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  1. Another interesting clown jidal theory, this time reminds me of reply 1988, at that time the war is also quite intense but not as big as this of course, and they don’t attack the actors/actresses personally..sometimes I wonder, are PHR and OCH predicted that there will be a huge war among the viewers.. I am not going to counter any arguments because it’s going to be useless, everyone have different opinions and let’s respect each other.. just skip my post if you don’t like it.. I post this for people who wants to be clowns together
  2. Well we can agree to disagree, I am not going to counter your opinion because I am just too tired to see all the war have been going on, so yeah just agree to disagree however I also find the theory in the Twitter post has a lot of hole but some of it, I am quite agree.. I really don’t mind Dalmi with dosan, of course they’re the main lead so 99% chance they’re the end game, so let 1% for jipyeong team to clown in it.. I also do agree there will be a major twist coming, I believe the major plot are either the injae step father last move or jipyeong final hit..
  3. Me too.. it’s so simple yet my heart skip a bit..well actually everything that he did to her, make my heart flutter ❤️
  4. I found this 1% chance theory is quite entertaining, I put on the spoiler box so you don’t need to see it if you don’t interested
  5. Hi It’s been awhile since I post in this forum..I haven’t read all the posts, I just need to let my theory out of my mind otherwise I go crazy hehe..please don’t bully me, it just my silly observations and you can said that I am delusional, I really don’t mind.. watching the last 2 episodes I feel like there’s a chance that Jipyeong is the one that Dalmi chooses in the end.. here’s my thoughts (I put in the spoiler box because it’s too long and you can skip it if you don’t want to read my post)
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