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[Drama 2015] ━╃ Kill Me, Heal Me 킬미, 힐미 ╄━

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Dramabeans recap for episode 12 is out :)
Editing my post.....already posted by @Sunlight02 ^^

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Thank you both for that clarification.

I tried google initially, but all I get was some french artist, or everything related to Paris art. Didn't think it's relevant. But when you mentione, fire (I must have missed that)...i thought, would this be a clue? Anyway, I screen cap it knowing that we have detective members here who would be so kind to check it out. 

@ ilchul @nazzy1109 @vynenitsuga 
 I was laughing reading all your post - Hunger/Unger..

Woooohoooo... finally!!! The clarification... so it isn't HUNGER... Fyi... I googled Unger and it showed Hunger games... hahaha... and suddenly make me hungry at that time... lol... unger... anger bcz of hungry or hungry bcz of angry.. LOLOLOL... i think that TIME i lost my brain... kekeke...

So... CDH gen is from his appa who has Personality Disorser *NOTED*

and that's why grandpa gave the heir to his wife... it clearer now... even it's not the real suspect...


I can't do any analysis. It will turn weird. Kekekeke. that's why I need @everyone here...

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Guest megaKNG

mrslee said: who is missing Shin Se Gi? :)
credit to owner

When Shin Se Gi is here, i am missing CDH,
If Cha Do Hyun is here, i am missing SSG.

Am i the only one like this??

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selenette said: LOL unie @onnififi thanks a lot for your help, I hope dear @eunsuhae managed to knock some sense into Perry Park ahjussi to get rid of the jacket for eternity. But I guess employing Ri-jin to do the job would be better, since the ahjussi's sense of fashion might be hurt if he's asked to get rid of the jacket. 

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Guest emme85

Actor Park Seo Joon drops OST for 'Kill Me, Heal Me'

Actor Park Seo Joon has lent his voice for MBC 'Kill Me, Heal Me' to express the romantic feelings that character Oh Ri Ohn, played by Park Seo Joon himself, develops for Oh Ri Jin, played by Hwang Jung Eum
Despite the busy filming schedule, it was reported that the actor thoroughly prepared for the OST recording and showed unfaltering focus and passion throughout the recording.
Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/02/actor-park-seo-joon-drops-ost-for-kill-me-heal-me

It's clear that this is RO-RJ's song...  \m/

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plappi said:

And lyrics!

Park Seo Jun – Letting You Go (너를 보낸다) Kill Me Heal Me OST

I’m lightly calling out to you
Unlike my heavy heart
I hold myself back and hide behind the playful words
I live as the person you know

You’re smiling so pretty
Honestly, it’s so hard to just look at you
My feet go toward you several times a day
It gets faster day by day

My heart blocks my love
My lips tremble but I hold it in
Because that’s the right thing to do, because I have to
The more I try to have it, the more it’ll break
Because it’s that’s kind of love

The things that hurt you
I said I would stop all of it, whatever it is
But what if I can’t stop it and you get hurt anyway?
I’m afraid that’s what my heart will be to you

My heart blocks my love
It flows without a single moment of rest
I shouldn’t do this, I will lose everything
But I take a step back, this is as far as I should go
Because it’s that kind of love

I think I’ve had this heart for a while
It’s not mine and it won’t listen to me
Every time I see you

I can’t do anything about my heart
My heart keeps hurting more and more
I can’t hold it in, I want to hold you
But I’m afraid my feelings will make you cry
So I’m letting you go once again

= popgasa



mission accomplished ))) time to work )))

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Guest emme85

We already read PSJ's OST lyric, right? about RO's feeling to RJ... My imagination gone wild while waiting for video preview of episode 13..Remember I imagined RO singing on stage while YN fangirling him?
This is what I imagine if YN interprets the song is for her... :))
Just for fun...

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Just a slideshow of the latest stills for next episode.

. [راي مستخدمي الأنترنت] تحديثات من الحلقة 13 و 14 لدراما Kill Me Heal Me . . عنوان الخبر : اقتليني عالجيني , جي سونغ و هوانغ جانغ اون , رومانسية حلوة في المستشفى 1. [+1114, -5] متحمس لمشاهدتها , أنظروا فقط لعيون جي سونغ و ليونتها ㅜ 2. [+959, 8] أمل ان لا يلغوا بث حلقة هذا الاسبوع , انا فضولي للغاية ~~ (يقصد ها الاسبوع عندهم مناسبة السنة القمرية الجديدة وعلى الاغلب معظم درامات يلغون بثها) 3. [+748, -4] أرغب بمشاهدتها الآن ㅠ♡♡ 4. [+660, -2] أرجوكم اعطونا الملخص ㅠㅠ انا متحمس 5. [+294, 0] أنا متحمس للدراما اكثر من السنة القمرية الجديدة….. 6. [+268, 0] وجه جي سونغ يقودني للجنون ,, مع ذلك القميص الابيض إنه موعد وفاتي 7. [+224, 0] جي سونغ وسيم حقا… 8. [+197, 0] ري جين من المحتمل انها مرضت لأنها تذكرت اخيرا طفولتها وسوء معاملتها ㅜ.ㅜ تشا دو هيون يعتذر لري جين كثيرا ~ انهم جميلين جدا مع بعض ~~>:< يوم واحد آخر ~ بالطبع , ينبغي على العمل غدا و لكن الشي المطمئن هو أن مشاهدتها يحفزني على العمل بجهد ترجمة : tiffanytop1 . . تعليق رقم 6 موتني ضحححححك

