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@mangachickava i like your analysis.... ☺ taking note how surprised the others were that Taekie know who is lee moon sae...  It's becos he knew it's DS's favourite singer right lol ( the claim that the hubby knows everything about DS)...  

Also see how intently he studies that monopoly game so he will win... I think he will approach DS the same way lol he won't see any issues about reading her diary to know what she was thinking hahaha 

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CHOI TAEK ❤ SUNG DEOK SUN PARK BO GUM ❤ HYERI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNS THAT HE IS THE HUSBAND 1. Left- h

ONE LAST NOTE BEFORE THE FINALE...   Thank you, Reply 1988, for teaching me so much about love. I realized through this drama that love is a lesson you can never cease to learn from, no matter wh

Hi guys!  The mods have been merciful; my account is still here .. for now. Thank you darlings for your warmth and humor... a piece of my heart will always be in Taek's room. I know some of you e

Speaking of the beach scene and LMS.. i was re-watching the old episodes and i noticed that when DS and TK are with the others, TK would sometimes turn to look at DS when he answers something correctly/looks for confirmation. so cute. i've set up the clips below to start at that exact scenes i'm talking about. i'll edit this post if i stumble upon something like this again in other episodes as well.. 

EP 8- when he was asked if he knows how to go to the theatre. he said "dan sung sa, machi?" and at the "machi" part he turned his gaze to DS directly.


and another one, in EP 10- Car scene. "Of course. Lee Moon Sae.. machi?" and again at that part he turned his face to DS. 

edited to add: @st4rdust i noticed that during the monopoly game, the camera zooms down to the board and we can see TK's cards laid down on the floor and color coded (along with his thick stack of money hahahah $$$) ... and not surprisingly, his largest collection is made up of the YELLOW cards. and the cards next to them are green lol i can't.


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Guest ngocdpb

Playlist playlist!!!


-The only TaekSun scene in this ep is the scene broken leg SW coming to borrow DS's dictionary, followed by the "jealous" eyesights of TK and JH. LOL.

Byeon Jin-seop: Dear My Lady (1989) // Lyrics by Park Joo-yeon & Music by Ha Kwang-hoon // This song was featured on Byeon Jin-seop's 2nd album, released in 1989. This video consists of the scenes from a 2003 South Korean drama, "여름향기" ("Summer Scent"), starring Son Ye-jin, Song Seung-heon, Ryun Jin, and Han Ji-hye.



- Hug scene :heart:  Park Boram - Hyehwa-dong


- First snow phone call scene: 첫눈이 온다구요 The First Snow Is Coming - 이정석 Lee Jeong Seok


Should I do something more? Anyone take ep 7-8 or 9-10? Poor our TaekSun team, there are only few scenes of TK-DS in the 1st 6eps anw. :sweatingbullets:

I'm going to do ep 9-10. :P Ahh..Guys, if it's not enough or wrong, correct me, pls. ^^


EDIT: Anyone, please tell me how to embed youtube vid! I can't, I just only can paste the link. Isn't it automatique? 

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I am sorry if this post may sound offensive and hurt some people.. 


I just don't get it when some people said that TK doesn't like DS as a woman.. Jeez.. Haven't you watch recents episodes? He treats her so precious and care for her so much.. He makes her happy.. Can't you see how the way she looks at him? Every time she sees him, she give him the biggest smile she has.. No matter how tired he was, he never forget his promise to her and he concern about her..

He even has a courage to said out loud that he likes her, he even brave enough to compliment her, tell her how pretty she is.. but, no matter how competitive he is and no matter how much he wants to tell her, he prefer to back down so he doesn't jeopardize JH-TK friendship and despite he hasn't confessed yet, his act of surrender already makes DS sad (DS who said that she has to study and annoy when TK fall asleep watching movie during the first date but feels so disappointed and sad because TK cancel their date)..

and I don't agree when people said that R88  has the weakest loveline and has a slow pace of loveline, TK-DS have very subtle and strong relationship, they have many moments and grow as characters together.. That's a great loveline..yes I refer to the loveline TK-DS not JH-DS..

