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  1. 开学季上新啦! 楼下的巨幅看板也换了代言人的新图[爱你]有来沈阳报道的新同学吗,等你来打卡哟 New in the school season! The huge billboards downstairs also changed the new map of the spokesperson [love you] have new students who came to Shenyang to report, waiting for you to punch card ~google translate cr as labelled/zlyfb
  2. Thanks @icyphoenix for the info. Wow awesome, despite no drama on air, movie nor variety show only commercial endorsements activity, still our goddess at top #1. Congrats Yingbao for winning August artist's comprehensive network communication index for August 2018. I'm now looking forward to the upcoming drama "The Story of MingLan" and "Our Glamorous Time" I'm hoping OGT goes well and be on air soon too.
  3. Dior event attendees yesterday Among the beauties, sorry to be bias our goddess the prettiest cr as labelled.
  4. As Yingbao's fan, I will always support and respect to who ever Yingbao choose for her soulmate. Anyway at her age it's time for her to find someone to stand strong by her side in good or bad time. And as always my only wish for her soulmate, a person who can be trusted, faithful, love her unconditionally and take care of her till death do part, I hope his parents totally loves and adore her enormously. To all His fans, I hope they will accept their r/ship with open hearts, not blindly attack Yingbao with hatred. Btw I also think it's good that they don't announce dating, b'cos I don't like whenever there's any 'breakup' news like those days it will always be tagging on her name forever. I'd prefer her to announce official marriage news instead. May God guide and protect our Yingbao.
  5. I love how Yingbao has a long lasting friendship with all her drama cast stars
  6. Yipeee.. it's confirmed, another outdoor event. 真果粒 ZhenGuoLi fanmeet event will be held on 8th of Sept in Shanghai.
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