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  1. For me it's QSD. Both the story and her character are compelling, plus everything else are exceptional as well. Currently, I also love rewatching DD. Her character is really complicated and the aura she exudes is intriguing. The story is interesting too.
  2. I also think she does understand his true nature, like when she got released from the interrogation back then she knows what she has to do by leaving to Shanghai for things settle down before she could come back. I’ve been wondering what makes Hiroshi seems like genuinely caring/loving YJ so much, unlike to what Oda describing about Hiroshi before. And if he actually knows what YJ has been doing all along like you guys said, then why he still wants to protect her if his real nationality as is now. It would be a nice twist if your theory is correct. However, from what I've observed from behind the scenes images, that is probably not the case. It feels like they would have a tragic ending. In any case, it’s interesting to see what’s more on his story. I don’t think adopted father of Miki is Japanese. He is just a pro-Japanese activist. He has a Korean name and it’s most likely that’s his origin. There’s a big contrast between YJ’s adoptive father and Miki’s. Yes, the preview suggesting Miki is abused by her father. She got whipped. He’s a powerful man, even Hiroshi showing him respect. Wondering if Noda has any intention by the way he looks at YJ when she coming in. The background music making the scene a bit spooky feel.
  3. Since YJ has had disclosed to him right after that she’s Korean Patriotic Corps (KPC) which led by Kim Gu of Korean Provisional Government (KPG) at the train station, it’s not necessary for her intention to get close to him anymore. They are now just cooperating together for one main purpose, independence. Despite having the same dream, it has been shown both KPG & Heroic Corps of KWB are not on the same path. Therefore, what YJ doing now does not mean it’s coinciding to what KWB’s intention. I think YJ’s biggest goal is to end the potential war with the intel she’s been trying to obtain from many high-ranking officials. While KWB mostly carrying out killing, like assassinating. Now he even has a bomb technician, it’s going to hurt more people. With his reckless nature, he could harm YJ one way or another indirectly, I feel. I’m a bit concerned that YJ keeping The Blue Bird book in her room. It’s possible later Matsuura or her other enemies could find it as evidence of her ID. It must have been a very important document which authorized her doing something big in the future that she’s been carrying around with her in the suitcase when traveling. It appears he also has had a backup plan already in case YJ or he is in danger and that Fukuda would help them. He seems like a very good father to YJ. I find it sweet he holding her hands when getting out of the car at the hospital. According to the preview texts of next week’s episodes, Hiroshi going to propose YJ to engage with Fukuda. Don’t know what the chance she would accept his proposal is, who knows she could stun KWB with her acceptance. There’s a scene in the preview she wearing a red kimono, could it be her engagement event? There’s still hope Fujin shippers.
  4. I think KWB did want to terminate Roku on the train, it just happened he got saved by Murai. He couldn’t possibly ensure the guy is dead while on a moving train. As for Majar, he probably doesn’t have much experience when facing in front of the opposing soldiers to possess nerves of steel, so it’s his instinct reaction the way he did.
  5. It’s getting more interesting. Lots of developments going on. One scene funny to me is when the receptionist girl informing Matsurra that YJ is in Manchuria. He couldn’t believe it and laughing of anger.
  6. Aww... he's protecting YJ. How sweet. Miki looking like a black widow and mysterious. Is she gonna bite YJ?
  7. Hello @realistic2280 , I saw your post on the other thread asking if DD has started airing yet. It has been on May 4th already. Thanks to fans for making these gifs.
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