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[OFFICIAL] Park Hae Jin x Kim Go Eun aka JungSeol Couple


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The floodgates have been opened. *evil laughter* You're welcome. 


Hi all this is the OTP Master post. I've tried to arrange the resources below in chronological order as much as possible for easy reference.

(Disclaimer: I don't know Korean and my translations are translated from chinese subs/articles so there may be some things that are lost in translation or there may be some mistakes. However, feel free to correct me of any mistakes. I also dont hold any credit for any of the pictures/videos,Cheers~) 



Park Hae Jin / 박해진朴海镇

DOB: 1983-May-01

Height: 186cm

Talent agency: WM Company (더블유엠컴퍼니)

Recent works (2012-2016):

[TV-Series] Cheese in the Trap (tvN, 2016), Yuan De Yao Ming De Ai Qing (2015), Bad Guys (OCN, 2014), Doctor Stranger (SBS, 2014),

                  You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013) My Daughter Seo Young (KBS, 2012), Ling Yi Zhong Can Lan Sheng Huo (Hunan TV, 2012)

[Movies] Snow in Sea Breeze (2015)



-He's an avid gundam plastic model kit and shoe collector. (the kind that has more than 700 pairs of shoes. With regard to gundam, he was once asked about what gundam means to him and he replied "Half of my life")

-He's a fan of EXO, SHINee and f(x)'s Krystal

-PHJ is active in both China and Korea.

-He does volunteer work with his anti-fans.

-He recently debuted as a fashion designer in China and also sings


[Social Media] IG: https://www.instagram.com/wm_company/

                        YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNc_JNKrKPXf1V1hubZfG9g



 Kim Go Eun /  김고은 / 金高银

DOB:  1991-Jul-02

Height: 167cm 

Talent Agency: Jangin Entertainment

Recent works (2012-2016):

[TV-Series] Cheese in the Trap (tvN, 2016)

[Movies] Grandmother Gye-choon (2015), Angry Lawyer (2015), Memories of the Sword (2015), Coin Locker Girl (2015), Monster (2014),Neverdie Butterfly (2013), Yeonga (2012), A Muse (2012)



-Education: Korea National University of Arts - Theater

-She is fluent in Chinese, having lived there for about 10 years(her family moved to China when she was 4 years old) (See KGE speak Chinese here: x)

-She likes to sing as a hobby and featured in Shin Seung Hun's album, I Am. (Song: Sun, Moon, Stars and We (feat. KGE))

-Despite not having prior film or drama experience*, the then 21 year old swept most newcomer awards that year in her debut role as Eungyo (A Muse, 2012) , including the Paeksang Arts Award and the Korean Association of Film Critics Award. She also won Best New Actress at the 32nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards and the Star Asia Rising Star Award at the 2013 New York Asian Film Festival* .

-In a 2014 interview* to promote Monster, the movie she starred with Lee Min Ki, the reporter asked her: Have you imagined what kind of role you might get next?  KGE replied: Something more normal and maybe a love story. (:D)


[Social Media] IG: https://www.instagram.com/ggone/


(Info cr: dramawiki)


[PRE - CITT: March 2014 ]

First meeting between PHJ & KGE- PHJ talks about his first impression of KGE in a 2014 JTBC interview (way before CITT casting)


C-Subs: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTMwNTUxMzk0MA==.html?from=s1.8-1-1.2


Translations (im translating based on chinese subs):

@ 02:53 onwards

 Interviewer: Who among celebrities do you think is attractive/charming?

PHJ: Lately, Kim Go Eun-ssi. I met her by chance once in a shop. Honestly, I didn't know she was Kim Go Eun. She's a chingu with a clean, down-to-earth charm.

Interviewer: Oh, I understand. Looks like (we'll be hearing) good news from you soon. (PROPHETIC WORDS DUN DUN DUN)

PHJ: *LOL* What are you saying???


(PS: He confessed earlier in the video how his relationships kept ending in break-up because his ex gf(s) thought he was too long-winded/naggy + didn't really do events for them/her LOL He also confessed that he once dated a celebrity.)


