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[Official] Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon

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In Entertainment news this morning, a veteran and famous reporter said that according to the owner, only SS ate meal with very kind-heartedness (more like intimately) to each other in the restaurant w

Yoo Shi Jin - Kang Mo Yeon (Descendant of The Sun)  

Song Joong Ki, I love you!!!. You're the best!. I love you Sichuan!. I love the 17th of June!. I love it all. I love Kyo and I love SS couple. And I love this month of June, just like I love

Been awhile since I been here

So happy to hear of this news...

congrats to songsong couple.

i was a shipper when DOTS first aired in Feb 2016.. never shipped before...

been a fan of SHK for 20 years and happy she has found the one.

1st time shipper and in paradise right now..


its was quite obvious there was a chemistry in DOTS ...

and subsequent hints really had no doubt these two were a couple..



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I'm just so happy for our dearest SongSong couple!! Oh my!  
It has been months since I last posted here but I couldn't help my self from posting again because today is a real happy day for us shippers!!

Our late night conversations for the past year were really all worth it!!

I'm so happy the I can see @bambiina and @joongkyoposts again and other chingus!!!

Let's rejoice shippers!! <3 <3 <3




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I can't believe I finally created an account just so I can leave a comment and celebrate with you guys! I've been here since PAGE 385!!!

So happy for SongSong Couple, such beautiful, genuine people.

One of my friends tagged me earlier today and we talked about how we discussed the possibility of them being real way back 2015!!!! Now they're getting married. Awww

Hello to the people I follow religiously - like checking their profiles every now and then! Haha Joongkyo, Angieknows, chewy hoe and hclover!


P.S. I feel like I need to rewatch DOTS! :)))

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It's been 10hours i think since the news broke and i'm still not over it. I've been reading news/comments all over soompi, facebook instagram. 

Thank you to all the pioneers of this thread. I've been Hye Kyo's fan since AIMH. And so the years passed, i no longer follow kdrama anymore until i saw DOTS trending. I was curious so I researched about it and when i learned one of the leads was kyo, i watched.  DOTS straight from the very first episode to the last. Almost did not sleep and took any break. Then i saw the BTS and so something between them. So i started following them via soompi and instagram. This was around may 2016. I heard of hk and ny meet ups. So i just continued following. I was again surprised when i saw them holding hands at Baeksang. I remember waiting at all announced award ceremonies and fan meetings and carefully observed them, what i saw was just pure, unconditional love. I kept believing, so do most of you. Here we are now. 

We are happy for you, Hye Kyo and Joongki! Please receive our blessing!!! Best wishes!!! 


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2 hours ago, joongkyo1031 said:

I almost thought that I wouldn't write on Soompi again but since it's a day of unexpected events - hey everyone it's Joongkyo here. 

Just like everyone else on this thread and other SNS, I can't even begin to express my happiness for our OTP. They've had a roller coaster of a journey and many of the shippers on this thread have been along for the ride from day 1. 

I wouldn't say it comes as a surprise that SJK decided to come out and decide to put an end to all the speculation even if it might have consequences that could affect the outcome of the movie because we all know he's just that kind of a partner to her. He's respectful towards his crew and cast members but the guy obviously couldn't let her face anymore of those horrid comments. 

So basically the reason why I came back to write here was because there has been some very irresponsible journalism being done with regards to the alleged statements of SJK's parents. I honestly don't believe what is being reported because why would SJK's dad be "heard talking" to his friends by a journalist making comments about SHK's age,  it's probably some trash journalist trying to rack views on their site by making this out to be some Makjang drama. But knowing how some fans could take this news to be dampener on the nuptial news, I would urge everyone to be mature and believe in our OTP and their families. 

Let's send lost of positivity and love to SS and their families. The next few months will be the beginning for the rest of their lives and they deserve the happy ending that we know they're destined to have. 

Love to the shipper family here - Angie,Pixies Unnie, Apple Unnie.

Hopefully I get to finally meet some of you in Seoul in October. 


@melleri Mel is that you? 

Joongkyo!!! You re finally back!

