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[Drama 2016] Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi 욱씨남정기


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On 6/26/2016 at 10:02 PM, adikkeluangman said:

Trailer for JTBC "Ms. Temper & Nam Junggi" that will be air in Japan.


I wish japanese audience will reqocnize and accept this drama very well, Ms,Temper is really good drama in every  aspect, the story flows going so well writen with meaningful conversation, phyloshopis, satire, the dirty politic in bussines work,and relathionship being society as human, the pacing plot also great we can see simultaniosly betwen episode to episode without hole, all the character in this drama constantly has corelation along the episode going trough, how surprised me even their 'jackass' neighbour has impact in the coming story, amazing approach with small scene or conversation we can found out why they exist in the story, many compliment i should write about the writer, she is good with line and detail , awesome in plot ,intelect without being snob thank you to write such great character like ODJ,                                 The Director also has type to shoot the story in beautiful scene and ad humour in every episode therefore this story is quite heavy with his skill to direct become lighter and entertining, the sound effect also brilliant and had own effect to the scene . The actor has skill to esthabilest their character, from cute Woojo,the jobless NBG,the timid NJG and th warmth dad, the office fellow is bunch of ordinary po

persons who life in real world with problem and responbility to deal of, made story more lively remains us to look over our own life.... all the character has own charm to draw strong story.     the last is ODJ, women with all  good Sense  and strick principil in nasty bussines world, she has own reason to hate the bad traditions in bussines work,''when you has no power this not doesn't means you just accept what the powerful told you without bargaining, because this meant you let's grow gredy people become tyrant, more you silent they become growing in number and the people with principil is outcast and our world will full of greedy people who live without pride and honour'' this is one of many golden lines she has told . such great character i ever seen in drama, little dispointed when the good drama like this just to buried up. happy watching best drama japanese people...

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