Roughly translated some of the top comments from C-Netz on weibo* in response to this video cos they’re just :’D:  


[+394] This is an interview from March, 2014. PHJ said that his ideal type is KGE and they met by chance once. Before this chance encounter he didn’t actually know KGE, but upon meeting her, felt that she was charming. At that time Oppa was filming Dr. Stranger, followed by Bad Guys and then CITT. Meaning talk of CITT didn’t even exist then! Therefore it could not have been just media play.


[+237] The director said, after the filming is over, the two should just get married.


[+242] #PHJ Really love CITT, I initially watched CITT solely for SKJ, but that kind of sunshine boy image was too typical, so in the end I became HJ Oppa’s fan, YJ sunbae is really (something along the lines of ultimate calculating richard simmons)  He’s too smart and dark [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]  


[+166] For all we know the lead actress was recommended by PHJ to the director. Thinking of how Chen Xi recommended Chen Yan-hsi to Yu Zheng and the two got together after that [doge]


[+122] Having watched the drama, the two of them actually seem pretty compatible. [微笑]  It’s not a bad idea for them to get together in real life


[+113] That explains that expression in the drama hoho


[+94] KGE ideal type: Someone with a strong, compelling gaze [喵喵] (lol not sure If I translated correctly), someone who has a nice smile =v= If it’s like that then I’m willing to let go of my girlfriend [喵喵]


[+105] [泪流满面] If this is real, I’m willing to let go of Oppa  [泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面][泪流满面]


[+70] Hope that they really get together. Come to think of it,  wanna ask sunbae, must be great to be able to act opposite his ideal type all day huh. When the filming is over, grab the opportunity and get her>:D Counting on you~


]I don't believe this, I can't accept this... Why don't you two get together for me to see [doge]


 PHJ Dating Style (Eng subbed IG cuts of the JTBC video):





[GOT CAST: 2015]

PHJ's reaction (18th Sept 2015):



At 4:05, interviewer asks PHJ how the chemistry with KGE is. 


KGE's reaction:



[FAN MEETING feat #Jungbaenim, #BaekInHot & #EunTaekMeHome: 19th Nov 2015]





Translations (credit @qwenli):

Initially, the emcee asked all of them to introduce themselves.

0:59 PHJ said: When did I manage to be in between such young friends. Its great.

1:05 SKJ said: I am very thankful that everyone can come today. This is the first time that I am attending a drama fan meet, I feel its so refreshingly amazing

1:11 NJH said: This is the first time that I get so close to fans, I find it so novel/new. I think the fan meet today will be interesting.

There were many questions prepared for the actors

1:29 PHJ picked a question that said : Euntaek oppa is so handsome, is that even possible?

1:37 PHJ picked another question: among all the characters you played including psycho killer, now that you are Yoo Jung Sunbae, How do you feel and how did you prepare?

PHJ answered that actually YooJung is by far the most unusual and most difficult character and he needs to be totally immerse in the role. 2:01 Its abit tiring and difficult, we have already completed half, please look forward to it. Till the end, I will try my best to portray the character

2:14 SKJ picked a question: Portraying the hot tempered  Inho, is tiring right?

Answer: At first it was difficult, but I did read the original so I think the Inho in me is slowly coming out (that is what I think)

2:28 emcee: What is the most memorable line?

2:31 SKJ: Are you crazy? (being shy and embarrassd)

2:33 NJH picked a question : Euntaek is so cute, do you find yourself cute too?

2:43 NJH: erm, about that, yes...

2:49 onwards, they were asked to choose their ideal type so that's why the wall has a vs b pictures

Seol vs Seol's mother

2:56 PHJ said: if I can get the mother's love, then I can get the daughter's love right? 

emcee: so your choice is?

PHJ: Omoni! (mother)

3:09 SKJ said: actually I should choose mum too

3:18 emcee: so your final choice is?

SKJ: erm, because I have blood ties with Inha, so I choose Baek Inha

3:30 NJH choose professor over Kong Ju Yong

but his final choice is stil Bora!