Since I still doubt that JH-DS is the main OTP.. No matter how many times I watched R88, their bond is not as strong as SunTaek..and they don't have the climax scene together (SunTaek has beach scene, china scene, children flashback scene with TK is the main center).. So maybe when you think that the loveline is weak or slow progress, maybe because the focus is wrong.. Maybe JH-DS are not the main loveline..

To be honest and I already said this multiple of times in my post, I don't care if TK is not the husband, I already satisfied because we have countless meaningful and beautiful SunTaek scene.. So if the writer want to change their plot and make JH is the main lead again, fine by me.. I already cry together with Taek during the last episode.. 


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Also, before I go back to work, these goodies from the main thread are too good not to share:

A DC netizen made a sexy Taek compilation: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=reply1988&no=407747&page=1&exception_mode=recommend

And @13infamyss wrote this intelligent, sharp-eyed analysis of episode structure and narrative flow. I'm fangirling / admiring her words so much. .. You guys know the drill-- please go over to the main thread and like her post to show our appreciation (if you haven't read / seen it yet).




I don't know whether this was intentional or not, but I looked back on the previous episodes and counted how long Duk Seon's span of attention was for Sun Woo and Jung Hwan. I wanted to figure out where, when, and how we started to comment on the slow pace of the main love line. It was hard for me to share my thoughts during the last few weeks as I was confused on what to say and how to react on the past few episodes thrown at me. I needed to watch certain scenes over and over again to come to a realization that maybe I was underestimating the power and effect of this drama on me

Duk Seon's started treating Sun Woo differently in Episode 3 and her sweet treatment to him ended by Episode 6 (a total of 4 episodes). She started treating Jung Hwan differently by Episode 11 and ended her sweet treatment by Episode 14 (a total of 4 episodes again). By Episode 15, I've come to a conclusion she is over acting cute for Jung Hwan. She is not shoving herself to him - moreover, she doesn't even bat an eyelash at Jung Hwan anymore (the scene at the bus stop with her menacing look she gave not only to Sun Woo but Jung Hwan was note worthy - Ep 15). During the scene where Taek found out about Jung Hwan's feelings, I was on the edge of my seat thinking he might not only figure out about Jung Hwan's feelings, but also how his feelings were being reciprocated by Duk Seon. I've been on the edge waiting for the moment that she gives a glance at Jung Hwan and shares a secret smile with him (Just like how she kept stealing glances at Jung Hwan when she was making animated faces with his father - Ep 12). But Duk Seon never did once glance his way and I noticed how she was back being herself and having fun with her best friends (I believe this is when she is at her prettiest - when she is trying not too hard to get someone's attention and being just herself - like what No Eul said in Ep 12). Given how there's only four more episodes left, I think the rest of the episodes would focus on Duk Seon's another shift on the person of her new interest. 

I've said this before, after the fallout of her feelings for Sun Woo - that the next time she takes an interest in someone, I hope she will be the one to discover it without anyone telling her that another guy likes her. I was so disappointed that her friends had once again whispered into her ear and acted upon by what they had told her to do. I was even more disappointed that she gave Jung Hwan a birthday present that she did not pick out herself. Jung Bong noted that Jung Hwan never liked that kind of colour (which was a big contrast in Episode 9 where Duk Seon pulled out a couple of clothes for Taek to bring to China and she raised them to her eye level testing which combination would look good on him). It only proved this gut feeling I've had for a while now that maybe there was a reason why I am not really seeing progress between Jung Hwan and Duk Seon. I mean they grow each episode as individuals, but together - I haven't really seen anything that will convince that they were meant to be together. Which was a complete opposite of Taek and Duk Seon. Each episode they not only grow individually, but there's something we discover and learn about them every time they are together. (Duk Seon doesn't like people see her cry, so the next time Taek caught her crying he let it go and just asked if she were okay, Taek stopped taking meds after Duk Seon suggested it, Duk Seon knows now how to knock on his door before entering... and the list goes on and I wish I could list the times Duk Seon and Jung Hwan were like this together as well - y'know just constant mutual show of caring for each other - not hidden/unknown/secretively/one sided) 

