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  1. I hope the rumours are true. I have been missing her so much. I have not see any new dramas since ML ended and she had her baby boy. I hop eshe has managed to rest after giving birth and spending quality time with hubby and family.
  2. Those paps are such vicious and nosy species. Celebrities are human too. They deserved privacy like everyone else. FSF and LY are both very private people and it is totally understandable that they do not want their life in full display. Disgraceful paparazzis.
  3. I am so glad as there were quite a lot of negative comments while this drama was being filmed and in the production phase. But likely our casts have solid audience who kept watching and decide for themselves. I do not know most of the casts but that did not stopped me from continuing the drama. So so happy I made the right choice. Now that TSOML has ended, I feel the void. No other dramas has taken a fancy so I will wait for a while and just enjoy the peace and quiet. BRAVO again to the production team for breaking 2%
  4. The finale was bittersweet. Suddenly my days seemed empty. I tried watching Queen of Dugu but I got a little bored during the beginning of the 1st episode. Maybe if I watched it later on, it will be better. I will give my brain to relax a little. I have thoroughly enjoyed TSOML. Like really enjoyed it eventhough sometimes I have to rewatch to understand the conversation. I loved the way the actors and actresses portrayed their roles. So vivid, so alive. There were moments where I cried, where I rolled out laughing, moments where I totally hate BUT It just shows that these people are so good. Again, I must congratulate the producer and all the people working on this production. It has been great exchanging with you all as well. I will miss you all too. Let's hope there will be other opportunities to exchange point of views etc.... And happy belated Valentine Day everyone. Love, kisses and hugs I think it is him too.
  5. Hunan is being greedy again. Why do they ALWAYS do this ? Why? Why? Tell me WHY??????? When something goes really well, they ruined it. So they thought they would hitch a ride on TSOML success by addiding their new drama did they? Well, I don't know which drama this is but it sucks. I was watching avidly last night and I was like WTH. Where's the ending???????? Ok, then I understood that somehow they stretched it another day. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. For sure Almost all those who acted in a drama with her in the past get quite an exposure after for better projects so lets hope TSOML will be the same as they have all worked very hard. Bravo to the production team and director for choosing the right people on this project.
  7. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo I don't want it to end.
  8. Iw onder who the murderess is. It is full of suspense now. Seems like Minglan beat the gong for a very longtime since it shows daytime and then there's Xiaotao beating it and it is quite dark. I hope Molan will get her just dessert. Looks like her hubby has backbones and not easily blindsided after all.
  9. Wohoooooo Guifei is getting her just dessert now. The ED wants to keep her son to show that she is loyal to the dowager. Served her right for being a two-faced witch! She was feeling all smug and smirking when the emperor got angry with his empress for defending GTY. Et bien voilà........
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