3:43 they were presented with presents from the webtoon creator Soonkki

emcee asked them to read out what was written by Soonkki

4:05 The perfect YooJung sunbae in person, I like unconditionally. Soonkki

When emcee passed the present to SKJ, he commented he look exactly like the webtoon character.

4:35 NHJ read out: I look forward to the classic younger boyfriend

4:41 SKJ: The hot tempered but handsome Inho comes to live. Thank you. SoonKki

Later on they select lucky winners from the audience to receive gifts.




[PRESS CON: Pre-CITT Premiere: 22nd Dec 2015 ]



Vid links:

OTP: 05:24 http://www.arirang.co.kr/player/Clips.asp?vSeq=105597




Highlights from the (now removed) eng subbed CITT Press Con vid subbed by sushisubs:

The eng subbed press con video(subbed by sushisubs) didn't include the part where the director actually gave the suggestion for them to date nor their immediate reactions following that (which sparked my downward descent into OTP oblivion). 

But the short clip below does, so here:


LYJ Director-nim suddenly throws a bomb out of nowhere that throws everyone off:

"Actually, whenever I embark on a new project, I would hope for the main male and female lead to date".

So much so that the host has to clarify and ask:

You mean for the two of them to date? Even after the drama has ended?

The director replies here:

6aa6653bjw1f0fkz8v4tfg20aj08mu0y.gif (cr x)

LYJ: It'll be nice if they really date. How nice would it be if they marry after the drama is over~

Host: You mean for the two of them to date? Even after the drama has ended?

LYJ: Yes


After which PHJ replies:

"My schedule is pretty busy after the drama ends.I'll think about it if I'm in Korea."





tumblr_o1hmensbgd1t0oi7qo2_500.gif(cr x)

Cast Greeting: 

0:18 PHJ glances at KGE




Unsolicited cuteness: 



(at 1:24 when PHJ sees KGE make a cute mistake and he just breaks into a smile and takes the teensiest step forward toward her GAH What does that *look* mean?! Does it even mean anything?! hahah)


(At 1:35 same interaction as the vid before, just from another angle but gah that look and smile again :D)


(cuteness at 0:40 and 1:07)




[V APP - Pre-CITT Premiere: 24th Dec 2015 CITT Meet & Greet  ]



1) tvN 'Cheese in the Trap' Meet&Greet LIVE part 1: http://www.vlive.tv/video/4291?lang=en /



Some questions related to OTP:

Q: Who does PHJ like better, Seol or In Ha?

14:22 MC: Last question. Not as Yoo Jung, but as Park Hae Jin, do you like Seol-ie better or In Ha? Please answer after giving it some thought.

*PHJ about to answer* 

14:39 MC: Please give it some more thought. Not as YJ but as PHJ (repeats qn but falters and stops halfway) Actresses please look towards the front. 

PHJ: *hesitates* Don't ask; feelings will get hurt. (earlier in the vid the MC requested for them to answer questions within 5 words/syllabus) 

MC: *ha ha ha ha* "Don't ask, feelings will get hurt..."

PHJ: They're sitting next to me. How dare I? There are still many scenes that have not been filmed. I would like the filming to be able to wrap up successfully.

MC: I will ask the 2 actresses the same question, so you may get betrayed later. *evil laughter*

PHJ: They are totally different women with different charms, how dare I so easily/flippantly choose either one?

MC: Yes, understood~

Q: Who is KGE's dream lover between SKJ and PHJ?

At 17:19 the MC says: (I'm gonna ask) The question I asked PHJ just now. Over here are SKJ and PHJ. Between the both of them, who is your dream lover?(here he also clarifies that she should answer as KGE not as Hong Seol) Who is closer to your type?

KGE answers: I like guys with pretty smiles, so could the two of them show me their smiles(for me to decide)? 

MC: You wish to see their smiles? Yes, yes... (suddenly goes LOL) Park Hae Jin kept smiling before you even finished saying!