I wish Dong Ryong had given his advise long before, so she wouldn't have been in so much pain and in constant look for that someone to love her. Episode 15 was all about Duk Seon's personal growth in my opinion. She wanted to get into university, but she wasn't really putting everything in to get that goal. She said she would study but she was doing it halfheartedly. She'd lose her attention and would do other things (get herself busy instead with whatever was in her hair - Ep 12). But when the teacher said getting into university was impossible for her and that meant disappointing her mom, she gave studying another push, tried harder, and even asked her new friend to help her understand the class. On the other hand, her best girlfriend who totally did not give a crap about studying was busy playing games with this other girl. We never saw her participate in any of what her friend was doing and just continued studying. At that moment, I thought she was finally being serious in achieving that goal. I also think that this mirrors in how she's going to act the next time she falls in love (by the end of Ep 14 after listening to Dong Ryong's advice). She`ll take precautionary actions and start learning it from scratch without anyone telling her who likes her and what she should to do in certain situations. And this is why I think Taek backing up from confessing his feelings was brilliant and just in tune at the pace that Duk Seon is heading. Everyone one of us wants either of the boys to do something - anything, but if Taek confesses his feelings to Duk Seon, she's going be all confused again and we will be back to square one when she will lose her true self and shove herself in to someone, who she thinks, likes her. Ep 15 showed us a side of Duk Seon who's still trying hard to get into university even though she was told it was impossible. And it once again mirrored Duk Seon who's going to give love another chance in the near future. You guys mentioned that Duk Seon has a mind of her own and she will choose whoever she wants to be with for the rest of her life, so this is why I thought it was great that Taek opted out to say his true feelings and Jung Hwan hasn't said anything either (whatever their reasons be). We want Duk Seon to seriously love someone now genuinely with no bias from both camps. I want her to go to that someone who she will see as her other half - someone, who just by looking at him gives her comfort and happiness in however mundane and little things are for them. I want her to. Really. So bad. 

I think 4 episodes will be good enough to wrap things up and finally introduce us the husband, given the timeline they (the writer/PD) provided her to focus her interest on Sun Woo and Jung Hwan. Going over the scenes again from previous episodes made me realize maybe Duk Seon's romance isn't as slowpoke as it is. Each episode, in my opinion, has its own kind of growth for the main love line - whether it is only individual, couple, or both kind of growth. Now, it only depends on how each of us are going interpret these scenes being thrown at us.



@minibunny I really agree with your comment (which, btw, was so sensitively and thoughtfully written, that IMHO you don't need to hide it behind a spoiler tag :):wub:). "Slow" and "weak" loveline ... WELL DUH YES, if you're determinedly ONLY watching JH-DS scenes, and turning a blind eye at the amazing developments in TK & DS's individual characters as well as their relationship arc. Though I want to preserve the peace as much as anyone, I have to say it drives me nuts that JH-DS shippers are still discrediting TK's character in the main thread (the details of which I don't even care to repeat ... ugh). 

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@13infamyss What an amazing post!!! I just wish the JH-DS shippers would be open-minded enough to see that. No matter where this ship takes me, I've enjoyed the sail. I truly believe Taek is in the running to be the husband. I just don't understand the amount of time spent showing the relationship between TK and DS if TK is not the husband in the end. 

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This drama is a form of art, and like art in all of its forms, its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no "right" or "wrong" view. I mean, there's an intended view based on the creator, but no one is wrong for interpreting it in their own light. This goes for both Team TK and Team JH, and while I hate that the passion on both sides is so strong that it breaks the unity of the viewership, hey, this means that the characters are that good, right? All hail Reply 1988!

