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What are your 5 favourite Kdramas of ALL TIME?

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Guest macha97

I can't order my favourite kdramas, but those are my top 5 :P: City Hunter (my first kdrama), I Hear Your Voice (I discovered Lee jong Suk), Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won was so great in this drama), You Who Came From The Star, Dream High

I also loved The Moon Embracing The Sun, Kill Me Heal Me, Secret Garden

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Thanks dear @Lawyerh for calling me.... And this is my list!  The Ghost Detective Jugglers Big Man Feel Good To Die Full House

1. Signal 2. Secret Forest 3. Prison Playbook 4. Tunnel 5. Liar Game

My Top 5: 1) Queen Seon Deok 2) The Princess' Man 3) Six Flying Dragons 4) White Christmas 5) Rebel: thief who stole the people

...my favorite K-dramas....1. Winter Sonata...

                                      2.I Hear Your Voice....


                                      4.The Moon Embracing The Sun....


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Such a tough call!  I feel like I need categories...top 5 romcoms, top 5 melos, top 5 sageuks haha.  Let's see what I've got:

Coffee Prince

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (samshik-ah!)

The Princess's Man

Answer Me 1997

My Love From the Star (sawry!)

I Need Romance (1)

Secret (so, so melo. so over the top. so addictive)

Faith (while objectively I don't think this one holds up to my other faves, I still have so much love for this drama)

Tree With Deep Roots


Incarnation of Money (again with the melo. and lawyers, what?! but kang ji hwan is such a riot in this one)

Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs

Queen In-Hyun's Man


City Hunter

The Innocent Man (melo. but song joong ki! and triple amnesiac moon chae won!)


What I have learned from this exercise:

1. I like good scriptwriting

2. I like the main female leads best when they, like, do stuff. Like real people things. And perhaps are not dirt poor with a dependent family, are uneducated and have only their shining personalities to redeem themselves. Not that these are bad things, but, yunno...three dimensional characters are a thing.

3. I like the hot guys. 



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Guest ororomunroe

My Top 5 in no particular order:

- My Girl

- Stars Falling From The Sky/Pick The Stars

- Queen InHyun's Man

- Creating Destiny/Seeking Love

- Master's Sun

Honorable mentions: City Hall, Fly High, Bride of The Century, Into The Sun, Faith, My Daughter Seo Young

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1. Master's Sun

2. Dong Yi

3. Dae Jang Geum

4. Nice Guy

5. Kill Me Heal Me

special mention: Six Flying Dragons, It's okay that's love and Greatest love

in summary it is really too many to mention but these are my top dramas

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1. Reply 1988

2. King2Hearts

3. Warm & Cozy 

4. I Hear Your Voice

5. Healer

It's really hard to narrow the 100+ dramas I've seen down to 5. >< Also, the list was limited to K-dramas or there would be a couple from other countries on that list. 

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Anything with Park Hae Jin lol 

1. Bad Guys

2. Cheese in the Trap

3. Hotel King

4. Shark (Don't Look Back: Legend of Orpheus)

5. Wang's Family

Other: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Baby Faced Beauty, My Daughter Seo Young, Scent of a Woman, Scandal

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Guest Tinkiebell

Difficult to pick, but if I have to pick, in no particular order:

- Special Affairs Team TEN

- My Name is Kim Sam Soon

- Reply 1988

- Misaeng

- Signal (The series itself is not done airing yet, but I can already tell it's going to be in the top 5 of my list).

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