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  1. It is really not a typical revenge drama we normally see. ASC is funny, cute, and heartwarming seeing their bonding. Yeah, wish there's more installments. Very entertaining series.
  2. Her forehead is certainly nice, neither bulging nor big surface. Let just say Yowon is blessed with good looks, excellent height and proportional physique. Her long skirt could be my pants.
  3. The case that guy killed her loved ones is interesting. He’s a bit creepy though. They actually did cut down some episodes. Yeah, Junghye doesn’t know much outside her world, like ramen, instant coffee, and social life. Here she didn’t know she would offend Dohee by saying she looks poor. And her justification that’s how Dohee really looks.
  4. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why she did RM. It think it’s actually not just about human rights violations. It could lead to serious crime when there’s killer involved, such as that guy who had murdered of her two family members. Correct. Junghye saying in her thoughts that Dohee must be so happy to have a son like Heesoo in the ramen scene above, and vice versa Junghye in the third gif of previous post saying Dohee is his mom, so he must be happy to have a mom like Dohee. I guess she got miscarriage first, then couldn’t bear chil
  5. Revisiting this drunk scene it’s all connected from where Junghye having a party with Dohee and Mishook talking at the table. She asked Dohee if she can call her unnie. And that was the first time she’s ever called someone as such. It means Junghye was never allowed to address her half sister unnie in adulthood life, at least. The middle gif where Junghye shedding several tears is right after her calling unnie, probably is not just coincident. Junghye has long desire for a sister like Dohee that she wants to "buy” from Heesoo in later part. It’s funny scene, then again, there’s sad eleme
  6. Not sure about her interest in fantasy/mythical genre. I know she wants to do something like psychological thriller with bipolar personalities or maybe crime force/lawyer theme. Fantasy is not my cup of tea but I would love to see her as some kind of heavenly goddess wearing costume clothes similar to The Three Kingdoms' era in QSD. Although 49 Days also has some fantasy elements, I love the drama. Its great theme teaching life lessons to love and live to the fullest so when the time comes we have no regrets whatsoever. Learning how to curse from unnie.
  7. That’s right! Junghye is longing for affection from her unnies, especially Do Hee. Here she wants Do Hee to caressing her head like how Do Hee rubbing on her daughter with tender care. The whole sequence between them in the spa is cute & funny on the surface, however, it’s not the case for Junghye’s sentiment. She is yearning for that love and caring for so long. It’s consistent with what the director had in mind for these particular scenes.
  8. Perhaps there’s meaning behind her tears in that scene with Heesoo. I remember the director saying something like although some sequences in ASC could look funny, there are sad attributes beneath. Probably Junghye feels so much love and caring from Do Hee like real unnie, as opposed to her halfblooded sister who didn’t treat her well and even disregarded her as a family member. Talking about tears, one of the main reasons why I love watching Yowon’s projects. She’s absolutely incredible in sad/crying scenes. Her shedding looks naturally flowing down not just a few drops on the
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