I was thinking this after I caught myself rewatching this scene over and over



and looked down at the comments to see what insights I could find only to see that the majority of he comments were viewers being happy to see JH smile again. This I agreed with, but I was kind of shocked all the same because in my mind Taek commanded this scene. My attention was all TK's. But my lens are different from other's. *shrugs* I probably only focused on TK during his confession scene to the gang even though it was through JH's POV. We're all a little blinded by our love, right? Hahaha

I say don't worry about the negative comments (easier said than done). We're about to move onto episode 17 of 20. We're all on the edge of our seats. We have no idea what twist is going to be thrown at us. We're antsy. We're feisty. We've cried. A lot. It's okay to be emotional. Like Taek, we're only human. LET'S HUG IT OUT.

Choi Taek will go down as one of my favorite characters in anything, ever. I refuse to let him not being Husband ruin that. It will not take away from my enjoyment of the show and the beauty of the discussions we've had on this thread.

I know this sounds like loser-bowing-out-talk, but seriously Taek is so brilliantly written. His worth is so beyond the love triangle. I don't say that in a way that's meant to defile the other characters but simply to compliment Taek as an individual. We've talked about him for 106 pages by now and our discussion knows no bounds. Taek's rooooooooom, I love you guys. I'm so glad I decided to create a Soompi account for this drama because it means so much more to me after reading all of these analyses.


On another note, IF TAEK IS THE GOD OF BADUK THEN I AM THE GOD OF LAZINESS PERSEVERANCE. It took me 16 episodes to finally have a look at the Viet subs. It takes me like three times as long to read Viet over English since I never officially learned to and because the sub team uses a dialect I'm not used to. BUT I HAD TO KNOW THE NEW TAEK DETAILS. So I only watched the Taek scenes hehe. THE SCENES ARE SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIALOGUE LOL. LESS THAN 24 HOURS UNTIL SUBS.

Anyway, midst the angst I encountered this moment that cracked me up. I don't know if you guys noticed, but Taek briefly looks sooooo offended in his own way here. I'm crying. Even his offended expression is kind.

I'm so sorry that I can't gif this gold. Someone please help a sista out me.




SW: Why do I always end up making the ramen?

TK: Next time I'll make it.

EVERYONE: No need!

TK: *wounded puppy ft. DR's greedy hand*



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I have something I wondered about, and i have been going to past episodes but, in episode 5, around 23:47, the mom says 


follow by



what i find funny is that she repeats the same thing in the interview, something along where he would find a girl like her or catch like her. also talk about friend-zone by even the mom. which is funny cause its like duk seon been conditioned to never expect more from taek cause he only has eyes for baduk.


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59 minutes ago, mangachickava said:

@hafunohane posted this article http://www.instiz.net/pt?no=3476316&page=2&srt=3&k=&srd=1  on the main thread and I KNEW THAT SCENE WAS IMPORTANT...CAN ANYONE TRAnslate from the article or provide subs from the scene ( I think Chinese is out?)


I'm 98% sure this is the dialogue based on Viet subs. Viet inhabitants of Taek's Room threaders please correct me if I'm wrong ... or phrase it better lol.


Opponent: If you placed your piece here, you'd be afraid I couldn't lose, right?

Taek: Yes.

Opponent: How's the situation?

Taek: The black pieces have a bit of an advantage.

Opponent: And here I thought I had the advantage. [Haha]



Please tell me when you figure out what the article is saying!

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@liteulkwin meaning TK has the advantage in the game,yes? 

*sigh* i wanted to learn a little about baduk and asked my bf to explain. He started teaching me but I  had the same face that DS had when bora was teaching her math...the face of confusion. He gave up teaching me lol. The rules to the game is just too much. Kudos to those who play it. 

