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  1. OMG OMG OMG I can´t believe it (would you?) but I'm here again... it's been so long since the last time i came here but believe me, my love for my LJG is as strong as ever... i missed the fun of coming here and chat with you guys so much!!! sadly, work, studies and internet issues kept me from soompi anyway, JG has been very active this past months and i must confess i'm so behind... but everything he did was pretty, good and fun... as ways he's a delight to see Before i forget: CONGRATULATIONS for making it to 2000 pages!!!!!! My smile for today Credit as tagged
  2. It's been so long since I last visited here! I missed this thread so much. Just dropping to say HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY MOON LOVERS SCARLET HEART RYEO You still own my heart I will come to backread ASAP
  3. Done backreading! and no @pixelsticks thank you for your concern, but i still haven't solved my internet problems. so i don´t know when i could be able to be back here in full force first of all i want to thank @glassnokamen (you even write words ) @violina @missmaudy @lisethvr @bluelilac1214 @happyfanlgx @willenette@pixelsticks and last but not least@phoenixheart (sorry if i forgot to mention someone) for sharing so many goodies and comments I loved all the IG JG updates! i will always be thankful to Jiu-jitsu because we get to see more of him thanks to it! and the messy hair updates: LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm also happy to see meeting his LL costars and dining out, and lucky lucky fans who met him... i would have die of blissful happyness And I'm so happy he's posting again in Weibo @bluelilac1214 i'm so happy you got your LL OST. i love it so much. i use to like/love LJG's OSTs (my current ringtone one from Sholar instrumental OST). Oh and so many anniversaries now: thank you for the many Sato vids... i will watch them ASAP About RM i didn't watch it back then but like a year ago, and i found LJG so charming and adorable... and of course Beautiful. we are close to MLSHR 3rd anniversary, arent we? i must be the worst fan ever, because i don't know the actual date. and i really must go to MLSHR thread and comment... I wasn't sure if talk or not to adress the 'weight' issue... because i promised myself i will never do it again. it's an issue that always ends in confrontation and we are supposed to be here to feel good about JG (at least from my POV). thankfully i don't need to add to the point because @pixelsticks you speak my mind! Last about polls, i remember last year i wasn't able to figure out how to vote in the AAA awards. About the most handsome face one, i used to post every now and then but forgot to keep doing it. thank you @violina for the reminder More from MLSHR And my smile for today Images Credit to uploaders
  4. Long time since I came here! So much or not to backread. But I had no Internet, still I don't. But I will try my best to be here. Meanwhile as we were celebrating MLSHR presscon anniversary, here's my smile for today A plus Images Credit to uploader
  5. WOW so many goodies!!! Thank you all besides LJG beautiful looks in Elle pictorial and his to die for abs on IG, i think what i love the most is reading his interviews, is not only that everything he says is charming, but i feel that i get to know him more and more.. and the more i know the better i like, respect and love him That said, i don't know if i can wait until next year for a new project, i know we are seeing a lot of him lately but that only makes me more greedy... i would like a movie so much (still waiting for my dream to come true: a reunion with director LJI) image credit to uploader
  6. what you said. in fact i'm not sure if the right word to use is change... i think he just evolved, for better. everything that was good in him is still there, amplified. And you used a word to define him that i must agree 100% because i'm a victim: he fascinate us. Ohhh i love everything you said. so true. i also wish for tons of rewards this year but sadly tvN doesn't give awards.. though if you ask me this is a good year to start thank you thank you thank you. you are a savior!!! thank you for this and all the useful weibo info. i'm gonna try all! thank you as always for sharing... i guess you run out of vowels... Oh i remember those fatal days last year... if only they can be undone...it's not clear if they are dating or not. the only thing that it's clear to me is that all the mess created was unfair to our JG i absolutely love your fanwork! i need that to be true so so interesting. thank you! thank you for the link. he looks amazingly good (though i'm not sure why it amazes me... he always looks so) as always... love to read him praised everything you said! i just can't imagine any other actor playing JG roles... though i always imagine him playing other actor's roles just beautiful congrats!!!!! the OST from the drama must be one of my faves what you said! another reason to love him more so true all fingers and toes crossed... all good energies and thoughts too the elusive will always be the elusive... even when not so elusive. lol he never disappoints... yet he always surprises... love his looks and style so much fully agree!!! My smile for today (with a little of the elusive) image credit to uploader
