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[Korean-Chinese Drama 2016] Best Lover 최고의커플 最佳情侣 (Subbed Episodes in First Post, Revised Soft Subs Released)


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---- DETAILS ----

English Name: Best Lover (AKA Best Couple and Couple of the Century)
Genre: Rom-Com
Episodes: 16 (30 Mins each)

Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast Period: 14 November 2016 ~ 27 December 2016

---- Episodes and Subs ----

Raw Files (Credit to @0ly40): Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3 | Ep 4| Ep 5Ep 6 | Ep 7 | Ep 8 | Ep 9 | Ep 10 | Ep 11 | Ep 12 |Ep 13 | Ep 14

Softsubs: Revised completed version on Subscene

HardSubbed Videos: Opening Song | Ep 1/Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3| Ep 4 | Ep 5 | Ep 6 | Ep 7 | Ep 8 | Ep 9 | Ep 10 | Ep 11 | Ep 12 | Ep 13 | Ep 14 | Ep 15 | Ep 16

Note: To use Softsubs files, you should download the raw first and put both files in the same folder with the same file name then play the video

(Ex. if raw file is "Best Lover Ep-1.mp4" then the sub file should be named as "Best Lover Ep-1.srt")

A BIG Thanks to our subbing team @ELY_397, @emok, @Annya and @ororomunroe For their efforts to provide us with the subs and be able to enjoy this drama :wub:

Please respect their efforts and don't use those subs without credit!!

---- PLOT ----

Best Lover’s background is set in modern day Korean entertainment industry. The story is about two top stars entering into a fake marriage with their own secret agendas, and through their efforts to defend their fake marriage in public, they learn about each other’s pains and weaknesses and eventually end up together.

Lee Da-hae is Choi Hwan Young, an arrogant top star who has lived in the top 1% of society because she had to have everything she wanted.  As the heir to a fashion enterprise, she started off as an idol girl group member before establishing her name as an actress. Despite her great success, popularity and all that glamour, she is unable to trust in others and open herself up to the people around her due to her past that has left her emotionally scarred and this prevents her from finding true love. She is neglected by her parents and due to a family feud/conspiracy, she must act strong in order to survive even though she is weak at times.

Zhou Mi is Hee Sung who is a hardworking, Hitchcock-loving actor who has started from the bottom. He became a top star and made a success through efforts despite of his poor family conditions. He finds himself emotionally involved with his first love, fake wife and admirer.

Choi Hwan Young finds herself forced to get married within three months if she wants to inherit her father’s fortune. But there is no one she wants to marry. She remembers meeting Hee Sung 5 years earlier on a Korean virtual couple variety program when they were newbies in the business and decides to hire him for the role of her husband. She does not like him and they didn’t have a good impressions of each other but he is convenient. Through a fake marriage, these two people find true love and their true selves.

---- MAIN CAST ----

Lee Da Hae (as Choi Hwan Young or Ye Huan Ying)


Libra and Scorpio, appears high and mighty, cold and arrogant, secretly waiting for you to get close to her, the scales (libra) are so beautiful after all.

Motto: I am rich and beautiful, plus I am nice. Doesn’t that make you mad? I don’t care!
Occupation: Singer turned actress, daughter/heiress from a chaebol family
Reason for becoming a celebrity: Didn’t want to be an ordinary person, decided to become a singer, then found dancing in high heels too tiring, finally became an actress instead
Family background: Chaebol daughter, rich, but has no one around her. To hide her loneliness, she keeps saying to herself “I don’t care”
Turning point: Due to a will left by her father, she must get married within a month, and enters into a contract marriage for three years.

Zhou Mi (Super Junior - M) (as Hee Sung or Yan Xie Cheng)


Cancer and Virgo, responsible, family oriented and warm man, clean freak, seeks perfection whether it is acting or love

Motto: whether it is love to work, once I give it my all (my heart), there is no way out.
Occupation: Actor (international top star)
Reason for becoming a celebrity: Didn’t want to sell his cow who is a like a brother to him.
Life in Seoul: meets his first love in Seoul, decides to stay there and climbs his way up to international stardom
Turning point: His first love dumps him to marry into a chaebol family. Enters into a fake marriage in order to protect his first love.

Park Gwang-hyun (as Jin Yong Jian)


Motto: Hee Sung, you stole everything I love from me. My fame, and Hwan Young!
Occupation: CEO of a large agency
Background: Debuted in an idol group as leader, hailed as a young sensation in the entertainment industry. Later became a successful producer. Hee Sung is his arch rival. Eight years ago, when he was leader of an idol group,
Hee Sung was only a country bumpkin in his eyes.