2) tvN 'Cheese in the Trap' Meet&Greet LIVE part 2: http://www.vlive.tv/video/4130?lang=en /


3) V App with #BaekInHot, #SarangHaeJin and #EunTaekMeHome (Hashtag credits @jeijei)





[BTS - Videos]

// Script Reading //




PHJ: "Do you wanna go out with me?" *embarrassed*

PHJ: "You are giving me this kind of lines already from the first script reading...."



// Cast Photoshoot //








// Unpretty Fortune Teller Teaser //
















// In Ho x Seol x Drunk Seol Teaser //











//EP 2 BTS - Hong Seol's Secret Selca Technique//

Video / Translations: 


From 0:15


[Captions] This is Hong Seol’s Selca secret technique!


Director: This is even more hilarious *laughter*


[Captions] Pictures have been taken~


[Captions] Hong Seol who guards the pictures with her life S: Nonono- *escaping up the stairs* Just a moment—


YJ: What are you doing? Let me see—


*Both looking at the picture*


*Seol dying of laughter*

*In a state of intense concentration in order to choose the final selca to be used*


* Mischievous Yoo Jung sunbae casually zooming into the selca*


*Seol flustering*


Director: Cut!


*Whole set exploding into laughter* (xD at the camera man’s ahjussi laughter )


*Seol attacking sunbae* S: Why did you zoom into it (the picture) ??? >:


YJ: To see the picture more clearly ~ :P


*Seol dying*


[Captions] In the end Seol pleads for YJ sunbae to delete the photos


Director: Cut! *laughter* Ok~


[Captions] Seol is completely KO-ed by YJ sunbae




*HS & YJ practising for their kimbab scene*


*Seol fumbling with her kimbab*


Director: Cut! Why does Seol look like she’s worse at unwrapping the kimbab (than sunbae)?


*Seol looking all guilty*


[Captions] Once again seriously studying the kimbab


* Arrow pointing at Seol’s kimbab says fail xD* Director: Cut!


*laughter* *Seol gives up* S: No… Just why is it that I can’t do it??


S: (flusters) This, *holding up string* I am already disappointed with this


[Captions] Both in the drama and in real life- Hong Seol’s times of hardship-


S: This kind of situation is a first…


*Seol flopping onto the table in surrender*






Puppy Seol :D






// EP 4 Arcade Date BTS //

Video / Translations:




[Captions] Wild outlaws at the arcade – HS & YJ sunbae


[Captions] Now rehearsing…


*shoot shoot*


[Captions] This is definitely not fooling around… We’re rehearsing


*HS & YJ playing while director watches on in the BG*


[Captions] Aren’t you just playing at the arcade, why are you acting cool?


[Captions] Completely immersed


[Captions] The director who finally steps in to stop the rehearsal


[Captions] The kid-like duo who are completely absorbed into playing


[Captions] Kid-like HS. Kid-like YJ


[Captions] And the Mum-like director


*Director desperately waving hands in front of the kids*


Director:  That’s enough~! That’s enough!~


*S finally putting down the gun* *smiles*


*S shaking the gun violently*


[Captions] We’re rehearsing very diligently

*Director laughing at S as she puts down the gun*


[Captions]Filming commences


[Captions] Surprise that even sunbae himself didn’t expect/realize


[Captions]See the unexpected side of YJ sunbae


[Captions] The two who burst into laughter again


Director: Cut!~


[Captions] The two who give up


[Captions] The laugh inducing CITT filming site




// EP 6 Drunk Seol BTS//

Video / Translations:



[Captions] Dazed-looking Seol


[Captions] YJ sunbae who’s speedily moving somewhere


[Captions] The thoughtful YJ sunbae who’s personally getting water for HS


[Captions] Drunk acting performance that is successfully completed with just water


HS: thank you


[Captions] It’s obviously water...


*IH talking, HS downing a shot*


[Captions] yet HS already appears very drunk


[Captions] HS’s drunk acting explosion


*HS hitting the table and standing up*


*the 2 guys getting startled*


[arrows: irascible girlfriend, uneasy boyfriend, the one who looks out for me]


[Captions] Intimidating drunk Seol


IH: dog fur you’re drunk?


