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Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread


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CF: ivvi 3D New Horizon

China Telecom Sichuan Branch Vice President Fu Qiang and ivvi vice president of high-tech co-media interview, will be through the form of contract packages to promote the naked eye 3D mobile phone ivvi K5 popularization.~translate google






Cr info shared by zaniliazhaolying fb

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CF: Zhao Li Ying, Yang Yang - Kang Shifu Fanmeet May 19th Guangzhou


180517~Announcement and instruction to all Japanese fans upon arrival at the venue
~Ladies and gentlemen, today our Japan has arrived at the scene of the event, sending tickets also in progress, please sign up for successful fans as much as possible today to get tickets and Japan items tomorrow at the event of the event at 12:00 noon tomorrow To enter the venue, any late arrival will not be allowed to enter the venue, please remember that!
The Japan will be focused on today's release, and the small partners of the material will be able to bring them to the scene tomorrow, and invite fans to make a reasonable arrangement for your own time, the message for the message of the road map. "Happy birthday to you"~
@ 赵丽颖's arrival @ 康师傅心灵假期 @ 赵丽颖广东粉丝后援分会




CTO via zaniliazhaoliyingfb

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180517 Weibo update

想要和我一起,遇见茉莉浪漫告白 吗?~让我们519一起相约茉莉之恋~感受浪漫惊喜~~~ 康师傅心灵假期
Want to join me,  met jasmine romantic confession? ~ Let us 519 together with jasmine love ~ feel romantic surprise ~ ~ ~  Master Kong mind holiday  (google translate)



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Wish "OK! Wonderful" fifth anniversary happy birthday! Everything is OK! (Text / map: Zhao Liying studio)


via zhaoliyingmalaysiafb

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190517: Zhao Li Ying, Yang Yang - Kang Shifu Fanmeet Promo at Guangzhou University




Upon arrival




Backstage for press interviews





Enjoy some videos



BTS the making, full mini story, video will be release tomorrow May 20th

Cr as labelled

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210517~Our baby's newest magazine road

In June, ZLY, has successfully completed the " Fashion Bazaar " and " Red show " on the cover of the June edition of the-hour bubble.  ZLY, who was a fashion, was said to have an in-depth co-operation with big brands.
Cr info shared by Zaniliazhaoliyingfb






CR as labelled

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16 hours ago, minoku2209 said:

230517~BTS Zhao Liying, Zheng Chen and directors at studio for Princess Agent OST
The opening theme song will be release on May 26th


  Reveal hidden contents




NEWS: Zhao Liying Zhang Bi-chen will once again cooperate "Secret Princess Chu Qiao Chuan" theme song "Hope"



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