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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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220717~Celebrity Rankings by CCSmart and Forbes China



CCSmart released their rankings for most valuable stars of the year and it seems Zhao Liying and Li Yi Feng are still benefiting from the success of their drama last year. If I were to guess this list probably compiles data from the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2017. CCSmart looks at various things including box office, ratings, online views, fan base, and media attention.

2017 Film Star Value Report by CCSmart

Most Valuable Actor




  1. Li Yi Feng
  2. Deng Chao
  3. Lu Han
  4. Huang Xiaoming
  5. Luo Zhixiang
  6. Wu Yifan
  7. Yang Yang
  8. Wallace Huo
  9. Chen Xuedong
  10. Jackie Chan





Most Valuable Actress




  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Angelababy
  3. Fan Bingbing
  4. Yang Mi
  5. Chen Qiao En
  6. Lin Xinru
  7. Guan Xiaotong
  8. Liu Tao
  9. Yang Zi
  10. Tang Yan




Most Valuable Director: Stephen Chow

Most Valuable Producer: Huang Jianxin

Most Valuable IP Writer: Liu Wanhui  

Most Valuable Manager: Huang Bin (Zhao Liying’s current manager)


CCSMart had a small ceremony attended by most of the winners with thank you videos by Zhao Liying and Li Yi Feng.

Read more on other sports celebs here:  https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/celebrity-rankings-by-ccsmart-and-forbes-china/

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UPDATE WEIBO - 27.07.2017

LinGengXin weibo update "In life, you never know what's going to happen in the next second"





From Weibo, now he replied to a lot of comments. Someone asked him why teacher Zhao was so calm? and he said it was Xing'er's plan. And another person posted a picture of him and ZLY comparing them to dogs saying "a family" a shipping reference and he replied with a meme. People took the meme as criticism for the shipping reference so he deleted it hours later and replied again with "I love this picture". 

So otp fans are really happy with all this action. While others think this is just for promotion, but the show is ending. I don't know how promotion will help him now.~cr shared by mrsyooknit @ Princess Agents thread's at soompi




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Until last year I exclusively only liked kdramas.  Then abt November last year, a friend from Soompi MDBC forum told me she liked cdramas and recommend TJoF to me. I tried it but dropped the drama after several minutes watching bcs I thought the female lead (ZLY) was too young like 17 or 16 lol.  Until I found Boss & Me. Got hooked, really. really liiked the series. So I tried to search that main actress' other dramas that bring me back to TJoF. Rewatched it n by the end of the series cried so much my eyes got big bags that needed staying in for a bit bfr I could face anyone hahhaa.... She made me change my mind abt cdramas. 

After those two I found NIF, Wei Wei and Shao Nai, Princess Weiyoung , Princess Go Go, 3L3W and several others. From all those cdramas, I like ZLY the best. She has smthing that makes me want to keep watching (she even made watching Chusen bearable in otherwise a frustrating drama overall...). In my 20+ years experience watching drama (since my ultimate Winter Sonata drama), this is my first time I like an actress this much to the point almost everyday checked out cent news to find if she will hv another dramas. 

Just found this thread today. Really like your posts, guys :) thank u....

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@hanalove9 warm welcome sis. :)

Same with u, i started kdrama watching Winter Sonata too but after i watched TJOF i prefer cdrama more, that's bcos of  Ying Bao. She a great actress, beautiful, so cute and adorable. :D

Anyway please feel free to join me posting here. Have a nice day/night

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Princess Agents is the first drama ever to hit 40billion online views while the drama is still airing!


Surpasses 12 billion views on iQiYi - highest viewed drama on iQiYi!
(The Mystic Nine is 2nd)

Fan Art poster of Chu Qiao


Cr as labelled

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010817 Final episode Princess Agents Epi 67






Ying bao and LGX did a great job in epi 67 the final epi but so frustrating for viewers as it was a bad cliff hanger ending. Who know the producer had 2nd season in mind, but i doubt getting original casts wont be easy as everybody now already has new contracts on hand.


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Terribly sad for Yingbao.. but now she'll learn not to rush in accepting role, choose the ones who have proven credibility as a producer and never let Hunan abusing her drama again. Soo looking forward for Minglan since it seems on the good hands of Daylight production house and Battle of Changsa director. It can be one real breakthrough in dramaland way beating PA behind. :blush:

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