[Captions] IH who can’t do anything in front of the formidable drunk Seol


*Drunk HS lecturing the two about her natural curls*


[Captions] Everyone, this is HS who can be totally intoxicated with just water




[Captions] Was what I gave her really just water…?


*HS does her thing and passes out on the table*


Director: Cut! OK~


[Captions] Hair raising performance that gets an OK on the first take


*director laughing*


[Captions] Shy HS who bursts into laughter immediately when filming ends


*HS walking toward YJ while laughing*


[Captions]Atmosphere that becomes hot due to HS


Director: The filming for today is settled… Like this?


[Captions] The playful atmosphere that hasn't dissipated


Director: Quick, talk back to the director (while you're "drunk")


S: It's not right to say this, Director~


[Captions] Cute HS who’s joking


*everyone smiling/laughing amicably*




[Captions] Neighbourhood where HS is found


*IH rehearsing lines*

[Captions] Nothing to say to the drunk


*YJ and HS passing each other*


[Captions] Scene where YJ sunbae and IH escorts drunk HS home


HS: Does it mean I can vomit on YJ sunbae? :D


Director: No~~


HS: No? *laughs*


[Captions] YJ sunbae who loves everything about HS (im not making up the captions ok hahha)


Director: I love you~~ I love you~~


HS: Oof~~ Oof~


*HS fooling around*


*HS heading towards YJ as she pretends to vomit*


*HEARTS!* *YJ sunbae playing along and stopping HS’s advance with a touch*




[Captions] Practising- Ah- YJ sunbae is giving HS a piggyback ride


*HS slides off YJ’s back*


[Captions] Looks like something happened


*YJ laughing and walking away from HS*


[Captions] The 2 who keep laughing


*YJ coming back towards laughing HS*


[Captions] (Explanation) YJ: While walking here with her on my back, her arm slid down like this. What to do? What to do about this? *demonstrating*


[Captions] Not supposed to fall yet keeps slipping down


*Mischievous YJ sunbae who mimics HS*




[Captions] About time to resume filming


YJ: I’m not mentally prepared yet *laughs*


[Captions] Preparing to climb up with a smile


[Captions] Nervous even while breathing


YJ: 1 2 3!


*HS jumps onto YJ’s back successfully*


[Captions] CITT where natural acting can be seen












// EP 9 Back Hug BTS //

Video / Translations:



C-subs: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/UCPy06fk7dI/

ed97c81bjw1f0jmd3lfaqg20b4068e86.gif(cr x)

According to weibo comments left by C-netz, LYJ Director-nim was teasing Seol: Why is your face so red? Why is it so red? Following this our Seol-ie ran over to YJ sunbae to complain and ask why he was doing some extra movements that weren’t part of the director's instructions. :)


[Captions] Why are the two so serious today? Could it be that they fought?


[Captions] Omg, it’s a sudden back hug attack by YJ sunbae! This is too heart fluttering!


[Captions] But seeing from the front view, because of the height difference, the two of them aren’t too comfortable.


[Captions ard Seol] Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, neck getting numb, shoulders in pain


[Captions ard YJ] awkward awkward, stiff stiff


[Captions] Emergency appearance by LYJ Director-nim, commencing her special coaching


[Captions]An upgraded YJ-brand back hug filled with even more love <3 <3 <3


[Captions] All the staff monitoring intently


[Captions] From a faraway distance are the cries from a distressed animal


[Captions] LYJ director-nim who’s teasing HS who turned red! But why is the director’s face even redder?


[Captions] The devil-like YJ sunbae who has captured the hearts of 2 women because of one back hug!


[Captions]The seduction by YJ sunbae continues every Monday and Tuesday night at 11pm!















[BTS - Stills/Trivia]






Remember this scene?


With regards to the scene when he bumps his head on the table while being in Seol's room, it is really an NG scene, :w00t:

everyone was shocked. He thought that if he is YJ he would also continue to sleep after bumping his head. The director thought it was funny and said she want to use that footage for broadcast. 

