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[Korean-Chinese Drama 2016] Best Lover 최고의커플 最佳情侣 (Subbed Episodes in First Post, Revised Soft Subs Released)


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Honestly one thing I don't like about the final name chose for the drama is that it is harder to search for as it is really common either in describing couples or for awards :( 

On the other hand, I have tried using Google Translation for images on my Tablet for the script picture below (which @samzz posted in Da-hae thread) and I think I find that the name for the play writer mentioned on the Top right is: Kang Soo-Yeon (강수연)

After searching I found an actress with this name but not a writer, so not sure if this is a known writer at all or first time writing.

And also the Dialogue writer is mentioned on the Top Left and there is some Chinese and Korean names there.

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PD Koh, updated his Facebook with more pictures from the filming yesterday, they are surely good at not giving us a closer look at the Cast while filming, haha :D

여기는 강원도 대관령. 크랭크인 입니다. 참으로 호쾌하고 아름답습니다만, 능선위로 부는 바람은 살을 에입니다.
뜨거운 열정으로 버티는 스탭들이 참 미덥습니다. 최고의 커플 화이팅.^^

(Google Translation: Here Daegwallyeong Gangwon Province. The keuraengkeuin. Seupnidaman truly exciting and beautiful, the wind blowing over the ridge is in the flesh. I have a passion sustaining staff mideop true. Best Couple fighting. ^^)


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Aq, a blogger just posted the pic and video of the crews preparing the camera,


Best Couple first shooting day
2015.10.29. 18:16
Copy http://blog.naver.com/mildjazz/220523316048
View only viewer
This was the first shot.
No matter how thin and easy to bring notahdo first shot is difficult.
Prior to shooting, even though the cameraman saw fit and long limbs, slow something.
I feel that that is "sum" or something invisible with a lot of staff.
[Source] best couple first shot | Author mildjazz

Which show a notable recent moves towards the media
And investment in Alibaba, which will be broadcast on Hunan TV
Korean-Chinese joint-venture drama 'Best Couple> a.

The hero is a lot to sheep and popular in China
China is a member of seasoned group of Super Junior M.
A number of other actors in China and South Korea both actors and shooting in Korea.

Location is Samyang Ranch was a first Daegwallyeong
Hapil rainy day temperatures dropping expand enormously the wind blew.
I take up the drone was a large picture
Because it was hard winds.


looking at the ranch there, most likely for Zhoumi part, whereby he's coming from poor family or from farmer. In Korea, farmers are not under poor category actually, they have more stable income than average blue collar workers in the city.

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I hope Dahae confirms her IG soon so she can start posting some BTS pictures, similar to what Zhoumi is doing. She needs to step up her SNS updates in IG. The more excited I am about her new project the more worried I get. Ottoke...?!

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@samzz Thanks dear for that blog post, the wind is too strong!! Poor staff and cast :(

And seems that they had both indoor and outdoor shooting for the poster. Dahae updated her IG with some pictures during the shoot <3

Translation by ktranslate'Best Couple' first prop shooting with Zhoumi ssi!!! Even though we're still awkward^^ I wish to be reborn as really best couple~~

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This is the first news mentioned about the number of Eps of this drama :)

The reports mentioned that the drama is 16 Eps and like Da-hae's drama "Hotel King", Korea Tourism Organization to Gangwon Development Corporation are investing in the drama to help in the Promoting 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and promote tourism products which explains why they chose Gangwon province and Pyeongchang location for filming.





Although they are mentioning it as typical Korean short drama format (16 Eps) but I am not sure Hunan TV will keep that format giving that usually Chinese dramas are more less in length per Ep more Ep number in total. We know they have changed the editing and cuts/ends of the Eps in Da-hae's previous Chinese drama "Love Actually" which really affected the quality in the end but I hope they don't redo something like that again.

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Oh, just found the entry they made about the drama in Baidu and it has the characters descriptions and plot. From it, seems that indeed the drama will kept to be 16 Eps as each Ep is like the Chinese format (35 Minutes) so it is more of a shorter drama (about 9 Episodes per Korean drama's standard format). Also I still see the detail about the father's will and contact marriage.


@ELY_397 If it is not much could you help translating if you have the time?

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Here is a rough translation.


