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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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On 3.4.2016 at 6:08 AM, QSD said:


Their reaction seeing ODJ flaming in fire is hilarious.


I really like the animation effects in this drama, this scene in particular. ODJ is like a hero or superman (superwoman, actually), coming to the earth to save Lovely :lol:

I laugh at the fact that every time crisis happens, ppl there, especially the President, look at her expectantly and ask sth like "Chief Ok, what we should do now?" :sweatingbullets: The President probably forgets that she's his employee =)) 

I'm glad that ODJ gradually gains the trust and respect from them, she's not the type of person with soft/nice words but her actions prove the opposite. :) Lovely is a good team now, except the damn guy who is President's bro-in-law. He's not anywhere nearby when Lovely is in difficulty time, but always appears in the end to blame everyone. What a... ! Sorry, I curse too much watching this drama, especially when Gold's ppl show up on the screen. :vicx:

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5 hours ago, QSD said:



I really like LYW/ODJ in simple outfit like this... she's so elegant :) 

Whenever ODJ shows up with her office outfit, I'm like "damn it, this should be in my wardrobe, I need to buy it". But then I think abt the price and "never mind, this simplicity probably costs me a month-salary. I won't look that good anyway" :phew:

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12 hours ago, saphire_D said:

Hi all...this is what I feel abt the drama. Please forgive me if I say wrong ...#bow bow (NJG style mode on)

At first actually I like the drama, especially coz of the casts, but idk why start from ep 5 I skipped some part and still know the story line..

Hope the drama gets better, offer unusual story line, and really hope ODJ  will not end up with NJG. Mianheee....maybe I just conventional woman, but I saw sincerity in her first hubby...

I better run now, some of you may throwing me tomatoes ha ha ( I just want to do same thing like NJG did, speak up, even it is hard ha ha ha)




Don't worry, u are not the only one who doesn't like ODJ with NJG for now... :D me too, NJG still needs to work a lot more to get my approval to be somewhere near ODJ (I sound like I'm her Mom :)) )
I ship her with 2nd ex but my ship had sunk even before it had chance to sail due to scary mom-in-law :( ODJ probably divorced him "thanks" to that mom who intervened too deep in her son's private life. 
I don't feel like 1st ex is compatible with her. Not to mention the ability, their thoughts are different, especially when he said "Lovely is not a place for ODJ, Gold is..." he has the mind of a superior, treating others like Lovely as his subordinates, while ODK is more abt justice.
Anyway, I feel sincerely thankful to him that he gave ODJ a great opportunity to let Gold's manager Kim taste his own dirty medicine. What a bastard who always stab ppl behind their backs and acts like an angel. "You did it right, ODJ ah, for those who always play dirty, it's unfair to play clean with them, lol" :P

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Aside than ODJ, l too admire the feisty spirit of the President.  He is down to earth and does not mind rolling up his sleeve to help out; for example, going t the factory on week end to get the required stock for the product booth.:)  But ODJ is smarter - the sold out sign works wonder. :D

The President also go all way out to go against Gold's chief.  Of course, he usually regretted of his reckless action. 

In usual business practice it is a taboo for a sub-con or distributor to fight with the Principal.  But doing so (fiery debate) only shows that the President is being human and emotion normally gets the better of it.

i am so proud with the President when he turns up to console solo protester, NJG.  Of course, ODJ witnessed this from inside her car.  Both ODJ and the President are really caring bosses.  If only all our bosses / managers can be as caring.

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20 hours ago, ODJ2016 said:

I’m reposting the image directly on here by using the exact URL as below:


As you can see the difference between the above URL and yours when you want to make it appears directly on here.  If you have question don't hesitate to ask.


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Director Kim character is nothing to brag about but I think he’s a good actor.  He looks funny when he is mad.

The President of Lovely is also a good actor as well.  I concur with someone here who mentioned about these two veterans before.

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