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What are your 5 favourite Kdramas of ALL TIME?

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Thanks dear @Lawyerh for calling me.... And this is my list!  The Ghost Detective Jugglers Big Man Feel Good To Die Full House

1. Signal 2. Secret Forest 3. Prison Playbook 4. Tunnel 5. Liar Game

My Top 5: 1) Queen Seon Deok 2) The Princess' Man 3) Six Flying Dragons 4) White Christmas 5) Rebel: thief who stole the people

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1. Full House (definitely, my 1st K-drama :) )

2. Oh My Venus (because of Shin Min Ah)

3. The Son of Sol Pharmacy (because of my mom, I hooked for this drama hehe)

4. Jang Bori Is Here (because of Lee Yuri a.k.a Yeon Min Jung)

5. Dong Yi (my 1st Sageuk Drama, act its Dae Jo Young but Dong Yi was better)

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1. Coffee Prince (always and forever)


2. Healer (such a perfect show!!!)


3. 49 Days (I was so hooked by this series, and shipped everyone :D)


4. Flower Boy Next Door (such a heartfelt kdrama)


5. Reply 1997


I hope that I will be able to add Doctors to that list, because the first two episodes are just AMAZING! I have high expectations for this one :)

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My love from the star, Nice guy, goong, The moon embrace the sun, full house. 

I watch kdrama since 14 years ago, i have many favorite drama all the time ❤️

here another 5 favorite from me:

Sassy girl chun yang, faith, iljimae, My girlfriend is gumiho, i hear your voice. 

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I really like watching kdramas so here are my top five:

Boys over flowers

Secret Garden

Descendants of the sun

Kill me, heal me

Lucky Romance

There are many more however these five are my favourite. 

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Here's my top 5 I have not watched loads of dramas not as much since starting full time work but I still try to fit some in when I can.

These are just my opinions

My Top Five To Date of this post

1- Coffee Prince

Simply my all time favorite absolutely legendary after ep2 (except for the annoying sister...)

2- Oh My Ghost

I really liked this drama, I was hooked within the first few minutes right until the end there was next to no filler, the entire drama

for me was interesting.

3- Healer

Even though the drama is not perfect but great cast, great scenes, great soundtrack with a few tweaks could have been #1

4- Personal Taste

I really enjoyed this drama although slightly disappointed that it switched from comedy to full on melodrama, I still enjoyed it but I did prefer the comedy side in earlier eps

5- Lie To Me

The chemistry between the two main characters is what held this drama together because if it was not for that then this would have been a disaster, I enjoyed it a lot.

Honorable mentions

City Hunter 

I really enjoyed the drama here and there but sometimes the pacing was a bit off and the ending....

Cunning Single Lady

I think it started pretty good I was enjoying found it to be funny and easy going although in the middle maybe a bit of filler / pacing issue but I liked the ending which saved it, could have been perfect as a small mini series rather than a 16 ep kdrama

Flower Boy Next Door

Exact same issue for me as Personal Taste it changed its style from half way through except that in my opinion it did not do it as well 

as personal from changing style.

Prime Minister And I

I actually liked this drama but it was frustrating as a few things did not work in my opinion (dont want to spoil it)

Prosecutor Princess

Again kinda like lie to me that the main two characters chemistry held the drama together, I liked the storyline overall but a few things for me did not click right with me but despite that it was a solid drama to watch

My Girlfriend Is A Guminho

I really enjoyed the early eps I was laughing a lot and I recommended it and got friends and family to watch it because I enjoyed the early eps that much but for me it died off slightly halfway pacing was way off and a bit repititive although the final ep and ending were quite strong which saved it for me but I was glad that it was over.

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