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What are your 5 favourite Kdramas of ALL TIME?

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Guest ebsilverstar

My favorites are 1. I Can Hear Your Voice (I may have finished it in less than three days... I can't get over it)2. Reply 1997 3. You're Beautiful (My first Kdrama, it was hilarious but I had extreme second lead sydrome)4. Pinocchio (Its really new, but it's getting really good, really fast5. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Others that didn't make top five:Playful KissMy Love From the StarsShut up Flower Boy BandEmergency CoupleCoffee PrinceTo the Beautiful YouSecret GardenThe first couple episodes of My Secret Hotel

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Guest Misaheun

I don't think I've made it to the end of five dramas, but the ones I have seen through, I return to a lot. Those two are I Hear Your Voice and Secret Love Affair
I liked I Miss You up until the part where they get to adulthood, and You Who Came From The Stars was all about Jun Ji Hyun for me; I think, overall, it started to lose momentum/my interest by the end. I never quite finished Nice Guy, but I liked what I saw.
Punch is going somewhere on the List. I won't know where until the ending. Top 3 for sure.

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Fated to Love You (because I'm almost finished with season 1; I'm on episode 19)

Boys over Flowers (because I'm on episode 14)

King of High School

Sweet Spy

Hong Gil Dong

I don't know if they are my favorite of all time because I just started watching them on SoompiTV

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1. Secret Garden- Hyun Bin's performance was one of the most charismatic.2. Empress Ki- The ending was terrible if the ending was better it would have been clearly #1.3. I am Sorry, I love you- So Ji Sub was so unbelievably good in this.4. That Winter, The Wind Blows- beautiful production and a beautiful performance by Jo Insung5. Famous Chill Princesses- I liked how light and comedic this show was not very stressful and tragic like so many others, it was one of the funniest shows.

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Guest miralonaqkie2014_at_gmail.com_stv

City hunter---coz im avid fan of pmy Greenrose---its a good drama and ost. Save the last dance---- Sungkyunwan scandal--++ its pmy drama again. Nice man-++

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Guest glylove

1. Secret Garden
2. You Who Came from the Stars
Those are my top dramas, I've watched a lot but I can't think of others right now.

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Guest captain_obvious

Master's Sun.Master's Sun.Master's Sun.Master's Sun.Master's Sun.romance, comedy, horror errythingg i love !  

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It's hard to choose...

1. Kill Me, Heal Me

2. My Daughter Seo Young

3. Cunning Single Lady

4. Goong

5. Heartstrings

Others would be BIG (I just don't like he returned), MONSTAR (I'm just disappointed with an opening ending. They could have given us more episodes.)

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Guest kfan345

1. Legend

2. Kings Daughter

3. Dong Yi

4.49 days

5. My girl

i watched 100+ kdramas now . It started from 2013.

Currently watching House of blue bird, love on a rooftop, falling for innocence, flower queen etc

For me Kdrama only good in sageuk and family romance.


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Only started watching Kdramas Aug 2013, so haven't watched that many. However, top 5 Kdramas I love, in alphabetical order (can't choose the sequence!):

Master's Sun
Story of a Man
Thank You
Tree with Deep Roots


Others which I love:
3 Days
Missing Noir M (so far)
The Three Musketeers

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1. Angels eyes

2.Inspiring generation

3.Surplus princess 

4.Boys over flowers


So far this are the five i couldn't stop myself from watching over and over again its really hard to choose


God of study, hyde,jykel and i ,and a lot more

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