Wang Qiu Zi (as Jia Ren)


Pisces, torn between marrying into a rich family and her old love, sentimental princess (syndrome?)

Motto: From rags to riches….this is the saying I hate the most. I long for “their world”.
Occupation: Fiancée to the eldest son/heir of Korean conglomerate and
Hee Sung’s first love
Description: Fresh, innocent and gentle in appearance, with an intelligent and elegant aura. Her dress sense is conservative and traditional, but she is passionate deep down, filled with desires. Uses her beauty and feminine charms to satisfy her own desires.

Wang Qiu Zi (as Xian Hua)


Gemini, assistant turned actress, in her heart lives an angel and a demon

Motto: People say I'm a white swan...but I was a shabby ugly duckling. Since I became the White Swan...I never changes back to be the ugly duckling.
Occupation: New Actress
Description: Pure appearance plus exquisite figure, both beautiful and elegant, still with a touch of sadness wonderful charm, idol trainee in planning company for six years. Give up later and became Hwan Young Stylist apprentice. 



Sora Jung (as Hee Sung's Mother), Jia Zheng Yu (as a paparazzi hired to follow Hee Sung), Shi Hao Chen (as Hee Sung's Ex Husband), Park Jeong-hak (as Hwan Young father's Secretary)



Production company: Alibaba, Aura Media and Mango Entertainment

Director: Yoo Cheol Yong and Kim Sang-Rae

Writer: Kang Soo Yeon

Artistic Team: VisualStory

Musical Director: Park Se Jun (and team)

Stylistic Director: Kim Bo Ra (and team)

Executive Producer: Han Sung Pil

Planning: Koh Dae Hwa

Credit: Naver, Allkpop, KdramaStars, Soompi, Btn News, Baidu | Translation: @ELY_397

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Until we get something new, I am just re-posting some articles about the casting ^^

Lee Da Hae Lends Her Mandarin Skills To A New Drama
BY Julie Jones | KDramaStars | Oct 12, 2015 02:37 PM EDT


It's confirmed. Lee Da Hae will star in the Korean-Chinese comedy "Couple of the Century." The drama was scheduled to begin filming in August but only recently confirmed her participation. The drama is now scheduled to begin filming before the end of October.

Lee will play Choi Hwan Young, an heiress to a fashion company. Choi began her career as a member of a popular girl group and then made a name for herself in acting. Despite her talent, wealth and accomplishments, she is unable to trust others. Her past has left her emotionally scarred and this prevents her from finding true love.

When Choi's father dies, she discovers that she must marry within three months if she wants to inherit his fortune. But there is no one she wants to marry. She remembers meeting an actor and decides to hire him for the role of her husband. She does not like him but he is convenient. It's only a contract marriage but eventually the fake husband and wife begin to develop feelings for each other.

Lee Da Hae is very popular in China. One reason for her popularity is that she speaks Mandarin fluently. The 31-year-old actress appeared on the Chinese variety show "Happy Camp" without an interpreter and starred in the Chinese drama "Love Recipe" with popular actor Joe Cheng.

Lee Da Hae is best known for her roles in "My Girl," "Green Rose," "The Slave Hunters" and "Miss Ripley."

Her most recent k-drama role role was playing a hotel heiress in the 2014 production "Hotel King" with co-star Lee Dong Wook. After "Hotel King" ended, she landed endorsement deals throughout Asia.

"Couple of the Century" is expected to premiere in December on China's Alibaba and can be seen in 2016 on China's Hunan TV.

Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi Cast in Drama Alongside Lee Da Hae
By ddangha | Soompi | September 30, 2015


Super Junior-M member Zhoumi has been cast as the male lead of the upcoming Chinese-Korean collaboration drama, “Best Lover” (working title).

An industry insider told News1 on October 1, “Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi has been cast in the Chinese-Korean drama that is being funded by global conglomerate Alibaba. He will be the lead of the drama, along with actress Lee Da Hae.”

In the drama, Zhoumi will portray a hardworking, Hitchcock-loving actor who has started from the bottom. Lee Da Hae will portray a top star who was born in a top 1% household. The drama will be about these two stars who have to get married due to unavoidable circumstances.

Zhoumi debuted as a member of Super Junior’s subunit Super Junior-M in 2008. He has also acted in several Chinese dramas.

