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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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Just now, SizzlerZ said:


I think WS might have woken from a bad dream(?). Maybe in the dream he lost HS or something and looking at HS's face it seems like she's asking something or curious about something so like the - are you okay?/ was it a bad dream - sort of expression. 



a dream that will come true.................. :tears:

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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1 minute ago, Ainee Etp said:

Those people deserve that. Too bad as hard as I screened through the Resident Evil trailers, I can't find LJG in there. Commander Lee!

Sadly, LJK will be the villain - tough a.s.s kicking villain nonetheless.. Still looking forward to it. 

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3 minutes ago, Kasmic said:


Maybe so and I also I believe his change will make her leave him. 

Still the mask scene looks so pretty.



I remember seeing a bts pic where she takes the mask down and half her face is shown. She looked really sad so maybe this is when she tells him she's going to leave him or maybe they are going to split up or YH's marriage thing is coming up!?!?

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@SizzlerZ thanks, so I really heard it right.. I was walking like 5 times around the block near the office just to watch :lol: my hands were freezing while holding the phone and crap fire trucks and cops keeps coming with their freaking alarm on this is why I hate stupid downtown. NOTHING WON'T STOP ME from watching late? ok then late it is :w00t:

SBS really compensate the viewers well.. back hug and the 2nd kiss :wub: omo omo but I'm dying to know what did HS said to him during the back hug :rolleyes:

Also anyone got a rough trans with Woohee talking to Yo? 

I'm glad that Yo's reign is finally over next week.. wonder did WS revolt or Yo did make him crowned prince to get back at his mother? Poor Yo.. did he get drugged? or it's his own conscience and pain upon having to kill Eun with Jung bringing that huge blow.. Yo is not that bad after all, he's just a victim of Queen Mother Yo.. he and So had not much difference they just both Yearn their mothers' affection but sadly it's not King Taejo who's got favoritism after all. I kinda felt bad for him getting insane constantly being haunted by his conscience towards Eun, guess he's really fond of him :mellow: and if he's truly ruthless, he's just have to kill Jung but no.. he's not just thinking for his mother's sake but for Jung as well.

Jung omg you're a fool. All along your hating the wrong brother.. I find it a bit off, before it's not like he hate that much but now he do, in fact he's so biased about So. makes me wonder why? :mellow: or jealousy is building on him as well? and now he's gonna steal Soo, I assumed that reward was Soo's hand for marriage.. now I'd love to see their reaction when So ascended the throne and HS is the woman beside him B)

The only thing I hate about today's episode is for me to watch Eun and SD and General Park sobbing once again.. it's hellish enough for me to restraint my tears but it's more HELL by not able to squeal with our OTP moments and the PREVIEW, again LANTERN/MASK SCENE drama-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif

 Edit: @penelop3 agree to that (Jung)

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5 minutes ago, SizzlerZ said:


That's what I thought as well. They are two different things! The hug was necessary and so were the kisses. Why can't we just have a mixture of both versions to make the ULTIMATE episode?! I would worthship SBS if they did that!


Maybe some kind soul will do some magic editing of the scene from both versions and post it on YouTube? I really hope so.

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1 hour ago, chi13lou said:

It was 10pm KST


Oh right. I made a mistake. My country's time is 2 hours slower than S.Korea's time. So it is schedule normally. Thank you so much! :heart: 

I will post my thoughts once I finish watching the eng sub and try to back read. It's so messy now. Patiently waiting for SBS eng sub version. Wondering what changes will SBS make for next week airing or will they not amend anything. 

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2 minutes ago, violet90 said:


also Soo look sad when she removes her mask.. (IU ig)

also in the preview someone said So have to give up something in order to own the palace... damn!

So yah never made a woman happy just to break a bad news.. the hurt will be a double than its supposed to be....

I think the one, who sais that is Younha's mother. I think she is warning her daughter, that she might lose something in order to become queen. (my guess is love!)

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3 minutes ago, chickenchopflipflop said:



totally getting the anakin skywalker vibes.... is this secretly goryeo star wars,....


  Hide contents

i think he was so mad because someone caused HS to miscarry their baby. 



That might make sense! If it's as you say then I think that scene might not be next episode because I doubt they'd be able to fit it in. And since SBS already has a history of showing scenes in the preview that aren't going to be in the next episode we can expect something fishy. 

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8 hours ago, aypopa said:

I know but they talk that they give us two episode today episDe 16+17 because we all know what happen yestarday..... and now what again bad news ... 


I think this was more speculation than anything.  Sports has delayed dramas more than once and they've always pushed it back and never aired episodes back to back to compensate for it plus SBS website always had the drama as TBD pending the game (hence no notice to fans) and never had 16 & 17 scheduled for Tuesday.  Probably more hopeful fans than anything official!

4 minutes ago, roneddski said:

I wonder why Jung chooses to blame So for killing Eun.. When he arrived at the scene, he should have seen So protecting Eun from the soldiers, right? And when Eun was struck by Yo's arrow, So went down and held him in his arms.. The level of concern So showed is so genuine.. wouldn't it occur to Jung that So took the decision to kill Eun against his will? Or that Eun might had requested him to?

