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  1. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. 2020 has been a crazy year. I spent a lot of time watching dramas and even an anime feature film. I’m currently watching KSH’s comeback drama and enjoying it tremendously. It’s been ages since DH was in the news. I’m really wondering what other plans her company has in store for her, apart from XHS and promoting in China. I have a feeling that Cherry is gone now, or at least close to it....I can’t think of any other reason why DH would spend so much time with Greaten. I think the new puppy is meant to help DH get over Cherry or at least prepare her for the eventuality.
  2. I have also finished CLOY and am currently watching Itaewon Class. CLOY made me a fan of SYJ, though I have always liked HB and PSJ. I don’t actually see DH collaborating with HB in the foreseeable future. Perhaps when they are in their 40s/50s and if they are still acting then there might be a chance (acting as parents of the leads lol). DH has taken involuntary retirement.... it’s not voluntary I don’t believe. She has had bad luck and management in the last ten years. Hopefully the next ten years will be better for her. I have stopped waiting around for her next project... now watching three dramas concurrently to take my mind off the virus situation! Her latest XHS update is quite funny. The bit where she smirked was when she was recommending medicine for constipation LoL
  3. Thank you all! Well there wasn't much of a LNY celebration over here because of the virus. We thought the social unrest was dying down after the TW elections but what do we have now instead? The number of cases will apparently peak in April/May before dying down in the summer. There are reports that Beijing is administering antiviral medicines used for AIDS. Apparently alcohol and heat are effective in killing this virus. Stay vigilant! I heard DH took down her Shanghai post after it attracted criticism in the media. She was in Shanghai a few days before she posted the pictures so she was probably right in saying that it was all fine when she was there. K media and netz making a mountain out of a molehill as usual, although I am disappointed her agency didn't address it. Her C fans are angry at the treatment she is getting in the K press. I don't give a hoot about what they say but this doesn't bode well for her future career opportunities in Korea. To keep my mind off al the negative news I have been watching Crash landing upon you and Grand Maison Tokyo.
  4. @apqaria @Annya she mentioned Harbin in her Weibo posts and how the cold weather made her behave abnormally (like eating ice lolly haha). In her latest post, she said the horse must be tired and should take a rest (so she can get off the carriage). I can’t imagine how cold it is there if even Koreans find it cold! I hope the bosses have other plans for her apart from hanging out together and promoting cosmetics even though I’m loving all their updates. Life is too short to be serious all the time!
  5. Looks like DH is in Harbin! Harbin is in Northeastern China and is one of the coldest places in China. I think she is there for the annual Ice and Snow Festival. This place is on my bucket list too! It reminds me of the ending in Chuno whereby DH and OJH were headed for the Qing (Chinese) border-they would probably have ended up somewhere south of Harbin.