  7. it is sad that he had to worry about stuff like this wgen he is so talented. everything you said right. and i'm sure he will choose next project smartly and it will be a good and successful one. i got this feeling this will be his year and from now on everything will go up and up for him! I wan to see him in action again too. Seriously BSP set the bar to the highest level. he was so good and so stylish in every action scene... but they didn't feel staged they feel so real. BSP left me wanting more... maybe an action movie... just saying i watched the BTS, they are a pleasure to the eyes... he's so lovable. and he still is. yet you see the difference from TBDW and LL. he's more confident now and more goofy wich i love everything you said. i'm sure there are many good and talented actors out there. but what makes JG so special is his love for his fans and his sincerity. it's imposible not to love him back am i seeing things? am i dreaming. is it our lost Pixel? yes yes. not only for that reason but yes you speak my mind! Let him be!!! i love his gorgeous body and i love how confident he is about it. he knows his assets... all i can say is ever since last year i'm a fan of his beautiful shaped and toned arms... now thanks to jiu-jitsu them and his abs are more muscled and looking fine. and i'm a happy fan to be delighted by their beautiful sight hands, jaw well mid august will be here in short time... i will try to point out the accomplised items (and maybe episodes) in fact i haven't ending screencaping... stopped by episode 8... bad antonia. i need to restart yes he said it all. what a stressful life must he have... he's almost always smiling but it can't be easy for him. so much responsability on his shoulders OMG two post from you on the same page! he looks so happy and relaxed. he's surely enjoying the night (or day) i only wish he was near to the camera. and i love jiu-jitsu too... and i always be thankful that JG discovered and fall in love with it That was extremely hot... like almost to much to handle it's my spirit writing for me, because you know i'm dead again oh @pixelsticks now you are truly forgiven for your long absence... the IG post fully deserves all the uhs and emojis JG's manager was so fun to watch and JG was so jaw dropping so happy he keeps posting about JG i'm more than glad! oh! I love it! everything you said! and i really wish fans stop talking about his weight OMG I'm so happy too!!! thank you so much for sharing, because i can't access to weibo content (or don't know how to do it) I could listen to him reading for hours! his voice is so perfect and lovely. a pleasure loke you said. I didn't know the poem was from that movie. It's on my to watch list since it's from Lee Jun Ik (my favorite k director) it's been ages since i do it. My smile for today (and old one): credit to uploader
  8. The arms! the profile! my heart!!! thank you so much for sharing of course that video justifies both... and more. haha.... i feel exactly the same! new parade alert! i like it... bring it on, forrehead included same here and i'm dead again thank you so so much why sorry? i'm sure we all love your XL sized posts I've never watched this (or almost any TBDW BTS) so many many thanks. I must watch asap loving this TBDW parade! and it was long since you sing off! I so agree! Quality is the key word. Of course i would love to see him in the highest ratings drama but i would rather have no ratings and good quality. So far i never felt ashamed of his works. I'm a proud fan, because all his characters are awesome... ratings are a plus. A plus he totally deserves BTW i'm really thankful he did LL, not only it was a great drama but BSP is one of the awesomest characters ever! The gifs! i'm dead again and again and of course he knows he's pretty. what are mirrors for?
  9. Aw! i love to see JG loved and praised by everyone. Thank you so much for these and every article/review posted! I'm so proud of being a JG fan. He's an amazing actor and he's so multy talented !!! Me too! thank you for the awesome video links Again... me too... i need a Wang So fix pretty sonn Ezacly, precisely! Thank you again! it seems to be JG year and i'm the happiest of fans because of it I can't comment about it. I'm so sad and heart broken I will forever be thankful to jiu-jitsu. my new favorite sport! Ohhhh my favorite vampire. how could i miss the anniversary! to this day KSY is the most sexy JG character ever! I miss him too WOW thank you so much. LL must have one of the most beautiful and emotive instrumental OST ever. a favorite for sure. I need the mp3 in my playlist so badly. i must admit that i cried tons while listening to them songs. I'm still crying... I miss LL and Bong Sang Pil so much!!!! everything you said! Yes... i don't think i will ever be able to eat subway... it spoiled what otherwise it would be a perfect drama. i will try to see only the bright side.. if there were so much subway it must have been because the drama was a success OMG so funny Yes, there he goes again, being more cute than kids Welcome welcome to the thread! so happy to see you here and read how you get sucked into JG charms... you were so lucky. meeting him as Wang So! how not to fall for him? (i'm still puzzled at people who didn't fall. lol) She used emojis ... and letters did i see right? lol the power of the not so elusive!!! Thank you again and again for the info!
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