When So was laughing hysterically with tears in his eyes after killing Eun.. that scene was so moving! I literally feel all the agony he is suffering inside, and the hurt written across his face.. I just want to applause LJK for that brilliant acting. Makes mi cry with him.

I think the one thing that Yo did right was to shoot the arrow that So blocked for Soo. It reignited their love which So had suppressed in his quest to become king and helped Soo reaffirm that So did not change after all. When Soo asked So if he still love her.. I'm glad he replied with the best answer - a kiss! That's like more powerful than saying 10 times I Love You. :P



My take on Jung is that he's very black and white and there is no gray area for him.  He's always been on the battle forefront so isn't heavily involved in the politics of the throne nor does he care about it and to him, whether So was conflicted about it or Eun requested it makes no difference to him.  I'm guessing his mindset is no matter what, you shouldn't kill your brother/family, even if it was a mercy killing.  Twice in the drama, he's shown his contempt for killing family when his mother asked So to kill Wang Mu and So stabbed Yo. When he discovered Yo was alive he was visibly upset refusing to commit treason against one brother but wasn't going to tattle on Yo being alive either.  

1 minute ago, yuhotarubi said:

I'm mad, they should've added the hug after the kiss.


I prefer this version actually as it's more clear that they consummated.  I felt the international version was a bit awkward in their transition from passionate kiss to sweet hug then lights out... Perhaps the hug should have came first before both kisses then lights out but a hug to lights out just doesn't sound right to me.  


UGH, I wish I could have watched it live but had other obligations.  Can't wait til next Monday!  월요일 기다:려

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16 minutes ago, violet90 said:

i think So will be really afraid losing Soo.... i don't know what's going on but he look scared when he hug Soo... seriously throne make people changes but i think only with Soo he will be our So and with other he is King Gwangjong....


in BBJX when 4th ascend the throne we will get to see how protective and caring 4th is before everything went down.. i think episode 17 will show us that.. the hug and bed scene also the mask scene... So always have a right reason to kill a person and i don't think he just go on killing people... also notice he look mad as hell and i don't think it will happen so fast but MAYBE its something with Soo???

also i pretty sure So knew about Won involvement with poisoning CP but CR and Won cannot be the reason why he look mad like that... a King women is the king weakness himself... i wonder maybe people will used Soo to get to So?? i have a long list by the way.. lol

either way our OTP look their still in a good place and its all that matter...

i think it's because So finds out HS/WW relationship or WW mentioned HS was her woman before?

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10 minutes ago, IAmSoulReader said:

Who else is having a hard time keeping up with all the different versions of each episode?! It really gets confusing as hell... :huh::sweatingbullets:

I believe the drama could do even better if the editing was more solid! I hope they release a DVD with an extended edition of each episode so that we'll eventually be able to watch every aired scene in the intended order. In my opinion sometimes this drama carelessly lessens its potential by cutting short the emotional scenes and it makes me feel sorry towards the actors who pretty much poured their everything into this story. 

You are not alone. I find myself ending up watching both versions of each episode, just to make sure I didn't miss any scenes. Sometimes I feel some of the cut scenes are important to the flow of the story.. eg. Yeonhwa and Wook talking about the throne and the backstory about their family in a way earlier episode.. Or Mu talking with Ji Mong about his disease(thus preventing him to fulfill his CP duties properly).. Some of the scenes are essential and the viewers might be confused from connecting one part to the other

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It seems that this throne is like a curse, Game Of Thrones style, every king that sits there undergoes for radical changes and is condemned to be unhappy  stress onion head

Watching the episode in streaming is a headache, but at least I saw the most important scenes. The death of Eun is very sad and more with Sunhae Im's song, I admit that I was teary-eyed that I couldn't even pick the phone  depressed1 onion head

I understand Wang So and his disappointment, he has given his heart completely to Hae Soo but she didn't trust him and now everyone had to live with the consequences of her mistakes. In some way she was right in trying to avoid the tragedy, by the fact of coming from the future and know what was going to happen, but inadvertently her decision led to all this happened. The same when she warned Wang Wook about Wang So, although he already coveted the throne, when she warned him quicken his ambitions.

If I'm not mistaken I think that before the moment the flame of the candle goes out, there is another kiss on the SBS's version which make more clear that they consummated their love. Everything in the scene is very subtle but surely they did it  cheer3 onion head

And about the preview, finally we will have this long awaited scene  victory onion head


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3 minutes ago, SizzlerZ said:


I remember seeing a bts pic where she takes the mask down and half her face is shown. She looked really sad so maybe this is when she tells him she's going to leave him or maybe they are going to split up or YH's marriage thing is coming up!?!?


eps 17 ending Soo want to leave So...

eps 18 So would't let Soo goes away from him and turn dark not in a bad way but in a way lover fight

eps 19 Jung will interfere and get Soo away and the ending Soo dies..

eps 20 So regret everything and we all dies????

i hope my prediction is totally wrong.... can we just get angst for the last 2 episode though??????????????????


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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