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  1. That iconic joy. Unmistakeable. 🇬🇧✨👑 Prince Louis dancing is a total mood 😇 ==== like this bag🥰 @partyon is he also your oppa🤫?#LeeSooHyuk🫠DG 446
  2. adorable young lady 😇 -------- like this group pic. of snow man @MayanEcho🥰 Gotta love that Shoppi said that Suno had a day off that time when they had a bbq 😂 Although in way it is kinda a day off for them, I bet they had so much fun filming there🥹 c.https://x.com/Ann_Niji17/status/1801816082908647451 === @Lmangla❣️ Pineapple Cupcakes 446
  3. #XuKai Instagram Update 2024/6/15 No jet lag === 🐟🐟🐟🤭 @rocat🤩💟 444
  4. 😆 yup red is also good @MayanEcho @partyonchingu this color (aqua color) 446
  5. @partyon🙏 c as labeled 💯agree chingus😇 @partyon my guesses will be white and blue but I prefer white🤩 ==== Peach bellini cupcakes 448
  6. @MayanEcho love the earing 🥰 === ----- @gm4queen💝 @joccu❤️‍🩹 444
  7. meguro with his fendi onigiri bag and dog keychain before going to milan😆@MayanEcho😇 ===== I feel its an injustice that i havent had an in-n-out burger yet🥲 Strawberry Mango Smoothie 448
  8. @MayanEcho will Meguro Ren attend Fendi for Milan men's summer show? XuKai wore the Fendi 2024 autumn and winter series and departed from the airport for Milan to attend the FENDI 2025 spring and summer men's wear show. Wang Xingyue for Neufmode - June 2024 @rocat +2
  9. @rocat agree I liked how in sync the Duke and Li with one another. And how Li chastises him to the shock of everyone, though it simply amuses him. By the way ,The trial was a bit confusing, but that could be because I’m tired. All seems to be resolved but of course the Princess ruins it all. I am curious to see how Li and the Duke will get out of that one As for the Duke and the Emperor, they really are running a complex plan and investigation. I’m sure it also has something to do with the Duke’s father. == cto @gm4queen glad you drop by again miss your art work that you post in the thread😇 How to Make a Fresh Fruit Platter (Fruit Tray)456
  10. so RM was in kyojo 1 and 2 , if I have time I will watched it , J-dramas mostly short episodes. yup agree I really hands on to my 2 kids(ages 2 and 4) foods intakes, it really the time for colds and coughing season chingu, I had to take meds.(due to sorethroat/ coughing allergies) I don't like my kids to get sick😷 ------- @rocat cto dinner time😋 454
  11. Kyojo 2 (2021) not yet it only 2ep. acc to mydramalist did you started?(especial) ,acc to mydramalist this the latest Kazama Kimichika: Kyojo Zero😎Is there a 3 season ?and will it feature RM and other Snow Man members? btw: you are watching Shogun @MayanEcho Hiroyuki Sanada and Anna Sawai are both nominated for their performances in ‘SHOGUN’ at the 2024 Television Critics Association Awards.👏 https://x.com/FilmUpdates/status/1800234811312717896 --- ===== #bento 454
  12. Somehow this relaxed and carefree Eunwoo with Venice in the background is extra🔥!🫠🫠🫠 he’s the only one who stopped to cheer the crowd that waited for him🥰❤️‍🩹 === time to flex the flexible king title 🤗 ==== WangXingyue: We filmed the kiss scene for a long time! But turns out there’s only a few shots shown #WuJinyan: It’s very frustrating right😒 @rocatFirst shirt, now cloak(ep. 23) - she’s gonna collect ALL his clothes at this rate. Get his pants! @rocat there chemistry or mutual romantic interest and compatibility (in addition to physical attraction) in later episode😇 ==== 454
  13. 💯 agree🥰 @rocat chingu do you think they have chem. I read in Double thread that she was old( for him?) but for me they have rapport together😍 === ==== snacks time😋 458
  14. @MayanEcho can you summary this news article(is this new article🤔) https://mdpr.jp/drama/4300410 ==== This uncle niece duo though@rocat😂😂😂 458
  15. === ==== @rocat🤗 Thing I liked about ep 16 When Li goes to the underground market, she 100% based her character on the Duke, given her elaborate use of the fan. I am also struck by the fact that unlike every other man in her life, he’s letting her do whatever because he knows she’s capable and he doesn’t really care about proper. 466
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