Best Couple's background is set in modern day Korean entertainment industry. The story is about two top stars entering into a fake marriage with their own secret agendas, and through their efforts to defend their fake marriage in public, they learn about about each other's pains and weaknesses and eventually end up together. The male lead comes from a poor background and through hard work becomes a top star. He finds himself emotionally involved with his first love, fake wife and admirer. The female lead comes from a chaebol family and is an arrogant top star. She is neglected by her parents and due to a family feud/conspiracy, she must act strong in order to survive even though she is weak at times. Through a fake marriage, these two people find true love and their true selves.
李多海 饰演 叶欢迎
我不在乎,I Don’t care !
入职原因 : 不想当“普通人”,就去当歌手,穿着高跟鞋跳舞太累,就去当演员
生长环境 : 出生在豪门的她不愁吃不愁穿,就是周围没有人。为了掩饰自己的孤独,她一直对自己说:I Don’t care !
生活转变 : 因父亲留下的遗愿,不得不在一个月之内结婚,与言希成开始了期限为3年的契约婚姻。
Lee Da Hae's character
Motto: I am rich and beautiful, plus I am nice. Doesn't that make you mad? I don't care!
Occupation: Singer turned actress, daughter/heiress from a chaebol family
Reason for becoming a celebrity: Didn't want to be an ordinary person, decided to become a singer, then found dancing in high heels too tiring :sweatingbullets:, finally became an actress instead
Family background: Chaebol daughter, rich, but has no one around her. To hide her loneliness, she keeps saying to herself: I don't care.
Turning point: Due to a will left by her father, she must get married within a month, and enters into a contract marriage for three years.
周觅 饰演 言希成
无论是职业还是爱情,一旦给了我的真心 ,就找不着走出去的路 。
入职原因 : 不想卖掉如同弟弟般的牛
首尔生活 : 在首尔遇到了初恋鲍嘉仁,为了她打算留在首尔,慢慢走向世界明星的道路
生活转变 : 嘉仁想嫁入豪门而抛弃了他,必瑞却为了保护嘉仁,无可奈何的选择了结婚。
Zhoumi's character
Motto: whether it is love to work, once I give it my all (my heart), there is no way out.
Occupation: Actor (international top star)
Reason for becoming a celebrity: Didn't want to sell his cow who is a like a brother to him :D
Life in Seoul: meets his first love in Seoul, decides to stay there and climbs his way up to international stardom
Turning point: His first love dumps him to marry into a chaebol family. Enters into a fake marriage in order to protect his first love.
朴洸贤 饰演 张永健
职业 : 大型经纪公司总经理。
出身 : 出道于偶像组合的队长,被称为是娱乐界的年轻的神话,成功转型为制作人
概述 : 言希成是他的天敌。八年前,永健是极具人气的偶像组合的队长,而在他的眼中言希成只是乡巴佬。
Park Kwang Hyun's character
Motto: (Name of ZM's character), you stole everything I love from me. My fame, and (name of Dahae's character)!
Occupation: CEO of a large agency
Background: debuted in an idol group as leader, hailed as a young sensation in the entertainment industry. Later became a successful producer.
ZM's character is his arch rival. Eight years ago, when he was leader of an idol group, ZM's character was only a country bumpkin in his eyes.
王秋紫 饰演鲍嘉仁
白手起家... 我最讨厌的话。我渴望“他们”世界。
职业 : K集团继承者、豪门长子的订婚女、言希成的初恋。
描述 : 清纯、柔软的外貌,具有知性、优雅的气质。穿着打扮传统又保守,内心却是火热的、充满了欲望。 利用自己的美貌和出众的女性魅力满足自己的欲望。
Wang Qiu Zi's character
Motto: from rags to riches....this is the saying I hate the most. I long for "their world".
Occupation: fiancée to the eldest son/heir of Korean conglomerate. ZM's character first love
Description: fresh, innocent and gentle in appearance, with an intelligent (?) and elegant aura. Her dress sense is conservative and traditional, but she is passionate deep down, filled with desires. Uses her beauty and feminine charms to satisfy her own desires.
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Oh dear @ELY_397 , Thanks a lot for the translation. Sorry to bothering you with translation requests but you are our hero and savior when it comes to that :wub:

Actually I am surprised that I actually laughed reading some points in the characters descriptions. Like "I am rich and beautiful, plus I am nice. Doesn't that make you mad? I don't care!" I just can imagine how Da-hae can say that ;) And "Reason for becoming a celebrity: Didn't want to sell his cow who is a like a brother to him", LOOOL :D 

I am waiting for the rest :)

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The fact that this drama is only 9hr20min long means that they have to cut to the chase pretty much in the first two episodes. It will be similar to J dramas in terms of pace. I am hoping that with a smaller supporting cast, Dahae will have more screen time per episode to make up for the short duration of the drama.

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I am happy we got the first close picture for the "419 couple" early because it surely make us more anticipating to the drama :wub: and because their smiles are cute, I thought about another cute name for them. As Dahae's nickname from Chinese fans is Doudou and Zhoumi's nickname from fans is Mimi so how about "MiDou Couple", haha ^_^

And pictures from the agreement's sign between the production companies and Korea Tourism Organization to Gangwon Development Corporation


And more pictures during filming, I wonder if the lady with the sunglasses and weird country style in the first picture is actress "Sora Jung" Hee Sung(Zhoumi)'s Mother in the drama :D 


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Although at first I thought this is from another photo-shoot for Zhoumi but now I guess it may be from the drama poster's photo-shoot. I think he mentioned not being fat lately in the message he posted in Weibo ^^ (someone have been making some diet :) )


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Hmm so many info and our lead pic together all in same day :) Happy.

TQ AQ and @ELY_397 for the info abt drama. LOL cow hehe so that why i see lots of cow picture. So Park Kwang Hyun love interest is also DH interesting.CEO vs actor haha.I want see DH doing dance in one for her drama she always says she knows lots of dance form i hope see can display the talent here.Tango,Ramba or Samba anything will do.

@samzz TQ for the pic. AQ ditto first i thought it was drama poster since he was wearing black suit then i thought maybe its some photoshoot of some brand.I can see alteast producer are spending money on good clothes and poster making.Hope the drama has same quality and story value.Even i think its "Sora Jung" Hee Sung(Zhoumi)'s Mother.

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Some pictures while filming from Chinese actor and singer Jia Zheng Yu ^^

I am guessing that inside the magazine they will show our famous actress Hwan Young's picture that he is looking into ;)


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PD Koh updated IG with another picture of the filming. They are really a tease, I know they don't want to spoil the drama and so they don't show much of the cast but I think I will be more familiar with the Staff members than the cast members before this drama starts airing, hahaha :D 

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