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  1. After watching with subs. Kaneki is fake. He did bring lighter all of the times, its a sign that (maybe) he was the one who set a fire on Masayuki's house. The lighter must be something? . He is KW's brother? Maybe. I not pretty sure. KW said once that he and his mom comeback to Korea afer Miho's death. If his brother "not really died", there is no way she will stand still. As a mother, she must have looking for him. But, who knows? . Officer Jin is not a spy...hope it will go that way... what will he gain? Nothing. He once Kaneki's victim too. . KW did really care about GTT. KJ message through radio is heartbreaking. I dont know why, but feel like this. Hoo... . Both going to meet a woman called Lee Hwa-ja, for my shipper heart, hope they will meet there. And KW wont try to avoid her. .
  2. Wth with this drama. Did i watched a melodrama? Voice? What the genre is? Thriller or melo? I cried like a river. I wonder what did i have done to deserve the pain like this. The writer too cruel? Why why why? Writernim. She/he made me like Chief Na's character, the simply just cut him off. Oh my... stop torturing our leads, Writernim. So, Kaneki was the one who killed Miho? That means he is Kosuke's hyung? He knew about Miho's ears. Fujiyama saburo and fujiyama koichi somehow blood related, jung-taesoo former police officer, Kaneki, and the last one Sameta who supposed to be Do Kang-woo. Then how about Bang Je-soo? He just a passerby? The more i saw this drama , Moo Taegu is nothing compared to Kaneki. Kaneki totally crazy. He did mutilation to his victims, to complete his perfect imagination of human being. Only 3 eps left, I feel lost. What will happen next? Somehow, i want GTT to be disbanded (mianhe). I cant stand anymore seeing the team got hurt. I just hope, Officer Park will safe, Officer Jin not a spy, Det Yang going to forgive Kang-woo. As for my shipper heart. I dont want Kangwoo to kill Kaneki. It will hurt Kwonjoo. I dont want him to die either. Because it will be another lost for Kwonjoo, after Her Father , Chief Jang and Chief Na. Kwon-joo and Kang-woo are sick person. They need to be treated. After all the mess, hope the will take a break. Just like Kang-woo's promise to Late Chief Na. Go to quite place, fixed their health. And if its not too much, be together. Healing each other pain. Forgive themselves and start a new beginning.
  3. Speaking of OCN Tunnel. Dont you think, Jung Ho-young was there not for nothing???
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