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  1. Hi, Yes, Yowon just turned 40 this month. She's still good looking as ever. Seems like yesterday when she was in her 20’s back then. The earth is spinning faster and faster these days.
  2. Just passing by to say hello to you all. Hope you guys doing fine. My family and I are harmless so far. Thanks God. With the current pandemic and seeing how some governments treating the citizens in some countries, I really miss the Queen in QSD more, who genuinely cares for the people. Hurrah Her Majesty!
  3. Hi, Not yet. Her management released her new profile pic weeks ago. Hope all doing well and staying away from the virus. May the world renowned scientists could find vaccine/cure soon. Similar pic 19 years ago.
  4. So many to choose from. To make it easier, I’ll pick 10 out of 135 outfits. They are number 22, 43, 51, 66, 73, 89, 90, 121, 125, and 131. It’s not necessary in that order.
  5. Here is the complete list of her 135 outfits in the order of appearances in EOG, averaging around 5.6 pieces per episode. Wondering is there any drama where someone had changing as many clothes as CSY did. Probably the most collection of wardrobe she has ever had. Will pick my fav ones later.