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AQ i like the selection of pic of both actors ;)

And thanks for making the thread for the drama i like the cute pic on script couple sitting on swing.

Hope we get eng subs for the drama i remember we struggled for LA .

DH and Zhoumi haircolor in that pic is matching hehe.Hope we get lots of fresh and new scene which we didn't see DH doing before .We have not seen her doing the contract marriage drama till now so lets enjoy the most common scenario of Kdrama with DH.

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From the latest post from PD Koh, seems this drama has been in the works for a year not and faced some difficulties till it is now smoothly sailing. Wish for the best for the cast and staff ^^

I think there is info about the writer and staff on the script but unfortunately can't read them.

Here is his message

한중합작드라마 <최고의 커플> 대본이 나왔습니다. 다음주부터 촬영을 앞두고 있습니다만, 기획부터 따지면 일년쯤 걸린것 같습니다. 한국과 중국의 스탭과 배우가 함께 일을 하는거라서, 여러가지 어려움이 많았고, 또 앞으로도 그렇겠지만, 매우 의미있는 작업이 될 것 같습니다. 늘 그렇습니다만, 새로운 도전은 가슴을 뜨겁게 합니다. 즐겁고 행복하게 만들어보겠습니다. ^^

(Google Translation: Korean-Chinese joint-venture drama 'Best Couple> came out this scenario. You shoot ahead of next week only, from planning In terms seem to be stuck about a year. South Korea and China georaseo of staff and actors to work together, followed by various difficulties, and the future, but yes, it seems to be working very meaningful. Yes, but always, new challenges are hot in the chest. Let's make fun and happy. ^^)


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Based on this latest update from PD Koh, I think Park Gwang-hyun will be part of the drama cast. We know he is also one of actors in Da-hae agency FNC Entertainment.

And another picture with Zhou Mi and script.


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Seems like Alibaba is really determined to strongly enter the entertainment industry. We know it is the producer of "Couple of the Centry" which is their first produced drama and they also lately invested in movies like The Korean movie "Real" staring Kim Soo-hyun and Hollywood movie "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation"

Although we didn't see much of publicity from them for this drama (compared to their other investments) but I hope if this deal is done, it also helps our drama here.


China's Alibaba Offers to Fully Acquire Youku Tudou, Deal Values Web Video Giant at $4.2B

The e-commerce powerhouse had previously bought a minority stake in the "YouTube of China."

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has made a non-binding offer to the board of directors of Youku Tudou to acquire full control of the online video giant, the latter said on Friday.

It said Alibaba, led by executive chairman Jack Ma, has offered to acquire all outstanding shares of Youku Tudou, including American depositary shares (ADS), that it does not already own for $26.60 per ADS in an all-cash transaction. The deal values the whole company at $4.2 billion based on the number of shares outstanding as of Dec. 31, based on Bloomberg data.

"The offer price set forth in the proposal letter represents a premium of approximately 30.2 percent over the closing price of the ADSs ... on October 15, 2015, the last trading day prior to this announcement, and a premium of 44.5 percent to the volume-weighted average closing price of the ADSs ... during the last three months," the company said.

In May 2014, Alibaba made a strategic investment of $1.2 billion in Youku Tudou, which has been called the "YouTube of China," for a 18.5 percent stake. The offer to buy full control would take Youku private.

Certain Youku shareholders, including Victor Koo, the company's founder, chairman and CEO, are supporting the deal and have agreed to vote their shares in favor of the transaction.

The Youku board has formed a special committee consisting of two independent directors to evaluate the transaction. The special committee will retain independent legal and financial advisors to assist it in this process, the company said.

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Another version of that picture of our leads and the PD. I think he is praising both Dahae and Zhoumi for knowing both languages  (Korean and Chinese) and for being a very nice persons in real as well ^_^

I really like this producer, kkk :) and thanks to him we get some updates and hopefully he will keep doing so once the drama start filming this week (although I am not sure which day) ^^

Here is his message:

주인공들입니다. 한국.중국에서 매우 유명한 친구들인데, 역시 두나라 언어를 자유롭게 구사하네요. 역시 실력도 출중하고, 성격도 쿨하고 재미있습니다. 매우 즐겁고 유쾌한 작업이 될거라서, 사실 내심으로 설레며 기대하고 있습니다.^^

(Google Translation: The main character. Korea. China is a very famous friends, too'm free to speak two languages. Also outstanding skills as well, and also cool and fun personality. Very enjoyable and entertaining job because going to be, and in fact clinging to secretly thrilled. ^^)


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