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@mellinadear Yep yep! We can see here:


that Taek is black. It's basically a brief scene where the opponent asks Taek to elaborate on his moves. The opponent thought that he was winning, but Taek admits that he's actually a couple of steps ahead of him. This follows right along with how people talk about Lee Chang Ho's playing style in that he makes the opponent think they're winning before he swoops in for the win.

Notice that Taek didn't say that HE had the advantage. He said that THE BLACK PIECES do. Our humble Baduk Master (':

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27 minutes ago, liteulkwin said:

@mellinadear Yep yep! We can see here:


that Taek is black. It's basically a brief scene where the opponent asks Taek to elaborate on his moves. The opponent thought that he was winning, but Taek admits that he's actually a couple of steps ahead of him. This follows right along with how people talk about Lee Chang Ho's playing style in that he makes the opponent think they're winning before he swoops in for the win.

Notice that Taek didn't say that HE had the advantage. He said that THE BLACK PIECES do. Our humble Baduk Master (':

@mellinadear so someone in the main thread translated about the article hehe thanks @tituyphing. the subs are exactly like what @liteulkwin said. but then the article talks about how in the last scene of episode 15 when both guys are looking at DS, TK is wearing white and JH is wearing Black clothes, meaning JH has the advantage. i'm scratching my head because TK was definitely not wearing white? i'm not gonna add two more colors to the rainbow color theory with 4 episodes left.. so i'll just dismiss it hehe. but i'd love to read what others think about that baduk convo scene.

this is her post that i pasted from the main thread: 


Opponent (white stone) : how's the situation? 

Taek (black stones) : I think black is a little bit in favorable state.

Opponent : I thought I was favorable haha

The last time taek looking at duksun, his clothes is White and Junghwan Is Black. And Taek was drinking his tea, just like before he started every Baduk match. 

Junghwan-Taek match starts.. 


But i think  it's only applies for epi 15. :) 


here's the referenced article: http://www.instiz.net/pt?no=3476316&page=2&srt=3&k=&srd=1 

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26 minutes ago, hafunohane said:

so someone in the main thread translated about the article hehe thanks @tituyphing. the subs are exactly like what @liteulkwin said. but then the article talks about how in the last scene of episode 15 when both guys are looking at DS, TK is wearing white and JH is wearing Black clothes, meaning JH has the advantage. i'm scratching my head because TK was definitely not wearing white?? http://www.instiz.net/pt?no=3476316&page=2&srt=3&k=&srd=1 


.... Well that's unfortunately anticlimactic. Are we writing a new color theory? 

I interpreted the scene as evidence that Taek is an oh-so-strong player through my objective lens. The writers are channeling Lee Chang Ho so beautifully into Taek. All of the theories we've mentioned thus far about how Taek is an underdog and is laying down his pieces for the win can actually be supported by this scene. Such a small moment, so easily overlooked, but compellingly telling. But is it a real hint or red herring lolol.

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@13infamyss Wow I remember once drowsingly reading that post of yours over the main thread about how deok sun's behavior with taek comes off as wives take care of husbands...and their relationship do look that way...at times...I made a note about replying on that post,only to  forget it later on.But anyway this post that @Meliere enlightened us about lol is so good that I wanted to keep on reading...Really love the way you make the observation of 3-6,11-14..and how exactly 4 episodes are left to round up the love arc..with whoever it is.

Also I also agree with you in the sense that..as I have felt it too...JH-DS  relationship was never teased to the next level...we did not see how they complete each other or back up each other in time of need. ..which we witnessed  in case of DS and Taek. And that's why I,thinking that deok sun-JH would be the end game,had already frustratingly  made the assumption  that this year the love line  would be the weakest link..But maybe we can still dare to dream 'a little'... and experience some thing one of a kind. And in case we don't but taek is still a winner to me anyway =].He would maybe the first guy in drama land which I thought would be okay/live up to his dream even if he does not get the girl lol.

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