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Yes Finally! Saw the news early in the morning on the way to work, cannot log in to the account, guess the big news jam soompi server with many logging. To wish SongSongCouple! My turn now.:)

Finally the big news that we are patiently waiting for is here! Really in cloud9, our believe and faith is true all along. My illusion and dream turn into reality! Really happy for them! Congratulations to Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo, wish you two happiness forever, and have your own kids that look like little JK or Hk. This is just the start to the new chapter of your life! Enjoy it! To SHK, you found the one, a good to be husband and father of the FAMILY. To SJK. You found the one who will support you to be the women behind every successful man! Waiting for your big day to come, do give us fans and shippers more good news and updates!

*I really think they or she read our comment here, as the last round I ask for more obvious hints and we got it from them directly.*

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*unlurked mode*

LET ME JUST SHOUT FOR JOY! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Been waiting for this moment for sooooo long and now it happened. Leave it to Song Song to  give you a heart attack. I expected this  but I was still shocked! So happy for Kyo. You've been wanting to get married and you've finally found the one just in time. And to Joong Ki. You're everything a man should be. I love the way you look at her and see the love in your eyes. No words are needed, really. Congrats to all the shippers. This is the happiest day of our shipper heart... yet!

Can't thank their families, friends, agencies and Dispatch enough for respecting their relationship. Protecting them 'til they're ready. The long wait is over. 


To the unbelievers. What now, huh? just kiddin' :glasses:

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I'm still not over the news.. my second post here today hehe. I have been trying to work but keep coming back checking all the news here, soompi, instagram, blogs, disptach, tweeter and even allkpop lol. I can't get enough of it and reading everyone comments just made me happy. I haven't read any negative comments and most are jst wishing them happiness. Many non-shippers were shocked but accept their news positively. Our songsong couple is truly blessed.

Both SHK and SJK letters to fans were really touching. I had tears in my eyes reading them. There are sincerity in every words they wrote. They really are most caring couple and their honesty shine through. Feel so lucky being their fans. We are truly blessed too ♡♡♡

We have so much to look forward to in the future. To know that they will share more good news with us fans in the future made me so happy. We will be here rooting for their happy family too.

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Congrats HyeKyo & JoongKi 

Your promise to each other is the sweetest thing 

So happy that you found one another to call husband and wife :wub: 

Cheering for you to build a beautiful family and future together.  

A sweet pic HyeKyo posted on 1/1/2017 of them now has a special meaning too.


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I am confused about the timeline though...based on SJK's message, he proposed and they decided to get married on the start of 2017 right? Which ties in with Laneige's FB posting. But why did dispatch show that one of their sources claimed that SJK confirmed his feelings to SHK during their trip in Tokyo (also in 2017)? I thought they were already dating before that? Confused but still happy nonetheless cos it is the end game that matters! 

And SJK, SJK...I don't think you have ever treated SHK as a "friend" first before becoming lovers...your actions, your expressions gave you away from the start! 

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46 minutes ago, storeberry said:

Joongkyo!!! You re finally back!


Thanks for coming back to this thread. You are right! And no stupid remarks or detractors can take away this joyous and long awaited day of reckoning. The fact that both sides have given their blessings is an undisputed fact that everything sinister and snide are nothing but fallacies! 

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sincerity can be felt thru reading both sjk and shk's letter to the fans...and i can understand fully well their predicament on concealing the relationship not from the fans but to the meddling media during their relationship goal..this is where my respect for Dispatch for their professionalism and understanding to preserve  the right to privacy of both..bow to you.....happy to note likewise that shk found at last her truly Mr Right..they are blessed to have found each other....now with the upcoming marriage,...gladly with love, Blessing for the union is hereby granted  to both...Cheers to Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo soon to be Mr & Mrs Song ...husband and wife (i am very excited to address them with this)...May Papa God bless your union with continuous love and cutie cutie babies to come....All the Best....the Triumph of True Love....Shout for joy everyone....Love Love Love

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I am so happy to hear this news this morning. So Unexpected.  Are there any shippers living in UK?  I feel my friends and family don't understand how happy I feel. 

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