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  1. Its almost end, finally the viewership breakup to 2%. Anyway this is very very good for the TSoML team, hope all the casts team will get better project offer on their hands.
  2. I'm really worried seeing this scenes, poor minglan its the confiment syndrome, having too much mental stress & not enough rest. But luckly minglan recover fast. Yingbao is really good, such a great actress.
  3. Seems Yingbao was there during Happy Camp shooting.
  4. Yeah almost all minglan's scenes after grandma poisioning is sad but i think the silent crying is the most painful scene to watch. I guess as always we will surely be crying with her this time I hope she will succeed to get the empress help to seek justice on her husband & kill those 6 villians for good.
  5. I agree now so intense, i feel i'm having a heart attack watching each episode. Hoping for the happy glory day soon. A sad scene, I think minglan went to seek for the empress help & mercy.
  6. Can anyone translate this please. I wonder wht the team say about Yingbao.
  7. Ah yes...Sheng ladies are indeed beautiful. Hoping someone will sub the whole show for us. Btw i'll patiently for minglan to give birth, I'm sure her real baby with Ershu to be cute & pretty
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