussi is such a hard act to follow! The bar is set so high! Everything else pales in comparison. But there are other worthy dramas out there, as I’m sure you know. You just have to fight your tendency to compare it with others, though, for a period of time - the “getting over” period. And who knows how long that will be? In the meanwhile, would you consider an “other Asian” drama? I stray from Korean dramas when I get tired of the predictability, unbelievability, over-the-topness, and/or extreme behavior (like mothers hating on their adult child’s dating or marriage choices) that often play a big part in some of them. Anyway, I would recommend “My Dear Boy,” a Taiwanese drama that tells the story of younger man and older woman (10 year difference) who fall in love but find opposition (surprise, surprise). It’s light with its serious moments. I enjoyed the acting and how they tackled the subject. Speaking of age difference in a love story, I seem to be drawn to them...lately, anyhow. I admit that was part of the draw for me about My Ahjussi. After watching the first episode, I knew it wasn’t going to be your typical age difference love story. Why, I wasn’t even for sure it was going to be a love story even though it was touted as such. However, I knew it was a keeper. It was so obvious because it just radiated excellence. Anyway, when it comes to the age difference thing in a love story, I hardly bat an eye. The reason for that is my parents were 18 years apart. They married when he was 36 and she was 18, so he was twice her age. They were deeply in love, but as you would guess, they ran into difficulties because of the age disparity, and my dad was accused of “robbing the cradle.” Thank goodness both families were okay with the marriage, and since those were the main ones that counted to my folks (besides each other), they took a “heck with the rest of them” attitude and lived their lives happily together, later adding six kids to the mix. Now the age difference between Ji An and Dong Hoon is about 6 years greater than that of my parents, but it’s still not a big deal to me. I was sad to hear about all the uproar regarding that age difference. And then, an apology by the drama people? Oh for crying out loud. I wish they could have just thought as my parents did...heck with them! I know, easier said than done. As one or more of you have expressed, I do wonder if there were any changes made in final product, post uproar. Would we have gotten a kiss at the end? One where he is leaning in on her in contrast to her tippy-toeing up to him? Like some of you, I really would like to see the script, especially if there was a before and after. One more thing - I’ve said this before, but another reason I don’t think much on the age difference is because she’s had to grow up so fast because of her hard life, that it’s like she’s been an adult for a long while. Sure, there are things that she didn’t know, like how her halmeoni could qualify for a permanent free stay at a care facility, and that’s understandable. As for him, on the other hand, seems like his stagnant life has kept him at the same stage - and age - for a while. Which is why I think of them as equals and the perfect match.
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