The two of them filmed in Seol's room for 7 hours. PHJ said: KGE is very natural and we werent really acting but its like we are living there. I usually will remember how to move in respond to the camera but with KGE, I often forget those technical things and just immerse myself. When I watch the drama broadcast, I will think did I actually look at Seol that way? For e.g. when I met Seol infront of her school and arrange her fly away hair, I thought to myself why is my face so happy?

PHJ praise that KGE is pretty " If there is a friend like HongSeol, I think anybody will fall in love. She does all her things well and is very sensible. She never wants to be a burden to anyone and usually wont seek help from others. In real life, if there is such a person like HongSeol, she will be a great as a girlfriend. ---Translation credits @qwenli






[POST-CITT: Jan 2016]

Wrap Up Party (26th Jan 2016): 



ed97c81bjw1f0d2ci723nj20dw0n8tdi.jpged97c81bjw1f0d2dc3ialj20fk0pu77d.jpg  (cr x)


Sunbae's Wish Event:


Articles / Interviews: 




1) PHJ interview where he compliments KGE


2) PHJ Interview with eNEWS,  where he mainly talks about his role, ratings, & KGE

weibo link: http://www.weibo.com/1712342474/DfvT1xQN3?type=comment#_rnd1454177693048

article link: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/cn/article/102103


Rough Eng Translations: 

[Skipped 1st  para]


                <CITT> is a drama adapted from the webtoon of the same name. PHJ stars as the university senior who is perfect in looks, grades and family background but hides a dark inner world which people do not recognize. He revealed in the interview that when he was first invited to appear in the drama, inwardly he struggled and was hesitant, because it was very difficult to be exactly the same as the webtoon. Rather than having to force himself to stay true to the original webtoon, he initially thought that keeping the status quo (aka not accepting) would be better. After much consideration, he finally decided to take on the role, but on the grounds that while not straying too far from the main essence of the webtoon, he would portray a Yoo Jung with a different feel.


<<CITT>> had average ratings of 3.6%, with episode 5 ratings soaring to 6.5%, securing first place for 3 consecutive weeks. When asked for his thoughts about such good ratings he replied: “Before the broadcast I thought that surpassing 2.2% in ratings would be good enough, so I’m really happy that the ratings could reach 3.6%. I hope that the ratings could rise by 0.1% for each subsequent episode. I’m also really happy that there were not only viewers in their 10s and 20s, but also viewers in their 40s who watched this drama. <<CITT>> is a drama that moves hearts, it has an innocence that is able to strike a chord with viewers.


In the drama, KGE portrays PHJ’s underclassman Hong Seol and the two begin officially dating after sorting out their misunderstandings. Even without passionate, intimate scenes, just the mere act of fingers touching was enough to send viewers screaming. He let on: ”Some people have said that the eyes with which Yoo Jung looks at Hong Seol looks like it can drip honey. Kim Go Eun is a junior who is much younger than me, she’s very pretty and very cute on set, so I was able to look at her with that kind of gaze. From my standpoint, I would like to thank Kim Go Eun for allowing me to show good acting this way. I’m also very thankful to Seo Kang Jun. In reality my actual age is very much older than the original character’s, so I would like to thank them for treating me as Yoo Jung, allowing me to act without burden. I’m really thankful to them.”


3) Cast Interview on Dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/02/interviews-with-cheese-in-the-traps-cast-part-1/

4) PHJ Q&A (Eng sub)



1:02 Specifically, how big an age gap is okay for you? PHJ: 10 years older or younger? (Captions: Another reason to live for women who are born in '93~'73 LOL)5)

5) 160208 PHJ interview (eng sub)


0:26 The mood on set was really nice. Even though the filming has ended but it feels like I still want to do it now.

0:33 Among the dramas that I've been filming so far, I think this is one of my favourite filmings.


