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  1. Will try my best in my spare time! Here is a guide written in English for those who want to promote their merchandise on RED. Any budding entrepreneurs on this thread? https://media1-production.mightynetworks.com/asset/3726499/Xiaohongshu_RED_Guide.pdf
  2. This is such a “shock” to me I don’t even how to react to her postings!! Ahaha! @apqaria if you need help setting up an account I can help you translate the language. I just did mine yesterday. RED (XHS) is a hybrid concept between Pinterest and Instagram from the looks of it. Now it’s all down to DH how she wants to promote herself in this modern age, when her agencies can do so little for her. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaohongshu
  3. Our girl really loves Europe and Paris especially. It’s one of the few places she can roam freely without being noticed (except when there are groups of Chinese tourists haha). She must be so sad to hear about the fire at Notre Dame! About her switching agency again... I heard she is following her manager to a new company owned by a Korean Chinese couple. So maybe she still has sights on the Chinese market. She has been a semi free agent for the past 8/9 years so not really surprised by that. Also, there is an article today about a sighting of her and Se7en in Korea along with some surprising, interesting comments from knetz.
  4. @apqaria thanks for the update! Galleria is a wedding venue provider headquartered in South Korea specialising in island themed wedding venues and is becoming popular with the 90s generation. I am not entirely sure what the celebrities' roles are though (some have performed in the past in front of newly weds! ) What will Dahae do there...? Anyhow, it's exciting to see her make a public appearance after sooo long. If I am not mistaken, she is meeting her C fans in Shanghai this weekend. They have mentioned her putting on weight recently and it is showing. Her face is glowing with health. here is article on Galleria: https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/famous-actor-and-singer-jordan-chan-makes-an-appearance-at-galleria-island-wedding-carnival-in-shanghai-232020.shtml
  5. The fifth episode is better thankfully. I got put off by the second female lead who is much more conniving and in your face than PSY. The leads match well and look cute together. Overall the acting lacks subtlety but it is still fun to watch. the female lead is quite adorable so I think it’s worth watching. Give it a go!
  6. @apqaria thanks for the update. Good to know that people are still interested in the Good Witch one year after airing despite the drama receiving no hype, promotion or awards. I have just finished watching 4 episodes of the Thai remake of My Girl and am on the fence about it...can I just say that the original is still far better even though it is 14 years old already. The Thai lead actress is good but the rest of the cast is so meh. And by the time the second female lead appeared I was about to call it quits. Her acting is SO annoying. Has anyone watched it?
  7. I think DH may have in the past upset a few people in the reporters circle and the film industry due to her refusal to cooperate when asked about a certain Chinese celebrity and also her purported refusal to act with a certain veteran Chinese actor years ago (something she vehemently denied). They just won’t let it slide. The funny thing is that they took her least flattering pictures from the Good Witch and compared them with her MG pictures. Why only talk about it now? We all know her face has changed over the years (mostly due to drastic weight loss/ageing and some fillers) but not to the extent people talk about. Her facial proportions are different now because of her much slimmer face but her eyes and lips are not that different from before. People love exaggerating. That said, every time her new drama airs, people would praise her acting with comments like “how can her acting be so good with her changed face....Her acting is still so good...you can judge her face but you can’t fault her acting...” lol And that’s the reason she doesn’t post close up pictures of herself anymore. Chinese and Korean fans can be ruthless. Other fans are more forgiving IMO. On a separate note, can I just say SBS is the worst public broadcast station (worse than MBC in my books)? I hope she never does a drama with them again.
  8. Thanks for keeping this thread alive @apqaria! I really hope we hear news of her project soon! I am not pinning hopes on a prime time drama but hopefully she gets to work on a weekend drama on a small cable channel at least. It doesn’t matter if it’s a villainous role. All the main characters in Sky Castle are flawed but the drama is receiving so much attention it doesn’t matter if your character is likeable or not. On a side note, her Good Witch husband/ex husband RSY and BSB will act alongside PHB in a new project (am I the only one who is amused by this casting ). It’s on MBC so their weekend dramas tend to have a bigger following than SBS. Dahae really likes Japan and I don’t blame her. It’s one of the few places in Asia she can roam around relatively unnoticed, plus the fans there tend to respect celebrities privacy more than in other countries.
  9. @apqaria thanks for the news. Good to see her making a public appearance again! She seems to like wearing pant suits to public events these days. IMO she has got too skinny to look good in pant suits, she looks better in a skirt. The colour is not too bad (at least it has a pinkish tone to it). she probably chose that colour because in Chinese culture the colour red is supposed to bring good luck/better sales, etc. People wear it during New Year and at weddings but less so at other times. One of the misconceptions that many people have is that the Chinese like the colour red and wear it all the time!
