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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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Ep 6 was so much win. Real life isn't like this, unfortunately. IRL, people often have to choose pragmatism over pride, and a lot of awful crap happens in the workplace, and gossip is really like a silent poison. But this is what makes this drama so satisfying -- we can watch NJG, ODJ and company win their on-screen battles, and maybe draw just a bit of strength for our own day-to-day struggles. 

Meanwhile, my fantasy is coming true -- the merry band of males are bunking in with ODJ for the night!  XDD Can't wait for ep 7!! Go, Lovely! 


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Hello everyone, comeback here after watching the last episode. I just loved this drama more and more. And very satisfied with the rating. Lovely's struggling to fight Gold really describing how business does. Big company always has money, connections and influences to control media, people even other companies. I love the interaction in Lovely team, Deputy Han, Jang Miri and Deputy Park, all they said are realistic, Lovely has to survive, so they can continue to make a living. Maybe ODJ too confindent, sometimes . Believing they can wins against Gold. But, her intention is to encourage her teammate not to give up easily since they are not the one who did plagarism. Now they can trust their own ability and brutally honest to each other. These the things that needed to build a strong teamwork.

Now i have a proof that Nam Bong Gi is not a lazy unemployed brother. He did everything to support his brother. His idea is quite useful and brilliant. He has ability to do something in marketing area. Maybe sometimes he will be an employee on Lovely.

I expected the third ex appeared last night, but iam wrong. Why ODJ divorece her firat and second husband, i think now i know the reason. 1st ex - Manager Ji - i guess he doubted her for having affair with Jung Shi Wan (just like NJG think about ODJ for "selling" her body to make a contract). I am still dont know about him, sometimes he is really care for her - help her and sometimes he stabbed ODJ on her back. So confusing!  2nd ex - Type of Mama Boy. Her mom too interfere on her marriage life. JSW's love for ODJ really over now. Then the third ex? What could it be? Cant wait to see him. Next week?

ODJ and Nam Woo Joo - I just like their interaction so much. Cool idiot. Hahaahhaaa.... This nickname really impressed ODJ, i guess. Let her to be your Mom, Woo Joo-ah!!!! 

The last, Lovely Team fighting! 

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1 hour ago, 12blbl said:

It's interesting how they depicting the ethic work and its difficulty of its environments.

I love ODJ character, it amazed me how her character who is doing everything, but knowing the rumor or her badmouthing staffs on her back she's doing nothing. Prob she's observing how her staff can grow, and NJG certainly made her amazed for telling her directly about the rumor. I love the leads acting and how they portrayed their characters. And the exes are exciting. :D

The two exes at it is fun. 

It’s a nice surprise to see even ODJ has a good laugh after seeing the ad made by NBG.

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13 minutes ago, 12blbl said:

I'm lol-ing so much when the second ex threw a tantrum in front of his mother after getting slapped by ODJ. The ex mother in law got what she deserve , love it. 


ODJ famous quote :-

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" sword-red-crab

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Hahaa.. i am happy for Dajung's retalation to her ex mother in law.. the time she said "Heh"  and the ex mom in laws expression is priceless.. hahhaa.. eat that crazy ex mom in law.


And Bonggi now is not just a silly lazy unemployee.. yes i think he can work in Lovely as promotional team then.

I love that the ending  of episode 6 is so much fun.. hahaha... how come.. Bonggi messed her apartement. And Ms. Temper's mom is even more temprament.. :P she got the gens from her

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On 4/1/2016 at 10:02 AM, vaiduakhu said:


Yo to EOG fellow! :) no wonder I found ur username somewhat familiar! 
Like @QSD said, this rom-com won't disappoint us, don't worry! my heart is too fragile for any tension and tragedy like in EOG. :crazy: 
Yup, we will see her sincerely smiling at NJG in tonight ep, what a lucky dude! But I still ship her with sleazy 2nd ex. :P My ship will sink soon, I know.


I see on the 1st page that the drama has 16 episodes. I want more... :tears:


Thank you, vaiduakhu.  The drama is so good and very entertaining, 16 episodes is not enough. I hope they will make it into 24 episodes. 

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On 4/2/2016 at 7:45 AM, Mayyes said:

Hello everyone, finally i have time to watch the first four eps in a row and managed to watch the 5th episode in raw. Eye for eye and theeth for theeth, this scene so crazy ... :grin: I love ODJ's character she is so independent, brave and doesnt want anyone to control her. But maybe on the 'real' workplace she is too..... 'rude' towards her boss. I have a feeling the first ex is not completely good with her and/or he has intention to get close (again) with her. The second ex for me just like a 'flower boy'. But he is such a helpful person to help promoting lovely. And the third ex, lets wait toninght. Ah, this drama doing pretty well about rating. Hope everything getting better, Fighting!!! Hmm... I almost forget it, i like ODJ/LYW's style so modern and suitable for office dresscode :grin:


ODJ and her 1st ex are kind of rivals at work but he doesn't match her in terms of ability so probably he gets jealous especially that the 2nd ex and NJG are somehow will be on her side. I kind of agree to the term you used for the 2nd ex :)

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