At 2:20 [Captions at the top left hand of the video] Ask PHJ a question

Q: Please help ask (PHJ) for me, when’s a recent moment when your heart fluttered? Because of Oppa my heart is in pain every day (cldc**** << prolly a netizen question)

PHJ: Recent memory of heart fluttering… I guess it should be during the filming (of CITT), when filming with Seolie… Seemed like (my) heart did flutter

Reporter: Mm, Heart fluttered~ Yes~

[Captions]Heart fluttering! (Inexplicable heart fluttering…)


PD (I think towards the reporter): I told you not to bring in your own emotions (when interviewing)

4:44 Q: Among the outfits that Hong Seol wore in CITT, which of the styles was most heart fluttering?

PHJ: Personally I like this the most *points at first date outfit* The clothes she wore on our first date.

Reporter: Ah that’s right / [Captions] Ah that’s right! Interviewer’s personal feelings 2

PHJ: If it’s about clothes that were a bit heart fluttering, it’s this outfit that Seolie wore *points at the one with Seol in a skirt*

Reporter: Oh~~ So you like skirts?

PHJ: It’s not that I like skirts, I actually prefer girls in pants but like this, (she) suddenly wore a skirt, so… This, whether it’s heart fluttering or what I’m not too sure. But, heart fluttered a bit, it’s fascinating.

[ hahah and PHJ admitted in the interview that he thought what he wore in the CITT wrap up party was a fashion dud lolllll]




1) http://www.soompi.com/2016/02/18/kim-go-eun-chooses-her-ideal-type-among-cheese-in-the-trap-characters/

In a recent interview, actress Kim Go Eun spoke up about her favorite scenes and characters in her ongoing tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap.”

As the drama moves into its 11th episode, Kim Go Eun picked two scenes so far as her most memorable. “I think the second kiss with Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) had a very romantic, warm vibe,” she said. “The piano playing scene with In Ho also came out really prettily. From Seol’s point of view, I thought that In Ho’s regard was very deep.”

Kim Go Eun had nothing but praise for her co-stars. “Hae Jin sunbae is very considerate and warm. He’s the most veteran out of all of us so he was in a position where he could control the atmosphere on set. But the atmosphere was so good and I think that’s due to him. Seo Kang Joon has a bit of a playful attitude. Both of them took very care of me.”

When asked who she would choose between Yoo Jung and Baek In Ho, she replied, “Neither of them is my style. I like Eun Taek (Nam Joo Hyuk). Eun Taek is very honest about his feelings. He likes Bora (Park Min Ji) and follows her around. Even when she doesn’t reciprocate and ignores him, he moves past it. I like that honesty.





PHJ's past ideal types: 



Acc to a bntnews interview* :"I like someone with career planning. Or you can understand it as a woman who "will not care too much about" me. My past ideal types were pretty. When I had a girlfriend, I would feel burdened when she's not very busy. Because an actor does not have fixed rest hours, I would feel very sorry toward her as she would have to keep waiting for me everyday. (I like) someone who is virtuous, and not someone inapproachably smart. No matter if it's a man or a woman, one's charm comes out from the small things. Compared to a perfect person, someone with flaws is easier to approach.   Because I'm particular toward fashion, so I will take note of (her) dressing style. The difference between someone who knows how to dress and someone who doesn't is very great."

1)Jun Ji Hyun (2013/4)

A)  PHJ –K-star 11 min Report



5:31 Interviewer: What are the characteristics of PHJ? What kind of person is he?


Jang Su Won: Uh, I think he’s kinda of a boring person, even when we go out he doesn’t like to drink. Even if we go out with others to drink for entertaining purposes, he’s not the type to play.  (comment: oho so he doesn’t drink. LOL no wonder he was so surprised when he learnt our Seol-ie was great at drinking in the BTS. He also mentioned something about "fm" but I couldn’t catch the reference, sorry) He’s the kind that’s so proper that it makes people feel like he is boring. (He later said he saw PHJ working hard dancing and then with a straight face advised PHJ to just concentrate on acting xD)


8:50 (PHJ was asked about his ideal type) PHJ: Uhh Ideal type.. Who wouldn’t like someone like Jun JiHyun sunbae-nim? My ideal type… Up to now I’ve always liked gentle and quiet women.