  10. Oh I saw the news but didn’t realise it was him! Their scenes in MR were some of the best in the drama. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=jkolmi4-1M8 DH was quite close to him if I recall. Didn’t he recommend DH for a project? Or it could have been the other Kim oppa in Miss Ripley. DH used to have a lot of oppas looking out for her and now that she is older, hope she can find her way in her career/life without relying on other people. Wish Kim Jung Tae a speedy recovery!
  11. Thanks for sharing...saw it too but instead of laughing I felt sad for DH...don't get me wrong I love Captain Song and RSY's acting in GW but truth be told DH worked twice as hard as anyone else and her acting was well acknowledged by viewers. It makes me want to turn my back on Korean dramas sometimes. Have to say DH is not the only one left out, many others are too. Anyway, glad to see some GW representation there!
  12. I love that pasta dish! Lots of garlic, herbs and chopped vegetables tossed in olive oil. It's good to see her eating wholesome meals. According to her C fans, she barely eats rice or any type of carbohydrates during filming because it makes her face bloat. That mussels stew though...did she cook that? Someone got her autograph yesterday so presumably she ate that in a restaurant? This dish reminds me of the beach date scene in GW when Captain Song fed Sun Hee mussels stew, and the endless jokes we had on the GW thread. I miss those times so much! @apqaria it's increasingly difficult for actresses her age to get roles these days, especially since she hasn't had mainstream popularity in Korea since Miss Ripley. If she is willing to be second female lead she may get more offers but only from productions with a very strong cast as DH acting might outshine the others... @nurjalianna sitompul cooking is therapeutic and stands her in good stead for when she has a family in the future! Being in the limelight is stressful but the reverse is also true if you are a celebrity. They need to make money before they become too old to be cast in anything. To me DH will not get married until she is ready to have kids (provided she wants them). Her family is traditional and wants her to have kids apparently!
  13. @Tey Ling I know what you mean! Hair loss in women is mostly due to thinning and not shedding I thought...hair shedding is due to hormonal changes, stress or a poor diet and hair thinning (follicle constriction) is related to your genetic predisposition, age related hormonal changes to a certain extent. Cutting it short is a good way to reduce gravity pull on your hair and avoiding hairdyes is important to keep hair follicles healthy. DH needs to eat more as it's obvious she has been dieting too much over the years. Lack of nutrients is her biggest enemy IMO. That MC is so cheeky to fish information from DH, haha! As usual, these click bait articles only mention her relationship status and nothing else. An article on hair loss and how to minimise it:
  14. Good good. I’ve been away from this thread too....kudos to @apqaria and @Annya for posting updates here. The story of Miri is unfinished so a sequel is possible, but even if there is one it will be on MBC. DH has had no luck with MBC since Hotel King. Plus it will have to be a brand new story since the previous two male leads were pretty much written out of the story. It will be an interesting story if they show her living a new life but at the same finding it hard to resist old habits.
  15. ELY_397

    The Tollgate

    @Lmangla here are my nominations for Good Witch! villains: award # 1. the character you wanted to slap the most! how silly are they... Oh Tae Ree. Her eye acting was so good she actually looked psychotic. Cha Do Hee. The girl is so ungrateful you want to slap her a hundred times. dramas: award #3. this drama is hahahahah drama! with scenes that kept you giggling... Definitely! Even the serial cheater husband and his mistresses made me laugh so much. Psycho heiress with hand spasm disorder shouting "Cha Do Hee" and her good looking husband who kept checking out CCTV cameras with an evil look were funny too. One Air cabin crew doing disco moves on the plane. The nosy and greedy MIL was fantastic too, but Captain Song’s apatheia tops it all. side characters: award #2. everybody needs friends and family like these side characters Oh Tae Yang. He can be your “sibling” anytime! OTP and secondary OTPs: award #1. the OTP that made you swoon Song Woo Jin and Cha Sun Hee leads: award #1. you wish the character was real and you could meet him/her Song Woo Jin in pilot uniform (without the Rick Astley hairstyle) and Bong Cho Rong award #2. you are so glad that such a character doesn't exist in real life; well, no one you know anyway! Cha Do Hee for the win!  fan service award #2. scenes that made you swoon Woo Jin running after after Sun Hee to give her a back hug. Woo Jin in tuxedo trying to kiss Sun Hee in strapless evening dress. Beach date scene.
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