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  1. She nailed elegance. So beautiful. On another note, I am impatiently waiting to see what she is wearing to the Weibo evening on 28th Feb. Along with the other celebs.
  2. Thank you. I'll try this out. To be honest after finishing LOF, I am hanging and started to watch a few dramas proposed by YouTube but I kind of watch and drop and watch again.
  3. I hope to see her elegantly dressed for this night too. I hope to see her soar higher and higher this year. I do hope to see her confirming new dramas or movies soon. I have been going back to watch Minglan, Chusen, LOF, HXG......as well as 72 Floors. Lets keep rooting for her.
  4. Do we know when will THE STORY OF XINGFU and WHO'S THE MURDERER will be aired? I am waiting impatiently. I also hope some new drama rumours with Liying gets confirmed soon.
  5. GONG XI FA CAI to all those who celebrates! Wishing everyone a very happy "NIU" year. Stay safe and healthy peeps!
  6. I hope you are OK @jewelsc Health is primordial. Stay safe Sending you lots of hugs and love from France. I have not been watching any new dramas at all. I looked at some trailers but Doulou continent is not my genre so unless I am feeling totall inspired, I will give that a miss for now. I am looking forward to Who's the murderer with a lot of anticipation as I love mysteries. I just hope it is not too predictable. And of course The Story of Xingfu. There have been quite a lot of "rumours" on her supposedly starring in various dramas etc......but since noth
  7. I am so pleased with our Yingbao. Here's the clip from YouTube on the Disney animation : Thank you @jewelsc I hope she will get more good quality work lined up for us. I have been rewatching LOF and her past dramas like Shan Shan Come Eat, LOChusen and TSOM. This is an exciting adventure for her.
  8. Not sure if this is confirmed or just a rumour. The Legend of Yunxiang with ZLY and ZYL Source : Sohu https://www.sohu.com/a/444005612_120852680
  9. Does anyone knows when is WHO IS MURDERER (谁是凶手) will be broadcast? I am already missing Yingbao. I hope we get to see more of her this year. I went back to rewatch some of her dramas and I particularly like The Story of Minglan.
  10. I saw that both Liying and Yibo are ambassadors for this brand. The ad looks very good.
  11. @whiteybaoThe sword that killed Shen Tian Shu in the end was the one that was made by XY and he gave it to ZF whilst the one crafted by the craftsman was given to STS. I guess that since it was WY who has the real recipe, he must have done something "extra" because it cut through literally everyhing. However, this is only my deduction because his eyes kind of opened wide when he saw the name on the sword.
  12. Yay...at least you finished it. It was an enjoyable watch though since I have not seen LY on screen for sooooo long so anything with her in, I am in. True......the CGI was not great. In any dramas, there'll always be good and bad right so we'll just have to accept it hahahahaha. So long as we enjoy the drama and get entertained. I would be interested to read the novel. IS there one translated in English?
  13. Legend of Fei broke 4 billions viewers!!!!! Bravo to the casts and production team!
  14. Happy watching. I keep going back to some of the episodes to rewatch again again. I love the opening and ending songs too.
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