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  1. While I have been reading for a while, your collective WTF has made me come in to say I agree that was one messed up finale. But one thing that I didn't see in the live recap (thank you for all you who do it) is that at the end, according to Korean articles at least, SeJoo said to Choi team leader that he used "Instant Dungeon" as master. Under master's authority, only the master can make an InDun and SeJoo thought JW W as the new master may have used it and thus is alive in the game. Thus, at the end when you see the shadow of YJW, it is not that he has become a NPC but that as "master", he is in there protecting users from "monsters" of the game. See article: https://news.nate.com/view/20190120n21271?mid=e1200 I haven't had a chance to finish watching it since my connection crapped after 15 minutes or something, but I think the game words right before the reset said something about the "bug" characters that may explain marco etc. At least, knet don't seem to be so mad about that part that generally how can it end with JW and SH like this. Many repeating your words that SJJ should be the bug that need to be rest etc. I hesitated starting this show due to SJJ but then got hooked by HB and PSH's acting, despite neverending shooting and crying. This final teaches me though, even in the able hands of this director and actors, I should never watch SJJ's shows. I don't care how great the concept, all the other issues (e.g. her inability to have internal logic in her own fantasy, character development, inability or refusal to EDIT out irrelevant, frivolous things that don't matter to her story center, and inability to end a story properly etc.) make it a non-starter for future shows. Now I am going to rant a bit - why does she ask in her interview for audience to pay attention to mental side of YJW's story and development and that the ex-wives are "important" to that when I still have really no idea what in the world happened with his two ex-wives to know what impact it had on his psychology . The one narration while he was sick about how much he appreciated HJ taking care of him sincerely impacted him after what he went through - that seems all I need to know considering his ex-wives issues never came through. I have to stop now or I can rant for too long. My condolences to all who had to suffer through the finale. Thank you, however, as a reader for making the thread enjoyable to read - and at times really humorous to be able to survive to the end. In case someone associated with drama reads this, thanks for all your hard work because you did your best and you let me see the greatness in HB's acting, PSH's development as actress and acting, and their chemistry that really surprised me. Signing out for ... hopefully not years....
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