9:12 (His stylist(?) was asked about what kind of girl he would like) Firstly not someone who idles about, and also someone who is more quiet. (Stylist(?) 2 ): From what I see of him, it looks like he doesn’t like people who are artificial/affected. He himself said that before too. (He) doesn’t like women who wear clothes that are too revealing or women who like to put on (kind of like flirty) makeup. (He) likes someone who’s delicate and pretty, quiet, honest .

B ) According to this interview* during his YWCFTS period, he said: “ I like women like Jun Ji Hyun sunbae-nim. While filming, I felt that her eyes were very clear/limpid. I like women who are honest and do things calmly. “ and “ Actually I’m also a person (like his character in MLFTS who will watch over the person I like, although I will not confess like Lee Hwi-Kyung (his character from YWCFTS). But I will stay by her side. This kind of love may be more boring, but that’s the way my style is. I’m also not good at expressing (myself).

"When asked about one-sided love, Park said, “I’m not sure if I could endure for 15 years like Lee Hwi Gyung did. I experienced one-sided love, but it was only three years. ” “I don’t directly express my feelings like Lee Hwi Gyung did to Chun Song E, but I always stand by a woman I love. Some people say I’m such a fool,” he continued.*

Also from a 04/03/14 YWCFTS interview*, when asked about his ideal type: " Fresh and pure, and quiet are my first considerations, because I usually like quiet. Women who are too noisy conversely dont suit me. I hope I can meet this kind of woman who can match well with me."

2)   Jeon Mi Sun (2012)

“Since I was younger, I dreamt of a woman who is calm but strong and has an image of good wife and wise mother, and Mi Sun nuna perfectly fits my dream woman. When I met her in person in the drama,East of Eden, she seemed like she intentionally put a distance between us after she knew I thought of her as my ideal woman. But later I went to see her theater play One Night, Two Days with My Mom by myself and gave her flowers and cakes. Since then, she has become a close sunbaenim (senior) to me. Her daughter resembles her and is so pretty.”


**Disclaimer** Again I bear no responsibility for any inaccurate translations!! 

KGE's ideal type: 


Someone with a nice smile [There's not much info available because she's still relatively new and nobody really cares about female celebs' ideal types do they ): ]


Some JungxSeol Hugs: 











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Hi everyone :wub:

This would probably my first time to comment again after shipping Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young last 2? or 3 yrs ago lol!

My shipper heart can't handle Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun so my shipper heart began to dugun dugun again..lol

Thank you for creating this thread, although im busy with my work ...i will find time to participate in this lovely thread :blush:


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46 minutes ago, coffeeboy said:

 @magiccmagicc. Thanks for creating a thread for my new OTP.

I seriously they should date in real life also :) 

after PHJ has completed his Chinese schedule of cours :P 

Np it's nice to see you here, you're truly my comrade heh. (But oh dear what have I gotten myself into :sweatingbullets:)   

Oh but didnt our dear KGE receive many offers from China recently? If he can't be in Korea she could just go join him in China  [doge][doge][doge]

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9 minutes ago, Pikky Anneyong said:

The photo ,This is the first time that they have met .

Hi~ sorry but i have to correct you there - that was not the first time they met. Their first meeting was before the CITT casting, in a beauty salon. PHJ talked about his first impressions of KGE before in a 2014 interview. But of course, they were also very cute during the script reading ^^ 

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1 minute ago, mgicc said:

Hi~ sorry but i have to correct you there - that was not the first time they met. Their first meeting was before the CITT casting, in a beauty salon. PHJ talked about his first impressions of KGE before in a 2014 interview. But of course, they were also very cute during the script reading ^^ 

Thank you very much for correct me .

1 minute ago, mgicc said:


Hi everyone.

Nice to meet you guys here.

Thank you for create this forum ,I am a JIN-EUN shipper too.




The photo ,This is the first time that they have met .

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I liked this couple already and PHJ is making it worse when I found saw an interview where he said that KGE is his ideal type. Sigh....

could someone shows me how to post pictures or videos? I would love to contribute to this thread as much as I can. 

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