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What are your 5 favourite Kdramas of ALL TIME?

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1.  Nine:Nine Time Travels

2. Flower Boy Ramyn Shop

3  Personal Taste

4  Queen In Hyun's Man

5  Emergency Couple


Just finished Nine for the 4th time I think. Still love the logic, but sometimes (most times actually lol) my brain isn't switched on for it. I think I might have to watch it for the 5th time when I'm free and fresh to fully understand it.

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Guest JoycelynC

  1. My Lovely Sam Soon
  2. Boys over Flowers
  3. Secreat Garden
  4. Greatest Love
  5. Faith

And so many more!!!   ;;)

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1. Good Doctor2. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang3. Baker King, Kim Tak Guk4. Really, really Like You5. 49 Days
Three Days, Thank You, Guardian Angel, A Gentlement Dignity, Protect The Boss, Good Job good job, The Master's Sun, Secret, My Fair Lady

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Guest orangepuffle

(In order of most favourite to least favourite)
1. Secret Garden2. My Girl3. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 4. My Daughter Seo-yeong 5. You Who Came From The Stars

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Top 5 (in no specific order)
"A Gentleman's Dignity"
"49 Days"
"Queen In Hyun's Man"
"God's Gift: 14 Days"
"Coffee House"

Other dramas I love:
"History of the Salaryman", "Heartless City", "Nine: 9 Times Time Travel", "Tree with Deep Roots", "Rooftop Prince", "The Princess' Man", "Secret Garden"

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Guest minjjangxx1846

1. Reply 19972. Boys Over Flowers3. City Hunter4. Playful Kiss5. You Who Came From The Stars (Haven't finished yet, though)
I LOVED Reply 1997 so much! I really have to put it on top right now.

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Guest LuckyThree

1. boys over flowers2. you're beautiful3. you who came from the stars4. city hunter5. lie to me
Honorable mentions: Queen Inhyun's Man, Rooftop Prince, Kim Tak Goo, Cunning Single Lady, Moon Embracing the Sun 

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1. Queen In-hyun's Man.      Kim Boong-do is still my all time favorite male character. I don't think any girl's can help but fall in love with a guy like that!2. Cain and Abel.    I enjoyed the storyline, as far fetch as it was it kept me entertained. Of course I love So Ji Sub too. His acting is amazing.3. Master's Sun.    It was really the characters in the drama that I enjoyed. 4.  Ojakgyo Family5. Bride of the Century.    Who would have thought Lee Hong Ki could be so hot!

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Guest sweetkh

1-you who came from the stars/my love from another star.2-Autumn in my Heart3-full house4-secreat Garden5-Boys over flower.

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Mine would be :

1) 49 Days

2) Nine : Nine Times Time Travel

3) King of Baking Kim Tak Goo

4) I'm Sorry I love You

5) Thank You

But there are other dramas which should be mentioned :

My Husband Got A Family (a perfect drama about an extraordinary family), The Master's Sun (Great Chemistry), King Of High School Life (one of the most hilarious dramas so far) and Good Doctor (a drama with a special message)

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Guest don-kishot

1- i am sorry i love you (one of the best ASIAN dramas, well written story, outstanding  performance by the cast- so ji sub performance is unforgettable - , amazing ost, well edited and well directed; simply the very best)
2- reply 1997 ( watching this drama was like drinking a glass of wine at the end of a very stressful day. one of the best "feel- good" dramas ever. funny yet touching)
3- my name is kim sam sun (very funny and also really romantic. romantic comedy as good as it gets)
4- full house ( the chemistry between the leads was crazy and the ost was so fitting. a great combination indeed)
5- i can hear your voice ( the story is so  original and the cast is simply amazing . there are a few minor plot holes in the story but they do not affect the story itself.)
wonderful dramas which are really underrated:
1- what's up ( the story and the ost and also the cast are all really unique. a sharp,fast paced drama that is really well directed)

2 - que sera sera (it is so underrated but still has a very unique story. a dark romance with some of the most unexpected plot twists in korean dramas)

p.s: The first one aside , the rest of the list are NOT in order

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