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What are your 5 favourite Kdramas of ALL TIME?

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That's Okay it's love

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Dong Yi


others that I really enjoyed

My daughter Seoyeong

Oh my ghostess

Descendants of the Sun


Master's sun

Beautiful GongShim

High Society

7 Day Queen

Gentleman's dignity

Empress Ki

Love up to your name



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I haven't seen an awful lot of Korean dramas but I do have a good amount I've seen. Fom the ones I've seen:


1. My Love From The Star (Fantasy, comedy, romance, lighthearted and crack drama...)

2. Jewel In The Palace (Epic historical gem...)

3. Did We Really Love? (Very old but Bae Yong Jun and Kim Hye Soo are golden)

4. W Two World (Fantasy romance, refreshing plot, Manhwa! Kang Cheol)

5. Pinnochio (Interesting plot and characters, great chemistry and tensions)

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