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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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Yingbao is making me crave foods really badly that I can't eat..Chocolates, meringues, meat buns, meat. I wonder if one of her favorite dish is crawfish... How does she stay so skinny and what "tea" or drink she always drink in her pink thermal water bottle lol so curious... 




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BTS shooting micro-film for ad.
In autumn Yingbao together with Taiwan gold medal director Qu Youning shoot a micro-film "who loves you most" (name the original shuí zuì ài nǐ piān) to commercial ad for a towel paper. The short movie will be out soon but no date stated.




cr weibo as labelled

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@cherubstomato As always she's workholic person, she hardly rest. Last year she said to rest after Monkey3 finished filming but still has many endorsements phtotshot and 72 Floor filming, she only rest from shooting drama/movie only. 
To date on hand she has totaling 22 endorsements. I guess she's grabbing all opportunities while the 'iron is still hot'
Now every where things are tough including entertainment biz too. China has ample of actors/actresses so if you dont show your best performance no one will acknowledge and recognize you. I think she has to work nonstop when young in order to remain top A-list actress.

Regarding this link http://m.fensifuwu.com/ent/2977227.html
It was during Weibo Movie Night 2017, i did post the  a video translation earlier but cant remember which page, anyway i still have the translation link from AVV under heading Feng Xiao Gang’s Intro speech with Li Yi Feng, Huang Xuan, Zhao Li Ying

Btw Feng Xiao Gang was Yingbao's life saver, he was the one to select her during her early days that brought up her to be in the entertainment world of today.

I like 'Moon Goddess' title suits Yingbao as she is already a 'Goddess' when she was crowned 'Golden Eagle Goddess' award in 2014.

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23 hours ago, mrsyooknit said:

I think she rarely wears too oversize shoes now. The pic you attached was an old pic in 2016 when she was appointed as the Vice President of Yi Xia Technology.

Here another pic of Yingbao at the said event.

DG4jDUzV0AQHUBa.jpgpic cto

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Thank you ladies :wub:

im reading the links now. So glad he found something special in our Yingbao! He has an eye for gems! 

Mans that tidbit of him trying to follow her made me laugh lol I hope someone helped him hahahaha

I also agree that she has to work nonstop to stay on top now that her popularity is just starting and want her name to live on like other older celebs. She has many responsiblity for her workers. I hope more success to her and hope she wins big in the awards to come. 

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8 hours ago, cherubstomato said:

@minoku2209 now I see why you don't ship Yingbao with any of her co-stars unless she announces it... The XingYue shippers thread is a hot mess right now LOL.... it's funny I know it's all for fun but I feel disheartened hearing about Yingbao getting heat in this... :s 

I cant ship not bcos i'm against shipping but shipping is time consuming and i cant afford it. Further more we already knew on and off  screen are mostly meant for drama promo but i dont denied there are cases otp turn out to be real. Knowing Yingbao, she is so professional and hardworking in her work, also very friendly, kind and helpful person but when it come to her personal life she is a very very reserve and secretive girl. So like you said unless she publicly announce out, it's hard for us to make any guesses lol.

Anyway like any r/ship, heart breaking will soon heel. Hope you and all XingYue shippers will too. Now let us all give Yingbao full support on her work. And on her personal life let's pray that she will be bless with full of happiness and success in finding her future Mr Right. Amen.


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3 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:

So from the shipwreck thread next door, I heard Hunan bought Minglan's right? Nooooooooooooooo 

 rumor but its getting louder :bawling: i am afraid they did. Honestly, Hunan without ciwen is not that bad. They offered them too much money and the competition couldnt keep up. Hunan loves ZLY since her ratings are always good. 

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