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  1. Wow did they purposely color co-ordinated their wardrobe? All the main casts were in black and white which was pretty awesome and neat. All four of them look so gorgeous. I didn't even realize that JJH is such a good looking guy But he looks good in that suit. Excited to see the script reading updates and hopefully more behind the scenes later on. So looking forward to this drama.. Pls let it be good!!
  2. Maybe it's better that it will be self-produced by MBC so the drama will be aired through south korea mainstream broadcasting channel. I'm just glad it was pick up by MBC rather than the drama going to a cable channel.
  3. The drama plot about ordinary man who develop superpower is not something i'm too excited about. It sounded too much like Marvel comic to me .. But since JSY has never done a fantasy based drama so it will be interesting to see. Her past two dramas have been all historical dramas so it's good that she trying various genre i guess. Never seen "Five Fingers" so i have no idea of her chemistry with JJH but it's something to look forward too. They must have been comfortable working with each other to do another project again.. Furthermore with the addition of Kim Kang Woo as a villian it will be a perfect cast. He'll be one of those psychopath that i will find it hard to hate cause he's so good looking. I can imagine him looking sinister already.
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