Good afternoon @everyone!
I'm back for my daily dose of marathon. 8 more pages form me =))

Wow, and the first thing that greats me is unconscious RJ?! :-O
OMO, looks to me like she was affected by the flashback! Her clothes and hair pin are the same like in the wine cellar scene at the end of ep.12.
So she lost her consciousness. I hope it won't be the only consequences of the flashback and RJ won't dismiss it later as some old childhood nightmares due to her phobia. I really want her to start get suspicious about her own past.
Btw, love DH’s tender gaze. This boy is so in love. Awww. :x 
I like to see their roles reversed with DH being the one taking care of uri RJ. Feels nostalgic like in Secret.

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Based from the size of the book, thickness, letter font/format and

the number of words in the cover 2 words top part the book , 3 words at the bottom part of the book

Plus, this screen cap with first two of three words ¨PARIS ART"

at the bottom part of the book

This is the closest book that I found :

This is what I understand from online translations  and few websites :

The title of the book is "Unger The African" (Unger l’Africain) , which is edited and published in 1989 by Paris Art Center and authored by Ante Glibota, a Croatian art critic and historian (he was also the director general of Paris Art Center at that time).

It's a monograph retracing/recalling the pictorial adventure of the artist Arthur Unger in Africa.

Arthur Unger is an artist from Luxembourg

who developed the technique of pyrochimiograms (pyrochimiogram is a word invented by Unger to describe his copper plate

works that use

fire, colored inks, filing and chemical reactions to

achieve their look)

Re the Unger book: it was on Do Hyun's/Yo Sub's desk too in episode 9.

That's why Yoseob like painting???? it's a clue or something? If that a clue... the same book at the different person... is Yoseob know abt his father who abuse CDH in the past?? And purposely read that book? Or ...

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Just want to add some more things from what @uglypearl said about the madeleine cake that Yo-na ate in Ep9. This explanation is based on what Odessa Jones mentioned in http://www.koreandrama.today/recap/kill-me-heal-me-ep-9/

Re: Yo-na and the Madeleine

A. Involuntary Memory

The cake is probably a reference to French novelist Marcel Proust's literary work,  "In Search of Lost Time", otherwise known as Remembrance of Things Past in its English translations. In the seven-volume novel, the madeleine reminds the narrator of the forgotten parts in his past.

According to Proust, there are two kinds of memory: voluntary memory and involuntary memory. The former is produced by a person's conscious effort to memorize things, while the latter is tied to objects that exist in the past. 

B. The Use of Proust's Involuntary Memory Concept in This Drama

1. Ri-jin was reminded of the basement when she went down to the wine cellar. The key to her memory is the sight of the wine cellar. 

2. Se-gi always remembers Ri-jin because his memories of her are tied to three objects: her toys (teddy bear, train), and the basement. The keys to his memories were the toys and the basement.

3. Do-hyun is scared of basements because the wine cellar in the main residence was the basement he was locked in. The key to the traumatic memory was the basement. 

Last, the following quote is taken from a passage from the novel when the narrator ate a madeleine and suddenly remembered a past event. It sounds similar to Ri-jin's discovery at the end of Ep12, doesn't it?  

...Whence did it come? What did it mean? How could I seize and apprehend it? ... 

And suddenly the memory revealed itself. 

Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past

PS. @enigmatic_zephy This post is for you, in case you want to know more about the madeleine.


Davis, D. (n.d). The Cookie. Retrieved February 17, 2015. http://www.haverford.edu/psych/ddavis/p109g/proust.html

Madeleine (cake). In Wikipedia. Retrieved February 17, 2015.  From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_(cake)

NPR. (2005). Time, Memory and Proust. Retrieved February 17, 2015. From http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5077638

EDIT: Credit was originally attributed to muchadoaboutlove, when it should have been to Odessa Jones. Website sources have just been added because I didn't have much time to edit this post at first. 

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Huah.... i'm glad finishing read all of @everyone post here.
@dhyca I remember Min Hyuk too when i saw CDH caring ORJ in his house. I hope he not say "Don't die without my permission". :))
@mrslee No unnie. You're not alone. i have FMLP like you too. I miss CDH when Se Gi appear, but when Do Hyun comeback i miss SG's sexiness. Unni let go to Oh Ri Jin. We must get a treatment from her :))
Yes @onnififi unnie. This is what i mean by Human bowling ball move :))

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valsava said:
@juju84,  It's sad when the victim,perpetrator and witness is all the same person.. (CDH)  No Halmoni would hate they on G/Child because of his father saving his life unless the child isn't his CDH made a statement to Halmoni about being brought in.. Now what's that supposed to mean.. 

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moodypie said: dimples21 said: @moodypie- hello finally watch all12 episodes of this awesome drama. It makes you laugh, cry and get angry. My favorite personality is Se-gi. Looking forward to this weeks episodes. The lead actor is awesome portraying all the different personalities.

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